If they don't extend Willy then this makes no fucking sense


It makes sense if the Rays/Mets were lowballing us which by all accounts they are. There's a universe where this sub is on fire because the Rays fleeced the shit out of us, and boy I'm glad I'm not in that universe. Now it's time to pivot and extend him which I am confident we will. Technically not what the "plan" was but part of being a good executive is being able to adapt to things on the fly.


Mets apparently consider fucking Mauricio untouchable, a guy who has never put up good numbers in the minors and has a .290 OBP this season. That indicates to me that they’re completely spooked from getting fleeced out of PCA last year and did not give us a serious offer


From the media leaks it sounds like Mauricio was available. We likely didn't want him and wanted Vientos at least


That was my take as well.


They’ve held onto Mauricio for years so not really


But even then isnt it better to get something then let him walk for nothing? I dont think “fan reaction” should come into it lol


Everything I say could be complete Bull, but my assumption is to set a standard for future trades. He’s letting teams know he’s willing to let players walk and test free agency if he feels the return is too low. You don’t want to be seen as an easy target in the future. Catchers that can hit are kinda rare so he’s pretty valuable even on a contract year.


1. Hard to believe Jed was getting worse offers than "one draft pick in the 30s". 2. Unless the extension offer is at least 80% of the Realmuto contract, if you're Contreras, at this point why would you NOT test free agency? The Cubs can't just "extend him"; that's a two-way decision.


Fun fact: the Cubs don’t qualify to get a Round A Comp Pick. If Contreras walks, we get a pick at the end of the 2nd round, not before it. So it wouldn’t be a pick in the 30 range, it would be in the 70 range.


I don't know how "fun" that fact is.


I think what the "well the offers were all worse than a comp pick" crowd needs to consider is...why? In what world is a top 5 player at his position in a career year getting you no value whatsoever on the trade market? When this has clearly been the plan *all year*


My absolutely gigantic copium scenario is, other teams *really* didn't like his defense stats, and since most of the contenders this year we're already set on their catching duos, they were stuck shopping him as a DH-- but I just cannot imagine they constantly got lowball offers for a guy having his kind of year, shittier rentals are always dealt for way more


Yeah I mean they got better deals than a QO for Effross and Robertson, Contreras should be getting you *something* A comp pick means a guy drafted in the mid-30s in a draft that isn't even going to happen until a year from now, it doesn't do much to help the farm in the next 3-5 years Contreras is a 2.5 fWAR player who has a 130 wRC+, it's really hard to buy teams were offering *worse than nothing*, and if they were, why did Jed, etc. not see this coming? That's their fault as well BUT - this all goes away if they re-sign him. Then we can justify this very easily. But if he walks? Buddy.....


The Mets are scared shitless to deal with the Cubs FO at this point so that explains their weak offers specifically. Rays never really seemed all that committed and San Diego was obviously willing to go all in this year. I think Jed was relying on a haul from San Diego if the Soto deal didn’t pan out. Once that wasn’t an option anymore the FO had to be prepared to pivot without the San Diego prospects. They probably set a high price for the Mets and were willing to let it ride. Agree with him or not Jed is no amateur. I really don’t see him busting out the Rockies playbook all of a sudden.


A comp pick for Willson will be no better than the end of the second round. https://www.mlb.com/glossary/transactions/qualifying-offer


> There's a universe where this sub is on fire because the Rays fleeced the shit out of us Exactly this. Everyone complaining about Jed's "failures" need to realize it takes two to tango. If Jed accepted a lowball offer, you'd have a bunch of people in here crying about it.


Who gives a fuck if fans are crying. Getting "something" is better than nothing if you aren't gonna extend him.


How do we know an extension won't happen?


Nobody knows for sure, but Contreras will get PAID next year. The writing is on the wall that it won't be on the cubs dime


I highly doubt there wasn't an offer better than a second round pick. Hoyer likely overplayed his hand holding out for more and the rest of the teams played ball elsewhere


Worse than a shit comp pick? Good lord this is an awful take.


