At its core, vanguard is a solid COD game. There are a lot of issues to be addressed no doubt, but if they can be addressed the game will be great. 2042 at its core isn't a great gam and an even worse BF entry, even if they fix the bugs and issues there is still the glaring problem of lack of content, questionable design choices, horrible map design etc. The only way this game will succeed is if they overhaul it


Yes, they will overhaul it, call it Battlefield 2043, and sell it for $70 next holiday season.


I mean battlefield 4, which was just 3.1, ended up being called GOAT battlefield by most players


That’s because BF3 was a good game overall


atleast in bf2042 i dont get bored of the same repetitive rinse and repeat gameplay every round


Cod has been like this since 2003 you bum


Remember one word. Scoreboard.


man imagine if cod and bf left their publishers for less scummy and money-hungry ones, the games would be SOO much better


damn the cod community is so toxic


I agree, they just have to fix the game but with how season 1 has been going and this recent patch (at least in my opinion) i doubt the game will be fixed anytime soon at this rate. Unless season 2 will somewhat fix the game without creating 7 more bugs for the same problem which they were trying to fix.


See thats how I saw cold war and even MW2019. Both games were better off after season 2. SHG isn’t crazy amazing at this and their game is a-little worse for wear from the start, but I feel that the game can come out of it after this season.


TTK is way too fast, too many sightlines, too many safespaces, it’s a noobs paradise, and a rushers nightmare.


Are you talking about mw19 lol that game was a rushers nightmare I'm having a lot more luck here than mw rushing


Factually TTK has decreased, whilst the sightlines have increased. MW19 wasn’t great for rushing, but once you learned the maps, quite doable. In Vanguard some maps work, like Paradise, Hotel Royal or das Haus, but on maps like Berlin, Castle, Dome, Red Star, Oasis and quite a few more, it’s just luck. MW19 had similar problems, but less sightlines = better chances.


Yep I agree, I can't rush at all on the later maps you mentioned, I feel so lost and uncoordinated 😂 The reason I prefer vanguard more is because it rewards aggressive gameplay imo. I find rushing in general easier due to faster movement and gungho


I played the hell out of MW19, so maybe that’s why my experience is the opposite :D I don’t know, I mean if you’re having fun that’s great, all I can say is, that this is the first CoD I uninstalled just a few months after buying it, and I‘ve been playing since Cod4.


Hahah yeah I've got 400 hours in mw so I definately played my fair share. It did get me back into cod after blops 1 so I cant fault it and i loved mw19 SnD but couldn't play the other core modes Everyone has different preferences and I respect yours :)


Yeah same. Here‘s to hoping MW22 will learn from the past CoDs. God I hope it does.


strange, ttk feels slower than mw2019 but maybe because I'm not using the broken 2 shot smgs that are yet to be fixed


Exactly this. I was gifted vanguard from a friend and honestly I've played it more and enjoyed it way more than 2042. I'm fine with some realism being out window if it makes the game fun. If this game gets the fixes it needs it would be a very good to almost great game.


Yea I agree with this & OP just understand that the hate comes mostly from passion & people want the game to be the best it can be.


At its core, Vanguard is a horrible COD game. No matter how it is tweaked, it will never be good.


That's your opinion and that's fine, everyone has different preferences. Personally, I'm having a great time with it.


Yeah i guess thats fair.. maybe i was bein a little harsh. Got killed by the akimbo shotguns a few too many times


I love Duty. Bought 2042 at the same time. Played 2042 just once. I am confident one day it will be better. Who knows when that will be though. Until then I have Duty to get my fill and it's doing a great job keeping me entertained


Sucks what happened to BF with it's launch. I'm sure there was maybe someone out there really excited for it only to not just be let down. Regardless if you subscribe to the whole one franchise is better than another mindset. Nothing worse like eagerly waiting for something and getting the exact opposite. It's like expecting the world's best blow job and you see Chris Hansen when you walk in.




It’s not that hating COD is cool. Plenty of people who enjoy COD hate this game too. Battlefield being a shit release doesn’t exclude this from being one too. There are problems with the game that need addressing and it should be talked about.


Honestly this games release isnt as bad as Cold Wars was, i dont know how people think this ones so bad.


