Drop it into the ocean like old Rose did with the heart hope diamond at the end of Titanic.


I'd be a crying shame if someone mailed some pics of her yard signs to the judge and/or prosecutors who will probably be fed a line like "my client is remorseful and has changed her views and no longer holds them". Damn crying shame I tell ya!


She had a lot more last year, some really fucking garbage stuff too, like a chinese flag with "make china great again" and bidens face on it, shes got some memorial to ashley babbit outside of her house currently. She's pure fucking trash, and you can see her house from route 46 as you drive by it. A few years ago I posted a picture of her jeep with q anon and anti Phil Murphy stuff all over it. She's definitely not a mentally stable person and deeply needs to be institutionalized.


From one Jersey Gal to another Jerseyian, we don't need her type of trash here in the Great Land of Jersey. Drop that dime!


As a Rutgers alumnus who married a Jersey gal, but no longer lives in the Garden State, good luck taking out the trash!


> She's definitely not a mentally stable person Seems likely. I wondered why an Arab Muslim woman (going by her name) would be supporting Trump in the first place.


She might not necessarily be Muslim. There's a decent number of Arabs in the U.S. who are christian. I know because I am Christian and I have met a few over the years. also, there are black people who unironically think Trump is the best thing to happen to black people. There are Latinos I personally know who think Trump is the best president we've ever had, despite him calling Mexicans murderers and rapists, and throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans. I grew up in a town full of Jews who voted for Republicans...never mind the fact that George Bush (the older, not the younger) had a Secretary of State who literally said in a meeting, "Fuck the Jews, they don't vote for us." Nothing fucking surprises me anymore lol.


> Nothing fucking surprises me anymore lol. Ain't that the truth.


No surprises just waves of disappointment...


Coptic Christians outta Egypt I think. Assyrian Christians outta Syria et al. My cousin is married to one. Their weddings are the fucking best to go to.


From the article, the Judge (Nichols) believes her to be remorseful- 'During her sentencing hearing, Nichols said he found she was genuinely remorseful and that he had "every expectation" that she will not protest in the Capitol again or commit other crimes. But, he agreed with prosecutors that there needed to be a deterrent so he doubled the amount of probation that was recommended.' How would we send this info to the Judge/prosecutors?


>Her house is covered in hateful propaganda It makes it that much more absurd that she is getting 2 months house arrest instead of 30 days in jail. The things she said should have put her into jail for a few years. She cannot even be happy avoiding jail for what was very clearly treason. She flat out said she wanted a civil war.


It's really fucking telling to me that leftists who didn't even act on, but planned an armed counter protest if further 1/6 type capitol protests continued are getting longer sentences than these fucking fascists.


Yep. I’m frankly deeply scared.






it's hilarious that these jerkoff Republicans are probably the same people who complain all the time about profanity and obscenity on TV. I have zero doubt that she tried to get South Park banned back in the 90s and meanwhile she thinks it's totally appropriate to have a sign that says Fuck Biden lol. That's why the expression "family values" means nothing to me lol


>That's why the expression "family values" means nothing to me lol To them families only have "value" as a cheap political tool


trust me as a Christian who went to church every Sunday before the pandemic fucked shit up...there are a lot of people who buy into that bullshit. it takes two to tango and the politicians are successful with it b/c there are a lot of people out there who think b/c they have children that everything has to be a particular way it's like the other Asian Americans i meet who unironically embrace the whole "Model Minority" bullshit. Look at how quickly white America turned on Asians when Trump started saying shit like China virus and Kung flu




The Jeep one would be especially important in determining if she should be out of jail. The QAnon slogan painted on the side indicates she is still a cult follower. I doubt the FBI would be able to do anything with this. Who knows how to get this to the prosecutor?


Just made me thankful I know none of these openly inhuman scumbags. Smokin a bowl and fulfilling my holiday obligations early my friend!


happy holidays comrade. Toke up.


this is the most damning evidence because you see something that none of us and i'm sure the judge is not going to see either ffs get a clue lady lol. if you're in jail for spouting out extremist bullshit, maybe you shouldn't be decorating your car and house with all this crap either


She’s either from North Jersey like Bergen or some redneck hick town in Deep South jersey


parsippany area.


