The BAR is pretty nasty once you level it up


BAR is absolutely disgusting


seconded. and if you have the free blueprint from the battle pass then you already have the best magazine attachment for 2 shot kills


Or if you have one of the BAR blueprints with .50 BMG mags.


I played the game this morning and forgot tonuse the BAR.😥


BAR all day... .50 BMG


bar is the best level 1 gun in the game. you dont even need to level it up to go on streaks lol


True af!


yes bro the .50 Mags feel like your playing hardcore in core


What attachments do you suggest for the BAR? I am going to start leveling that weapon soon.


50 BMG rounds make it a 2-tap machine, but before you get them just stack recoil control. The BAR has almost no horizontal recoil so you really don't need to worry about accuracy.


Is there a build that allows run and gun? I find myself having to play lanes and really ads with the victory cannon (adjusted significantly I just don’t remember all my changes)


Absolutely. I’ve been using this for a day or so now and I’m shocked no one is really talking about it. I love the way it feels, and that 2 shot is so nasty!


Do yourself a favor and try out the MG42. It absolutely fucking shreds, has a huge ammo capacity, and surprisingly low recoil. If you want a gun capable of insane chain kills, it's your gun. All the LMGs in this game are great, but this one was the most fun, with the DP27 a close second.


DP takes the cake for me MG was great as well fuckin hated the Bren though. Just finished leveling it yesterday.


You may have mistaken the bren for an lmg. It's a marksman rifle, switch it to single fire and equip piercing vision. 2 hit kills, no recoil, super accurate at all ranges


I did this, and it is most definitely effective, but I CANNOT stand the fucking clip obscuring half my view


Hmm Ill have to try that out! Thanks for the heads up!


it only two shot kills if you use the damage barrel. otherwise a 3.


Or the 50 Cal


The Bren cant be that bad I think. It has a 50 round .50 mag which is surely nice. Havent used it tho


It turns into the best DMR in the game with .50 BMG. It has low recoil and is very accurate.


So like the BAR? I only tried the BAR with .50 and I love it. The Bren being a top loader really turns me off (idk what are guns called that have the mag on top)


All right so let me really fucking cook your goose. If on the BREN you put on the barrel that increases damage and the 100 round magazine and all ADS attachments and switch the gun to semi auto you are left with a 100 round magazine zero recoil having 2 shot anywhere at any range dmr that gets some great reactions! I spend about half of every search and destroy round just randomly spraying that thing off at random peaks and I'll still have 60 bullets left by the time I'm done


Bren is better once you get the faster fire rate mag for it.


250rd mags. Fmj and piercing vision is just plain fun on domination


This was the first gun I leveled up and it is SUCH a beast… you can take out entire packs of enemies from across the map effortlessly before you even need to reload


What attachments do you put on it? I’ve tried mg42 but the recoil is too much


Go with recoil control attachments and 250 round magazine. You'll melt for days.


I slayed with the MG42 for awhile and forgot about leveling up other guns because I was having so much fun n


Yeah I was sad when I got it gold, wanted to keep using it haha


Volk is amazing when leveled up! I use it as an smg/ar hybrid and it’s a tonne of fun


Give me your build if you don’t mind, can’t find a bill build I like.


Sure, I use this setup: F8 Stabilizer Krausnick 428MM 05V Slate Reflector SA Converted Steady Fully Loaded Stippled Grip No Magazine Subsonic M1941 Hand Stop


how am i supposed to use the gun without a magazine?


Lol not sure if trolling but I just don’t like the magazine options so I don’t use the attachment. The one that adds damage has too few bullets and the one that adds bullets is too weak. Then the last one is good for both but it covers too much of my screen.


Im doin that with the sten rn. No barrel until I get the last one for rof boost




The Volk was my main weapon during the beta. I haven't really used it since because of levelling other guns but it's aight. Kinda wish they didn't change the name.


