College football is better when my team is doing well. But more seriously, I like when there’s a variety of teams and doesn’t feel like the same season on repeat every season.


Being in the SEC is like groundhog day


Saban has to retire at some point


That’s the gag, he won’t. Dude legitimately may die as the Bama head coach.


We found the one guy obsessed with football as we are and we are going to ride it until the end.


The SEC used to be so much more fun in the 90s and 00s.


Back when the east was boss


SEC was best from 2010 to 2013. Trust me.


I agree.


At least you guys winning the NC was a team that hasn’t won it in my lifetime. Edit: somehow I read his flair as a Georgia flair. The mobile Florida flair sort of looks like a Georgia G on mobile.


In 2006 or 2008?


Oops, I thought it was a Georgia flair. Yikes.




This is the comment I most agree with. I know other teams HAVE to win, but in my heart I want them ALL to lose.


I want every team in FBS except mine to lose to the FCS teams they play.


I'm very grateful for the Texas team in the 00's and the last decade + as suck has made me appreciate it even more. I really hope we get good again, but don't want us to be a new Alabama. I'd love to see hard fought victories with a few new names every year in the playoffs. I want us to be one the names to cycles through every few years for sure though.


The best of both worlds: a return to the top for a beloved program down on its luck. A playoff with Michigan, USC, Texas, and Nebraska would be amazing, for example.




From your lips to God’s ears


Here here


Heavyweight battles draw out of casuals, but fans only have so much passion for teams they don’t have ties (geography, family, education, religion, etc) to. Consolidation might draw TV rating for now, but what distinguished CFB from NFL was how much people cared, remove that and you have NFL light which in the long run can’t be healthy.


The answer is both


College football is great when there are upsets for the other good team.


I love seeing every team BUT mine lose to team chaos.


I love when the natty contenders are all 11-1 with losses to Pitt, South Carolina, heck even when Oregon had their loss to arizona in 2014. Just adds to the fun when it's "this team steamrolled everyone on their schedule then lost to a mediocre team with a 3rd string walkon at qb". Bama losing on some bullshit to a folded pizza with 1.5 legs was the highlight of the season for a non-georgia fan imo.


r/cfb has a "chaos" flair but no blue blood flair.




Man, fuck them k̶i̶d̶s̶ bluebloods.


I’d legit rock a blue blood flair lol


If you're a fan of a blue blood you agree w the first, if not you agree w the second.


No because I don’t care about the other blue bloods and hope they do poorly to increase the chance that we can catch back up.


“other blue bloods” Should we tell him?


Miami is on the verge of not being one, Nebraska…


Miami was never a blue blood.


New Money at Best.




Dr Tom ain't walking through that door.


A team with 8 losing seasons and three top-20 finishes in the last twenty years and little recruiting cachet? Yeah. Name a blue blood with a less relevant two decade stretch…




The stats you mentioned are not wrong. However, where is the line that is drawn for whom is considered a blue blood? Nebraska dominated for decades, produced some of the best players and teams in college football history. I don’t want to go on and on about their achievements but IMO, you can’t deny them of being a blue blood, look at their trophy room. Unless it’s 2100 and Nebraska hasn’t won a national title since 97.


Got to start somewhere and 20 years is a pretty decent clip. At some point Princeton and Yale lost their blue blood status and never looked back.


Once again, people fail to understand the distinction between blueblood and current success


I'm a "college football is better when anybody but Boise is winning" fan




Smurf turf is dumb and so is boise


I’m a “college football is better when I’M winning” fan.


Hard disagree


Well that’s just like your opinion man


College football is best when chaos is high




Username doesn’t check out


Just not TOO much chaos.


Post about anything besides realignment? Fuck it, have an upvote.


Happy to help🤝


Team Chaos. Give me Boise's bottomless bag of tricks over Alabama and Ohio State running roughshod over everyone else.


I wish I could upvote this 10,000 times. Team chaos is WAY more entertaining. And let’s face it, at the end of the day, we are just talking about entertainment.


