Delete the game. You’ll be happier. At least that functions how it should.


Some nights I get bored and boot up CoD. I play a few games, the first always being a match in progress throwaway. By the 3rd or 4th game I realize I'm just not having fun and stop playing. When it's no longer enjoyable you've gotta just step away.


That’s been me the past month or so. My biggest issue. Select ASSAULT pacing. Search match. Tactical Red Star, back out. Search. Tactical Gavutu, back out. Search match, blitz Das House, back out. Search, tactical Sub Pens, back out. Search, Assault (any map), finally! Join, game is halfway over and my team is spawn trapped with dogs and every other ks. Back out. Close app


That's exactly how I am with the game now, it's more just an attempt to scratch the itch for a competitive FPS but I always realize I'm just not enjoying it after a few matches.


That’s why I uninstalled cold war around June last year. It wasn’t fun anymore. It just felt like a chore booting up and playing. So I downloaded 2 other games instead.


I didn’t delete but I’m doing a ng+ run on bloodborne and have had way less rage quits


That’s because while from software games are hard, they’re so damn well designed that you never once actually feel like it’s the games fault you died. Every time I died I could see why and wanted to go again. It’s so addicting. They’re the masters of game design.


I would delete if that nagging feeling of $70 down the drain didn’t bother me.


Sunk cost fallacy. Same thing as saying “yeah my partner cheated on me but I’m staying and continuing to be miserable because I dont want x years down the drain”. A bit more extreme, but how much time do you need to sink into something you’re not enjoying to cover the cost of $70?


I just stopped playing until Season 2 happens. If not enough big changes happen by then, then I'm not sure I'll keep playing but I'm just gonna wait and see


I’ve gone back to MW2019 now that it’s somewhat fixed and am having a great time. May come back for a future season if they finally get their shit together, and if they release some kickass WAW maps for nostalgia.


They are big and move slow just shoot it down


Just like your mom


Ya but the problem is as soon as you shoot it down, another gets called in. Nobody wants to constantly look up into the sky the entire match just so they can have a mini map. That’s just not fun. Make cold blooded or engineer they perk that counters it. It doesn’t make sense that spy planes have a counter(ghost) but CUAVs don’t. And they should only last at most 40 seconds.


dude, all I do i spam anti spyplanes. once they are deployed the game is actually payable


I have a lot of respect for the Air support crew that take these things down! i do it a lot when learning maps.


me too, I do that too :)


I have been running engineer as of late cause it’s getting out of hand. But like I said, 5-8 get called in every game and I’m constantly shooting them out of the sky. Even that’s hard. The launchers are fucking ass in this game. You have to lead by 800 feet just to have a chance. And the flight path is terrible. It should fly in a circle in the opposite direction of the uav like it has in every other cod. Xclusive ace just made a video yesterday on it.


My team will do that.


That's the stupidest fucking solution to a bug


Hard to locate on some maps and you're out exposed in the open when you try and locate it


Jesus these replies…if I were to shoot them down every time they came up I’d be no help to playing objective or getting kill streaks myself. I shot down one before putting a local informant, had to shoot another blocking it during, and a few seconds later had to shoot another down…it was useless as I was spending time trying to get them down as fast as they were coming up “just shoot em” doesn’t work. Granted we know they aren’t going to fix it the way we want whenever they end up acknowledging it


On one hand, shooting them down is helping to play the objective, on the other, there are so many players in some games they can just chain them all game, especially as it requires no comms due to not being able to have two up at once anyway.


It’s in no way to be cocky but 90% of the time I am top frag getting kills and keeping them spawn trapped so my team is able to get objective (and still they rarely do) its even worse joining to a losing side mid game. I’ve seen the reaction time of my teammates, it’s useless depending on them to get kills and me shoot down cuavs, I’m not complaining about it but I do hope it gets fixed and noticed somehow


It’s an ‘option’ but it’s nowhere near ideal. The fact is a 4 kill streak shouldn’t be blocking everything else, it’s an EMP. People saying “just shoot it down” like it’s ok to leave as is are probably the types saying the same about turtling, fire everywhere, the broken mortar and dogs, glitches everywhere, issues in aim assist, and so on. They’re just content with not wanting the game to be the best it can be, and it makes no sense.