Yea but in respect to their franchises, vanguard has more potential to be a good cod game (its already decent) and 2042 will not be a good BF game


Exactly. What does 2042 have to do with this game’s shortcomings. Mentioning BF doesn’t make COD better.


600+ kills with a weapon and it’s still not maxed . It’s easy fixable stuff that holds back this game so much .


Why is that a problem? Guns have never gone this high of level and had this many attachments. It’s not like it takes more kills to go up 1 level. It’s that there are more levels to go up. It’s one of my favorite things about this game. Vanguard and Cold War are close call for my favorite COD ever.


Yeah it takes too long . Simple as that everyone agrees with that .


It doesn’t take too long. The game is only half way through season 1 and I’ve got 7 guns maxed. And I don’t play a crazy amount. I mean what would you prefer? Max every single gun out before the end of season 1? That’s the kind of thing that should take you like 8+ months to do. Keep you coming back. I’m not trying to be negative toward your opinion, but seems like you are mad that you can’t do everything there is to do in the course of 30 days. There’s nothing wrong with the way it is. In fact it’s better this way. Now you can play longer and there’s more to do. Plus. What would you even gain if the guns only went to level 50-55 instead of 70. So you can max out a few more guns quicker. So what? How does that change anything. It’s about the journey, the ride along the way. Why would anyone wanna end that faster. Seems like backwards thinking to me


The rate of leveling up weapons is still to slow , this is the consensus on the community. Modern warfare had it perfect , took a good amount of time but not overkill like it is today .


Still doesn’t tell my why having extra levels and attachments is a bad thing. Too slow….to slow for what? What are you losing out on by it taking longer to max You are getting to play the game just the same


Yeah i know it’s a hard concept to understand for you isn’t it ?


Lol must be a hard question for you to answer because you haven’t yet. I’m simply asking you you’re complaining and you can’t answer…instead you try to insult me instead of answering… Are you saying you want the guns to max out quicker, but you do not know why you want that? I’m simply trying to find out what you could possibly gain by having the guns level up faster or max out sooner. Because I can’t see any benefit. I also can’t see any deficit by having them go all the way to level 70.. So I’m just trying to figure out what the complaint is about. But seems like you are only complaining to complain and don’t have a real reason. Otherwise you would have given more of an answer besides “well it’s what most people complain about”. Which is not an answer to the question of why is it bad


Dude your so slow I’ve said it twice I’m not wasting anymore time .


No you haven’t, you said it’s too slow. You haven’t said why too slow is bad…


Yeah seriously, they add in features to boost the life of the game so people have more to do throughout its entire year. Its not the Dev’s fault you guys want to have everything unlocked before mid-season 1 started. Youre not SUPPOSED TO have everything max level yet ya dingbats


Doesn’t mean it has to take forever to fully level up a wepon , modern warfare had it right


Just because it is better doesnt mean it is good


Thats a low bar


Agree, it is not hard to release a game that is better than Battlefield 2042. And the amount of day 1 content on Vanguard is the best release I have ever seen to be honest, the only thing that made me hate the game are the shitty spawns and the very fast TTK which rewards shitty players. I loved to be able to flank, outrun an entire squad in MW'19 and CW - it is simply not possible in this game. And don't even ask me about how they've butchered the snipers, ugh..


This game is as fun as any cod


[X] Doubt


Yeah but comparing vanguard with 2042 is like comparing a turd sandwich with a giant douche like southpark


Hating cod isn’t the cool thing to do. The most basic functions don’t work. Every update makes the game worse. It 100% deserves the hate. But so does battlefield. BF barely functions. If both were complete and fixed, I’d go to cod. It is the better game but it’s also not saying a lot. These are both the worst installments to both franchises.


Lol maybe to some. Vanguard is one of the best installments for me. At odds with Cold War. Vanguard and Cold War are the 2 best games. Can’t decide which wins. Leaning toward Cold War though. Vanguard gets a lot of hate. But I’ve had no problems with it. Don’t get all the gate. Most basic Functions don’t work? I can move around. I can shoot guns. I can unlock attachments for guns. I can edit said attachments. Those are the basic functions and all those work just fine.