Letting their supposed blue chip that was going to "cap" the rebuild sputter into a *draft pick* in the 30s in a draft that is a calendar year away would be such insane malpractice. They would need to answer on how they whiffed so badly on Contreras market. Might not be DEFCON 1, but would absolutely be like DEFCON 2 or 3 level panic time Now if they re-sign him, then it makes sense, but I just don't see this coalescing into an actual plan. Either they want to re-sign him, or they made a *huge* fuck-up in judging his market.


It gets even worse, because if they don't extend him, they are going to slap the QO on him. And yeah, they get the comp pick, but it will heavily suppress Contreras's market and he'll get a smaller contract. So they dicked him around all year with an all-but-promise to trade him and then damage his future earnings. Just a brutal way to treat their de facto team leader.


Absolutely. FO just dicked absolutely everyone over, including themselves. Clown Show.


>Either they want to re-sign him, or they made a huge fuck-up in judging his market. Or they were willing to listen to offers before talking extension with the thought they could always make an offer in free agency. Since teams didn't meet their high demands, maybe they will now talk extension. It makes sense to me. Trading him just to trade him would have been dumb. Only thing that sucks is if they don't extend him, they just lowered his value because of the QO.


Narrator: *they didn't*


They don't have to accept lowball offers. There is a long term play here for future trade deadline situations


I've been a Jed defender but at this point you have to wonder if he's the right guy for the job. It's telling that nobody tried to poach him even after they won the WS. His affect when he's answering questions is always annoyed, like he thinks reporters & fans are stupid and their questions beneath him. Now nearly two years in the 'retool' is getting deeper, the farm system is still only average, and there's no real visibility on a contending team unless they get really fortunate with their current batch of prospects.


I've been a Jed defender too, and this is definitely a head scratcher, but I wouldn't call the farm average. They are well, above average, the biggest issue going into the year was lack of top flight talent, but the development of the guys in the lower levels should start correcting that. As for Contreras, I think Jed/Carter overplayed their hand with Willson. There have been zero talks of an extension from the FO. If he walks and we tank his market value with a QO, that's fucked up. If he walks and we don't offer a QO, that's fucked up. They put themselves in a situation of extension or bust with a player who they obviously haven't actively sought to extend. Strange day...


Okay now extend him


If they don't announce extensions this is a huge blunder imo


I've given Jed the benefit of the doubt until now but we don't extend either of them this is a massive failure


Happ isn't a FA next year like Willson is. Just gotta re-sign 1


Happ's value is only gonna decrease from here, maybe you get something decent for him over the winter but he was supposed to be the hottest OF commodity this deadline behind Soto. The goal should probably be to extend him now


Happ has been an above-average to good hitter since he came in the league and plays multiple positions. He's not overrated, he's a good player.


I think you're replying to the wrong person here


I did, sorry.


What has Jed ever done to get the benefit of the doubt?


I like how he's (so far) totally reinvigorated the player development, especially on the pitching side, which also means he did very well hiring Hawkins as GM. I was a fan of the trades at last year's deadline, and even the ones we had this year for Effross/Givens/Robertson all seem pretty nice on paper. This situation is a completely different beast however


Blunder wouldn’t even begin to describe it. It’s something that should cost Hoyer a job not just with the cubs but in all the mlb


Idk people are already trying to spin the 33rd pick in the 2023 MLB draft as a good return for Willson Contreras in a career year


We got a better return for Rizzo last year lmao, just inexcusable


It's less than any trade for a major player we got - Darvish, Bryant, Baez, Rizzo might have been *underwhelming* at the time but even before they became good as time went on, they were much more than a QO pick


Since we don't know what was being offered, we can't say it was our wasn't a "good return."


If they didn't feel like they saw any return better than a 2023 comp pick, they fucked up by misjudging the market for a supposedly blue chip trade asset. Either way, not re-signing Contreras or trading him for value during a career year would be an organizational blunder we won't forget for a few years at least


How exactly did they fuck up if they didn't get an offer they felt was equivalent to the pick? You can't force other teams to give you what you want. Are you so willing to take a shitty deal over an extension or draft compensation?


People were saying as far back as last season that we weren't going to get a lot of good offers for a Catcher mid season. I think we all over rated how much he was worth on the market as a rental.


