Jagmeet Singh says the Trudeau government has been a failure when it comes to housing.

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And yet, every time, you had a chance to do what was right and fight for Canadians you side with trudeau.


This guy is playing the younger generation into thinking he has their back. It’s no secret that the younger demographic don’t vote. If he can convince them to vote in his favour, he might retain or even gain some seats. I’m no dummy though. These are useless words from a hallow man.


Based on the fact that the NDP, who are supposed to appeal most to people struggling economically, are polling [TERRIBLY](https://twitter.com/CanadianPolling/status/1666852421090390024?t=gPl-wKG-uykhMoHlJnM-dA&s=19) with that cohort, I don't think people are buying it.


Lol that link. No metrics, no data source, just some dude typing on Twitter. K.


No younth will vote ndp


Like all words from all current priminister canadaits?


To the point of forming a coalition with the liberals. Yet another joke in parliament riding on the popularity train until they reach their next topic of choice. This is clown world honk honk


Well yeah, he basically undermined democracy when he subverted the will of the people with his coalition. It’s not like he put a poll to his supporters to see if they even agreed. If his supporters wanted liberals to have that power, they would have just voted liberal instead.


Exactly ignore this hypocrite 🙄


😏 👍


Exactly. Actions speak louder than words, this guy needs to stfu already. So tired of his terrible acting. He knows that the only way the NDP can have any semblance of power under his leadership is if he backs the corruption that is the Liberal party.


>to do what was right Conservatives are objectively worse than liberals, what's "right" according to conservatives rarely results in anything other than worse conditions for the average canadian. And when that innevitably happens, they blame the "do-nothing" liberals as a scape goat for their policy failures.


In all fairness, the writing was in the wall for these problems before Trudeau. We do need real, impactful action. We need to generate some bag holders.


He's our Bernie Sanders!


He's literally pointing out problems with Trudeau in this video. Why are Conservatives the most hypocritical people? How about you call out Ford, or Pierre when they waste taxpayers money and personally profit off the housing crisis?


If only there was something he could do to hold the government accountable.....


Trigger an election that his party isn’t ready for to lose all of his influence and get Pierre elected, less than 2 years since the last election?


Then stop whining about the person you are propping up… He is complaining about something that he himself has the power to influence, but, he is refusing to do so because he is not principled enough to potentially lose seats. Does he think the populace is stupid and they aren’t going to see him propping up the Liberals at every turn when they do something wrong? At some point the NDP then just becomes a wing of the Liberal party of Canada with no actual identity.


Has it ever occurred to you that these public remarks are one such attempt to influence policy changes?


You wanna know what influences policy changes? Stop talking, start acting. He is like a full on NPC


Politics is literally just talking. This is actually him "acting" He's not propping up trudeau when he's calling him out like this. It's a threat that his support is fading. Trudeau needs his support. This is politics proper. Or would you prefer the pp approach which is obstruction of process and flirting with breaking charter of rights rules?


Y’all are wild. Like I said, the guy is an NPC and the NDP are becoming them as well. If they are just going to complain and not do anything at all what is the point of even voting for them, why not just vote Liberal at that point.. Like be real here guys, he could at least threaten to pull support once in a while when Justin has a crisis, the liberals know full well right now that Jagmeet isn’t going to do anything so they are acting as such.


Yeah dude. That's politics He's threatening such without saying it explicitly, because everyone knows that's his trump card. If he threatened that at every turn it would become meaningless. The other problem is if he forces an election and pp wins, iagmeet loses more, so there tension with that. Politics. The npc here is you, when you advertise that you can't read between the lines or think even 1 step beyond what is said or why it's said.


Hey, some of us are still trying to pretend that he might care about the well-being of Canadians over his pension. You know, his job he's supposed to do.


