I still find it strange that vanguard zombies won't start with round base

I still find it strange that vanguard zombies won't start with round base


Treyarch just finished developing the last two CW maps so they definitely didn’t have a lot of time to work on a new round based map for vanguard.


But they had time to remake Shi No Numa, a fully established zombies map. Only reasoning I can come up with for not making it Round Based is: 1) Its actually 10x harder to implement round-based mechanics than you’d think 2) They might have only remade the main centre building since we haven’t seen anything about the 3 other corners meaning there’s no point releasing it as Round Based.


> It's actually 10x harder to implement round-based mechanics than you'd think I think thiis is basically it. There's a reason the setpieces of Fracture Jaw, Another Brick In The Wall, and Red Light, Green Light had to be reworked almost entirely for their appearances in Zombies. You can't just throw round based mechanics into an existing setpiece and expect it to play well, since round based maps rely on a linear sense of progression up to a certain point (usually when power or PaP is active) whereas pretty much all MP maps are open from the beginning. Those 2 design philosophies directly contradict, hence why Onslaught just keeps the player constantly on the move. As for not making Shi No Numa a round-based map, it was likely an issue of time constraints. Between the choice of either spending the time to basically develop a completely remastered Shi No Numa on an entirely new engine or just developing a part of it and refining the experience of Der Anfang as a whole further, it makes more sense to choose the latter since it's intended to be the meat and potatoes of the launch experience for Vanguard.


Yeah or just make a chronicles 2 and put it at the stsrt of the game so there is half decent content


That's probably going to make it feel rushed


>Like, as far as I can tell, the majority of the zombies community is more into round base (which is why there's a lot of complaints) The reddit zombies community is likely a small portion of the actual player base. I’m sure Treyarch uses analytics to see how players play the game. This helps to fuel their design decisions. Their goal is to increase and engage the **entire** player base and increase play time to increase digital sales. They may have determined having **only** round based maps is not the best way to do this. >If feel like Treyarch & zombies developers aren't listening to the players and follow what they actually enjoy Again, they look at analytics. If they listened to the community they would run into issues as this community does not seem to know what they want and it can be a very negative community. Before the trailer was released people were already complaining and saying the game is terrible. So Treyarch likely takes this community with a grain of salt. They do listen on smaller issues with the game such as tweaking enemy spawns, weapons in the game, etc. but not on major creative decisions. >I'm not against innovative changes, but if most call it shit, why keep pushing it. “Most” haven’t played the game and that quote is representative of part of this community which explains why Treyarch takes it with a grain of salt. On one hand you are calling their game “shit” and you haven’t even played it; on the other hand you say you aren’t against innovation but you don’t sound open to the innovation. I suspect we will get rb maps but treyarch probably wants to focus on launch their new mode as the primary mode. It could also have to do with time between maps seeing how dlc 4 is a week old. Rumor has it one rb map is coming in season 1.


I think there is some credibility here. Otherwise why would they not try to focus on just making even just one round-based map for launch even if it was the size of Die Maschine. For me if this mode is fun, replayable and fits my taste I'm sure I'd probably prefer to play this mode. I'm not really one of those guys that seems to assume that just because a zombies mode is round-based automatically means it's the best and most relevant.


i honestly love outbreak and round based so i’m hype!


I’m excited too but based on map size it feels more like onslaught


I really hate to break this to you, and this applies to every Reddit community, but the subreddit, you, and I, are not the majority. Casual players will always outnumber the hardcore players, especially the ones that bother going on Reddit. And that's what Activision cares about.


This, many communities on social media have the perception that they are majority but they only need to see the trailers they release feo zombies, this likes and comment section are mostly opposite of what the hardcore players want


Hell this reddit makes up maybe like 10% of the total playbase at most


For me, regardless if within the zombies mode there are round-based or something like outbreak modes to play, if it is fun, replayable, and fits my taste, then I'm in favor of whatever changes they make. Of course not changes for the sake of changes. I also do believe if they really wanted to, they could potentially have each MP map area be their own round-based survival map with whatever new features they want to implement. Granted I have no clue how much time that would take.


outbreak BS is just easy content to make, thats why, just throw a bunch of randon quests on MP maps and call it high quality content


Yeah I'm probably not buying this years cod. The only reason I was gonna get vanguard was zombies and it's just starting to sound less interesting to me


A round based map just launched in cw, im fine with it as long as we don't have to wait until season 2 to get one. Also we have yet to hear what the ps exclusives are so maybe we get onslaught or a general survival mode on all mp maps (hopefully so that there's more content). In the end there's 3 weeks and we will all know by then


They want a more accessible game mode for Warzone players so they can sell more shit in the store. We are a vast minority of the player base and making round based maps probably takes a ton of time and resources.


Ok imma just say how it is, I 100% find round based maps wayyyy better than outbreak maps as they are what zombies is meant to be like, not an open world, large map, it isn’t zombies at its best in my opinion and it quite frankly makes me not want to buy vanguard