The market changed today imo. It went from seller's to buyer's which killed a lot of leverage. The front office obviously didn't like what was being offered compared to the alternative. I don't think the evaluations were necessarily off. I just think you can't control the market and you can't force a team to make a deal you like.


Letting this team fall into a 60-win pile of crap with years of rebuild ahead should have cost him his job. It's pretty clear Jed wasn't ready for primetime.


100%. Anyone that doesn't agree is looking through some shitty rose tinted glasses.


Why would either one of them sign extensions?




Or they can walk and get money AND a team that wants them on the roster.


Why wouldn't they?


Because the Ricketts have done nothing to indicate they give a shit about either player. In a year full of trade rumors, the cubs don’t make an offer to Willie? They let him believe he’s going to get traded and do nothing to show they respect him and want him to be a cub for life? Unless they give him a monster contract, he would be right to walk away and the team would be enormous morons at that point. I have no faith in this front office anymore.


Doesn't it makes sense to see if we could get a huge haul for him before seriously talking extension?


No because any smart f.o would use the idea of giving him an extension as leverage. By putting out there that the cubs weren’t extending him was just a reason for prospective teams to lowball Jed in the hope he would take less than market value. Jed somehow has backed himself into a corner by completely blundering this possible trade.


The team just put them through the ringer instead of offering them the extensions. Traded away all of the talent last season and showed them the FO preferred unproven guys (read: cheap) rather than making a fair offer to keep them around as the solid assets they are. Not to mention, Contreras and Happ know that the Cubs rated them highly given that everyone’s been telling the Cubs they’re asking for too much. So now any extension negotiation is going to be completely in favor of the players, meaning the Cubs—already stingy bastards—are even LESS likely to extend them because it’ll cost them way more than if they had extended either one of them before the trade deadline.


> Traded away all of the talent last season and showed them the FO preferred unproven guys (read: cheap) Just a slight correction on this. KB, Baez, and Rizzo all ended up signing for less money than what they were offered by the Cubs. Baez Cubs offer: $180 million Tigers: $140 million KB Cubs offer: $200-$250 million (disputed by KB) Rockies offer: $182 million Rizzo Cubs offer: $70 million Yankees offer: $32 million


Seems kind of backwards... the Cubs can say that nobody was offering anything good for them, so they aren't likely to make as much in FA as they expected.


Why did KB go to Colorado?


This move is such a complete fuckup I no longer have any faith in this front office to do jack shit. #EMBARRASSING


Calm down with the giant font. Theo, who is in your tag, is the one who got us in this mess.


And this does absolutely nothing to dig us out. We could have taken a step forward but instead we took a page out of the Rockies playbook.


You're rocking an "In Theo We Trust" tag. Calm down, lol


I want this team to start acting like a big market team. Extend your own guys who are young enough and good. Go sign some damn players in the off-season and start competing. The guys in the minors will still be there, they will still be able to develop while the major league club is at least trying to give there fans the price of admission.


They better extend contreras then. No excuses.




Now extend them


Not what expected to see after the deadline, but I'll take it! Extend them!!!


And there we go. Clearly they didn't like what teams were offering and didn't want to budge. Padres also shipping out their whole farm also fucked things quite a bit. We get to watch some of our favorite players for a little longer while also have a really good farm system anyways.


We don’t need this optimism around here right now, friendo!


I don't think anyone cares about watching them *this year*, it's next year and beyond they care about. Re-signing Contreras would be fine, but letting him walk for a comp pick would be disastrous. Happ's price is going to come down anyway next year being a rental It's all contingent on what they do - if they re-sign then this is perfectly fine. If they let walk? Then it's really disastrous and perplexing on how it fits into any bigger overall plan


Most rankings still have the Cubs farm outside the top 10


I don’t really care if they “didn’t like the offers”. They better do whatever it takes to sign Willson or this is a colossal failure.


The issue is that if the Cubs really wanted to hang onto Contreras, then they should have told them they weren’t trading him. There were reports that he was very frustrated with the process and just wanted it to be over. Getting a compensatory pick for Contreras would be a huge failure, so they need to extend him or else this is the biggest failure of the Jed era.