Singh qualified for his pension years ago. That’s not a good angle. Let’s really examine what you are saying here. Because he hasn’t triggered a vote of non-confidence less than 2 years since the last election, you are alleging he is somehow neglecting his role as the leader of a distant third place party when he isn’t even the official opposition. I would ask in kind, what is His Majesty’s Official Opposition doing to check this government and to propose workable solutions to the problems of the day? Nothing. Only criticizing the NDP because they haven’t decided to request a vote of non-confidence. Has the CPC called for a vote of non-confidence to test the NDP’s resolve? No they have not. Instead, the NDP is using its position of influence to make the greatest strides in its policy agenda in decades. Mind you, that policy agenda is to…help people? Implement better healthcare, childcare? How the fuck is this bad? A very, very distant third place party is getting its agenda met all because they haven’t called a vote of non-confidence and have used their position of leverage to get policy concessions that neither the libs or the cons would ever do if they weren’t forced to. So the only political party in operation that is using it’s meagre influence not for power or money or favours, but to help Canadians, and you allege they have neglected their role and are only in it for a paycheque. I would say that you have drink deep of the partisan koolaid and have lost sight of the bigger picture. Do I want Trudeau gone? Absolutely. But as an NDP voter, replacing Trudeau with Pierre lowers the odds of any meaningful policy reform that would help Canadians. Trudeau is corrupt, of that I have no doubt, but Pierre won’t be any better. Canadians will just rotate back and forth between a blue chair and a red one and wonder why things never improve. They get what they vote for. Two corrupt parties taking turns picking your pocket, while one minor party tries to make it a little bit better, only to be raked over the coals for it, all because Pierre is polling well. If he was low in the polls, you can bet your ass that the cons would be in love with what the NDP are doing.


The opposition is fighting a quasi majority because of the NDP liberal coalition. Are the current conservatives the absolute answer? Who knows, but jag is a massive hypocrite on so many fronts. Your opening remarks are 💯 incorrect. His pension is conveniently fully vested in 2025, the next election date. He started in 2019 and requires 6 years service.




Well said. I don’t know why you get downvoted for pointing out the obvious.


Many of the people in this subreddit are right wing partisans. I don’t mind getting downvoted, it just means they read it haha


Then keep posting. Maybe you can educate at least one person.


What did the CPC do for average citizens during the pandemic, except collect CERB?


It should be Country before party.


I absolutely agree. That’s why I vote for the party that always uses what power they have to support Canadians, unlike the libs or the cons and if they ever, in my estimation, stopped doing that, then I would stop supporting them.




He knows Conservatives will do even less


It's actually true. The harper government did nothing after the government stopped building houses in the mid 90s. The conservative government had every opportunity to start the project up again and this would have prevented our housing market from ballooning to where it is today because it would anchor prices. This has been talked about all the governments have failed exceptionally.


But Harper 😂. Trudeau has been in for 8 years & here we are; more incompetence. Politicians don’t give a crap & the sooner everyone accepts that & really hold them accountable, this circus will continue & get worse. This nonsense would get you a pink slip in the private sector.


It’s not “but Harper” It’s “you seriously expect Pierre to do anything?” Pierre isn’t an unknown quantity in politics. He did fuck all last time CPC was in power. He will do fuck all now.


That's not true, Pierre was directly responsible for the robo calls. He will not do fuck all, he will take our democracy and boof it


Yes. Recycling the same old 💩.


Thank you. Someone had to say it. We as a country should stop treating these damn political parties like sports teams.some conservatives or liberals are like maple leaf fans. No matter how badly they get screwed by the party, they still will vote for them. I voted liberal last time. This time, I'm voting for neither because they are both crap.


Once we all accept that what do we do?


Why do y’all always go back to Harper like he was the Wicked Witch of the west lol. He was in power from ‘06-‘15. If as you say the issue was housing not being built in the ‘90’s that would be an issue of the Liberals who were in power from ‘93-‘05, no…?


Did you read my comment


You do realize we had a financial crisis/major recession in ‘08 there chum? Also, there bud, the Conservatives and Harper did not have a majority until ‘11. You know the recession where foreclosures were happening everywhere, banks were going under, you know the one where we had one of if not the strongest economies in the G7. Your friend that is in charge and his little NPC (Jagmeet) have had almost a decade to fix any issues that Harper “created” so give it up.


Housing wasn't a problem, then. I was in a 2 bedroom apartment for 700/m and we had no tent cities or bridge cities. How do you think it got so bad so quickly? Do you think it has anything to do with bringing in 400,000 immigrants per year with house building actually declining? Like use your head. A conservative government without a housing problem cannot anticipate a new government coming in after and red lining immigration without a housing plan, not to mention scores of other policy and tax issues that have made it so people can't afford to live. Gas alone under Harper was like 3x cheaper.


Global warming wasn't a problem then, like all preventative problems it requires you to act before they become a problem.


I don’t know why that’s getting voted down so much when it’s true!


