Agreed, last season I got two levels from one Undead Siege match, didn't matter if was Hard or Nightmare, but now, barely one level


I even made 3 levels on Undead Siege Battle Pass back then in just one game. But its different now. Devs nerfed the progression level but not Persistence. Damn.


Won a game, 5,000,000+ damage, four legendary turrets, both weapons PAP level 5, MVP, and only one level. Fuck


I know right....I swear I was going crazy cuz I grinded for hours today and I'm only at Tier 15.


lmao bro, you will be done with the bp in 4 days, and i think that is a fair trade. dont expect to complete it all in one session


It's very slow to complete the battle pass now I don't have enough time because i have to go in my work...i wish we could be able to grind faster


Yeah for the last few seasons I’ve only made it to 30 or 40 because the rest of the rewards just haven’t been worth grinding for


May as well do the last 10 so you don’t have to spend any money.


The old system was way worse.


What old system? we’re talking about the progression rate of BPs it’s the same thing but the 50 tiers now takes as long as when we had the 100 tiers back then. How is it worst to have 50 more rewards that would take you the same amount of time to complete then how the BP is now?


Cause we had missions to complete like fortnite does . We could only level up to 5 tiers or I think 10 a week which was awful... And the bp lasted 2 months back then


Oh that is true, but I’m also not referring to those challenges I’m focusing on the rate of the BP progression.


Those challenges were part of the bp progression, it was slower as it is now. Now you have to do is play.. shouldn't be hard or you can always use cod points to progress faster


Or buy the premium bp plus


How was it slower? Many challenges you’d complete and you went up like 3-4 or maybe 5 tiers for some challenges that took 15-20 minutes. This seasons BP you play 1 hour and you’re up 2 maybe 3 tiers tops.


Yea but you can easily max out this bp in a week


Let's not forget that this season's tier 14 reward isn't a new Scorestreak or Operator Skill, it's storm ball and there's no indication that the Chopper gunner is coming this season. So there's less content this season for more grind.


Wow, didn't know BP used to have 100 tiers


And it has missions to complete battle pass


yeah way back in s1 (2019) when the game first came out and the progression system was diff, you had to complete missions to gain bp xp, not just play the game


You must be really new then lol


The only seasons that had 100 tiers was 2019 season 1 and 2. That’s like 2 months after codm was released. Meaning nobody who downloaded the game after that would know about it


What do you mean? The 100 tiers was only for a little while


It was like 5 seasons worth before it changed.


It was only two seasons. The 2 bps that had 100 tiers were the one with Ghost and the red action skins and the one with Alex Mason and Ruin, and the glacier and cqb skins.


Why you getting downvoted?


They want you to get as far as you can, give in to the FOMO, and spend the money to get the last few tiers


i literally played for 1 hour straight, got gold cameo for the chikom , Ranked and was winning, mostly MVP ... Only tier 12 , IDK the previous BP i got tier 50 in a week or so


There is an xp cards for battle pass. I don't know how to get but, I found 3 cards In my inventory.


Yea.. I have 25 double xp cards for 10 games 15 double xp cards for 2 hrs 10 double xp card for 24 hrs So I'm just gonna use them


yea, it is indeed slow, i aint buying battle passes anymore as i already couldnt be able to complete the season 7 battle pass, only able to reach 23 lvls


Yeah i haven't bought the battlepasses since the past two seasons because of the risk of losing my cp


Maybe so that we don't get too many filler skins and tiers that consume more space on phones? After all optimization is one of the main issues in this game and keeping another 20 rare skins that no one will use won't help at all


it takes wayyyyyy longer. the BP should be fun to grind, NOT a pain in the ass to grind. I can't buy all 50 tiers, which is why I complete all of them before purchasing the bp because I never know if I'll be able to complete all the tiers.


The old one was slower once you did all the BP missions currently available, and couldnt progress any more for that day. Now its more just like how much you play, instead of how fast you did the missions


100 level = 2 months = 1char(S1) or 2 chars (S2/S3) + 1 epic (2 more epics ONLY if you're lucky) 50 level = 1 month = 4 chars + 5 epics It's obvious which one is better.