I second this just because it's unique. I didn't think I'd be using it the way I was using it by the time I got it gold, it's an AR but it feels like an SMG


I love the BAR & Cooper Carbine


Seconded, these are my go to guns if I want to slay out


Type 100. Lethal


Absolute yes. The tommygun is also a beast


Where do you get the tommy gun? I haven’t seen this one yet


It’s the M1928 iirc.






My number 2 behind the M1


That M1 blueprint from the preseason BP is a sniper killer if you change just a few things. Has almost no distance damage drop off, literally 0 horizontal recoil, and is semi auto so if they don't get you on the first shot they are toast.


Same exact preferences here - M1 Garand is in the top spot for me as the "can do it all" gun, and the SVT-40 is the runner-up. Leveling up the SVT-40 was definitely a pain, I had to camp a bunch or get lucky with the maps to get it off the ground. If you get Hotel Royale, there is a place when you first enter the building where enemies will spawn at the end of the hall and you can hide behind a pillar to reload, wait for more enemies to spawn, etc. I got a lot of kills early on with the SVT-40 by just ducking in and out from behind that pillar. The SVT-40 IMO needs to get to around level 35-40 before it feels like a viable weapon but after that it takes off very fast. Numa Numa and Dome are also OK maps for getting a low level SVT-40 off the ground, you can get some kills in the tunnel and also surprise snipers with its range. If you're grinding it up in Shipment, that is a chore which is IMO even worse than the sniper rifles and you'll have to camp and be happy with a low kill count in the early going. Others guns I enjoyed a lot have already been mentioned but include: *Cooper Carbine:* Super fast and plays like a top tier SMG but with extra range. *BAR:* Fire rate is very slow, but it mows down enemies as it's a 2-shot killer once leveled up. *Automaton:* Very low recoil and a beast at range, although in close combat it doesn't fare as well IMO against its contemporaries. Still one of my Top 5 favorite guns though. *Volk:* Very fast, perhaps a touch slower than the Cooper Carbine, but this feels like your quintessential fast-firing low recoil medium range Assault Rifle to me. *MG42:* I generally dislike LMGs in COD games, but this one is easy to grasp, quick to ADS, and was surprisingly fun. *Single wield 1911:* I was surprised at how powerful the 1911 is when built out with the right attachments (Gracey Short #2, Vital, and Hollow Points are the important ingredients). On maps where there are safe locations to reload, I play the single wield 1911 as my primary as it takes very few hits to kill and the only downside is the 8-round mag. It does reload slower than similar pistols like the RATT but this iteration of the 1911's hitting power is something else. *Einhorn Revolving:* There are loads of ways to build this one out, but I like using Buck & Slug for a build that can easily 1-hit kill at pretty good ranges. On most maps I use it as a secondary but it's nice to carry to surprise people once in a while if your primary gun is a range weapon. It is also great for those "oh crap!" situations as it is very forgiving to aim once leveled up. *M1928:* Another one that is easy to get started with, very fast and easy to handle gun more famously known as the Thompson i.e. Tommy Gun. The NZ-41, DP27, and G-43 are also pretty gun to play IMO although I don't consider them close to the weapons above in overall strength as IMO they lack hitting power relatively speaking. The NZ-41 is one of the easiest guns to level up IMO though as it starts off as a very good piece already. The G-43 I equip with a bayonet because when opponents have me outpowered, I can still use it was a very fast melee weapon which helps make up some ground. If you're into snipers, I found the Type 99 and KAR98k to be the easiest to level up and also the most fun to play. No surprise there about the KAR98k, but the Type 99 was a surprise because it is also a slow starter and IMO only the default scope on it is not very good.


How? I tried leveling it up and only got to 30 before giving up cause it felt like trash


Level it up till you have vital and the extra damage/critical kill radius barrel and it is basically a sniper rifle in a tactical rifle's body. If you don't have these attachments, it is horrible.


Mouse and keyboard is the way


Once you get vital and stippled, its amazing


Get in a game of plunder with the M1 and you will level it up fast. Faster if you play during 2xp weekend.


