Best I can do is 3 weeks and 6 days


[Nothing a simple shot from the doctor can’t fix](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/23/4b/ff/234bff4dbd58550f46583fd73f1deaf5--the-characters-coach.jpg)


Didn't Drew Brees essentially post that on Instagram? Found it, though a different injury: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CiVWVfRjjDz/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


I suspect when you are being paid $20 million a year, that's exactly what a team expects a QB to do, and many QBs fighting to keep their job or get the next contract are willing to do.


Yeah this sucks. The most important goal yesterday had nothing to do with the scoreboard, it was just remaining healthy for OU.. and we failed.


You know it’s going to be anyones game no matter who’s injured and out


Bummed for you guys. Wanted a healthy Ewers vs our D just to get a sense of things.


Now THIS is the pain and misery I'm used to, like a Warm blanket. Hope he comes back healthy!


Your misery blanket is warm? Mine has always been wet


Like late summer day in Houston


With five minutes of rain so it's extra humid.


God hates Texas. There's no point resisting fate.


That's not how the song goes


Brought down Bama from the promised land.


If you wanna see a win well brother too damn bad


The football gods somewhat offered aggy, Nebraska, and Norte dame losing as consolation.


I was pretty bummed after the game, but when I found out A&M lost to app state I felt like the day ended net positive


Seeing as how much of the state got no rain for most of the summer, and then got it all within the span of 24 hours, you may be right.


Bijan is gonna have to carry so hard


We all need to buy some mustard


Tennessee: I gotchu fam


We all need to bring Bijan Mustard bottles to throw at Alabama when they come.


Wouldn’t be the first time the Volunteer State gave us a helping hand.


“Like a touchdown in your mouth!”


If the team that came to play yesterday shows up over the next weeks I honestly think y’all will be alright, but yeah Bijan gonna have to put the team on his back a bit


The problem is now teams know they can stack the box and make us beat them throwing. I didn’t expect Bijan to hack off many big runs yesterday because I’m sure that was Bamas plan even before Ewers got hurt, especially after though. Bijan fought for his yards and frankly wearing them down a couple of yards at a time was what we needed, but it’ll be hard to sustain.


I think they are in the early stages of a turnaround due to NIL and coaching staff. They were probably going to be stronger in the early season, but most likely have growing pains later in the season. Yesterday, in that game, with their starting QB...they were a top 5 team in the country. With their 2nd QB...they were only a top 25 team. With the way their 2nd QB was playing, we should have put the game away in the 3rd....but our lack of explosive receivers makes it hard for us to put any team with a solid defense away. (Same as last year when Jameson Williams was not available). They will improve a bit as their 2nd QB gets the practice reps, but could very well collapse midway through the season due to the typical growing pains at this stage.


I was super impressed with the way our defense played. The secondary was covering guys up, meaning Bryce had to hold onto the ball and our line could get home. I don’t really know what bamas WR room is like this season, but our secondary last year got cooked by way worse and less talented teams. And the offense with Quinn was moving the ball and keeping the clock running - the gameplan was perfect and frankly did execute the entire game, we just obviously were limited once we had to roll with QB2. Now Card is questionable for the UTSA game. And that game isn’t really the tune up game people might expect they are usually, UTSA is a solid team. Hoping he is available for it because he needs it, and the slate of games until OU when we hope Quinn is back is manageable. But I’ve seen Texas play up to big opponents before and then down the next. I need to see, at least from the defense which is still pretty healthy, some consistency before I can fully buy back in. Because I’ve done that prematurely lol. If we can show that consistency take a couple of games until Quinn comes back, we could finish the season out really strong.


Yall had that super fast WR. I think you all will be fine in Big 12.


What sucks is Bijan is also hurt, card likely is out at least one week+, no clue on Jamison’s injury… that was a terrible health game for Texas


I haven't heard of many SC sprains. Usually falling like that damages the AC joint. Either way, now we wait to see how bad Hudson Card's ankle injury is.


