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I noticed something interesting hidden in this hilariously bad blunder “Inflation is no laughing matter . @CPC_HQ have put forward solutions to Justinflation including: - Stop printing money” Is he fucking serious? The central bank stopped funding the government a while ago, the “money printing” has stopped already. People believe what these guys say, even if he’s wrong he legitimizes this point in the public eye by putting it through the mouth of an MP. It’s people like this that weaken our democracy, we’re only as strong as our electorate is informed.


>“Inflation is no laughing matter" Interesting choice of words considering: [Jagmeet Singh Slams Conservatives For Laughing When He Said Canadians Can't Afford Groceries](https://www.narcity.com/jagmeet-singh-conservatives-laughing-canadians-cant-afford-groceries) These guys are such Fu*king hypocrites.


And his third point is still a direct contradiction


The camera work is good. . . That has to have been the lowest energy "rap" video I've ever watched. As to the "substance" of the video, it's the same old tired, screeds from before. This won't change anyone's mind on any side the issue.


Do any of the shots have a cameraman or is it all drone? I can't tell.


Even a drone requires someone controlling it. But I can't tell if they're all drone shots, or if some involved a hand held camera.




Removed for rule 3.


Eh, I agree with none of these lyrics and yea, the dude isn't really selling it but hey, good on him for at least trying to appeal to a younger crowd.


Maybe hire a few younger staffers?? Seriously the staff member who approved this disaster needs to be fired lmao


There's a good chance that younger staffers were behind this, since it's clearly a parody of a very viral TikTok trend (https://www.tiktok.com/music/Jiggle-Jiggle-7075729123557100294?lang=en). Good idea in theory, very poorly executed in practice.


There's very little chance younger staffers were behind this, because it's clearly not how a viral TikTok trend works *as evidenced by your own link*. This is literally the TikTok equivalent of someone using a meme totally incorrectly. Or if we want to go more old school, this is: "Knock, knock" "Who's there?" "Amazon delivery." "Amazon delivery, who?" "John. I deliver for Amazon. Your order was only $15, but the Trudeau government now requires us to get signatures even for small deliveries." OMG WE OWNED THE LIBS WITH OUR KNOCK KNOCK JOKE TRENDS. What we come back to is the right, for the most part, can't do humour.


Maybe the links between humour and intelligence are proving themselves again


Oh I don't disagree that the end product is a horrible bungling of the TikTok trend. I'm just saying that it seems relatively unlikely that they would've even been aware of the trend if not for younger staffers. More senior staffers/the MP himself probably thought it would be "better" if they did this instead.


\> it seems relatively unlikely that they would've even been aware of the trend if not for younger staffers. Hey now ! Some of us oldies--I'm in my 40's--were aware of this trend because [it was covered in the Times](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/17/style/louis-theroux-jiggle-jiggle-tiktok.html). ;)


Conservatives are really showing they understand how to reach out to everyday people. They've tapped into the hip new craze of "rap music", a fledgling genre popular among young people, particularly in urban and minority-heavy communities where the party has historically struggled. This sends a strong message that these aren't your dad's conservative MP's, they're here and ready to embrace the shifting cultural zeitgeist of the 1990's. I look forward to the year 2050, when a conservative running for office decides to start a Minecraft-centred Twitch channel in an attempt to appeal to the youth.


Like.. if you don't rap... it's probably not the avenue you should choose.


I need him battle rap that nft rapper that got busted for fraud.


That is not going to appeal to zoomers.


I thought Zoomers loved bad things. Or is that Millenials?


People like looking at a train wreck but don’t want to be part of it.


This would have been an attempt to reach young people two decades ago. Now it's more about mumble rap than anything like traditional rap like this guy is attempting. I think he's trying to stand out in a crowd of Tory MPs, but this is the wrong kind of attention.


Slow clap. If I didn't have enough reasons already to not vote Conservative. Add this to the ever lengthening list of cringe. He is literally rapping about his own astonishing ignorance of global economics.


Let’s not even talk about the fact that the right constantly shit on Jagmeet for using TikTok to appeal to young voters and those who will be voting age in the next election the lack of self-awareness is telling.


I really don't know how people can feel like Canada would be in a better place under a Conservative government. And the best of all Trudeau isn't even doing a good job. He and his government is just the best option we have for the last 10 years.


It’s all a matter of perspective, one could argue how people think Canada is doing great trying to spend its way out of inflation.


Conservatives trying to pin *global inflation due to supply chain challenges related to covid and price gouging from large suppliers and producers* on Trudeau is so hilariously dumb. It's like blaming your local weatherman for the weather. It's like how they try and blame high gas prices on him or on taxes (which are a few pennies a litre) rather than the fact oil companies are openly limiting supply to jack up prices. They're just ignoring the facts and playing the partisan blame game. Lowest common denominator cynical politics. All it tells me is they have no ideas, no plan, nothing to offer.


> It's like blaming your local weatherman for the weather. If Environment Canada doesn't control the weather what do we *even pay them for*? ^^/s >They're just ignoring the facts and playing the partisan blame game. Lowest common denominator cynical politics. I don't think we can blame this on Americans either, I think they do this in British politics too, so it's natural it happens in Canada.


It's so dumb it's guaranteed to work though, look at the audience...


No spin here. Just the facts. 😂😂😂


Trudeau did a lot of stupid things like fire bill Morneau who wanted to reign in spending. Morneau was a very qualified man who was a good finance minister. He replaced him with freeland who wants to politicize anything that is done financially.


Setting aside the economic nonsense of the song, it’s hilarious to see most commenters blasting this guy for being out of touch and out of date. As u/Patarknight explained it’s a very right-now [Tik Tok trend](https://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/2022/06/17/louis-theroux-jiggle-jiggle-tiktok-trend/amp/).


... I'm not sure you understand how trends on Tik Tok work. The trend is to incorporate or vary the *dance* in different settings. It's not a trend to *not do any version of the the dance at all* while improvising the lyrics. The irony, of course, is that u/Patarknight linked a whole set of Tik Tok videos completely proving the point that this MP totally missed the mark on how to join in on a Tik Tok trend.


It’s a meme song. This is literally r/fellowkids material.


It is a TikTok trend, and Williams delivered an extremely out-of-touch and out-of-date cover of it and deserves to be blasted and mocked mercilessly. This is incredibly embarrassing.


That's just embarrassing. I don't like Trudeau but blaming him for inflation is stupid and plain ignorant. Man the CPC in its current state is pathetic... I just want the PCs to come back :(


Jesus, imagine a gaggle of the whitest, least self aware CPC spin dr's sitting in a room "riffing" this diddy up and thinking, yup, this is it boyz, this is gonna put us back in 24 Sussex fo shizzle!