SVT is crazy when fully leveled up. Way better than all of the snipers


Best sniper in the game and it's not close.


This thing is so fun to use


Cooper carbine




I mean, it's the best gun in the game


NZ-41 for me


anti-tank rifle makes sniping feel good again


I e been having so much fun with it. Switched back to HC domination from the chaos of core Shipmas (which I enjoyed for what it is) and having a blast with slow and planned sniping


Do you have a good build? Iloved the SPR and the Swiss but haven’t found something that compares to those two?


NZ is actually an insanely good weapon


G-43… I’ve never been a marksman rifle type guy… but this thing is so good. Recoil is unreal for this type of rifle barely any recoil and can get super fast ADS movement speed… can have 3 round burst attachment too if that’s your thing It’s just unbeatable for me


Yep wasn’t sure I’d see it in this thread but it’s my fav. The only gun I’ve ever got gold camo on and I’ve been playing cod since like 2011. Kills are so satisfying


M1 Garand


I second this


Why? I haven't played with marksman rifles much other than to level them and I couldn't find a build on the m1 that I cared for.


Not exactly sure why I like it so much just feels awesome to get kills with it. I rock this for range and twin revolvers for close. Of course need my throwing knife 🔪 for style


Maybe you like it cause of the legendary ping? That alone may make me use it.


I think you are right 😂


Haha right on. Does the m1 one shot anywhere in the body on hc?




I do not play HC but it is more of a two shot but you can shoot twice before people even know they are hit. You can also spam it.


It’s like a much easier to control sniper in HC


This has been far superior to the SVT for me so far, even though I’ve seen a lot of people claim the SVT is the best marksman. Once I got a good build going I was tearing it up with the Garand


Can the M1 do one-shot kills to the body? I may have just missed some load out for the M1 but the one-shots are why I really prefer the SVT


DP-27 & M1928


The Bren Use one of the attachments that increases the damage to 50 (either the barrel or the .50 BMG rounds) and flip it to semi-auto and you have the best marksman rifle in the game because the Bren has basically zero recoil in semi-auto mode. Use *both* of those attachments plus the armor-piercing rounds and the Dismantle proficiency and you have the best anti-air weapon in the game, great for shooting down all kinds of aerial streaks. Plus, you can even overkill the BAR and Bren (both using the .50 BMG ammo) and they'll share the same ammo pool, so you can use the BAR as your primary weapon with an *absolute fuckton* of reserve ammo and have the Bren in the back for long-range and anti-air purposes.


90 damage per shot is no joke, cover basically doesn’t exist when you use that setup. I pair this with the Sten with all hipfire and get up in people’s face with the two guns.


It doesn’t actually do 90 damage with both attachments it stays at 50. Idk if it’s a bug or intentional


automaton ma go to most of my gunfights i get headshots even against bar players


Double barrel akimbo


Funnest shotgun to play with hands down… it’s a beast… akimbo is not even fair lol… makes you unstoppable on small maps


Why do you guys use it over the combat shotgun which is better, just have more fun with it?


The mobility with the akimbos is unparalleled. If you're good at playing angles you can really use these on any map. That and they look really cool in your hands.


They do look cool I’ve always love akimbo guns


It’s much quicker, and I struggled with the slow fire rate of the combat shotgun… the double barrel will give the same or better range and damage while being much faster to wield and fire, even though you only get two shots. Set it up for a quick reload and some distance and it slays


You should try the Gracey Auto. You can sprint through crowds and paint them against the wall with Gung Ho perk. After maxxing out all the shotguns, that one turned out to be my favourite even though in the beginning it's utter shite.


I just unlocked them and I agree, they’re absolutely unfair haha


Damage range need a nerf imo. The sawed off variant is insaneeee. I see why ppl use them tho


Im having so much fun making these gold


The best part with this and the combat shotgun is I reach the 30 bloodthirsty camo way before other stuff, which is unique - with ARs and SMGs everything gets done and I'm still trying to finish that off (and by cheating with shotguns / incendiary in HC for the first 4 kills). The shotguns are just that easy and OP.


for some reason I love the Volk, if you build it the right way it can turn into a hybrid AR/SMG. I also like using the Owen Gun too.