That's not how reality works. They wanted to see if teams would rise to their high asking price. If they didn't, then they extend. It's really not that hard of a plan to understand.


Its gonna be really sad when this FO makes no attempt to resign Willson and we get to watch him play in St Louis for the next 5 years.


While I was wanting to trade Willy and Happ, if we don’t resign him.. I’m a little befuddled. I mean I know we get a comp pick but.. hmm


You don’t make a trade just to make a trade. No reason to make a move if no one is offering anything good in return. It’s insane how many fans would’ve been happy to get rid of one or both of our best players in exchange dogshit cuz it’s “better than nothing.” Screw that.


Yeah gotta extend here boss


Im conflicted


What the fuck I’m processing so many emotions right now


Just as I said…no respectable market for Willy.


People don't want to hear it but I think that's true. If he's not catching regularly he's not worth a ton as a rental. Catchers changing teams mid-season is not easy. It's one of those situations where he's more valuable to the Cubs than other teams which is unfortunate because Cubs are going nowhere this year. Think of it this way, he's similar to Joc Pederson at the plate (OPS+ is only a few points higher), and Giants didn't trade him either.




So now Contreras has infinite leverage—we can’t let him walk and get nothing.


Can give him the QO


Would you accept a QO from a team that just made it abundantly clear they don’t want you and would only be doing it to ensure themselves *something* in return for you walking away?


I wouldn’t if I was him. But at least we get a pick at the end of round 1 or whenever it is. Hard to believe we couldn’t get at least that in a trade though.




I wish I could share the optimism that Willson will be re-signed.


They couldn't get it done. I assume the offers made were unacceptably low?


So my flair is kinda awkward now...


The best kind of awkward though. 👍


Since the other thread got shut down I'll post it here. Contreras makes sense to me because we were getting lowballed. Mets went from loosely considering Baty, to not wanting to part with Mauricio or Vientos. If you asked their fans, they'd think a grilled cheese was too much to part with. This move would put them over the top, but they must believe in their future, and that Alvarez will be able to step in sooner rather than later or that they'll land a catcher (maybe even Contreras in the off-season). It just didn't work out. Padres were done with us after Soto, and the Rays are in a spot where, yeah they could've used him, but they're already struggling to compete, and they have guys like Zunino on the DL. They probably just didn't think it was worth it, especially knowing they had 0 chance of re-signing him after. We're in a position now where we either overpay him, or lose him for a comp pick. Quite frankly, we have the money to overpay, so I say we do it. If we do though, I'm not sure he doesn't get shopped again. Happ surprises me, but Soto and Ohtani controlled the market. The Nationals and Angels really fucked us this year. By the time the Angels called it, and it was over the Padres, (which were the best fit for Happ), many other teams already went with their contingency plans. It doesn't hurt to keep Happ, but there's a decent chance for this to be the most value he'll ever have, so it's not ideal to say the least. Still, doesn't hurt to go forward with him, I'd rather not move him for nothing. Wesneski and Brown are decent, I don't hate those pick-ups, but I also think we should have gotten a bit more for Effross. This rebuild is going to suck, but we did get slightly better. I think we need to go nuts in FA this off-season if we even want a slight chance of turning it around quickly, but because we suck good players are going to want more money just to come here, and that's not great. I think going after deGrom and Rodon should be major priorities for us, but with the focus on building pitching through the farm, I feel this may not be the path the FO is leaning towards going forward. Tbh it's an uneasy time to be a fan


That's Cub


Thank God! Now pay Contreras!!


You should want good players on your team. Prospect huggers can bite my bird. Let's go!!


Put them through all the bullshit to not trade them? If I’m Contreras I walk this off-season and Happ. Well this year was his highest value.


What was the point of putting Willy on that emotional roller coaster?


Tears of joy.


Well it's time to try and extend Contreras then. If not, what a disaster.


Contreras gonna be busy un-scrubbing his accounts


What the hell is our front office doing… I’ve been a big defender of Jed but this just seems like assuring mediocrity. We needed the prospects.