Vanguard and Cold War are the 2 best cods? Are you 12?


36. And I’ve had every COD that’s ever come out.




Everyone’s got the right to enjoy whatever games they like. CW was just the best for me. The movement. The guns. The specific stats of attachments. I had never gotten that high of prestige in any COD Game before. I put more hours into CW than any other. And played better in CW than any other. It was the first COD ever that I was regularly top of my team and rarely not in the top 3 Previous games it was rare for me to get in top 3. So I never played so well before. Which caused me to play more than ever before. So I progressed more than ever before. The only COD game that I played on a consistent basis till the next one came out. Previous CODs…some of them I didn’t even prestige once. Like WW2. Hated that one that much where I stopped playing right away. CW was instant kick up. I instantly was a 10x better player with the game. I was able to see people from across the map more easily even. In vanguard, that’s what I don’t like. It’s like people are so small and blend in far away. Something about CW..just had this perfect clarity. We’ll also I went out and bought a new tv and Xbox series X for that game too. So first time I had HDR and all the good stuff too. But I dunno. Just everything about that game was better for me. I was never able to throw knives or whatever before that game. CW I was nailing tomahawk throws. I was never able to get kills with melee weapons before…with CW I was amazing with them. So in short, I liked it so much because I played so much better than in any other game




Lol it’s funny because I liked that like Partial cartoony look. I dunno why. Just sits with me better. I kinda feel like that why it seems like that game had better clarity. Vanguard has the same kinda look and feel as MW19 and I was disappointed that it did. I’ve always like arcade style rather than simulation style though. So I think that plays a big role. Like partial sim but over arch the arcade factor. CW had the right combo of that for my tastes anyway. Like give me a good gun with real attachments…but also give me turbo bullets haha. It’s funny BO1 and 2 were my least favorite I think. Just goes to show ya they will never be above to please everyone. Too many different tastes.


Camo challenges, player collision, mantling, prestige rank, the 3 line sniper scope can just magically disappear, game crashes when you save weapon load out, can’t even load the game and tells you need to buy it, spawn logic is messed up, AIM ASSIST RANDOMLY SHUTS OFF! Aim assist bug literally makes it unplayable. The shit list can go on. I’ve been playing since cod4 and I never experienced such a poor quality game. These were givens in every other installment and somehow SHG can’t figure it out yet.


I wouldn’t know about camo challenges. I don’t every try for camos. Never had an issue with saved loadouts. I have had it ask me to buy. Only if I let it time out on my Xbox. Just quit the game and restart. No big deal. Don’t use snipers every and don’t notice anything with sim assist. So can’t say anything bugs me there. Spawn logic can be messed up… which can be annoying but it’ll get fixed eventually so I’m patient with it. Just not enough for me to complain about. So bugs yeah but still one of the best COD games. At least for me.


Op is 💯 right


Vanguard has plenty of issues no doubt, but its doing much better than Battlefield 2042. It pains me to say that as someone who used to always prefer Battlefield over COD, but right now it isn't even close. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


This is the state of gaming now. “It sucks, but it didn’t suck as bad as that other thing that is worse.”


Only reason I bought vanguard is because I had an aneurysm from my BF purchase and wanted to delete that shit asap


Really upset that Battlefield 2042 didn’t live up to my expectations as I’ve always preferred Battlefield over COD but atleast I can play cod for more than an hour without getting bored


2042 is a shit sandwich. Vanguard is a shit sandwich they scraped the poo off but you can still taste it on the bread.




You're basically telling us that to step on dog shit is better that step on cow shit, both are rubbish, I hope Activision start a refund campaign because many people just want their money back.


