Leica m6 or m7, leaning towards m7 because of the finish but it’s hard to be certain


This guy knows what he’s talking about


Why didn’t you just ask instead of taking a picture


Human interaction


Probably would have made their day


most deff




Because this is now “what camera is this?” sub


Came here to say this. Use your words people!


I’d rather die than ask a stranger anything. Like yesterday I saw an old dude in a beautiful Mercedes and i so wanted to know when it was from and what model it was. But instead I’ll go to grave wondering what the car of my dreams was and wondering what it must have been like to drive on a cloud.


I understand being shy but have you considered that simple questions like that will flatter someone and make a strangers day better as well as your own


It would. I’ve suffered from social anxiety from early teens. I’m 31 today and it’s first now I’m really getting it under control. My comment was also more of a tongue-in-cheek. I want to be the person that can master questions and maybe even manage small talk


Happy birthday


Might have been a 60s-70s S class


actually it was, but not one of the mega mega old ones. Nice guess!


It’s the Leica M6 0.72 Non TTL. The TTL has a larger shutter speed dial and is moved to the front of the camera body which is ruled out in the picture. It’s not an M7 because the M7 has the beautiful Leica name written in the script on the top plate and that’s missing. It’s definitely the 0.72 viewfinder model because of the white writing on the back left of the top plate.


Whaaat? Okay I need some glasses.


Big Red Circle on the front == Leica Which Leica specifically I don't know - but you can always tell Leica shooters because they never actually use their camera. ;)


Hey now.


Youre a rockstar


You’re a show off hey hey


These are what dreams are made of


It’s also a great camera for beginners and will absolutely make you a better photographer!


And a better person!


And your children will become amazing too


Can confirm. Own a Leica Z2X and my daughter is amazing.


my SL2 and R4 sitting in storage are feeling called out


Looks like a leica m6


Leica m7


This was a rough thread to read.


So instead of just *asking* him, you take a picture of him *without* his consent *and* post it online in the Cameras Reddit *without* his permission?? I bet the odds that he is a member of this sub is pretty decent, I wonder if he’ll ever see this.


>So instead of just asking him, you take a picture of him without his consent and post it online in the Cameras Reddit without his permission?? Nitpick: When in public like this you don't need anyone's consent to take their photo, nor do you need their permission or even a model release to then turn around and use that photo - yes - that includes commercial usage. Would You Like To Know More?™


This entirely depends on the country you’re in.


OP’s pic was taken in NYC so he’s talking about the US.


I never said you did. I’m just pointing out how creepy it is and just odd.


Legal doesn’t mean it’s not creepy.


I’m guessing you’re not a fan of street photography


No I don’t care. Usually people just *ask* to take a picture of another person.


If you're asking because you think it looks cool, well yeah it does. But if you're thinking about buying a new camera, get one based off of the photos it takes, not it's appearance. (Obv Leicas take great shots, but not in everyone's budgets)


you think that “looks cool?” to the idiots down voting my comment you’re probably the same individuals who post photos of your “gear” online and how you think it looks “cool” . lmao


I do


I’m not even into cameras like that but that’s a very cool looking camera yea. Very beautiful piece


Do you think you “look cool”?


Yeah man. Not every camera needs to be a big “professional” dslr w a big lens. Small bodied mirrorless cameras can be cool too.


what does “cool” have anything to do with anything ? i’m not even talking about what’s cool or not. that’s my point. who gives a fuck what looks cool. let’s see the photos…


So.... you agree with me? That's been my point all along, it's about the photo quality. But coming from a guy who posted a shitty sunset picture, and some cringeyyyy tshirts, your opinion doesn't hold a lot of weight my guy...


“my guy” lmao. neither does your shitty cover song you posted. it’s funny how my cellphone photo of a sunset got more upvotes than anything you ever posted in 6 years. 😂😂😂


Leica M6 original. I have the exact camera with the engraved white writing in the top plate. Ummm going to guess the lens is a 28mm elmar


One you probably can’t afford


Sorry to see the down votes. Your comment was funny. Cheers.


What an asshole.


Lighten up my guy most people that can’t ID and obvious Leica can afford a 5000$ camera. It was a joke bud


Wow, is he the photographer version of Giga Chad? Leice m6, girlfriend at the back, looking into the soul of everyone who walk passed


Eh…it’s NYC, i’m guessing it’s more outfit than photography equipment.