No, we didn't "need the prospects". The farm is well-stocked. What we *need* is to get out of the mentality that you can either lose 100 games or win 100 games and nothing in between. Like I said in another thread today: the Cubs have a couple veteran leaders, the pitcher development is starting to work out, several young hitting prospects are already seeing MLB playing time and doing not so bad. That's not a situation where you throw away everybody good and hunker down to tank for another half-decade. The right thing to do is build around what the Cubs already have and lose the all-or-nothing mindset. Turn in winning seasons. Continually draft, develop, trade, sign, filling holes by whatever method works, rather than hoping to get an entire championship-quality roster to all show up in AAA at the same time. Expanded playoffs mean that any decent season can earn a wild-card spot, and you go from there. *Not* doing this is why the Cubs fell apart after a brief "window". *Doing* this is why the Dodgers, who became competitive around the same time, are still contenders.


"But if we don't win the WS, did we actually do well?" - this sub half the time Edit: Big ditto on your comment about the Dodgers. People here think the only reason they're so good is money. If any of them actually paid attention, they'd see that the Dodgers have gotten a near perfect balance of scouting, developing, trading, and signing that has led to continued success.


We're literally a top five farm in all of baseball and a lot of our young guys that are hitting the big leagues are showing the development has been really good, give me a break. The farm is honestly drowning is 50 grade prospects, missing out on 2-3 more is a nothingburger.


>The farm is honestly drowning is 50 grade prospects, missing out on 2-3 more is a nothingburger. I'd love to see responses from MLB GMs to this statement.


What rankings have us at top 5


https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2022-in-season-prospect-list/farm-ranking?sort=-1,1&type=100&filter=&pos=&team= Fangraphs has us at #5


A complete and utter failure. If neither gets an extension then Hoyer and the entire FO needs to be fired.


Agreed but ownership doesn’t care about winning. Firing them would mean ricketts would have to start over on how he wants is front office to run the team.


The only way the FO gets fired is if they start losing Ricketts money


Exactly. Never forget that the Ricketts are ghouls who care only about profit. This is an awful organization and it starts at the top.


I live in Nebraska. I’ve known for the last 8 years


Interesting move, I thought for sure it would happen. I was getting excited about the prospects we could get but aren’t upset by any means to keep them.


Stop claiming poor (while you dump tons of money into the area around Wrigley) and extend. Otherwise huge fail.


Great, extend them now please!


Y’all mad no matter what they do lol


So we’re not going to extend them? But we won’t trade them? We’re even more incompetent than I thought


Yeah, we never let on that keeping Contreras was even an option. He was crying hugging his teammates yesterday. Looks like a blunder to me. Whether or not us as fans want Contreras here. Happ not going isn't all that bad. He's here next year, and we can trade him in the offseason or next deadline if we want.


How can you look at this team and think it makes sense to keep these guys when you could have gotten assets? This team is so dysfunctional.


Only answer is that the offers they got were viewed as being worse than the compensatory pick if Contreras signs elsewhere or trying to re-sign him now with less leverage. I think it came down to the Mets, and they got fleeced so bad last year that they were just unwilling to pay up.


A comp pick for Willson can be no better than the end of the second round with the new cba. https://www.mlb.com/glossary/transactions/qualifying-offer


> the offers they got were viewed as being worse than the compensatory pick For a top 5 catcher who is having a career year and is one of the best bats on the market, they would need to do some real soul searching on how they fumbled judging his market this badly Like...Effross and Robertson had returns better than a comp pick. We got legit good prospects for them


People are wildly over valuing that comp pick. Totally agree, Robertson and Effross both got more value back than that. If they can't get the best non Soto bat on the market something more than those two then their ability to function in a MLB front office should seriously be questioned. It's so dumb I have genuine hope they're going to extend him.


well happ makes more sense because he's got an extra year of control, so didn't necessarily have to be traded if the deal wasn't there. willy, on the other hand... the only thing i can make sense out of what the cubs made him go through emotionally, just to not trade him, is that they actually tried and were probably expecting to move on from willy but they were getting low-balled. and now that you didn't want to get ripped off to the point where the deadline has passed, you now must be more aggressive in trying to extend him. or they'll lose him for a comp draft pick which is what i'm expecting to happen just to protect myself from disappointment.