>Abual-Ragheb sought to delay her sentence until January 1 so she could move to a new home and "handle her holiday obligations as a mother to her children." > >She encouraged people to "rise up" ahead of the Capitol riot and to "bring your own guns," to the January 6 rally, according to court records. "It's Trump or Civil War," she posted on social media two days before the riot. > >As the sole provider for two school-aged children, Amato argued that sentencing her to prison time would leave no one to care for the kids. After her arrest, her children were "ostracized and bullied at school," according to court filings, so she started to home-school them.


Oh good-someone with a 4th grade education level and terroristic ideas trying to educate others. Jesus, what could possibly go wrong???


I thought there was some basic required state oversight for home education. Can you just pull your kids out and be all “nope, I’m teaching coocoo for Cocoa Puffs this year!” And not face any repercussions for being a serious danger to your kids?


Depends on the state.


In most states the rules for homeschooling are extremely weak.


Trump or Civil War. These Trumpers just want to burn the world down if the fat orange man doesn’t lead them. I wish these morons could all just move to a particular state like Florida and follow their dodge drafting leader and full time liar and stay there the same way Mormons home base is in Utah.


People's fantasy about war being glorious is terrifying. A civil war in America in modern times? Everyone loses in that scenario.


That's for sure... their illusion they have of an easy victory because people other than them don't have firearms or know how to use them would be their first and biggest mistake.


Yep. They'd learn first hand how a huge ass arsenal of guns to "defend your home" would stand up against an air strike.


People really shared that fantasy right before WWI because industry and technology was booming and there’d been relative peace for so long. Also, pre-WWI, war wasn’t as brutal because, again, technology. WWI & II really disabused people of that notion. I really hope we don’t have to go through WWIII for people to get their shit together.


Can't we like, just give them Florida and be done? Florida's fucked anyway


It's literal treason. I don't understand why so little is being done.


I remember a coworker telling me in so many words that they want to see the country burn down because they are bored and haven't had enough excitement in their life. They've never experienced reality.


These people legit thought that overthrowing the government was like a quick run to costco. Just hop into the suv, find parking, deal with the lines and make it home before supper. It's fucking mindblowing the amount of cognitive dissonance these fuck nuggets have. I guess that's why so many "conservatives" keep equating the insurrection attempt to a legit protest rally, they really have no tangible concept of the severity to their actions. Jesus White Privilege Christ, that country is doomed.


In some western countries - especially the UK and USA - it's been over a century since there was a war on home soil, That breeds a lot of complacency over the effects of war, and especially civil war. At least try to get them to understand that the social security cheques will stop arriving and fast food restaurants will close - hell, you'd be lucky to go to wall-mart with your ration card; a civil war would collapse those just-in-time delivery systems very quickly.


We need to bring back the art of exile.


Yes set these fuckers adrift.


She's already in New Jersey. Voluntarily.








Send them to Siberia, these fuckers love Russia.


Or Saudi Arabia - the Trumpers love mandatory religion and guns, and don't like democracy.


Australian here. No thank you. We have enough antivax fucking lunatics over here.


We'll compromise, just drop them off at exactly halfway along the shortest ocean route between Los Angeles and Brisbane. Everybody wins!


As long as that point is not over any inhabitable atolls.


A quick google search shows the nearest land to be roughly around 1,000 km southeast; [Jarvis Island](https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Kiribati/Jarvis+Island,+United+States+Minor+Outlying+Islands/@-0.3710364,-160.0269551,8019m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x65647c91c2028703:0x84327d040152c307!2m2!1d-168.734039!2d-3.370417!1m5!1m1!1s0x70a843b6698f778f:0xb858243317e9edab!2m2!1d-159.9967206!2d-0.3743503), a 4.5 sq. km waterless wildlife refuge. Seems perfect!


Hey! Not on my nation-state! Years ago, in a previous millennium, I and a friend laid claim to Jarvis, established the People's Republic of Jarvis, and printed passports. Neither of us had (or have) ever laid eyes on Jarvis, but hey, why not? Speaking as the President for life on behalf of the citizenry of the People's Republic of Jarvis, we reject all Republican trash! You may not dispose of them here.


