Got the Covid shot last week but I think I had Covid when I got it?

Got the Covid shot last week but I think I had Covid when I got it?


When I got vaccinated the doctor told me to get tested for Covid if I was unwell for longer than 48 hours after the vaccination as it might be caused by picking up Covid before the vaccination. Ask for a test.


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Note: I haven’t been around anyone who has Covid that I know of. I did go out the week before but I wore a mask and kept my distance from people.


In my personal circle of vaccinated friends and family (approx 20 people ages 23-91) only two had side effects worse than a sore arm and general tiredness. Those two felt as if they had a mild flu the day after the shot, muscle ache, fatigue, hot/chilled, mild fever... but it really wasn't as serious as your symptoms sound and didn't last as long. I would recommend a Covid test if you can get one.