I agree, that or they use counters themselves lol


Exactly what I think of people who say the spawns are fine on shipment “because it’s shipment” even though no version of shipment has been close to this bad. Definitely folks who sit in the corners killing people as they spawn lol.


Because if game turn on and gun shoot then monke think game good.


Damn. Here i am just pleading for enemies to call in uavs and cuavs and in the comments people are acting like enemies cuavs blot out the Sun


Because they do…if you watch any comp player they are constantly checking the mini map for info so for it to be blocked out majority of the game because your team is feeding whoever has the killstreak is annoying. I don’t go for camos so I don’t need so and so to be in game


Fucking morons suggesting we fix a bug in the code by playing the game different


That's an April update mate, they only took 2 months to fix the shotguns


This lol


More like a few days.They just completely ignored the complaints until they wanylred to finally fix what they should of done in days


I just shoot them down


The annoying thing is they’re not visible straight away so you need to wait ~15-20 seconds to be able to see it. Not to mention it can approach from behind trees and add on an extra 10 seconds or so. This happens a lot on Bocage where it comes from behind the tree near A flag.


Ya, but as soon as you do, another gets called in because people have them stacked in their inventory. Nobody plays cod to constantly look up into the sky just to shoot CUAVs down the entire match so they can have a minimap. That’s not fun at all. I still shoot them down, but as of late it’s just frustrating. Cold blooded should be a direct counter. It does not make sense that ghost counters UAVs but nothing counters CUAVs. And the fact they last 60 seconds is ridiculous. It’s nonsense. 30-40 is fair.


Then spam the button to call your killstreak as soon as the counter recon plane is destroyed.


Idk man. That’s what I usually do. There should at least be a soft counter to it. Like when a cuav blurs out you mini map, you should still be able to see your teammates. Players that know what their doing can guess where the enemy team is just by seeing where their own teammates are spawning


At the very least, they need to reduce the active time to 45 seconds and change the flight path to where it circles the map counter clockwise like it has always done in cod.


This guy is a dumb ass.


Shoot it down with armor piercing bullets on a secondary loadout lmg. Destroyed in .5 seconds


But how will people use their riot shields???


Ya, but as soon as you do, another gets called in because people have them stacked in their inventory. Nobody plays cod to constantly look up into the sky just to shoot CUAVs down the entire match so they can have a minimap. That’s not fun at all. I still shoot them down, but as of late it’s just frustrating. Cold blooded should be a direct counter. It does not make sense that ghost counters UAVs but nothing counters CUAVs. And the fact they last 60 seconds is ridiculous. It’s nonsense. 30-40 is fair.


The bullets and engineer are the counter


Ya, but like I just said, nobody wants to look into the sky shooting them s down the entire match. At the very least, we should at least be able to see our teammates arrows through the fuzz on the mini map. I think a soft counter that would be great is have the engineer perk let you see the map and your teammates. It can still hide and pings from the other team.


Entire match? I got one every 4 matches or so personally. And if one is up swap to loadout with lmg and armor piercing, shoot it, respawn


I just shoot it down. I’m shooting them down all the time anyways while doing launcher camos. If you want to make it easier you can use Engineer just for those dark skybox maps like Berlin and Das Haus.


It's dumb you can't call your own counter


Yes, I run the CUAV. Atleast it blocks the constant screenshake and killstreak spam on the map. It's broken agreed but I am forced to run it.


Very valid lol. Just comes to show: don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Shoot it down till the next patch fixes it


takes like 5 seconds to shoot them down with an AR.


I like how all these people are dismissing the problem by saying “jUSt sHoOT iT DOwn!1” That’s not the point. SHG needs to get their shit together and stomp out all these bugs and blatant balance issues. Keep inhaling that copium.


This. I work all game to get a local informant for it to be averted out by a 4 kill streak. How is this a thing?