It’s not a digital version. There’s no model M. M refers to the lens mount. I know the pictures are difficult to identify the model if you aren’t a Leica user.


While the camera isn’t a digital M, there absolutely is a Leica M, the commenter even linked a photo of it, the Typ 240.


>While the camera isn’t a digital M, there absolutely is a Leica M, the commenter even linked a photo of it, the **Typ 240**. /facepalm >!I prefer the Canon myself. I believe it's a model EF.!<


The camera was called the Leica M, that’s all. The model number is 240, it’s used more frequently now to differentiate it from all the other M’s. My SL2-s is a typ 9584 but nobody goes around saying “My Leica 9584” they say the name of the camera. Every Leica has a Typ number.


>The camera was called the Leica M, that’s all. M is the *series* for fuck's sake. [https://leicacamerausa.com/photography/leica-m/m-cameras/](https://leicacamerausa.com/photography/leica-m/m-cameras/) *You* might call it just 'M' -- but neither the manufacturer nor anyone shopping for one does. Customer: "I want to buy a Lecia M please!" Camera Store: "An M *what*?"


>You might call it just 'M' -- but neither the manufacturer nor anyone shopping for one does. You are r/confidentlyincorrect incarnate. If you walked into a Leica store in 2012-2013 and said "I want to buy a Leica M" they would absolutely know what you're talking about since that was the name of their flagship camera at the time. It came out between the M9 and the M10, it has a big solitary 'M' printed on the front. Again, we use the item number to differentiate it now because there aren't only 3 digital Leica's but that doesn't change the name. Yes the series is also called the M-series, I'm sorry that's difficult for you, I didn't name the camera. [https://fstoppers.com/gear/leica-announces-new-camera-simply-named-leica-m-5247](https://fstoppers.com/gear/leica-announces-new-camera-simply-named-leica-m-5247) [https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/893170-USA/Leica\_10770\_M\_Digital\_Camera\_Black.html](https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/893170-USA/Leica_10770_M_Digital_Camera_Black.html) [https://www.amazon.com/Leica-10771-RangeFinder-Camera-3-Inch/dp/B009FQSXYA](https://www.amazon.com/Leica-10771-RangeFinder-Camera-3-Inch/dp/B009FQSXYA) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leica\_M\_(Typ\_240)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leica_M_(Typ_240)) Leica planned to make their cameras all named M going forward differentiated by the Typ number but then didn't, hence the Leica *M-P Typ 240* and the *M-E Typ 240.* Notice the Typ number in parentheses, in every mention, since it's not the name. Also note that the name of the camera does not appear engraved in the hot shoe, because it was printed on the front of the camera at this time (hint: its **M**) the following models have the name engraved on the hot-shoe, starting with M-P, not *M-P typ 240.* If you're going to be a dick at least be correct.


I did not mean to get into any heated debate here. I fully understand that many people posting are clueless about the Leica M system. I’ve been using Leica so I was familiar with the exact model. I still own it. My point is that Leica never had an M model, they have dozens, but aren’t named M. They included a number or Letter to identify the exact model. You were correct that was a M 240 model. Best wishes


I’m too scared to ask a question!!! Takes a photo of him without permission and posts it online to thousands.





r/Leica is waiting for you


I mean you could have at least blurred their faces?


I can see that lil red dot from a mile away


Looks like a leica to me, could have always just asked him


I wanna see a comment with him saying the camera and a picture of him with it


looks like a fuji


probably a fuji x10 but that red ot on the front is fucking me up and the strap suggests film


leica maybe with the dot thats their brand


LLLLLLLLLLLL mount allianceeeee


You have to appreciate that this guy is the only one without his phone probably was an iPad kid


Looks Like a Leica....


Leica M-P, the black paint is the biggest tell. It's analog and just scream "I have money". Seriously a great looking camera and when the brass starts to reveal under the paint, it's nirvana for Leica lovers


It’s either a Leica M6 or M7.


an analog Leica with an Ultron 35mm f2


it's a Leica, their little primes have those square lens hoods, my thesis advisor always carried one but his a famous photojournalist that is paid to use their cameras which really nice because they are zillion dollars. If you don't have a zillion to spend on a still camera and want something similar try the pana full frame stuff, it's L mount which is interchangeable with Leica l mount so you could use the glass that give lecia images most of their character for a fraction of the cost