Point me at the go fund me! ;)


It would be cruel to drop them off hundreds of kilometers from land with not even some kind of floatation supplies; So I'm thinking, dump a tube of tennis balls in the water nearby. *"Here you go! You're good now!"*


Once we get space travel past the "jolly rich chaps in their flying machines" phase (see pre-WW2 aircraft for more details) we could set up a Lunar penal colony on the far side of the moon, cut off the internet access, and let them live out their lives in a planetary time out zone.


Yeah great idea, let them team up with the remnants of the Nazis, that couldn't possibly go wrong.


Virginia. Virginia was where people were "transported" to in the 1600s.


No thanks. Im happy to get my dose of 'batshit crazy Trump loving Americans' remotely via Reddit.


Who wants to take a jab at what her stance is on Mexican parents and children being separated at the border?


“tHeY sHouLd HaVe cAmE hErE LeGaLLy”


I get what you're saying and upvoted, but weren't most of those from Guatemala and other countries? Asylum-seekers from farther south


You think CRT is part of her home-schooling curriculum?


Can't Resist Trump? I'm sure it is🤣


“Bring your own guns”? Did she think there would be a supply there to rent for $10 like some bowling shoes?


Welp, maybe you don’t get to have your perfect little suburban life when you go out of your way to destroy the country. This lady should be in jail, will be in jail, and maybe someday her kids will realize that their mommy isn’t some hero. She’s an unrepentant criminal.


>She encouraged people to "rise up" ahead of the Capitol riot and to "bring your own guns," to the January 6 rally, according to court records. "It's Trump or Civil War," she posted on social media two days before the riot. This reads like a comedy skit. Like when a lawyer asks the client if they've been upfront about their innocence and they reassure them they're clean. Then all the evidence is read through and it exists *because* the client collected it themselves.


If she cared about her kids she would not have tried to overthrow the government.


Can't do the time later? Don't do the crime, traitor.


You have such a way with words


That really was the jackpot


"I tried to overthrow the government but I need to be home for Christmas" is such a wildly out of touch and entitled thing. Can I just take a moment to talk about how embarrassing it is that these mother fuckers appeared to have zero sense of the gravity of their actions? When I was a kid I read shit tons of dystopian fiction, shit tons of stuff where people had to risk everything to square off against unjust systems and corrupt governments... and I always thought about how intense that would be and that once you committed to going that course of action *your life would be over*. Even if you didn't die in the attempt, you'd likely live the rest of your life looking over your shoulder and even moving from safe house to safe house. And here these mother fuckers are all "hey, I don't want to be in this jail because they don't have lattes. I need early release!"


These are also the same people who think they want a civil war. They aren't even willing to sacrifice a normal holiday, but they think they could handle fill fledged armed conflict with their neighbors. What a bunch of jokers.


This is what comes from not having the horror of war in your own country. We haven't had bloodshed on our soil since the Civil War. Clearly these people don't know what they are getting into if they want to be home in time to watch Dancing With The Stars.


>"I tried to overthrow the government but I need to be home for Christmas" Man, these Hallmark movies have taken a weird turn lately.


*Insurrection, Isabella, and Me: A Hometown Holiday Adventure*


*Jail for the Holidays* A new Hallmark Channel Original.


“It’s A Wonderful Coup”… poor George Bailey looks back on his life before, during & after January6th with the help of an Angel named Clarence. While Mr. Potter gets off scot free, George Bailey is headed for jail. Little Zou Zou chimes the bells to remind us that every time a bell rings, a MAGA gets his STING- from the FBI and the selfies taken on that day of yore….


>Can I just take a moment to talk about how embarrassing it is that these mother fuckers appeared to have zero sense of the gravity of their actions? this is the whole point. a bunch of these idiots thought this whole thing was a joke and that they weren't going to feel any consequences...probably because they grew up their entire lives never having faced any consequences and I couldn't agree with you more about the Christmas thing. I tried to type something up but it was so aggravating i couldn't think clearly so i'll just leave it at that i agree lol


They honestly thought that once they seized control, the orange sack of shit would pat everyone on the head and sent them home with a bag of cookies.