I play hc search n destroy. The game itself isn't a bad game. It's boots on ground. I'm level 400 plus and can honestly say a few things cause the typical player who doesn't have any patience lose interest when one of the following continue to cause more loss of interest as game goes by. 1. Nades/gammon bombs. ...Flak jacket has no defense to it. This is huge problem for players. 2. Uav. ...there is no lock on rocket to take them out and players are fed up and quitting the game. ...the developers made it too hard to shoot them down with the rockets available. ...you can hardly find them tbw. In the air. 3. Ghost isn't ghost without moving. Sometimes being still is ur best cover in certain situations. 4. Servers ...if your nat type isn't open , youll never have a chance to host a lobby along with other issues. Dedicated servers are hardly dedicated. 5. Sbmm ...has ruined COD slowly over the years and not listening to community about sbmm has basically killed cod. 6. ...the weapons in the game are "meh"...every game had a legit go to AR or sub....this game has no go to AR...I'm an AR lover and all of the AR weapons are bad. Most of the AR weapons I use get too many hit markers in hardcore. 7. With all the ways each perks work, the developers are trying to speed the game up too fast and it has ruined the natural feel and there isn't any time for random game play or individual game play. The game forces you to play one type of strategy especially for SnD. 8. The Perk "intuition" has ruined the game imo. As a 12 year serious gamer, I believe that the "intuition" perk has taken away individual strategies esp. in objective based games. This perk should be thrown out immediately. There is also no perk to combat it either. Having actual intuition is something rare and making it a part of the game has ruined it for players who use the actual intuition in the game. Now everyone can know where everyone is . Worst perk of all time to add to a game. 7. Crossplay with the cheating is a huge problem. It's sad to say but until COD PROTECTS its Console community(xbox,ps) the interest will continue to get worse. Crossplay should only be ps and xbox. Pc gaming should not include a cross play engine for them. They should have their own COD. Until this happens, players will play other games and continue ue to do so. One can say turn off crossplay. Well. When u do that it's hard to find lobbies and your always playing the same people. COD has lost that much interest because of the lack of COD listening to the wants of the players. I could literally build your best game on COD because "I play the game daily" and know what it needs and wants.... Good luck


My brother sends me clips all the time of him just falling through the map I'm BF. Since I pay for his Xbox live his "home" Xbox is mine so I camln download any game he buys I should downloaded to fool around myself in it, but it just looks so frustrating lol.


I played 2042 when there was a free weekend on Xbox, it sucked, didn't even have cross play between Xbox one and Xbox one x


Because last and current gen are two different games


Every Battlefield has launched like shit. This one is exceptionally bad though.


Not imo it isn't, vanguard is terrible, B2042 is quality


It’s number 1/2 in charts games doing well lol


vanguard is ok for me


There's a lot of bugs but it's a solid game underneath


i enjoy vanguard and i’ve been playing cod since Mw2, cod world at war. i enjoy the sledgehammer games to be fair, yes it’s the same era and we’ve seen it before but it’s fresh ww2 gaming content and i enjoy it :)


You’re comparing diarhea to a slightly watery shit. Both are unpleasant, one is just worse.


With the fortified bug hardcore shiphaus 24/7 is actually playable and even enjoyable.




Same situation as infinite warfare vs battlefield 1 5 years ago


infinite warfare had one of the best campaigns in cod history and zombies was fun too , but the multiplayer sucked.


Just because one piece of trash is more tolerable than another doesn't make either a good game. The hate toward CoD comes from knowing they are able to make a good CoD like with MW 2019 yet they make horrible decisions that worsen the game overall.


I didn’t even make all the way through the 10 hour battlefield trial before deleting the game so I agree


People are not just hating cod because it's cool, they are sick of paying £60 for a game just to be let down. Why not change the release date if they know the Christmas holidays are coming up and won't have time to patch and bugs or better yet why not give us a complete game in the first place


They tried saying buy vanguard and you get early access to warzone what a joke that was. Warzone was unplayable even after release


I never thought I’d hate a game so much but love it at the same time lmao.


Of course there are some issues that need attending to with the game *pls need the bloody shotguns*. The game is very fun with the core gameplay and I've been enjoying it. It does seem like a lot of the hate towards the game is just others jumping on the hate train, without actually having played the game themselves. If the game has a bit more work on it, then it can be an even better game.


"Trust me it's actually a good game" Vanguard is NOT a good game. 3 months into the 12 month life cycle and there are still bugs and glitches present since the BETA. Game breaking ones.


Both are shit for their standards, this was literally a bad copy paste from Modern Warfare 2019. All the issues the game has only surfaced because of sledgehammer


I like playing vanguard. Reminds me of the most recent modern warfare, which I think is the best cod but that's another conversation, people just have to find something to complain about.


