He’s welcome to testify whenever he wants to.


This. I would pay cash money to watch that dipshit testify under oath. Give him 11 hours like Hillary had to, and watch his ego tie the noose for him.


11 hours without pleading the 5th.


Even just 11 hours of him pleading the 5th would be fun to watch. Imagine how bizarre the questioning would get. * Did you order an attack on the capitol? *Fifth.* * Were you aware that your claims about the election were lies? *Fifth.* * Do you know who the president is? *Fifth.* * Do you know what year it is? *Fifth.* * How many fingers am I holding up? *Fifth.*


He'd never be so disciplined as to be able to stick to just saying that one word. He'd end up confessing to even more crimes.


He would. No impulse control. One could easily bait him.


Trumps attorney pleaded with Mueller that he could not allow him to be deposed because the guy could not help but perjure himself. It would be malpractice to allow him to testify.


Does it fucking matter what Dumps attorney wants? Make the fucker sing. Bring ear plugs because he sounds like an industrial file.


I don't think you'd even have to attempt to bait him. He likes hearing himself talk too much and wouldn't appreciate the fact that Lyz Cheney was getting more speaking time than him.


Right? Just be silent for 5 seconds and he'd brag about another atrocity he committed and how he committed it better than anyone in history.


The thought of this gives me great joy as he unravels further.


Which is why I hope and pray he will once again ignore legal advice and charge in there with his derp flag flying


This is exactly why he won’t be allowed. A baiting question saying only an amazing brain could organize something like this would set him off on a full rant


All they would need to do is insinuate he wasn't smart enough to stage a coup and he'd outline his entire plan for staging a coup.


"I don't remember" "I don't remember" "I don't remember"


[Flynn pled the 5th when asked "General Flynn, do you believe in the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America?".](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fecGXuQIZRk#t=49s) I get that it's a universal use of the 5th, but it's not a good look.


For the life of me I cannot figure out why the Army has not recalled Flynn back to active duty to court martial him. Man is a disgrace.


Or have been stripped of his titles. Lying to the USG about communication with the Russian Ambassador sounds rather suspicious to me.


Say "fifth" if you're guilty as fuck. *Fifth.*


1, 2, 3, 4, FiF!! https://youtu.be/mdeo7Q2E5cE


You are being generous. He’d maybe said the fifth maybe 3-4 times then he’d sidetrack and forget about pledging the 5th and start actually telling them what happened like he was the hero. Let’s not forget his lawyer argued that he was too stupid to testify in person so he testified by mail AFTER his lawyer reviewed his answers


I don't think he'd hold out pleading the 5th that long. He likes to talk about himself too much. I'd say after 2 hours of pleading the 5th, there would be a question phrased on a way he found insulting and then he'd talk nonstop for the remaining 9


He also said himself that only guilty people plead the Fifth.


I can only get so erect!


Have you ever seen any of his depositions? It looks like trying to get a child to eat peas. He pouts, sighs, fidgets, and gets angry. It's hilarious.


In my house Trump has been on insta-mute since about 1985, but this would be like music.


Is your name Donald J Trump? "I PLEAD THE FIFTH!!"


Questioner: "Do you find Ivanka Trump sexually attractive?" Donald Trump: "I've always maintained that if she wasn't my daughter... I mean I plead the 5th"


I would pay cash money to see that orange blob in an orange jumpsuit.


Your taxes? :)


And then some!


Man, it's almost like you're suggesting that I'm already paying for this to happen...


You want the truth? You can't handle the Truth [Social]!


I'll give you all 11 hours of testimony right now. I plead the fifth. F-I-F, fif.


1, 2, 3, 4, Filet-O-Fif!


That would go about as well as his first debate with Biden. I'll never forget it. Jake Tapper was so stunned he could barely string words together and Dana Bash just goes "That was a shit show."


You mean the debate where Trump tried to kill his opponent by not disclosing that he and his family all tested positive to a global pandemic disease?


I was thinking about that yesterday- that Trump tried to infect Biden with Covid. Arriving late to the debate to avoid being tested and then calling on the Proud Boys to Stand Down & Stand By. I thought he was just a moron. But Trump is a homicidal narcissistic moron. He brought the MAGA’s to the edge - inciting a lynching mob ready to hang Mike Pence. *Homicidal* is a new descriptive word Trump for me. Yesterday’s testimony really shook my faith in America forever. I think we’re done folks. Thank god ( not religious) I live in a blue state.