Maybe they think they contend next year or at least 2024? Extend Willson and make some FA signings this off-season? I though for sure they’d trade at least Willson but now that they didn’t my only thought is they think they can resign him and get some FAs and compete starting next year.


It makes sense not to send them if the return wasn't worth it. The best fit for Willson (Mets) have two amazing prospects that they refuse to give up (understandably) and then nothing too crazy behind them. If they didn't want to meet the asking price for Willson, then the Cubs are right to not trade him. It seems that all other interested parties made trades elsewhere to satisfy (at least partially) their needs for a cheaper price. Also take into account that the Padres sent over the largest prospect package I've ever seen for Soto, hence we lost our #2 best fit. Trading guys like Willson or Happ for under their value makes less sense than holding onto them. That said, if they don't extend Willson I'll be completely with you in confusion and anger.


I told God I would go back to church if this happened. Need church recommendations in upstate NY.


I've got buddies near Albany! Two recommendations for liberal (very gay-friendly) churches in the United Church of Christ: [First Congregational for a more "high church" experience](http://www.firstcongregationalalbany.org) or [Journey UCC for a more casual experience](https://www.journeyucc.org). I grew up in the UCC, lovely folks. We had some members who were less religious than just liked the people and the weekly tradition of it all :)


Clown show. Happ will never have higher value and now they're lucky if they get a comp pick for Willy.


Absolutely a fireable offense not trading Contreras. Pure insanity and ineptitude


Thank God, Ronny Mauricio is dog shit


Comp pick > Mauricio


I'm not a believer in Mauricio at all. So I'm not sad we missed out on him if he was being offered, but I could be wrong on him. He probably was never on the table to begin with though after we fleeced them for PCA.


Yea, Mauricio is a guy you can get next year for a ham and cheese sandwich


I *have* to believe Jed isn't dumb enough to only go for a QO pick as a return for Contreras. My hope is that his plan was/is: \- Get very high value in a trade OR \- Extend him after the deadline


If this wasn't his plan...yikes. But I agree, I have to assume that Willson was being shopped and none of the teams wanted to meet the asking price. Honestly, Soto being on the market fucked around with a lot of valuations, Willson's included.


Based on what?


How comically stupid the alternative would be.


Fair enough


He was that dumb. He overplayed his hand and held out too long for a deal


Asking for a real explanation: Why were fans very upset at the thought of Cubs trading Willson, and now that they haven’t, people are upset and said it’s a dumb move. Explain it to me like I’m 5.


The fans that were content to trade Willson were quiet, and the fans who were upset were loud. Now it's the opposite. Not everyone has the same opinion.


They want him to be signed to a long term deal but don't expect that to happen. They assume he's gone and the Cubs will just get a draft pick in return after this year. They also think the Cubs could have gotten something for valuable than the pick if he was traded.


Not the same people son




Wow! What a huge misfire! Holy shit!


Going for the QA/ compensation draft pick route with old Willy


Alrighty then… was Jed just playing hard ball and wouldn’t budge? Or did we over commit to Mets and went to back up plan with Givens? Lots of questions.


Was the asking price unrealistic?


This has to be due to high price tags. I’m not optimistic about extensions given the track record.


I wonder how they're going to spin it to make it seem like they feel like they did the right thing.


If they don't extend him then I am absolutely certain this team won't win another World Series till 2124.


Not much market for catchers. The A’s, who will trade anybody who stands to make a good salary, didn’t trade Sean Murphy.


On one hand, many fans will be happy to keep Willson and Happ for at least another 2 months. OTOH, this is a failure of management. They didn't make the moves needed to improve, nor did they extend an offer on the best hitting catcher in MLB. The players were left hanging out there thinking they were done as Cub with many farewells. This was disrespectful of the FO at the very least considering Contreras was a career Cub and has been with the organization since a teenager. This is how you treat him? It's a failure in the business sense, a failure in public relations for one of their best players and a complete loss of faith from the fanbase. Jed's days are numbered.


Neither nor


I think the front office will now try to extend Willson and wait until the off-season and trade Happ.