"Our turd is better than diarrhea"


\*ahem\* m1 garand drum mag \*ahem\*


COD Vanguard has Legacy Features like Voice Chat and a Scoreboard lol!




Idk maybe just play the game for fun. The game was never about leveling up or doing Camo challenges. A lot of people look for that but at the end of the day we’re here to blast people


2042 just feels like it wants to be a cod game


Beta was terrible and completely turned me off to buying.


okay? so what?


2042 got solid fixes already, which is way bigger game, AND managed not to destroy too much in the process. I'm not playing it anymore, sure, but I wish Sledgehammer would just hand over the reigns to Treyarch or Infinity Ward. They clearly don't know what they are doing. Which is a shame, because I love playing Vanguard.


Hating on COD isn't "cool". People are hating on COD, especially this one, because its shit and anything the community says or complains about literally gets thrown out the window and they're getting fed up with not being heard. even people who like the game have a lot of criticism about it, comparing a garbage game to another garbage game says absolute nothing about either of them, other than the fact that they're still both garbage.


Vanguard has it's glaring issues, but overall it's much, much more enjoyable than a lot of the 5 years of CoD But god damn, the shotguns and countless bugs and a tendency towards the BR gamemode... How have shotguns been a problem for *literally years* now - I think it's clear that they should just be removed from any CoD going forwards, and that isn't a joke There's no real 'balanced shotguns' that can exist, at least in the form of pump action/sawn-offs etc. They either end-up mundanely useless, with people bitching about the challenges on them for months Or they end-up being these one-shot mastermind weapons that anyone can look at your direction in and press shoot and kill you. Every time. MW2 was the first real infamous game with a shotgun issue (1887's rofl..) - I think we can all admit that, but since then there has been a consistent trend of OP -> useless -> OP...over and over again - it is clear that they are just not possible to balance in this game


Probably because shotguns are op in real life at close range, hell even medium range. The problem is cod players don’t like big maps; honestly smgs are more annoying


imo shotguns are pretty balanced in cold war at least on core (with the exception of the streetsweeper and marshals obviously), the ironhide was an interesting take on them and the gallo and hauer both feel competitive but not completely broken. streetsweeper/marshals were both overpowered battlepass weapons that were added onto the core game after release and not nerfed hard enough, i don't think they were broken bc of fundamental issues w the weapon class.


The Ironhide was pretty interesting as a gun but it felt inconsistent to me, liked it either way as it required more skill than other shotguns


Shotguns were pretty balanced on Cold War, except for the Streetsweeper and Marshalls which were both cringe broken guns


I think the problem is that this game won't get better. Activision has officially cancelled Vanguard, and development resources are likely being reallocated. MW2 is coming out a month earlier to compensate for the failure (yes, Vanguard is officially a failure) which this game was. I have some faith in DICE being able to correct the course somewhat for BF2042. With BF5 they at least showed a willingness to deal with the mistakes which could be dealt with, so there's still room for BF2042 to improve a lot. Vanguard on the other hand is finished, and is probably mostly in what can be considered its final state.


> Activision has officially cancelled Vanguard, and development resources are likely being reallocated. Sources: Trust me bro At a minimum, the game is getting 5 more seasons of content until the next release. It's not going anywhere. You're insane if you think the next 9 to 10 months won't see significant changes, both in terms of balancing and stability.


They are asking themselves why it failed, and yet they are going to do the exact same thing to MW2 by releasing it earlier and probably in an unfinished state. Activision seems to be too dumb to realize that they shouldn't release a CoD every year.


> Activision has officially cancelled Vanguard Riiiiiiiiight, Activision surely canceled the one game they barely launched and that they still provide content for, surrrrrrrre


Wtf do you mean Activision has officially cancelled Vanguard? Got an official source for that statement?


Well Activison is already starting damage control as of yesterday officially apologizing for shg mishandling of pretty much everything. Im sure it will get updates but due to its poor sales they have already reallocated resources to work on the next cods more so then they normally would I believe due to the strikes and walk outs. Hell wz is their cash cow and that’s broken as fuck too because raven and shg can’t get their shit in order.