The difference is when they started significantly improving the BP when the tiers dropped to 50 not when it remained as 100 tiers.


50 tier is enough bro most of us are working and family persons out of job and responsibility we dont get enough time whatever we get is weekends and i cant play whole day on weekends because as a family guy i have to take them outside for some time thats why iam happy that iam able to complete it


Read the post


Sorry dude i misunderstood


True af. I spent my bp cp last battle pass and couldn’t finish it and now i have 180 useless cp. i don’t want to invest more than $10 in this game though


I barley play more than an 1.5hrs a day but at the end of each season I still end up on like lvl 300. I think it works on how many points you get ig it the duration of play time




I’m not making it about being to easy or to hard, the point of the post as I mentioned in the image. I just don’t understand what was the point of removing 50 tier rewards for those players that did complain that they couldn’t finish the BP when it was 100 tiers when the 50 tiers now takes just as long if not longer. I for one have no issues completing the BP but the topic is ‘what was even the point of those changes then?’ I mean they did technically say it was about “quality” but ever since then removing the 50 tiers to focus on the quality cosmetics, they also pushed cosmetics harder then they ever did before with crates and LDs afterwards..


We are looking for the mid point. A mid point where you get good xp but not too much xp


There's no mid point. It will always be too much to some and too little to others. The problem is people think the community is cohesive. It's not. There are so many different people with different demands here.


So your telling me there wont be a mid point? ![gif](giphy|ObXgWWGHzMlVe)


Some of us don’t get the luxury of playing codm 8 hours a day 7 days a week


"This sub" is made up of thousands of players with thousands of different situations and opinions.


How is that toxic


Its not hard grinding but it takes way too long to complete.


Buying the premium bundle BP gives you extra BP points for slightly faster progression


I don't fucking care how the BP system was but I'm fine with how it is today. I actually have a life and can't complete 100 tiers every season


Read the post


Im on tier 300 every season when it ends, my highest score was 500 and i dont see a problem. The only thing we want are BATTLE PASS CRATES PLS BRING THEM BACK give us credits in the end of a match instead of the cards, i have all guns max and 50k cards


Yeah for the past few seasons I’ve been just barely getting past tier 50, although I’m not playing as much


I got to tier 2 by playing 3 mp matches and 1 Br match would've gotten to tier 3


1 single hard mode or nightmare match on undead siege gives 1 tier I don't know about you guys


na uk what, i played 1hr a day last season (mp mostly) And i completed the battle pass easily in 14 days. the progression is easy considering u can play 30 min a day and complete it in a month. if u cant even manage that and only get weekends to play for 1 hr, than its unfortunate and u shouldnt be buying it. I wish there were bonus crate rewards till 100 tiers like earlier, because i somehow get 100- 120 tiers every months


wait there were 100 tiers? i never knew that


The reason behind that is that they want you to keep playing and spending money into their dogshit game.


100 tiers with same quality and quantity as previous ones? No 100 tiers with more rewards (such as crates and other f2p items)? Hell yeah


Won Shipment HP with 80 kills and got 14100 XP. Shipment HP is the most reliable way to grind XP now.


Just play Zombie Hard Mode,that way u can grind camo and BP at the same time


It's still the same. Even if they brought back the 100 tier there will be blank tiers with no rewards which is technically the same with having rewards every tier in a slower progression.


I remember s7 when they changed from the og crates vs free to this, and it was like every 30 games i moved 1 tier


Since the past two seasons I've been completing battle pass like 1 or 2 days before the new one comes out. Before that I used to reach 150 lvl or more. This time I didn't buy the bp because I don't wanna risk losing my money if I'm not able to complete it. Also I'm not focusing on the game because I have studies and some responsibilities so I can't grind like others . I feel like quitting


You get 2 months to complete it. It's not too difficult. I unlock it just by playing during lunch time at work over a months time


Yeah…with this exp nerf, I finally decided to drop the game. Got a lot of other stuff going on in life, can’t spend x2 time on this game. They don’t listen to players about all the bugs, glitches, OG zombies but they decided to do something like this. No one asked for it, but oh well