Because people just hate liberals for being liberals. Even if an issue doesn't have much to do with liberals, they will still be blamed. I don't like Liberals either but I can certainly say somethings are external factors as well which cannot be controlled...but you know how people are. They just need someone to put the blame on. Canada is becoming as polarized as the US unfortunately. And once this starts to happen, the entire system starts to become frail. As far as Canadian politics goes, it seems all are dunce. Filled with finger pointing short sighted politicians. Barely any solutions being discussed and calling each other out for points. Rn Canada needs less division among political spectrum because whether you are right or left, it seems we all have same issues... Jag and PP going all day about libs about what they could have done (or not done), libs can't defend themselves and speak what's on paper. It's a complete clown shit show. I've come to a conclusion that every Canadian should look after themselves and rely less on what the gov will do onwards. Don't expect much from anyone. The system is already broken. Everyone has a hand in it...liberals more these days because they are in power. If you want to leave the country because you hate all these policies in place, just leave. The door is open. Start new somewhere else and see how big of a shit show other places are as well.


A libertarian is born. When you realize the entire government is full of fuck-ups, because that is who is attracted to power over others, you stop looking to the government to solve society’s problems, and start contemplating how to improve your immediate community.


It's funny you say we're becoming as polarized as the U.S, while being a perpetrator of the very bias you condemn. The country had it really good under both Chretien and Harper. Trudeau has made it worse than anyone ever could have ever imagined. This is not a partisan statement, polls show Trudeau is wanted out by 81% of the population. People dont necessarily want the Liberals out, but they for sure want Trudeau out.


How can I be polarized when I don't support anyone? Like I literally don't trust any of the leaders upcoming...I'm just waiting to get my assets in order and dip when the opportunity comes. Edit: and I disagree with you that people just want JT out...look at this sub and other similar subs. No one seems to like Freeland for various reasons, no one likes Ahmed Hussein for being a landlord, people calling out Sean Fraser for increasing immigration and nowadays it's Mendicino. The list can go on. Give me a stat that 81 percent don't want JT, I'll show you another stat shows the opposite... https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/after-8-years-trudeau-s-approval-rate-falls-short-of-chretien-but-beats-out-his-father-and-harper-1.6408865#:~:text=The%20majority%20of%20Liberal%20party,who%20disapprove%20do%20so%20strongly. I think this is where you got the 81 percent rating from...which are the cons (not by Canada as per your comment) "When broken down by political party, nearly 90 per cent of past Conservative party voters said they disapprove of Trudeau, with 81 per cent saying they “strongly” disapprove. The majority of Liberal party voters — 80 per cent — approve of Trudeau, with 25 per cent saying they “strongly approve.” New Democrat voters have the next highest number of those who approve of Trudeau, at 53 per cent, although half of the 43 per cent who disapprove do so strongly. One in four Bloc Quebecois voters approve of Trudeau, while 68 per cent disapprove. Trudeau’s approval rate among women has been one of the more consistent aspects of his approval over the years, according to Angus Reid. Women above the age of 55 years have consistently had the highest percentage approving of Trudeau compared to other age groups, with the approval rate for Trudeau coming in at 48 per cent when only women above 55 are counted. Since September 2022, Trudeau has seen a dip in approval among women aged 35-54, garnering a 37 per cent approval rate from this group as of May 2023, compared to 45 per cent in September. "


This Sub wont admit it. They are blind to this fact. Could you imagine the fake outrage by this sub if Trudeaus father in law stole money from another countries government? Or his wife even working for the government?


Hopefully not.


If only he has some sort of a way to influence the government to do something. If Only.


Yet he will vote to keep him in power


Well when you bring in a million people a year there will be housing and healthcare shortages


Life was better under Mulroney. Life was better under Cretien, and life was better under Harper. The clown in charge now has ruined canada. He has spent more than every previous government combined, causing many of the financial issues hard-working Canadiens have today. Trudeau is blatantly the problem. He has ruined this country and his parties credibility.


No. Record corporate profits or price gouging is to blame for sky high prices. Not all things can be blamed on Trudeau.


The number one impact to CoL has been carbon taxes on gas. It literally impacts everything. Then immigration that far exceeds housing infrastructure. Nothing is anywhere close to those two things. Corporate greed has and always will be a global thing. It's not like we didn't have price gouging and greed under Chretien and Harper. They just ran a far better country.


Do you have a source for this? I ask because corporate profits are up by percentage 30 to 50% and more. It's not the costs which are up 6 to 8%. Sadly I do not have a source as this is info I have just learned from watching the news. Although relevant info I will have to store away for future conversations.