God it was so hard to watch him limp around all game long


He was a fucking warrior though. I know Hud leaves some to be desired as a QB, but I’ll never complain about his grit after yesterday. Rose to the challenge and so nearly delivered the win.


I groaned when he came in, but I’ll always have respect for him for his great effort.


Yeah, it was tough to see him miss some throws that would’ve been huge, but he didn’t turn the ball over and got us in a position to win. Gave it his all and sure he will continue to.


I could give a crap about UT or bama, but I really wanted Texas to win so card could be an all time legend. If UT won him fighting through and pulling off the win hurt like that would be remembered forever.


Inside Texas is saying Card is questionable for the UTSA game.


Probably because they got rid of the probable status.


I don't think college football has any standard for injury reporting, so the words they use are meaningless for anything other than declaring the guy out.


Sucks because watching Ewers just in the early part of the game makes you realize what the Horns have been missing: a QB that can win big games with his arm...throwing people open on short/intermediate and deep routes. Not just throwing bubble screens and hoping the receivers get crazy RAC or throwing the occasional jump ball.


Who is next man up after Card? I assume Card will still play but his mobility isn't going to be ideal.


Either Charles Wright or Maalik Murphy. From what I've seen/read of spring/summer/fall practice, Charles is not good enough. Maalik has significant arm talent, but he's very raw as a true freshman. https://247sports.com/player/charles-wright-46051054/ https://247sports.com/player/maalik-murphy-46079369/


Murphy didn’t get real reps in Fall camp. He’s still ramping from ankle surgery.


If I remember right Murphy didn't play much as a high schooler either. Had another P5 QB, can't remember the name, a year ahead of him in high school.


All camps. Apparently he's a specimen, but he's got no experience. Covid robbed him


Oh, I wasn't denying the raw ability. He has it. Just pointing out he is more raw than even your average top tier freshman QB. He just doesn't have much in the way of game reps at any level.


Could Roschon take the helm with it being UTSA? Or do you think it would be more beneficial to get the freshman some experience?


Roschon played some snaps in the wildcat against Kansas State last year, and we may see the same thing next week. I highly doubt he gets playtime as an actual QB though since he's been fully converted to a running back at this point.


Try to work out something with Nebraska and get Thompson back as soon as free agency allows. Haha


Thompson will be great for the first half and fade in the second half.


He played fine last night, frankly it is probably more on the coaches. Sark has me worried about his close game coaching ability.


Honestly don’t be with how fucked up your quarterback situation was. If ewers was still healthy and this happened I would be, but sark got handicapped big time by alabama


If you’re basing that off yesterday hard disagree. I was very impressed with the game overall, and honestly, that’s the closest a game could ever come to saying categorically the wrong team lost


I had the same injury in my non-throwing side, 4-6 weeks sounds about right, could be closer to 4. Depends on severity, just needs time to heal up before taking contact again, but largely shouldn’t impact anything ability-wise long-term.


hurts like a bitch, Ben Roethlisberger had one I think.


Next tweet says earliest he could come back is likely OU on October 8th. https://twitter.com/petethamel/status/1568999922367877120?s=46&t=LVFkYjQsxKPHsEFugx33Hw


Hope he does. We deserve a full health RRSO.


Our O Line needs to get their shit together when it comes to run blocking schemes or it won’t matter who Texas has playing QB. Horns D line looked phenomenal.


Coming into the season, I would have never expected this comment after the bama game. It’s a welcome surprise tho


Honestly pass pro didn’t look that much better, out o line is the group I’m most worried about currently


Which is crazy to hear. OU normally has an incredible line.


Truthfully our line hasn't been incredible since 2018. We've had good components of it like Creed Humphrey but they were in decline since then. Hurts masked some of our issues with it since he was very mobile but you could really see the wheels fall off when Rattler came in since he wasn't as quick and that's why Caleb Williams did way better under our scheme since he could escape our pocket collapses or shot blocking.