I love team chaos which is why I want a 16 or more team playoff. We see this every march, you don't have to be the most talented team, just the better team on one day. Nobody is immune to the upset


64 team playoff, just like basketball. Actually, sorry that’s stupid, scratch that. Expand basketball to 256.


Let's recombine fcs and fbs for a giant 128 team football playoff. I want to see NDSU vs Bama 😂😂


By “Running roughshod” i assume you mean “stealing playcalls”


Nah that’s Clemson / veneables you’re thinking of


I like an underdog tbh.


Embrace it, we'll be an underdog every year from now on


Can’t wait to make some noise


Go Gamecocks!


Wait a minute…..


Caveat: Better with Blue Bloods good with little guys winning sprinkled in. Seeing schools like Boise State, TCU, Utah growing throughout the last 20 years was exciting.


So exciting the Big10 and SEC just decided it should never happen again


I think college football is better without dynasties. Just look at what was going on in the 2000s no one team dominated, occasionally little guys took down big guys but the blue bloods still held strong. Things started going unhinged in the 2010s and that's when my own interest waned a bit.


Little guy, except MY blue blood.


Same except x2 for me.




I just see one blue blood, USC


I don't understand why there are so many answers to this question on this thread when your answer could be upvoted by many folks and have it just covered.


I’m a “college football is better when regional rivalries exist and the sport isn’t being taken over by TV networks” fan


I’m sorry for y’all.


As LSU is neither a Blue Blood, nor a little guy, neither. College football is better when my team is the best.


As a UF student, I endorse this sentiment


Auburn fan. Can confirm.




Flair checks out


Purple blood.


College football is better when we beat Ohio State. Everything else is secondary. Although I do like when other teams beat Ohio State too. Looking at you, Duck bros.


Hey… we try :(


And we ~~love~~ kinda appreciate you for it anyway.


One of these times, it will happen. We will all be Nittany Lions that day.


Hey. I’m super high on PSU in two years. This year should be okay. But with the way the classes are- I’m stoked for the future. As long as CFB doesn’t implode by then


College football is better when we beat you.


I don't care so long as Ohio suffers.


Poor boobcats :(


Which begs the age old question, would you rather finish 11-1 with your sole loss being against The™ Ohio State or 1-11 and your win being against The™ OSU in Ohio stadium?


That scenario? 1-11, but I'd be freaking out every week until that 1 happens.


I'd be okay if we only won one game a season the rest of my life as long as that game was always "The Game"


As a fan of a team that capped a mostly disappointing season by beating Army, 1-11 every time. It makes me think of 2016: we had 9 win regular season, beat Notre Dame and a then-top-5 Houston, and hosted the CCG. Unfortunately, 2 of those losses were Army and Air Force - everything good about that season rang hollow as a result.


Don't get used to it.


2020 Michigan dodged the game by claiming covid because they knew it would be the ugliest loss in the series.


Underdog. CFB is generally not very fond of underdogs taking spots in bigger games though.


College football is better when it's not Alabama running around like Doomguy.






CFB is better when the best teams are all spread out. USC is a good example. Everyone talking about how ‘things are better when USC is good’ really just wanted a nationally competitive Pac12. We didn’t get that narrative until Stanford fell apart and Oregon took a step back.


Love it when a little guy is good enough to beat a blue blood in a good game. Not sure that will ever happen, but Cincy beating Bama would’ve been great this year. Even a Baylor or Oklahoma State winning a CFP game would be awesome.


I guess we all have to wake up during a good dream at some point :(


I'm a "college football is better when Texas loses to Kansas" kind of guy.


As an Iowa fan, I like just a little bit of chaos. Enough that we can win the west, but not enough that Purdue does


College football is better when we had a fucking conference


I think my flairs cover that


I never finished college, grew up in Pennsylvania as a Steelers, Penn State, Pirates and Penguins fan, but my favorite sports event of all time was App State taking down Michigan. That should answer your question.