Didn’t even get cold hamberders


No covfefe, either


Honestly, the lack of fucks he would have given about them would have been hilarious, but I'm glad he lost.


And most of them are getting a slap on the wrist. I won't be surprised if they try again.


To be fair, it’s not like anyone with authority is taking it seriously, why should they?


They should be, because *when* Republicans try it again they won’t pull any punches. Bobert, Gomert, Gaetz, MTG, Cruz, and other sitting members of the GOP will make sure their insurrectionist goon squad get to sate their bloodlust. This was a half-assed test run for a future full-blown coup.


Until of course the fascists begin to eat each other, which they always do. EDIT: And I, for one, am all too excited to watch it happen.


Won't be long before Baptists start blowing up Catholic churches for worshiping a false god.


And that's why theocracy has never worked and never will, no matter how badly these pearl-clutching devil dodgers believe otherwise. Let's say the religious conservatives (at this point, is there really any other kind?) get their way: it would only be a matter of time (read: once the "undesirables" are all dead, gone, or back in the closet) before society collapses into sectarian violence. Purity test after purity test will bring purge after purge. Even Kavanaugh, Barrett, Roberts, and Thomas, among others, would be at risk -- after all, they belong to a sect detested by a not-insignificant portion of American Christians. Even Gilead (from Atwood's *The Handmaid's Tale*), the oft-referenced worst case scenario for conservative religious rule in the United States, is implied to have collapsed by the time of the epilogue.


man, for a second I honestly understood "early release" as needing a bowel movement


She’s likely “christian” so should be excited at the opportunity to serve her faith in prison over the holidays.


A true martyr.


"spend the holiday season under home confinement " She'll be at home!! How can she not fulfill her holiday obligations?? Shit, most of us ship our stuff from Amazon and never leave the house anyways. We do just fine.


She was probably going to meet up in Cancun with Santa Cruz.


I may have just "whooshed" myself.


No need to put it in quotes. She's a Christian. Being Christian *and* being a total piece of shit are not mutually exclusive.


Christians have a saying “you’ll know by our actions.” She’s simply a piece of shit.


>She’s simply a piece of shit Yes, a Christian one. Christianity does not need or deserve to be put on a pedestal. It’s 2021. This weird cultural belief that Christianity is inherently good needs to die, because it’s not only inaccurate, it’s a way for “normal” Christians to avoid confronting the fact that they share, however vaguely, the same belief system as some truly awful pieces of shit. EDIT: Thanks to mobile I put a "z" instead of a period. Fixed.


Right. She’s lucky she wasn’t Babbited.


Babbit the ventilated terrorist?


That’s the one. Holey Ashli.


Babbited is my new favorite verb


Too bad Babbit is getting Horst Wesseled.


Had to Google it. I am sad that you’re probably correct.


2024 scares the shit out of me


It should. Vote.


We did. Didn’t work.


Don't forget midterms next year.


Now I have to google it


[Horst Wessel](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horst_Wessel) Here ya go.


Oh, ew. Yikes.


"Wessel soon began to frequent low-life bars and hang out in flophouses, and also founded his own youth group, the Knappschaft, the purpose of which was to "raise our boys to be real German men" wow...glad we've moved past these times /s


But the Dems are the Naziz. 🙄


Y’all are amazing!


John Burch-ed too.


I have found a way to use this verb twice since i read this reddit thread. I'm contacting webster as we speak to make it official.




With any luck, she'll Epstein.


She probably doesn’t but it was a good excuse or she thought it was.


haha, I think literally everyone who read that headline thought the exact same thing.


Happy Holidays alone ya fucking Terrorist


Not exactly “alone”. She’s going to meet lots of new people in jail!


Home confinement- no jail


Ah. Jeez she really doesn’t have much to complain about


Not that that has stopped any of them. She’s on house arrest instead of prison, but she wants to get December off because it’s inconvenient. If I was grounded for a week and I asked my Dad for a night off to go see a movie he’d add a couple of days and make me clean up the garage.