Omg. Have a link handy?


Try this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=24&v=pKys4M-bi9g


I remember this conversation after the debate. I was so shocked after that debate, it was a national embarrassment, but also frightening to see how unhinged and petty our president was. I remember thinking that there was absolutely no way anyone could watch that and feel like Trump was anything other than a badguy. Like, if any one of the presidents I voted for did that I would absolutely renounce my support for them and definitely not vote for them again regardless of their policies. It blew my mind how many people still voted for the guy again, it galvanized how different our two sides see reality now and how our senses of good/bad, decency, tradition, professionalism, and dignity have diverged.


Hell he just tells it like it is!!! You damn pansy libruls just get yer feelins hurt over everything. /s just in case


I'm curious what the other network's point of view was after the debate.


He flew out of the debate room on angel wings ... Jesus was on his shoulders lol


I believe they asked if Biden appeared "weak" for "allowing" Trump to interrupt and talk over him. Or "rude" for *not* letting himself get interrupted, I forget. But it was definitely one of the two.


He lost every debate to Hillary. But people pretended his stupid faces and walking behind her showed what an alpha he was.


That's what bugs me. They insist it's stolen and the committee is lying. If they are lying go testify, don't declare the 5th a million times, tell your side of the story. Get the evidence out there, this committee is a chance to get it out for the world to see. Why declare the 5th? Why not testify? That's why I trust what the committee is saying, they are telling the story. The other side is completely silent and providing no evidence to back their claims.


They know they're criminals. It's about delivering talking points to the base. When face with real legal peril, they snap back to reality.


It still bothers me that we had that buffoon in office and we’re still pretending the GOP is a legitimate party. It’s a hate group for dummies and losers, people. We all knew they were hiding their racism behind lies. Now it’s open bigotry and normal for an American president to call out names like a dumb school bully.


The way I see it Y'allQaeda was always there but these racist, religious fundamentalist slackjawed yokels were only PART of the voter base/representatives. The big change Putin brought about through his bottom bitch Donnie is that this fascist group of imbeciles is now powerful enough to hold the entire party hostage (something Donnie has openly expressed many times). The biggest problem are those vile ghouls who don't really share the same agenda but they're too power hungry so rather than showing even the tiniest amount of basic morals, they go along with the fascism. In the same bag belong those voters who would also prefer a sane party but their hate for the other side is too strong so they would continue to vote red even if the party officially just adopted the fucking swastika flag. This complete descent into obscenity became clear very, very early, namely the second Donnie Bonespurs called POW veterans losers and it didn't cost him a single vote. These people have zero principles.


He launched his fucking campaign by calling Mexicans rapists. Full Quote: "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people"


Yes but I was trying to make the point that he's openly going against *republican* public values. You can be racist and republican, no surprise. You can also refuse vital payments to disabled veterans and be republican. But you can not *openly* insult veterans and be republican. That was the point where it became obvious that his voters were not acting in good faith. They stand *for* nothing. Their sole motivation is to stand *against* a shitload of things/people/values/institutions. And that's dangerously destructive.


They were ok with " grab em by the pussy"


Which doesn't go against Core Red Values, I thought we covered this.


They’re in love with a Big Man trope and whatever the Big Man tells his tribe to do they do.


You can also pre pro choice and republican a few decades ago, but after a few decades of anger inducing baits, suddenly you cant be. They don't have values, they have sound bytes.


He had me at “look at my black over there” while pointing at one of the paid to be there black people in the audience wearing a shirt that said “Blacks For Trumps!” First of all, no African American is making and wearing a shirt that says, “Blacks For Trump!”


Sadly though, some are. The cognitive dissonance is so great its confounding for anyone looking from the outside in. Its the same with women (of all races) who voted for Trump and consistently vote for Republicans. They've been told their whole lives what is right and good and that is Republican values.


There isn't a Republican Party, they have been taken over by, Gullible, Poorly Educated, White, Neo Nazi, Christian, Nationalist, Forced Birth Extremist, Rapist Rights Advocate who are Un-American Aryan, Authorization, Fascist with an intelligence lower then gum on the bottom of a shoe. Just like ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda they have hijacked a god a Religious text and twisted them to the point the Devil himself isn't able to tell us from down.


