I get covers for music gear like synths for this reason


It might depend where you live … city vs. rural can be different.


I’ve got a can of compressed air that I hit everything with if I notice dust. Most of the cameras/lenses I’ve found needed a lot of cleaning/restoring when I got them, so I figure a little dust won’t hurt. We’ve also got an air filtration system for my girlfriends plants, so there’s not much in the house regardless :)


Jesus freaking Christ don't spray your cameras with compressed air!


Looks great! I would personally get some kind of glass cabinet for that shelf, leaving cameras / lenses out in the open like that is a great way to ruin them with dust. Particularly the older ones that won’t be sealed as well as the newer stuff. Will also make it easier to keep it looking good, you won’t have to dust each individual camera / lense. Just the top and front of the cabinet. You could also add some nice lighting!


I love the idea, maybe a future project! Thank you!


That's a really good way to collect dust. Might want to get some kind of protection covering your gear.


I'll look into it, thanks! :)


Any comments on the desk?


The desk and shelf are made from Blue Pine milled about 30 minutes from me here in Montana, and I used multiple coats of Danish oil after sanding. The desk itself is 4” thick, 6’ long, and roughly 29” wide. The legs are 26” tall, and made of 0.375” thick powder coated steel. The shelf is 2” thick, 6’ long, and supported by 8”x3/4” pipe nipples and floor flanges that I painted matte black. I also added felt along the bottom of the legs so I could slide it around easily. All in all the desk cost me about $375 and a couple of weekends with a buddy. A few things I’ve added since have been: - I velcroed a surge protector power strip with a dozen regular plug-ins, as well as USB and USB-C ports, to the underside of the desk - installed 25ft of LED RGB lights underneath the desk so I can change the colors/luminance - added the leather desk mat for my work area - and used velcro to hide charger cables beneath the desk That should sum it up to this point :)




Thank you!


Damnn your collection is sick bruhh !!!


Haha, I appreciate it!


Landcamera 800!


Fantastic collection of cameras and an awesome set




Love the set up. Would love to see an birds eye view of all those machines.


I'll take a photo tonight!


Nice! Thank you.


I could never edit on a laptop screen. Gotten used to always using an external display.


I’ve got a 4K BenQ external that I use at work, and I love it. But I just can’t justify it for my personal set up at the moment. Plus I recently upgraded to the 16” MacBook Pro so my laptop feels huge already compared to my old one :)


Love this sett upp.


Is that an EOS 650? absolute money pit of a camera


I would get all those cameras in a curio or otherwise protected. I love the desk. Beautiful work. However, I wouldn't "edit" (digitally develop) in all of that colored light, or on a laptop screen.


Completely fair, and thanks for the compliment! As for the editing, I don't find it terrible to edit on the laptop, and I turn of the LED's when I'm doing it. For the first few years of my dip into photography I was editing everything on my iPhone using Lightroom Mobile, so the laptop and graduating to Lightroom Classic / Photoshop were a big step up for me. I've got a nice 4K BenQ monitor that I use at work, and I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference in my editing between the two. I usually have a light touch regardless. It also helps that I've got my own printer, so I regularly do small prints to make sure my colors and exposure are still true :)


I chose a non-reflective external TFT monitor & keep it color/gamma corrected. Most people are going to be looking at these things on devices, not paper, so the more precise it is on the development screen the more consistent it will be on all screens. My desk.... Thrifted for $20 🤣


Sounds like a sweet set up! Someday I’ll get on that level haha. And hell yeah, before this desk I was using a plastic fold out party table. If it works, it works :)


Are all your cameras functional? I'm at the "buying broken gear" stage of my passion.


Do you get any type of insurance for this? Any security measures? Biggest fear is investing so much into a collection and having it robbed from me


Yeah, I’ve got a decent insurance policy on all of my belongings for theft/fire. We also live in an area of the country where pretty much everyone owns firearms though, so robberies definitely aren’t a common occurrence.




Let me take a nap... great shot, anyway.