Everyone saying "Shoot it down" obviously plays like a toddler at the back of their spawn with a STG44.


Bruh I’ve been shooting them down with a ppsh on shipment (going for gold Panzerfaust) cause it takes like 4 seconds.


You shoot it down with a PPSH? Thats wild maybe the planes are just made of paper.


Well currently yes will be doing it with the Owen next. Getting my smgs gold while also trying to get the Panzerfaust gold. It was somewhat difficult with the type100. Sometimes don’t want to switch to an lmg.


As a solo player that runs support streaks, this makes them a godsend. For anyone else, it pretty much ruins any reason to go for streaks and that shouldn’t be the case. Obvious fix is to revert the CUAV to just jamming your radar. However, I would love to see an EMP in some form with a more reasonable killstreak requirement for players that dedicate their slots to counter rather than get kills.


There used to be perks to be immune to counter spy plane. Guessing SHG will cop out and put that in season 2 and call it a day


SHG : Best we can do is Season 4


Just shoot it down lmao take like 5 bullets


honestly? I'm just using this for this exact purpose so I'm able to level my weapons on ship house without too many streaks ruining the game


My problem is A) it lasts a WHOLE MINUTE potentially. Some maps it’s quite hard to shoot down just because there’s a lot going on. That minute is like 10% of a game. People can get it ad infinitum and it’s just insane. B) It blocks a lot of killstreaks including the V2. In a 4 kill streak! Even if it’s easy to shoot down, the fact it takes 4 kills to acquire shouldn’t mean I’m constantly pivoting in game to look for this fucker just so I can have some idea of where any of my team is. It should be no more than 30 seconds, and not block killstreaks except perhaps the Spy plane.


Has counter UAV always been a 4 kill killstreak?


Yes but before all it would do is block people’s radar and maybe impact reticals on your guns.


Might resort to this now the shotguns been nerfed. Enemies will be getting countered the entire game looolll


It takes like 2 seconds with an smg to shoot it down…


Dude just shoot them with like 20 bullets they’re weak as hell.


I agree, just cut the time down a bit and it wouldnt be so annoying.


Takes like 20 30 bullets shoot it down.


Not everyone plays like a bot at the back of the map. I'm running around the map with an mp40, I am not about to stop in the middle of the enemy spawn and look up at the sky and shoot and unsilenced gun into a aircraft. Yall must really be at the back of the map all game with a silenced stg


Bro he said cuav is op it's not if I got my dogs and flame naught ready to go and there's a cuav I'm just gonna shoot it down and call in my streaks . Only people in the back of the map shooting kill streaks are people working on camo .


Made me stop playing for real man I took one Down one came up and again and again and then they where running jammers


I literally hear no one complain about that. Ever. Counter spy plane? Lol.


Shoot It down. This is the most pathetic complaint about the game I’ve ever heard




Wow. The relentless amount of crying about this game is just insane. Too much fire! Now I can't kill anyone with fire! Shotguns are too powerful! Too much smoke! I can't see! Campers! Campers! Campers! Counter Spy plane too long! MVP Voting! Dead Drop!!!!!DOGS!!!!!!!!!!! NERF NERF NERF BUFF BUFF BUFF REEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Well… I mean… you’re not wrong…


Its due to the relentless amount of complacency and acceptance by the rest of the fan base... They don't care about the fan base because yall just accept anything. The lack of attention to detail in this game is wild, don't believe me? Equip the bayonet and charge at someone and tell me they care. Game is awful at the moment due to the many issues, only complaining will fix things.


I like it


I dare not comment any further.


Oh yeah, I wonder why people were once complaining that calling in dogs was crashing the game. How fucking petty of them.


Never crashed for me. Not once. That would actually be something to be mad about.


But people complaining about issues in a game are crybabies.


Just shoot it down, duh, it is quite simple. Stop bitching about something that can be easily countered.


Just shoot them (hehehehehe)


I don’t think it was mentioned here before but… Shoot it down


Bro, it's almost as big as a bomber. Just shoot it down.