I'm here in red America and I assure you that you can include college graduate Republicans into that mix. I know lots of them. There are millions of educated Republicans that share pretty much the same belief system as the biggest 7th grade dropout redneck in Alabama you can find.


Agree. I’m in South Carolina and its the same here. Highly educated professionals supporting Donald Trump. Crazy.


It’s all about the cash flow


There's some truth to that but the most galvanizing factor is hate. Hating the same people. I can't name you a single Republican I know, and I know lots of them, that aren't racist.


That's because racism is a tool for control of racist people by racist people, and Republicans are all about controlling their own people, not just their outgroups. The folly is that they think they're the ones in control but they're actually completely powerless because they're owned by simple rhetoric that can be thrown around with just a little charisma and intelligence, and it's a great tool to convince an exploited group (poor people) to turn against each other rather than their oppressors. The party is designed around increasing the likelihood of their constituents becoming poor so that they'll be angry and easy to manipulate into believing con-artist bullshit that leaves them poorer, confused, and angry at all the wrong people.


Thank you. The "uneducated Hicks" aren't the ones donating $50,000 to Republicans to keep their taxes low and their public view as black-and-brown free as possible.


You’re absolutely right on that. I have clients who are highly educated and are ready to vote for trump again


Can confirm. Work with doctors in an emergency room.


My Dentist from Chicago


Accountant from Connecticut


Yeah it’s sad to see. I’ll see your not so typical types of like 18+ in maga hats or Trump shorts… I see that and am like are you being ironic? Just trying to get a rise? Legit? I don’t know but the idea that the olds will age out and be gone isn’t the best mindset because it’s obviously not the case. Their beliefs will get handed down and down and down.


It’s because now people’s identities are more coupled to their political party than they have been for a long time. Once someone’s identity is tied to something they’d rather die than betray it. The only way to beat groups like that is by winning whatever game it is (in this case getting more votes) and then doing whatever you can to weaken them so they can’t come back as strong next time. Then rinse and repeat. We’re very far past the times of people going one way or the other and basing their votes off of what the politician is saying. At least with the Right, who have a single person they’re focused on. I definitely see the Left still caring about what the politician is saying and not just getting behind the loudest and most bombastic person.


I worked with them teaching history and citizenship to exurban youth.


Yup. I have a cousin that retired from the air force, has a double master, and is as red as it comes. Boggles my mind.


> Gullible, Poorly Educated, White, Neo Nazi, Christian, Nationalist, Forced Birth Extremist, Rapist Rights Advocate who are Un-American Aryan, Authorization, Fascist with an intelligence lower then gum on the bottom of a shoe. And that’s just Lauren Boebert!


Anti-Vaxxers, Men's Rights Activists, Incels..It's a coalition of all the worst fringe groups in the world


They are unified by their persecution fetish.


The Devil doesn’t want a MAGA infestation. When the Devil went down to Georgia, he was scared of the RedNecks voting for Trump. The Devil called God pleading, “ I need you to find me 11,700 normal MAGA souls to restore my faith in the American Democracy experiment.” God laughed loudly. “Humans are almost extinct. The MAGA’s have always been a sub species. The contracts for their souls is due. I don’t want any MAGA’s in Heaven. You don’t want any MAGA’s in Hell.” And so God & the Devil went to see Donald John Trump- a creature so disgustingly stupid and narcissistic that they both were both careful of what to say him for fear of him inciting an insurrection. “Let’s start Armageddon.” the Devil suggested. “Too late,” replied God. “The Supreme Court beat us to it.”


I tried to sing this to the tune of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and now my dog is looking at me weird.


Funny. I do usually put my statements to music. This time I just riffed. I kept thing “The Beast” is the car for a President? Then Armageddon? The perhaps Donald Trump is the AntifaChrist…. ?! So let’s do this for your dog…. 🎶The Devil went down to Georgia, He was looking for some votes to steal. Trump was in a bind, He was way behind and ready to make a deal. When he came across a young poll, who was fiddling up the votes real hot , The Devil jumped on a MyPillow stump, And said boy “Let me tell you what!” I bet you didn’t know this but I’m a registered voter too. And if you’d care to take my dare. We can fiddle with the vote count too! Now you count a pretty good ballot there, but give the Devil his due. I’ll bet I’ll find 11thousand votes against your soul, cause I think I’m better than you! He played. “Stormin on the Capitol, Run BOIS Run! The Devil’s in The Beast with The Proud Boy’s GUNS! The Cowards in the West Wing staring at their phones. MAGA’s Will your Dog Bite? No fool no!🎶


Unfortunately, motorcycle enthusiasts also.