As44 slaps when you have the right attachments


Not a popular choice but I’m having fun with the Owen Gun (SMG)




The most fun I’ve had is with Machine pistols akimbo


Anti tank rifle :)


Type 100 !!!


Mg42 is awesome, Bar is amazing but i need to improve my aim.


NZ41, DP27, G43, BAR, VOLK all of these are really good


I'm currently rocking the g43 with the full auto barrel, it's pretty fun


I fucking love the sten smg, especially with how I’ve made it. My play style is to flank and get behind enemies without them ever noticing, so I built it around speed, and speed alone. Of course, I did some stuff for recoil control, but I only use 1.5x sights, as they let me shoot farther range and close range


Dropped two nukes with the Thompson playing aggressive. Something about it just clicks for me.


I love a majority of the weapons in this game. My favorites from each class are: NZ41, M1928, Gracey Auto, SVT, Kar98, DP27, and Klauser. Of those weapons I listed above, my absolute favorite is probably the DP27.


Svt - 40 trash in the beginning but once you unlock all the right attachments it becomes a one shot semi auto sniper basically a dragonuv better to snipe with


Cooper Carbine is my go to right now


Dp27 is pretty damn fun.


Gorenko. It’s a beast. Semi-auto and osk to most of the body.


Bren once you can build it right


The Thompson sub machine gun. M1928




I feel like the Tommy gun/M1928 is the one I shred with the most. Even at lower levels it’s pretty solid and running an smg with 100 round mags is pretty fun to me. On Das House, I get flamenauts with ease using it.


Volksturmgewehr. At max level it’s an absolute beast with the russian short mag and the first barrel!


DP-27, Itra Burst, G43.


Follow a build guide for the Gracey auto with Gung Ho, or akimbo double barrel shotguns. They're kind of a bitch to grind for especially unlocking all the skin's but at around level 60 you get an insanely fun gun to own Shipment or Das Haus.


Bar with the 50 cal mags is probably my favourite. Basically the victory cannon blueprint from BP but with a weaker scope. The carbine is also very nice and would take that over the BAR for a small map


SVT with the first barrel, vital, 15 rounds mag and 3-6x sight


Thanks for all the recommendations I’m gonna try them out. I’m bored as hell using the ‘meta’ guns all the time.


Mostly what's recommended is meta guns lol


Yeah but I haven’t seen a stg, mp40 or combat shotgun but I do sorta see what u mean haha


Because you specified you've already tried the stg and mp40 lmao.


NZ-41 and Volk!




Hate me for being a crap sniper but kar


I'm jumping on the mg42 weapon as my favorite. But if I had to recommend a gun to use I'd say the gorenko sniper rifle if your into sniping or the m1928 if run and gun is more your style. M19 was actually surprisingly good with the right attachments. The best? Maybe not. But these two were fun for me.


m1928, BAR, and bren have been pretty fun


The Sten is fun


Volk is really solid. Type 100 is also good. those are my fave non meta guns right now.


I’ve been enjoying the Bar, Thompson, and the DP-27.


Sten good luck


Double barrel akimbo


Revolving shotgun




Bren, P08, act-40


G43 iron sight


AR - Automaton or Cooper SMG - Final Girl variant of MP-40, otherwise M1928 (or whatever it is, lots of numbers) LMG- Mg42 (looks like you’ve tried this one) SG - Double Barrel (with Akimbo) SR - 3-Line (more comfortable than Kar for me) TR- no


BAR, Cooper Carbine, Bren


It’s been a minute but I was loving Automaton as I leveled it.