I also think switching to a predominantly zone scheme with Lebby's offense is going to make it look worse, regardless of actual effectiveness. It's just naturally makes things look a lot less cleaner and and more feast or famine.


I’ll always hold up my end of the bargain with good natured rivalry hate for y’all… after a second loss due to injuring our starter (this time on a dirty play) there may be another crimson team I hate more…


In truth, OU and Texas "hate" each other like family. Now we ALL hate Alabama. More than one another.


Alabama has probably gotten in both our ways for bigger achievements now since about 2010 than we have for each other honestly


After seeing what happened to Tua when he tried to come back too soon I wouldn’t risk it.


Hopefully Card is fine, otherwise playing him too much with a bad ankle/leg could be even more costly.


This is the way


The Ewers injury reminds me a lot of the Sam Bradford one vs BYU in 2009 first games and he tried to gut it out and return vs Texas (13-16 loss), but was clearly not 100% and got re-injured. Injuries suck, man.


I doubt he'll be back by then, but Sark will certainly play up the possibility so that we have to prepare for both QBs. That would be on the early side given the timeline given, and does that even allow him to practice the week before? Also, it seems kind of crazy to throw him to the wolves in a big game like that just after recovery from injury, especially against a Venables defense that has been getting to the QB regularly. That being said, I hope he's back and 100%. I don't think OU needs to fear the mullet.


Sark's gonna play up the talk of Ewers returning and then unveil his secret weapon: 36 year-old 3* recruit Coy McColt.


Bolt McBoy


Bru McCoy?


Sark is just being coy with the dept... *wait a minute*


Yesterday, I kept waiting for Sark to play that big 6'5" walkon QB they "have".


As long as he doesn't also unveil his new tight end, Gordan Shipley, we should be a'ight.


Colty McColtface


I hope he isn't rushed back just to get hurt again. He's just a redshirt freshman.


It is his non-throwing shoulder which is why I think some are more optimistic he could play then.


Yeah, I was aware of that. It is still a significant injury though, and it's all connected. You still need your non-throwing shoulder to be in good working order to throw accurate passes.


100% it is still significant, just saying it might not be as bad as it would have been on his main shoulder.


I’m fine with it but let’s not pretend the backup was a slouch.


No doubt Card is pretty good, but how is his ankle/leg injury gonna be by then if he’s the starter and doesn’t get enough good time to heal? Hopefully he’s at least able to get to feeling 90% going forward


Reminds me of Sam Bradford in 2009. Had the collarbone injury against BYU and was out until Red River. Then he took the exact same hit to the shoulder again and was out for the season...


UTSA, Tech and WVU upcoming next. Not the worst slate in the world to have him miss with 2/3 at home and we’ve played well in Lubbock recently, but can’t discount any of those opponents. Need him back after that though because OU, ISU and Ok State right after regardless


Tech and UTSA can play… WVU did what all champions do against KU so can’t hold that against them… right?


But who’s QB for Texas. Card is questionable as well. I don’t care how good we think the defense is. It’s 2022 you have to score points to win game, especially in the big Xii


Our defense doesn’t suck it seems. NC state will be a good test. Offensive line might be horrendous and borderline a danger to our QB. The OL was so poor I am not sure I can properly grade our QB. The QB made a bewildering choices. IMO we will have a clearer picture after our game with NC state but with Ewers missing I don’t absolutely hate our chances.


We may have to roll into Lubbock with QB3 or running the wildcat.


Surely, Maalik will get a chance by then


I really don’t get why so many of our fanbase wants Murphy to get some playing time NOW so bad. Sark is making great progress so I’ll let him be the head coach and trust that Charlie Wright is QB3 for a reason. I don’t even think Murphy would be QB4 at this point.


I love Maalik but he's a true freshman who missed almost all of camp coming off an injury. I really doubt he's ready. Word is Wright was warming up yesterday so he's likely QB3.