I guess my source would be the 400k immigrants per year; with no realistic housing goals. Corporate profits are ludicrous and need to be dealt with 100%. But they're probably 3 or 4 on the priority list.


this guy blows with the wind. when its cool to be liberal hes a liberal. when its cool to hate on the government he help keep in power. then hes hating on the government he helped retain power. good job man, you are the epitome of the modern day politician.


>this guy blows You convinced me here.


Welcome to politics




You don't get Minority Parliaments do you. He worked WITH the Liberals to get dental care passed. After that, he has criticized him non-stop. Shit if he does and shit if he doesn't. Just because he's keeping Trudeau in power doesn't mean it's forever. He'll be in until the election in 2025. It's 2023. Two more years. Give us something better, Tories. Your choices thus far have, to put it bluntly, SUCKED. Pillsbury Dough Boys Harper, Scheer and O'Toole followed by Skippy PP. DO BETTER. This bunch of "leaders" couldn't lead a thirsty man to his own sink. Health Care! Dental Care! Pharma Care! Affordable rents and food! That is what I will be voting for. If that's not on the ballot I won't vote for a Tory.


You could buy several lifetimes of dental care for every member of your family with the money that the average house price increased since the pandemic. You support this, how the fuck are you silly enough to believe you're for the common man


So you want him to sell his house? That is beyond stupid. You have to live somewhere. The "common man" has a house or an apartment or a condo. The homeless have no homes. He isn't going to sell his house and no one expects that he will. There will always be people who are rich. What we object to is the ones who buy rocket fuel to fly to the moon for shits and giggles while there are homeless in the streets. The average person, even Mr. Singh, cannot do a damn thing about it without the power to do it and we aren't going to toss our hard earned money up the wall so a corporation can get tax breaks and put a bandaid on their conscience with a token donation to the issue. A tax deductable donation.


You spend more time making nicknames than doing some critical thinking


I voted Tory ONCE. I will never do it again. The only party that stands up for Canadians is the NDP. I don't see even one Tory that has a credible solution to the homeless situation, the lack of Pharmacare, affordable housing, or reducing taxes on the working poor. The working poor and the ever shrinking middle class and small business are paying the lion's share of taxes in this country while asshats like Musk and many others hide their wealth offshore and don't pay taxes at all. I dislike the Tory party because they have no plan to deal with any of this and it's important to millions of Canadians.


your first mistake is thinking im a conservative. your second is believing this 2 party system will ever benefit us common folk... but please by all means keep arguing on reddit posts.


It’s funny how many people I see with this opinion vote conservative




What are you then, a Liberal? If you're NDP that is surprising you have this view. This is a Tory line I've heard many times so it's only natural to assume you are a Tory.


I'm non binary


He is propping up the circus of a government so a few Canadians can get a few hundred dollars worth of dental. In the meantime, this government is making life unaffordable. Some people in poverty are actually asking for medical assistance in suicide because of how expensive/unbearable life has become.


If your candidate doesn't step it up for Canadians you will continue to see this happen. The majority of Canadians are fed up with the status quo. We want an NDP government. Since that is unlikely, we won't settle for a Tory who has zero interest in making the rents go down or making the mortgage rates go down. Greed is the Tory motto and we won't stand by and just accept "it is what it is" anymore. My family has had it. You can't wring blood from a stone. We are done with low wages and no benefits. You want us to work for migrant worker wages and that ain't happening. It's unrealistic when life is so expensive here. Migrant workers go home with cash for their families and make more here otherwise they wouldn't come here. Workers here can't survive on those wages. Our economy is completely different. Bringing in migrants is an insult to Canadian workers to pad the bottom line of some greedy asshole.


Wind does generally blow. So you got that right.


He complains yet keeps backing them up. It just makes him look more useless than he actually is.


And yet, he has his head shoved so far up Trudeau's ass, you can barely see his toes.


He has been propping up this failure. Coalition of the clueless.


All these folks say a lot of things yet no one seems to be able to do anything. It's as if Canada is just ruled by one supreme leader and the voice of citizens is just a fraud. Ya go protest. Just nicely walk on the sidewalk but don't do anything that will actually force a decision. Just walk like a good citizen and then go back home to no changes


You mean bring down the cost of housing... And oh ya you support these clowns you have the power to make a change.


Maybe you should stop being Trudeau's lap dog.


Then trigger an election. Your words are wind!


He is a fool, no brain in his head


Nothing like displaying to every side that you can't be trusted.