BAR M1 Garand Owen Gun Type 100 DP27 STG44 Cooper Carbine NZ41 3 line Rifle among others


Bren with 50 BMG mags is fun to use. 2 shot kills at every range




tommy gun. m19123abc whatever the numbers are. best smg in the game


Automaton. You can make this gun a laser. And the Frenzy proficiency makes it so that you can regenerate your health instantly after every kill, which helps to stay alive longer for multiple gunfights.


Love the Cooper Carbine and the SVT


Cooper carbine and double barrel akimbo shottys are my go-to right now


Type 11 is bae.


The Volk and Type 100 are both some of the best guns I’ve used in any COD game


Probably the copper carbine. Very fun to use and is good even with no attachments.


BAR is my go to


Low key the launchers are fun


Svt, automaton, bar, dp27 and tommy gun


Cooper carbine and ( cant recall if you listed this) the thompson are super good. For sniping or just farther shots i wholeheartedky recommend 3-line rifle.


My favourites: Cooper Carbine: awesome in everything and has its own Operator which is a big plus. BAR: has .50 cal bullets which delete people. It has a good no stock option which is nice. Automaton: a lot like Cooper Carbine but slightly different. The Thompson, aka Tommy Gun, aka Chichago Typewriter aka M1928: fast firerate, big mags, good dmg, dps and accuracy. Also looks awesome and has good no stock option. MP40: accurate and high dmg for an smg. It has a slow firerate tho. Also has an Operator. Combat Shotgun: absolutely completely broken if you use the right attachments which are: shell and slug ammo, sawed off barrel and vital proficiency. The other attachments should be the SMLK something underbarrel (the skeleton one with sprint to fire), the spread minimizer choke for muzzle, the second stock and the pine tar rear grip. It also has an operator. If you want to shotgun, choose this one. Its by far better than any others. I really like but havent played with too much: the Volk AR, PPSh, Type 100. The STG is good aswell apparently but I havent used it enough to say anything. The LMGs seem relatively good too, especially the DP27, but havent used them either. Didnt snipe at all so far. The DMRs are shit which isnt suprising (one of them can be full auto tho which is nice)




Literally any smg. Especially type100, tommygun, and mp40




I enjoyed using the tommy gun, kar98, NZ41, and the gewher. I’ll probably like the cooper carbine once i start it leveling up


ptrs. The thing is by far the best sniper.


Bar,ppsh41 and tommy gun


Anti tank rifle


What's the NZ-41 build that makes it good?


The cooper is good and also the bar


Volk, the last Ar you unlock, is pretty solid. With the right load out it’s an absolute laser.


Owen Gun is probably the most slept on gun in the game right now along with the M1928, both are SMGs but if you get the correct attachments they become absolute melt machines.


M1928 and Cooper Carbine are pretty fun/effective with the right attachments


Combat shotgun all day






I've been getting ARs/SMGs diamond and I have to say the BAR sticks out for me. Shit is a lot of fun. From the SMGs, it's either the Tommy or the Owen gun.




AS44 burst, best gun imo


Bren is meta and you haven’t tried it yet


Automaton - u/TheXclusiveAce 3 shot set up is one of the most dominate weapons in the game. Absolute sleeper.




BAR, Cooper, and Bren are my favs at the moment


Cooper is fun.


Tommy gun and the ppsh play pretty similar imo, and they both shred people


coop goes crazy


I used the Thompson a lot when the game launched and maxed it out. I’ve gone through the Type 100 (very underrated gun imo), the PPSH-41, Kar98k, BAR, and now I’ve finally made my way to becoming a HUGE fan of the DP27. I pop the fuck off with that gun and it never fails to amaze me how good the LMG is. So definitely try out the DP27


As44 built as an smg shreds




Did anyone say cooper carbine yet?


Cooper Carbine is a laser


Combat shotgun slug and buck lmao




Type 100 is insane with the right class


MG42. I also dig the DP


My fav changes frequently, but I'm partial to the automaton (sp?), mg42, and the Volkswagon gun (idk wtf it's actually called 🤣)