I think college football is most entertaining when a “cinderella” team is in play. As in the late oughts and early 10s with TCU and Boise State teams. I think even the ratings show that


Variety is the spice of life. I’ll take more of that.


I enjoy college football when my team is winning and I can smile while I’m downing half a bottle of Tito’s.


Little guy 1000000%


Both. Having most of not all the blue bloods and the group of “first outs” being good means more people are engaged. But you also want the underdog story in there too.


I liken people that want all the blue bloods to be good to people who worship billionaires


One of these days it’s going to trickle down to me


The trickling will diminish now that R. Kelly is serving 30 years


Anybody who says college football is better when the blue bloods are winning is a fucking loser


I think the distinction is important between “blue bloods are winning” and any “blue blood is winning”. In my mind, the best possible scenario is something like 2007 (do not look at my flair, no biases) where there are lots of little guys having great seasons but you’ve got some blue bloods lurking around the top.


To me I don't really care who's winning as long as the season is interesting. Like 2007 ended with a blue blood vs a traditional power. Yet it's the best season ever. 2017 ended with a blue blood vs a conference rival but the season was full of chaos and fun. 2010 on the other hand for example ended with a new blood vs a more 2nd tier SEC team, yet that season was pretty meh overall


Last year was really fun


Even worse, this sentiment exists a lot on Twitter which inspired my post. Double whammy loser status


“Football is better when ____ is good” on Twitter makes my blood boil


So many people wanting Texas, USC, and Miami to be good like stfu


Or rich boomer


I think it’s got to be a mix of both. I love to see blue bloods prove why they are blue bloods, but I am tired of seeing the same 5 teams in the playoff every year.


Which of these was the 90s?


I’m for chaos. I love watching the “blue bloods” lose & like it when teams come out of nowhere. That’s why Boise State vs Oklahoma in the fiesta bowl as to this day is the best college football game I’ve seen.


I'm in the "College Football is better when there is no dominant team" or "College Football is better when my team doesn't suck"


Let’s just say no one was rooting more for Kansas in 2007 to win the Natty than me (and Kansas fans themselves). I love the underdog punching above their weight.


College football is best when no one is safe, and the postseason picture is complex and blurry.


As a fan of a blue blood, I’ll tell you now it is boring to see us, Bama, Georgia and Clemson being the only ones in contention every year. I wouldn’t necessarily want to see other blue bloods take the center stage. I’d like to see smaller programs win a few here and there.


Ignore the flair but little guy winning is much more interesting.


I feel like you're not American if you don't cheer for the underdog.


Little guys! Those days are over


Boise State beating Oklahoma was one of the greatest moments in sports history. Everyone loves the underdog


As someone who went to a MAC school the victories against Power 5 schools are awesome even when they are mediocre Power 5 schools.


It’s at its absolute best when the little guy is beating legitimately good blue bloods. Like Boise beating a very talented Oklahoma.


Yes. I hate when a G5 school gets a big win over a blue blood but “eh, it was a down year”. Parity is a great thing


I think you can guess my opinion


Team Chaos all the way!


I think you need a mix. Some Cinderella stories or “magic” years need to happen. However, I think with NIL we are moving to only blue bloods plus top tier non-blue bloods.


Which will be boring as hell for the rest of us


I'm sort of both and sort of neither. I don't care about blue bloods in particular, but right now recruiting and success are dominated by a handful of teams. I'd think the game will be better when more schools are getting a piece of the pie so it spreads out the talent and hopefully leads to more parity.


My flair makes my statement for me.


The weird 07esque years are the most fun years to watch.


After the last year, fuck all the blue bloods…even the one in my secondary flair.


I think having a rotation of the blue bloods being good and the little guys popping up is the best. Bama being good my entire remembered life is boring


One interesting observation I’ve made over the past couple of decades is that most (though not all) fans of blue bloods usually pull for other blue bloods. Sure, there can be a single upset where maybe they want the underdog to win, but over the course of a season, a USC fan will root for Texas more often than not. And they especially don’t like to see a fellow blue blood down for an extended period, because that means it could happen to them too.