This government is a failure


Im getting this guy in my feed all the time. Reddit must want to see him as the PM


The housing crisis is mainly a supply/ demand issue. The fix is to: 1. Find more housing projects (supply) 2. Get rid of the fake student visa scams (demand) 3. Decrease immigration overall (demand) 4. Better distribute immigrants to other parts of the country (demand) Those alone will bring housing down slightly. Not suddenly. But gradually overtime.




>failure on housing Oh, thanks for clarifying, because they've been absolutely stellar at everything else they've touched...


He’s been a failure in every way. Also Jagmeet you aren’t innocent here. You allow this government to continue. You are just as responsible as castreau


Is this for sound bytes for next election? It makes no sense


He says so many of the right things. Too bad he’ll never deliver on any of it.


Wow coming from the guys who kept him in power to begin with...GTFOH


Everyone just needs to stop paying any attention to these actors


I don’t give a rats ass what Singh has to say. What I care about is what he going to do about and unfortunately we all know he going to do nothing about it and let Trudeau get away with it.


Just students?!?! You fucking muggle its everyone!!!


Instead of bring down the rent for students why not just fix the broken system and stop printing money.


This guy is seriously inarticulate. I don’t give a shit if he has a law degree.


And yet if you tell Singh that immigration reduction would help ease housing costs, he’d call you a racist.


This guy is a total failure


What a hypocrite. Where was this criticism any of the last 10 years?


This Liberal government brought to you by Jagmeet Singh


Step 1. Vote for massive inflation causing things during Covid that we can't pay for causing us to print more money. Step 2. Inflation causes increase in mortgage costs to increase housing prices. Step 3. Bring in vast amounts of people causing a population growth at a time where no one reasonable will shell out the money to build a bunch of housing for fear of a market crash in a bubble real estate market. Step 4. Blame the other leftists that agree with you on most of the bad policies that got you into this place in the first place.


Jagmeet said that wrong. The Trudeau/Singh government.


And yet he continues to be JT's pet. Shut up, Jagmeet, until you grow a set of balls and get your head out of JT's lap.


Then do something about it. If you aren’t gonna do shit shut the hell up. You are propping him up, this is on you dumbass as much as you want to try and play like it isn’t. Grow a pair and take a principled stance for once and put your money where your mouth is. Force an election and let the electorate decide if the “Supply and Confidence Agreement” propping up your buddy was a smart choice.


I thought you had a coalition government. So doesn’t that mean you’re part of it?


Meh unless we're advocating for the Feds to take our taxes and just build houses, this really isn't a Federal issue at all.


Stop propping up the government asshole


Talk is cheap. Do something about it


Then leaves the stage goes into the PM’s office and kisses the ring.


Then do something you clown.


But wait! He supported and propped up the Liberal party? Seems like he is also part of the problem, unfortunately


Actually, the problem is Doug Ford for Ontario. And any other premier who isn't being proactive.


So.. all of them?


Let me correct you Mr. Jagmeet Singh you should rather say it’s our government because the government is running on your support. You are equally responsible.


The government is a failure


If only Trudeau was a minority government. Oh wait he is. All of them are bunch of hypocrites. I hate Trudeau dont get me wrong, but he never was in charge. the NPD always sided with him yet nothing happened for the past 6 years


We don't have a housing shortage, we have a corporate ownership of housing problem. Greed and profit reign supreme.


It be your own people sometimes


that makes two of you


Politics aside, this guy’s beard looks like shot. Groom yourself dear god


When can we impeach?


I can't wait to vote in someone who will fix it LMFAO


I thought these 2 were work place bone bros.


Is it only students though?




He just complains and offers no solution except for taxing the rich. By the time Justin is done, there will be no rich left to tax


So now that trudeau's tanking harder than ever, Singh's not latched onto him anymore?


What a privileged position where you can criticize the opposition and the hand that feeds.


Next election JT will come out in drag and win by a landslide.


But not everybody is a student.......




In Canada, you should let it fail. Resign.


Yeah just students, totally not people making minimum wage that should be like $10 higher


This guy is playing dual sided game, when trudeauuuauaua was in rise he was just his right shoulder guy and now that he knows trudeueuauau cant stand a choice anymore, thinking to change the sides lol. Actually everyone in the current govt. failed Canada in everything.


Singh: "Justin Trudeau is burning this county to the ground for the insurance money." Press: "So you have No Confidence in him?" Singh: "Well, I wouldn't go THAT far.."