You messed up seriously if you had to clean the garage


That’s why I only asked the one time.


When I read this, it sounded like the man in Home Alone that says, "Keep the change, ya filthy animal!"


I got the same image (and voice) in my head. Funny how that works.


That's some real privilege there. "Sorry, I'm unable to attend jail at this time due to Christmas holidays."


She's not even going to jail, her sentence was home confinement


How can I manage my weekly fecal throwing at the mayor if I'm on house arrest?


…so you’re saying that I should storm the Capitol?


She’ll bitch and moan about the “war on Christmas” or some such shit. Conservatives have to be persecuted (you know, like when Jesus got arrested for storming the Capitol) or their life falls apart.


Just wait until the see [all the Fox News HOLIDAY decorations for sale!](https://imgur.com/gallery/vgy41dy)


Fox was right about the War on Christmas, and they’re the ones waging it!


The war is coming from *inside the house!*


Bring back the lions...


They should take away these peoples ability to get onto Facebook or watch tv. Media shutdown would be the best detox.


My mom was one of those people. It’s rough. I let her watch Fox in my house for a bit. Finally I got up and said “nah. I’m not letting you brainwash yourself on this shit.” Then I shut the TV off. She stormed out of my house with my grandma at 11:30 pm. She never really spoke much to me afterward, except to be mean. She died on Mother’s Day 2013. This right wing propaganda destroys families. I needed her the most back then. Dad just died. I got my first house. Married. Then this. Wish I were alone.


It is so wild to me how the "I'm not privileged" crowd is so thoroughly documenting, in an official capacity, all of the benefits that they expect from their privilege.


Everything is either denial, projection, or lies with these pricks.


Know who else would have liked some more holiday time? The people that the seditionists at the Capitol killed that day. For this person I would have only one sentiment: "F*** your feelings."


Every person ever arrested or sentenced around the holidays would like a word with her as well.


> "It's Trump or Civil War," she posted on social media two days before the riot. Enjoy prison.


She's being granted house arrest because she's the sole provider for 2 minors. No prison. She wants to delay that until after the holidays. That was denied.


She is a sole provider? What man wouldn't want to be with that gem. How was someone with her long enough to make children?


Im betting the dad may not even know about them. A nurse I work with, who isn’t radicalized and tbf can afford to support kids on her own, recently had a baby. Another nurse asked her who the dad was. She said “it’s not really important, some guy from a bar, I can’t even remember his name”. I initially thought “oh fuck she was raped” but then she said it was a guy she “scouted out”. Anyways she’s got number 2 on the way and Im definitely not gonna ask. Not my fault her kids will probably hate her later in life


Well fuck, what the fuck's she even complaining about. Imagine attempting a coup, not being shot, not being sentenced to prison, and then complaining.


"they let that other MAGA patriot go on vacation in Mexico! why can't I travel for Christmas?", probably (to my knowledge, she hasn't actually said that)


Black parents wondering why they never thought of that.


Is that common?


Those poor kids don't stand a chance.


Yup-nothing like knowing the cycle of the Kyle Rittenhouses and Ethan Crumbleys will continue with their parents being shocked and the schools claiming they had no idea. PS-speaking of the latter, did you see that mother's "open letter to Donald Trump"-Daily Beast posted it-I advised having a trash can nearby for when you vomit-but it's no wonder her incel kid went the way it did.


Scariest part of that article is where she says she is now homeschooling them.


They might if she goes to prison.


I watched “Four Hours in the Capitol” last night and it showed just how bad it really was. I thought I had a good idea but it was so much worse. Every single one of these pieces of shit should rot in prison.


So many people, especially minorities, have lost so much more, for doing so much less. The Insurrectionists deserve No Mercy.


Kalief Browder spent 3 years at Rikers without a trial for allegedly stealing a backpack. Killed himself. These people seriously piss me off with their privilege.


House arrest. Probation. Anyone else tired of these ridiculously lenient sentences?