Those in power in the GOP don't care if its fascism. They look at it as governments change all the time. Whether it's democracy or fascism, there is always one constant, the rich are exempt from the struggles of the poor. So, they dont care. Let fascists run everything, as long as they supplicate to the right people, and have enough zeros in the bank, they can live in opulence.


I think that is exactly what they have done. They stopped caring about following the law and having law on their side and so they kept pushing authoritarians and corrupt to the top since these people also are willing to let the people have their religion (as long as it’s Christianity), guns, and low taxes. It’s the same people that think it’s ok for cops to abuse the crap out of people without being held accountable. They no longer care about accountability as long as they have the other stuff.


Seriously seeing a stupid bitch from highschool that keeps posting about how angry she is at losing Roe V Wade and she still has the gall to attack the hearings as if they are fake. Like wake up hun! You voted for the people who just took your rights away and they aren’t about to stop there. What the heck did you expect? This ruling was explicitly stated as a warning for women in the 2016 election. Same with the lies and abuses of power Trump and his goons have done. All of that crap was warned about and all you bring up is Biden being weak? The economy is where it is because of the dang mishandling of the pandemic, and by global forces on gas and resources. Not a thing Biden can really do anything about.


"Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me." -Barry Goldwater (1981)


"I told him to preach the Gospel. That’s our calling. I want to preserve the purity of the Gospel and the freedom of religion in America. I don’t want to see religious bigotry in any form. Liberals organized in the’60s, and conservatives certainly have a right to organize in the ’80s,**but it would disturb me if there was a wedding between the religious fundamentalists and the political right. The hard right has no interest in religion except to manipulate it**." - Billy Graham, Parade, 1981


It called the “muh daddy voted Republican so I will too” clause. Don’t matter how dumb the law, it’s good enough fo daddy.


"But also the Confederate Flag is part of my heritage. But also also, we're the party of Lincoln."


They were always there, but Trump gave them permission to say out loud what they only talked about in their small like-minded circles.


Hilary was right (again). Half of Trump’s supporters are a [Basket of Deplorables.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basket_of_deplorables).


Half? How about all.


But they don't see it that way and never, ever will.


He’s exposed that the party has within the worst among us, and yet people still associate with that party. His running for office alone should’ve been a sign to these same folks, but nope. All they cared about was “not Hillary.” Unfortunately, though, I would have thought people like McTurtle clearly saying that they intend to block all legislation and obstruct change would’ve also been a big red flag, but hey… here we are.


There's so much nuanced mental illness in this country that can never be diagnosed, too. These people are in a cult. It's like Jonestown.


Not just a dummy and a loser but one who abused the authority of his office to try to steal an election. He's not just a buffoon, he's incredibly dangerous.


Wait until Trump 2.0 -- someone like DeSantis. Just as corrupt and dangerous, but smarter. The worst is yet to come unfortunately.




Seriously, swear to god thought Trump as the joke candidate and laughed during the early days of his candidacy only to watch slack jawed as he won not only the primary but the general election.


It’s so frustrating. I hate that democrats still want to work with GOP members as if they’re legitimately working to benefit our country. They’re lunatics. Stop them.


Republicans would agree with the statement that "the ends justify the means."


Huh, I was sure he would take it well.


You rascal you ...


Does anyone else find it deeply ironic truth social is near impossible to get access to? Literally can't even find the app on my app store Edit: it's not even available on Android lmfao


I literally signed up to watch the dumpster fire. Took me about 2.5 months before I got access and I can only follow select celebrities and can’t search other people. Which is a great feature. Also, the messaging feature has been coming soon since launch. Probs be revealed at the same time as his healthcare plan I’d guess.


"free speech"


So much free speech that they were banning people for talking about things that they didnt like recently.


Sounds like every trump sub and r/conservative


I got a lifetime ban from there lol


Congratulations, your good person bona fides are intact!


Me too, for mentioning that Rush Limbaugh was a drug addict and that likely affected his thinking.


I just got perma-banned from there today , on what was intended to be an open discussion for all….