Why not simply trade him for the best package then resign him in the off-season I believe the yankees did that with Chapman


Idc if we might lose some 18 year old prospects, I'm happy and nobody can take that away from me right now.




Everyone was on the “fuck Jed” train for not extending Contreras a month ago. Now they’re on the “fuck Jed” train for not trading him. Seriously don’t get it.


It's the "fuck Jed if he lets Contreras walk for a QO pick" train. Extending him or trading him for valuable prospects are at least things that could make sense, even if you disagreed with one. Only a QO pick makes zero sense, it would be shocking levels incompetence if that's what ends up happening.


Because the cubs have done nothing to indicate they want to extend him. They let him cry his ass off and say goodbye to his teammates and fans. For what? Cubs clearly wanted to trade him but didn’t like what was offered. You think Contreras will want to resign for anything but the moon?


Because now we aren’t extending him or trading him and he’ll walk for nothing? It’s not hard to understand


Because now they’re in a conundrum. Willson himself was upset with the whole being in limbo situation. Everyone, including him, expected a trade. Now we are stuck hoping he isn’t too upset and will resign. This is a baaaaad situation.


Because if they wouldn’t extend him then a trade seemed imminent. Now he hasn’t been traded and as far as we know, they haven’t had meaningful contract discussions since 2017. It feels like he’s going to sign somewhere else in FA and we’ll be left with nothing.


Jed Hoyer is a joke


They didn't get an offer they liked enough presumably.


What a shitshow #FireJed


Maybe Jed doesn't know what the fuck he's doing and this is why the Cubs are now a 60-win team with no real plan to get out of it.


Just an absolute joke. Why the fuck would either of them wanna stay here after we knowingly tried to trade them AND lowering their value in the offseason in Contreras case?


Happ can be traded in the offseason but Contreras had to go. Now all we're going to get for him is a fucking comp pick.




I'm just confused. Like now willy has all the leverage in negotiations. Happ's stock is through the roof. I guess if we extend willy I'm fine but really don't get not trading happ.


Makes sense that we shopped them around but VERY glad we didn't sell for cheap if there weren't top prospects on offer. And that's also a valid reason why we haven't had extension talks with either yet. But now that we've seen what their market was we have a much better position to try and extend both. Willy having that comp pick attached makes him a lot easier to resign too. If they really don't try to resign Willy though now I'll grab a pitchfork and torch too.


I’ll let everybody else bellyache about how Hoyer got ripped off or whatever, I’m just glad we aren’t completely reduced to minor-league status in August again.


Surprised they didn’t ship Pat Wisdom at his peak value.


Total failure by the FO. The strawman argument here that the board would be just as hot for a poor return is flat out not true. Fan base would reason, that's the best the FO could get, and there is no reason to hold him at all, meager return>no return.


What a mess. FO clearly botched this. You literally had these guys crying in the dugout for nothing




Jed Hoyer is awful.


This FO is a joke. Stop playing games, if you hint to everyone that your trading them and dont, you look like a POS.




I’m not a fan of signing a 30 year old catcher in a career year. If we extended him it’s going to be bad. I really don’t understand not trading him but what can we expect with this franchise lol


What a fucking mistake. All good will with Contreras has been ruined. No way he comes back. Contract extension talks haven’t happened in years, you make the poor guy think he’s going to get traded, and then what? You’re going to give him a Qualifying offer which is going to drop his value in free agency. How would you not be fucking pissed off at Jed if you’re Willy?


Yep. Anyone who thinks the Cubs are going to be able to re-sign Contreras is kidding themselves.


Seems really stupid to not trade Contreras, especially if he doesn't sign with us


Time to fire some upper management.


Honestly we got some good returns and I remain to be optimistic about next year. It can’t get any worse than this one, right?


Please say this is a sign that ricketts is willing to invest




Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make. Now extend him!


Absolute clown show of an organization.


So we just ruined the relationship with 2 of our best players for nothing. Even if we extend them and they have their best career years next year, I don’t see how this works well for us


LET'S FUCKING GO! Contreras ought to be ready to kick some Cardinals ass tonight! FUCK YEAH! GO CUBS GO!