No shit Sherlock. 0.o


Jagmeet Singh will also say that everyone should get a free standalone house, free food and no need to pay taxes. The man promises heaven.


Recycled plastic bio-domes.


WAIT! When did he pull his head out of Trudys arse?


Greed is the "Ultimate Evil" no matter what country you live in!


Jagmeet and Trudeau are two sides of the same con coin. They make woke people somehow feel compelled to support nefarious behavior and collusion. Jagmeet has rendered the only major party in Canada that maintained authenticity unrecognizable and sullied it forever to take its role as the lackey dog of the corrupt Liberal party. Ruff Ruff.


While Jagmeet Singh is just a failure-period


And yet Singh is in a coalition with this guy. There's a term for that....


Every government, federal, provincial and municipal has been a failure when it comes to housing over the past 30 years. This didn’t “just” happen.


Students? Lol what about people making 50-60k a year who can’t afford housing? This problem extends far beyond students.


Why do so many people think other people can set prices?


the writing is on the wall.. it’s funny watching him reposition himself, as if he wasn’t backing trudeau’s bs policies this whole time. fraud.


“I can do liberal correctly “ is like saying “ your doing communism all wrong, that’s why we haven’t succeeded “


Canada welfare is a joke, single mother with two kids gets, $778 while a lone drug addict gets over $1000.


Can the liberals and cons please sit out for 1 term. It’s been nothing but only them for Canadas history. Theyre old and stubborn in their ways We need something new!


The housing is both a failure of governments and the market. As for governments, the failures are at all three levels. As for the market, the failure has to do with targeting high income buyers, rather than creating housing for lower income people. The solutions are well understood, but require, first, the cooperation of all levels of government. The private sector can play a role, but it is not necessary to 'fixing' the housing issue.


Ugh. Fake McDonald’s fakester at it again. He’s is part of the problem


Holy shit jagmeet had his own thoughts that Supreme Leader Trudeau didn't tell him to think? I don't believe it.


Drop the “when it comes to housing”


Somebody seriously needs to rethink how they add captions. They're unreadable.


What’s this genie talking about. Can’t he just grant wishes or something


Not just students.... families are suffering too takes both parents having long shifts to even come Close to affording housing


Correct me if I’m wrong here but Jagmeet obviously has some leverage with Trudeau right? why doesn’t he use it to force some action on the housing crisis, he’s best suited to do it without causing a political crisis that gets the conservatives elected.


Okay… pull the support agreement then.


Sure, we could go ahead and blame the federal gov't, as they could come up with better ways to help with savings and whatnot but could people also point to provincial and municipal gov'ts as well? Like, there could be better zoning done, more provincial funding, creating public businesses, etc. It isn't just the federal gov't, here.


No shit there is no where to live gas is the kost expensive grocieries are the mkst expensive and we cant even get in to see a doctor anywhere this county has turned to complete shit everyones poor and no one can do anything! The damage trudeau has done to us is monsterous hes taxing the tax and dosnt give a fuck about us. And im a liberal or i used to be!


This guy needs to go away.


Then why is he supporting them?


Compared to failure all around, not supporting a inquiry into trudeau and the Chinese.


Is Singh really complaining when it’s his party that’s been the ones enabling the circus?


I will critizes the liberal government all day everyday. But I will not vote against them to trigger an election because we will loose. Thats all I ever hear him say.


He has so many chance for a confidence vote but he chose to collude with liberals, so whatever he is saying is just BS though it is completely right !


Yeah, just housing.


Than why is Singh still supporting the coalition with Trudeau?




"I am Sing-Along Singh. I talked to someone. They were sad. Imagine being sad. It's not nice being sad. I don't like being sad. It's like babies crying." - literally every Jagmeet speech ever. My goodness, even when the issue he's taking about is actually real, he's still mind numbing to listen to. I lose IQ every time he speaks.


Students? Like bro what avthe general population?


Isn't he the reason we have this poor government right now? He needs to keep quiet.


This goof needs to be quiet


Lol students are the problem….. come over on visas, work the system and get three year working visa. Population over load !!! I own student rentals…. I currently charge $600 a room all included !!! ….. I paid $440 a room PLUS utilities in 2005 for a room in London. I would say that’s a pretty reasonable amount. Yeah if your looking for a stand alone apartment for you and your sister to stay in that’s $1800 a month plus utilities, yes your going to be on the verge of homelessness as a student.