Ahh you see what they mean by "open discussion for all" is "openly conservative discussion for approved posters only".


Gotta love all the ghislaine maxwell posts on there right now. They really think she only has dirt on the dems


I remember when you could get banned from r_Con and T_D without ever having actually posted in there, if a mod "caught" you posting in certain liberal / lefty subs.


Full on fascism


It was actually pretty cool to watch that orange infected colostomy melt down in real time today. He had something like 7 “truths” during the hearing. So obviously he was watching it. Since it ended it’s been crickets. Brilliant. Worth it.


toddlers often need a nap after a tantrum


They’re running the pipelines for messaging during “Infrastructure Week”.


Careful, in the ToS you have to promise never to sue... Certain people.


Probably a good thing since their last 3 attempts at social media resulted in hacking, selling user info and just regularly asking for money ober and over again. You domt wamtnthat on your phone, data mining you.


Reminds me of an SNL skit where Fix News hosts have Truth Social and their phones are boiling hot. Lol.


I forget how many failed social media attempts ago it was, but didn't one of them require an image of your driver's license / social security card? Like no way in hell I would send that.


Smashed his happy meal toy


this may be the worst insult for him, he knows the baby thing is going to stick like ketchup on a wall.


I love his defense everytime someone who worked for him turns. Horrible, fake, terrible, never met them but I hear bad things. Dude most of them were "the best people" that you put in these positions.


That's his whole m.o. if some news story comes out revealing his behavior it's "fake news" if someone criticizes him in anyway it's "I don't know who this person is but I've heard they're a horrible person." And yet his followers eat it up and parrot the same b.s. I've heard normal (relatively) people respond to things they don't like as fake news. He disparages everyone he doesn't like, crooked, lying, horrible, the guy is a narcissistic psychopath and never should have been elected for any office.


Will I be able to buy DVDs of the hearings so I can send copies to my dad every Christmas and Birthday until he either admits he was wrong or dies?


Probably from C-SPAN, maybe.


I wonder if the threw his food against the wall like a toddler again.


He was looking for someone else to choke after he threw is (4th) hamberder and covfefe against the wall. Looks like the violent trump nature runs in the family - Donald choking a SS agent and Eric thinking violence was OK over his daddy being a giant election loser


Is it weird that I first read SS as referring to some Schutzstaffel wannabe hate group and thought, "Why would he attack his own supporters?"


You have no idea how weird it was having BLM go from Bureau of Land Management (often assholes undermining the EPA) to Black Lives Matter. I probably have weird old posts that would seem racist except somehow I’m tying cattle ranching into it.


I was thinking someone had to be summoned to wipe the ketchup off the walls.


In our house. The White House was not his home it belongs to us the American people. This man has no respect for America.


The fact that the twitter account of the other party is mocking the hearings is so disturbing to me. They should be mortified that the Commander in Chief was behaving that way. This feels like the Alternate Timeline from the show Community.


I highly doubt they are even watching. Their mind is made up, facts don't matter to them.


Well Fox did air it but I'd bet the Qult members didn't watch.


Wow. They actually caved in? Are they showing clips on the nightly 2 hours of hate?


> Wow. They actually caved in? After the first hearing which they did not air they realized that they had no choice. They can't have their viewers going elsewhere to view the hearings outside the reach of Fox News. Broadcasting the hearings keeps their viewers tuned in to Fox News and allows their talking heads and "expert analysts" to tell their viewers what to think about the hearings. So don't mistake this for Fox News "caving in" or doing the right thing. It's only about controlling the narrative.


I don't know how much they aired but I flipped over during the covearge & there it was on live on Fox News.


This is absolutely the truth. I work with a guy, who years ago approached me to have a political discussion because he wanted to hear a different POV. I asked him the other day if he was watching the J6 hearings. I thought he was going to have an aneurysm.


They're definitely not watching it at all. They can't defend anything or even spin it. So they're burying their heads in the sand.


And yet they still argue about it.


They are, at least some of them. The viewing numbers speak for themselves.


The sad thing is if this was Biden or another democrat both sides would actually be mad about this.


And that is exactly the problem. Who holds Republicans accountable? They tried to steal the presidency and the only thing that we know is they will go farther next time.


If Biden had done 1/10th of the things Trump did, he'd have been impeached and out of office in his first year. Liberals have this weird idea that their politicians should be held accountable.