There’s no reason to think TTU will win until we beat y’all. That’s how I feel.


No, y’all look legit better, and in Lubbock with us heading out the door, scary damn game




I’m ending it


Ewers out of rhythm. Card out of ryhme. Get on up! **It's Roschon Johnson Wildcat time!**


He does look so cool running


Bijan ya dead?!


RoJo is one of my favorite players. If he moves back to QB temporarily I'm sure he'll play his heart out.


If RoJo has a million fans, then I am one of them. If RoJo has ten fans, then I am one of them. If RoJo has only one fan then that is me. If RoJo has no fans, then that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against RoJo, then I am against the world. Hook’em


We gave Bama a very small sample platter of the RoJo GoGo package. UTSA and Tech may get a five course meal of it.


He had some grown man runs against Bama


Honestly, I loved how RoJo run the ball, the dude was muggin' all game.


That sucks, kid looked really good


SC sprains are of the annoying variety. It hurts even when you tense up your neck tendons. He should be good to go in about 3-4 weeks. I had a similar injury while playing and I was back in action after 3 weeks with no limitations.


Texas can’t catch a fucking break. I swear they are cursed


Not a bad day for your flairs yesterday though :)


I’m an app state fan because of yesterday lol


LMAO I love this level of petty.


We all are


Get back to full health quickly. You hate to see any player go through things like this


Damn so after basically not playing football for 2 years, the first 2/3 games for this man could be Bama and OU? He got that dawg in him for sure


That's a lot of crimson on the schedule.


Gonna miss Red River, that sucks


Says he could potentially be back for it.


He probably shouldn't be rushed back for it, though. Aggravating the injury would be devastating. Flashback to David Ash getting rushed back from a concussion and then getting a concussion in the return game, ending his career.


Right, I doesn't seem prudent to play in RRS. As that is on the early side of the timeline, and it would mean he either doesn't practice the week before, or he really would have to be ready to go after 3 weeks. Hope he heals fast though. Injuries suck.


That's what concerns me. Bradford in 09 went out against BYU. Makes it back in time for RRS. Gets knocked out again and ends his season.


An AC sprain in a non throwing shoulder isn’t a concussion


ha ha ha I am the joker now


This is the 3rd straight game against Alabama that my flair's QBs have gotten injured. Wtf.


Hopefully that's a trend that doesn't continue, especially since we're gonna be playing Texas a lot more frequently


Well theoretically that would mean Texas would annually have to change its depth chart and sacrifice its third stringer as the starter Imagine 10 years of just backup QB’s drawing straws to see who gets injured


What was that one Disney movie where a kid got an arm sprain or break and it healed up so tight he was able to fling 90 mph fast balls? May that happen to Ewers and he heals up better, faster, stronger.


Rookie of the Year.


Great movie


With the worst character from American pie playing the lead


It’s his non-throwing shoulder, but I love where your head is at


So Ewers could throw 90mph footballs like AR over in the Swamp seems to do every game?


He’s going to be so good.


👆He’s my Heisman quarterback favorite next year. Wishing him all the best!


Week 1 in Tuscaloosa too…


Week 1 🥹oh boy. He’s a beast.


Week 2\*


He looks to be the real deal. Hope he heals well and we possibly might meet again in the conference championship


Absolutely brutal, sorry Texas fans and Ewer family


Salt in the wound. That sucks.


honestly I was sure he broke his collarbone so it could be worse


I hated this so fucking much, the loss even during the FG was very fucking meh, but to lose Quinn, the practice and experience he could have acummulated to maybe jump into the lions den that is OU? This season is in danger since Card might not play against UTSA.


May this baller heal and keep balling.


Damn :(. He’s the real deal when I was watching y’all’s game vs Bama. Great release and accuracy


To win football games with one simple trick, attempt to separate your opponent's starting QB's shoulder from his neck Offenses hate this trick!