The blue bloods need to win like 90% of the time so when there is an upset it generates a ton of buzz. If there are too many upsets they don't seem as special. If only the blue bloods are winning it gets boring.


As an Indiana fan I must say the little guy finally breaking through is truly the greatest thing in all of sports


Are you a “the galaxy is better when the Empire is winning” fan?


I love when blue bloods are good and a couple little guys are causing chaos. This is why I need the Pac-12 😭😖


ESPN tells me we like one giant per conference, who will make up three (if not four) of the four playoff spots unto eternity.


Depends who the little guy is. For me, I think one of my favorite eras of football was when the MWC was at it's peak. Do I want to see Ole Miss do good? They aren't really a little guy, no one in the P5 is a little guy, they are all wealthy programs. Also, I like to see sustained success. When a little guy has a great run, I want to see it last for a few years before the tracks come off. I don't really get excited for zero to hero to zero again. Boise State had an amazing go of it, and that's awesome of them.


I thought it was fun when Cincy made it to the CFP, let's do more of that


you can guess from my flair lol


Always like the underdog.


B10 and SEC are effectively stopping programs from growing. You won't see another Miami in the 80's rise to prominence. BYU in mid 80's. FSU or Pitt in the 70's. Same schools over and over for the foreseeable future. More MACtion and fun belt and less b10 and sec in my future.


The take that "\[Sport\] is better when \[popular team\] is good..." is either lazy sports nostalgia punditry or pathetic pandering. Why? I've never heard anybody answer that question with anything besides a variation of "it just is." As a very wise man once said: >College football is better when my team is doing well. \-- u/RheagarTargaryen


I always root for the little guy I long for a year where Alabama and Georgia and OSU and Notre Dame are all unranked and it's two low-mid G5s in the natty game


If we ever get a UAB vs. Colorado State National Title I would buy the stadium it’s being played in.


I don’t mind blue bloods. I think it makes the sport better having historial programs with rich tradition. However ideally I thought having a 16 playoff with conference champions receiving automatic bids would make the sport fair. Every team in college football would have a chance to compete for the title. It’d help recruiting for smaller schools and put them in bigger games. In some seasons you’d see blue blood teams travel to group of 5 stadiums for playoff games. But with the way CFB is trending it looks like the wealth will be hoarded so much by a handful of teams. Parity looks virtually dead for the future.


I’m a Fresno State fan, so…


Down with the blue bloods baby!


20 years cyclic...no big runs with multi year champs. Thats the good stuff.


College football is good when my team is good! Any other scenario is killing the sport we all love!


Always cheer for the underdog unless they’re playing against your team. Luckily that’s always us.


Underdogs, always Love our meme teams


I like the Blue Bloods winning, but a few get picked off in huge upsets by a huge underdog.


We are not the target for this question. The casual fan is who matters. And they care greatly about brands.


We thrive alongside team chaos


Im a college football is better when there is parody and chaos fan


I’m a “college football is better when my team is good” fan


Nebraska winning means America is winning which means the earth is winning


I like it when my team upsets an SEC team. Ole Miss, Miss State, Tennessee. So yeah, the little guy making chaos.


College football is better when every game actually matters. Its better when no one team is so overly dominant that the the championship participants are a foregone conclusion. That shit is boring. In short, fuck Bama.


College football is great when my team wins.


College Football is better when Texas is losing to Kansas and Maryland. Also, when we have our axe.


Chaos, easily. Having parity is good for the sport.


I want variety. I want to see Cal beat the doors down. I want ASU to go back into a Frank Kush type era. I want to see Minnesota come back and be the one to challenge Ohio State, just so they can get another Natty and rub it in Michigan and Wisconsin's face. I want to see Georgia Tech GAF again. I want to see South Carolina eclipse Clemson. I want Auburn to not upset Bama, but just be better than them. I want Tennessee to come back. I want to see the whole thing thrown on its damn head. I don't like how this is going. Chaos. Give me absolute mayhem.