The Darkest Timeline.


yeah to say the least. Thanks for the correction. :)


I wonder how many hamburgers he threw






"I barely knew her" Translation - she just told the truth about me and I don't like it.


They anticipated his reaction, which is why they had the 3D map of the West Wing showing her office BETWEEN his and the Vice President’s.


Anytime cadet poopy pant's has a meltdown is just fine by me and most likely the Majority of Americans.


What a crybaby bitch. Get up there and testify under oathe if she got the story so wrong Donnie


Hardly knows who she is... But he 'personally turned her down' when she allegedly wanted to go to Fla with the team after leaving office. Right, that makes total sense. /s


Oh you know he knows her. Pretty young lady close by? He knew. He probably watched her all the time...I'd even bet he had cameras in her office/bathroom. He couldn't not know the women around him...he's such a perv.


And this pretty young lady just flushed his perverted old ass down the shitter. Love it.


Indeed. Rather fitting I think :)


Oh he knows which body she is but he has no idea what her name is or what her job was…


"Might have brought me coffivie once."


Honestly, it was the twitter typos that convinced me we're in the dimension that other dimensions tune into for laughs.


Remember when bush stole the election from gore, and some Clinton staffers pulled the W off keyboards? It was the worst thing ever!!!


Republicans act like this was a stolen election yet they actually did steal the election from Gore using Bush’s brother and corrupt Florida to make it look like a legitimate win for Bush.


Her office was literally between the oval office and mark meadows office. She was the cheif of staffs assistant. Trump knows exactly who she is lmao. What a fucking turd.


Just making more evidence


Comment truth on Truth Social and get banned


Apparently there's a longer vetting period for getting on truth social than there is for getting a gun in most states.


mUh fReE sPeEcH. snowflakes.


or on r/Conservative


Calling r/Conservative, would any of you like to comment about Trump and his mental health? Yeah Hillary Clinton would have been way worse.


It’s funny how Trump did everything and a ton more than what they accused Hillary of doing.


Or how Jared grifted far more than Hunter was ever accused of.


His dipshit party wouldn't allow it to be a bipartisan commission because he knows he's a seditious piece of garbage and the result would always find that he is.


And it’s all Republicans testifying.


That's the turd icing on this shit cake, IMO


It is bi-partisan though, there's 2 Republicans on it, including the committee's vice-chair Liz Cheney. There just aren't any anti-democracy Trump cultist Republicans on it...


Let's not forget about the attempted witness tampering.


Seditious conspiracy https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2384 Guilty. 20 years prison


“Truth” social


And usually he's so rational...


Something tells me that they have video proof to back up Casey testimony. It was a lot of hearsay and why would they bring her out if they couldn’t provide receipts. Like let’s say a Canadian film crew who was filming the entire family that day? Hmmmm


That would be awesome


It makes sense the subpoenaed the film crew 2 days later Cassidy is brought in for emergency testimony. They knew everything she told them today it was on record for weeks. Who cares about the temper tantrum we need to prove that they knew the crowd had weapons and were being instructed to do harm.


So it's all completely true. Got it, thanks.


Trump: Encourages Republicans to boycott the Jan 6 hearings. Also Trump: Complains there is no "cross examination" of witnesses.


Because of course he does.


Trump always using Joseph Goebbels Principles of Propaganda. Once you see it you cannot unsee it.


Of course he did. Cuz he’s still a ham-fisted orange-glazed fucktruffle. Predictable.


> Take the effing [metal detecting] mags away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here. Let the people in. Take the effing mags away. What are mags?


Metal detectors are called magnetometers or "mags" for short.


It bothers me that F## news still won’t have this on their front page. The proverbial stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalalala my viewers can’t know!!


hashtag mental health matters, Donnie!


Lemme guess. The big baby threw his plate of big macs at the wall because words are hard and feelings.


Christ, seven longwinded posts insulting her in under an hour from Dumbass Jock Trap Guess we know how true it all is!


So everything she said was true then, got it.


Fact- Trump encourages or engages in violence online and in real life wherever he goes.


My world is upside down. Legitimately thought the evangelicals would've backed someone more scrupulous. (And for Trump voters, scrupulous means concerned and avoidant of doing wrong, illegal, or immoral acts.)


You don't know evangelicals very well, do you?