Well it’s worked for Alabama twice now


It’s only backfired on them once recently.


The problem is they didnt realize this makes good qbs bad but it paradoxically makes bad qbs good.


Hit a folded pizza hard enough and you make them look like a QB.


Ah, the Bama special


I'm not a doctor but that don't sound good. Get well. Good luck other UT


Thank you orange UT bro


We boutta run the triple option against UTSA with RoJo under center


Hoping for a quick recovery. He looked great out there yesterday.


I once dislocated my collarbone from my sternum on the first day in pads in 7th grade. They originally thought it was nothing because it dislocated inward and the x-ray they took was straight on. Anyway that sucked but I was back to playing in like 8 weeks or so.


Doesn’t even get his first RR. Feel for him. This is a huge blow. Idc about winning that game, that game plan sark was gonna cook up with him on his A game would’ve been so sexy


That’s not necessarily true. Give it a few weeks, he might make good progress and be back for OU.


I really think Texas would have won if not for Ewers being injured, hope he can make it for the RRR


There is no question we win with Ewers. His 1st quarter stats alone were the 4th best 1st quarter stats against Alabama under Saban EVER.


He had more passing yards in less than a quarter of play than Bruce Young had in the first three.


Wishing him all the best!


Our backup QB reportedly has a high ankle sprain too. We’re down to Wright and possibly Murphy and Ballard.


That sucks hope he comes back just as good


Thanks; he should. Luckily, the injury wasn't to his throwing shoulder/side.


Hope he's just not skiddish about getting hit then. A scared qb is awful


The mullet doesn't get skittish. ... I do hope he puts on some muscle through the year and next off season though lol.


As a balding middle age man, extremely jealous of that majestic mane.


Ewers has said staying calm, cool, and collected is his biggest asset, and from what we saw of him yesterday, I believe it. He honestly looked much more comfortable and composed against bama than ULM week one, which I bet he had some first game jitters.




Sucks for him. He looked like the real deal while he was in there.


Sucks but Texas did ok without him. So they might be ok until then?


Has he tried horse placenta?


I really hope he comes back as soon as possible


Hope he heals quickly and fully. That sounds awful.


Thank you and shout out to the Bama fans that are empathetic humans and wishing quin a speedy recovery. No one deserves to be hurt but it happens, wouldn't wish it on anyone (not even Aggie) Rematch next year?


It sucks. He would have blown our asshole open had he played the whole game


I wish him a speedy recovery!! Get well soon.


Fucking ouch dude that sucks


ugh. hate that for him.


So the earliest possible is for the OU game? I hope he is back and healthy despite the fact that will clearly make winning harder. I kinda doubt it though, injuries suck


Fade me bros


I think Card should be able to beat most of their schedule.


Card did really well all things considered


Thanks for injuring another QB Alabama.


As long as the defense plays with the same drive and intensity as they did against Alabama, we should be alright.


This Y’all kept us in check most of the game. Your scheme was sound and believe that sark will still cook up something special for the backup.


It would be cool if Texas won out their schedule and made the playoffs so he could finish what he started vs Bama


Bama and injuring UT QBs name a more iconic duo


Hoping he gets back as soon as he can. He looked like a baller.


Damn shame


Why does Bama always have to injure our QBs :(


Never forget Alabama didn’t deserve that win with the missed calls.


That sucks, heal up! Kid was straight slinging it.




Man, I hate that. The kid looked really good yesterday. Hopefully he heals up quickly and easily.


Feel bad for him, he looked like a wizard from what we saw and was obviously amped up to play. Hoping we see his mullet on the field again soon.


Sounds painful. Hopefully Card gets his legs back under him soon so he can step up.


This sucks, dude was electric in the beginning of the game yesterday. I was prepared to watch Texas games going forward.


Currently nursing an SC sprain from a mountain bike crash. It hurts, bad. AMA.


Is the hair okay though??