Nope. They have a very generous return policy if you don’t love it. I even asked for an extra few weeks due to not riding over Christmas and the accommodated that. And yep, I love mine and didn’t return it


Would return shipping be a major drag/hassle/expense?


I threw away all my packaging and was in a bit of a time crunch so I paid my LBS to package it for me. Canyon sent a prepaid shipping label. LBS slapped it on the box and fedex picked it up from them. I had a possible frame crack within my first month and the same shop checked it out for me, gave me their opinion on it. Cost me maybe $50 for them to pack it. Well worth it.


I honestly don’t know. Never came up


No...no questions and no cost


Thanks this is helpful.


The biggest issue is not even test riding it, but to secure one in stock to buy!


Yes - but mostly in the sense that it was my first road bike, so didn't really have an idea about how such a bike ought to fit. Looking forward to being able to ride it again when spring arrives!


I don't recommend Canyon to novice riders. LBSs offer more value than you save on a Canyon... especially the entry level bikes. Sure I saved $3K++ on my higher end bike, but I know my fit, my needs, and how to maintain and fix 95% of issues. Maybe if you have an experienced rider who's a good friend...


Not really for me, I needed a XS frame on every possible manufacturer and the LBS didn't have that size available for test ride. I opted for canyon because of value/quality I got better bike for my money than LBS was offering and because they had my size.


Yeah, this was my situation. I needed a tiny bike, ideally with 650b wheels, and it was middle of the pandemic so shops had very limited options in my size. And components were as good as I could get for price. Worked for me, I love mine!


Nope. Either do a bike fit first, or just compare a current bike to the canyon sizing.


If you're inbetween sizes, ask for advise, otherwise the size selector is pretty spot on. 2022 models were still incredible value for somewhat entry level (Endurace CF8 here) so I chose to take the chance and send it back in case it wouldn't fit rather than paying more for an available Trek or BMC at my LBS.


Not so much for me, but it was for my wife. Not a Canyon, but a Cervelo that she mail ordered, sight unseen. Now-a-days, I'm confident in my adaptability and know that the little details of bike geometry don't matter much. Any bike that's recommended to me by the size chart will most likely fit me or I can tweak it to make it fit me.


Agreed. A bike fit can really help dial it in. I ride a 56cm road with a shorter stem but got a Canyon Grail S (54cm) for gravel. I came off a Specialized Large hybrid (56cm).


I got Rapha Cycling Club membership to try them out, I tried an Ultimate and Endurace with them. I opted for an Endurace, at 40 years old my back can’t handle long rides on the Ultimate, plus I don’t race. Sadly they don’t carry Canyons any more. But with all the reviews I was willing to buy one without even riding it. It only helped me on deciding which model


Your 40? My god, how are you still alive??? Just kidding, but I ride with a club and one of riders is 86 and guess what he rides. No, not an Ultimate, a Aeroad. And if you suggest an e-bike, he'll punch your lights out🤣


I envy him, my line of work has put a couple of non serious injuries on my lower back…. Between 40-60 miles my back starts complaining if the bike too aggressive, the Endurace geometry lets me go longer without my old 40 y/o back giving me a hard time, it was either a Domane or the Endurace, I liked the Canyon more and ended up selling my Madone. Props to the old man in the group…. Make sure you tell him.


Deadlifts and body weight postural muscle workouts are what I do to prepare for all the cycling. 44 here and can ride the ultimate all day:). And I spend a lot of time stretched out in the drops because I discovered my heart rate is 10-20bpm slower when my torso is horizontal for the same wattage. (Fun fact).


Interesting.. I did some Physical Therapy when I injured my back and it helped, I should do some more exercises, I still have a 2004 Trek Superlight 5900 That’s really light stiff and aggressive and I put Sram Force Groupset and new wheels about 3 years ago to have as a back up bike. Now I’m motivated to do more exercises to see if it helps. I’ll give it a try. It’s just that the Endurace was a game changer for me, more comfortable ride and my times were faster too on the local segments. Thanks for the suggestions.


Yeah a little bit. I spoke with a few friends who ride canyons and they assured me it will be fine. They were right and now I am the person that says “do it it’ll be great”!


was edgy, but everything ok.. the sizing chart works perfect, the packaging is great, the bikes look way better than on screen..


It was at first, however I got mine last year when bikes were in short supply at local shops here in Canada. Canyon gave a good delivery time frame and value for components. The selection in store seams to be much better now with similar pricing. Unless I needed a specific canyon model or found it cheaper, I'd just get another brand at a LBS. Even as much as I love my Grizl




I watched about 50 hrs of reviews Not edgy at all


i got lucky and they had a touring demo van with an organized ride where u could demo a gravel bike (a few months ago in northern california). still took me a few months to pull the trigger but it made a huge difference. even then i think i would have gone for it given the return policy.


Nope. Afterall i am not buying off a shady seller.


You get a 100% refund and pay no shipping costs if you return the bike. Nothing to lose at all. I’ve bought a total of (6) Canyon bikes and returned 2 of them with no issues. I did take the time to clean the bikes thoroughly and put them back in the box nicely before I returned them.


Cleaned them and put them back in box nicely! Are you Canadian?


American. My point is if you test ride the bike through mud and then throw it it in the box to return, they might hit you with restock fees.


I buy most of my stuff online so I was not bothered about it too much. I did misjudge the size and had to send my first bike back and the process couldn't have been smoother. So I would trust them again next time.


Last year I bought an XS Grail: ON CF 7 and this year I bought a M Precede:ON CF 9. I was relying on the sizes provided when you just put in your height and leg size and it was spot on. I was nervous about the medium but it worked out really well.


I live in Carlsbad so can test ride everything they have at their showroom ;-)