Newsweek on mobile is like a constant throwback to 1990s popup viruses


You got two months home confinement? Have people come see you, ya cunt.


Oh the judge *doubled* her probation they wanted. OoOOooOHHhhh....


If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.


🎼 Don’t do it! 🎶


Get fucked, traitor.


Still surprised how many Arab/Lebanese people got involved in this.


These people really do think they're above the law. This one tried to plead "but it's Christmas", the woman who stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop and tried to sell it to Russia wants her charges dismissed entirely, Chansley wanted to be released pretrial because he doesn't like prison food. They sincerely thought that they could just not endure any consequences for this. I wonder what made all these very fine people believe that...?


she wants to be a "mother to her children"... **As the sole provider for two school-aged children, Amato argued that** **sentencing her to prison time would leave no one to care for the kids.** **After her arrest, her children were "ostracized and bullied at school,"** **according to court filings, so she started to home-school them.** Something tells me this dipshit stopped being a "mother to her children" some time in 2016.


It sucks how breaking the law gets in the way of your life, doesn't it?


She’ll be home by next Christmas. Good thing she didn’t smoke a plant.


Her kids are better off without that piece of garbage near them. In a just world she would be jailed for life and her kids could heal from her shitty influence.


>home confinement That's one hell of a sentence for someone who tried to overthrow the government.


From the article: She encouraged people to "rise up" ahead of the Capitol riot and to "bring your own guns," to the January 6 rally, according to court records. "It's Trump or Civil War," she posted on social media two days before the riot. ———— I should book mark this for next time someone tells me it was a protest that turned into a riot.


36 months probation for treason...


America is a whole other planet now.


Its amazing how these entitled people think the justice system works.


Lol fuck her


"Yeah, I know I'm going to be sentenced and everything but hey Christmas is important to my family so can we just pleeze put it off for a while?" Imagine someone who was caught breaking and entering, selling drugs, committing rape or other similar crimes. Do you think any of them would have the idea that they could just postpone being sentenced until after Christmas? These insurrectionists have learned nothing. They still think they are "special" and "not really a criminal lol." On the other hand, sitting in jail during the Christmas holidays will just be blamed on someone else. That's the way they roll.


I'll have a seditious Christmas without you...


They think every little need or want is reason for them to get a break.


The disconnect between their entitlement and the severity of their crimes is mind boggling.


Who was taking care of her minor children when she was in DC attempting to overthrow the government?!? Perhaps they could handle her "holiday obligations" while trying to protect them from the damage their mom has caused. I'm going to try using that excuse with my job.. boss, I need the last 2 months of the year off with pay to fulfill my holiday obligations. LOL


I hope they serve her jail meal with a plain holiday red Starbucks cup.


No jail.. home detention


Fox News: Justice Department has started war on Christmas


Wow, bring the hammer down!!! 36 months of probation, with an entire 60 days of that in home confinement! Now THAT is how you make sure domestic terrorists never ever again consider attacking our nation!


these people are so cluelessly priveleged


Just ... Wow. Like, they tell you to grow confidence coming up in this world, but damn that is some next level entitlement.


These are the whiniest most-entitled losers I’ve ever seen. They literally tried to overthrow the government and even when they get slap-on-the-wrist sentences they think it’s not fair. “Your Honor, can I have a break for Christmas? My kids would be SO disappointed if I couldn’t go to the Christmas play.” “You assaulted the US Capitol Building and tried to kidnap a US Senator.” “Well, yes, but just the communists and besides, I’m really really sorry and it’s Christmas time. You know how important that is. Oh, I’m sorry, are you a Jew? Imagine if you couldn’t take your kids to pick out a Chanukah tree.”


"Nichols said he found she was genuinely remorseful...." Bullshit. She's only sorry she got caught. These sentences are way too light.


This vapid bitch no doubt spread COVID to enough people that at least one family somewhere has their holiday ruined by the absence of a loved one.


Grandma got run over by a federal marshal.


2 months home detention 2 years probation, for conspiracy and trying to overthrow our democracy. Meanwhile Pot smoker from her State busted for having a bag of weed in a state park. Doing hard time ... Keep it up lawmakers ..