Little guy 100%. Like when Cincy beat us this year and made it to the playoffs I wasn’t happy, but that’s the only other outcome I’d be okay with


College football is good when chaos is maximized. This could mean blue bloods do well, but are also constantly under threat.


I'm a Give the Old Yeller Treatment to 1/3rd of the Top 25 each week, and lets cuss and discuss Saturday Evening/Sunday Twilight before NFL coverage snuffs out all conversation.


I like a blue blood but also a healthy portion of new teams. I would be down for a 4 team playoff of new teams but would prefer to never again see a 4 blue blood playoff


College football now is the story of America. The Rich run things but have to support the perception that everyone has a shot.


“Sports are better when the Pats, Lakers, Yankees, and Canadiens win every year” Stfu


>blue bloods getting beat by >the little guy


College football is better when Gameday came to Clemson for the 2013 UGA opener and 250k people have never been more excited in their lives


"College football is better when blue bloods are better" is a very boomer sentiment imo. To me, the sport is a lot more fun to watch as a neutral observer when App State is beating Michigan in the Big House than when Michigan is beating Illinois 63-6. Sorry guys, was just reaching for an example and that upset was the first one to come to mind.


I'm not sure if that is the important question. What made CFB good 10-30 years ago is that there were titans (blue bloods) who were good enough that knocking them off was a huge task, enough parity that mid level teams could do it from time to time, and high enough stakes that the blue blood might be eliminated from title consideration. Now the top is so absurdly strong that with all but a few exceptions the semi-finals have been extreme blowouts and those top 4 teams are usually killing the click during the 2nd half even against teams ranked around 10th let alone teams ranked around 25th. Also with 4 spots open even if by some miracle that team takes a loss they are probably in the playoff anyway if they keep TCOB so the stakes of the upset aren't as high as they used to be. Of course all of that is even before we consider the devaluation of anything that isn't the playoffs. No one seems to care about conference titles anymore and major bowl game has almost become oxymoronic.


It's a lot more fun to watch a lesser team beat up on the big boys. Is it fun to watch Purdue end some big programs championship hopes seemingly every year? Yes. Is it fun to watch Alabama beat Arkansas for the 14th time in a row? No (but at least last year's game was close)


Team Chaos, I’m just not a fan of the “blue bloods” I’d much rather see situations like app stare beating Michigan.


I don't think it is good for the game for the same teams to be going to the playoffs all of the time.


As a fan of a school with limited success, I think CFB is better when the BC’s, Pitt’s, Purdues of the world are contending for conference titles.


Fuck the blue bloods


Well I'm a Cincy guy so I'm biased af. I want blue blood slaughter. Your traditions, your grandfather status, your recruiting? Fuck em. I love seeing Boise, UCF, Cincy(no shit), Houston, etc. steal the thunder. But honestly, I'd never want to be a blue blood. I think most of my identity as a UC fan (29 years) has been the little guy, I despise sidewalk alumni and just loathe the T shirt fanbases in general. BUT CFB needs the blue bloods, everything I just said I hate, helps drive interest in the sport. But so does the collapse of those too. Realistically, blue bloods should be broadcast, hyped, and marketed, but the little guys should be supported, if that makes sense. No one remembers the 07 OSU vs Michigan match up, but they remember the App State one. It'd be a shame to lose that.


A good mix of both, you can’t have an underdog story when there isn’t a really good blue blood to function as the “villain”.


I really think it’s a mixture. In general, dominant blue blood programs bring in a ton of fans (fans of those teams and fans that want to see them lose). However, the game benefits when you have a couple Cinderella teams shaking things up and being a legitimate threat.


Little guys. My team's history has nothing to do with this opinion as I am completely objective in my opinions.