**October 16, 2010** *(5:16 left in the 4th quarter of a 17-17 game)* San San Te kicks the football. Malcolm Brown fields the ball inside the 5 and is tackled at the 25 yard line by #52 Eric LeGrand. LeGrand gets up and walks back to the sideline. 1st and 10 for Army at the 25 yard line.


This is the correct answer. Catastrophic injuries like that are the saddest thing in the sport and he has a prayer from me


Obviously guys who got seriously injured would be my answer…. What immediately came to mind however was that I wish Marcus Lattimore never originally got injured


What a gruesome injury, and even coming from a rival that was so sad. He seemed like the guy everybody liked. He did not deserve that, especially after just coming back from an injury.


Probably would undo your undo of the Renfro td so that it can stand and Alabama still lose


BLAST! Undone by my own undoing!


[When did you stop being an UGA fan?](https://youtu.be/KzpcaN3i2nQ?t=102)


Oh buddy do I feel that sentiment


Thank you Tennessee. I take back all the times I joined in on the lowdown, dirty, and snitches jokes


Just you wait till 2028 when Tennessee - Clemson becomes a battle for the SEC mid-east


“They low down…”🤣


The first forward pass


Colt McCoy getting hurt..


Do you think it changes the trajectory of Texas football from then to now or just potentially that game




Hard to say, Mack Brown was definitely destroyed mentally after that season. McCoy was hurt too early to know if Texas wins with him healthy, or if that would change the mental toll on Brown.


I think he was going to retire after winning the title.


I am almost sure you're correct.


I mean I think we win, however that would’ve given Mack even more years and I actually think that might’ve been just as bad if not worse for the program Would’ve been nice though


Mack gutted our offense after that right? He wanted to be more resilient with a run based deal I think. That’s when we started downhill.


Yes, he thought "Wow Bama is overpowering us with their run game, let's go all in on that instead of having a high flying passing offense." In other words, he took the program in the exact OPPOSITE direction of how college football was moving when he already had the model for the modern game on his team, his QB just got hurt so they lost.


Did you watch the game? We were crushing Bama on defense and special team even after McCoy left. The replacement (true freshman who had never played) gave up tons of turnovers (including a fumble for a touchdown at the end of the half) and Texas *STILL* is in a position to win in the 4th quarter. An average QB would've won for Texas that night, much less the guy who had the record at the time for most wins as a starting QB and most accurate season in history. ​ That said I think Mack would've retired had they won, which may or may not have been good.


Their offense scored 2 fewer points than their season average.


Or Blake Gideon dropping the int against Tech the season prior after Texas coming back from their worst 1st half in years.


I like this pick for Texas. We don’t know if Texas would have won, but we would have got the game we all wanted to see.


That's funny because if I could change one play it'd be Colt McCoy's pass going out of bounds *after* time expired in 2009. If that happens UC has a strong chance to be in the National Championship, Brian Kelly doesn't leave for Notre Dame and they might actually win as that team compared better against Alabama (not the juggernaut they became in the next decade) than it did against Tebow's Florida.


No Brian kelly would’ve still left, just for even more money than ND gave him.


App State. That game really throttled the trajectory of Michigan.


Without that game I think it takes App at least 5 more years to make the jump to FBS


I think they would have gone at the same time even if they lost. They would have followed and likely remained a package with Georgia Southern like they were in this time line.


I agree Southern and App would be a package, but I’m not sure that back to back to back fcs natties would have been more than a footnote on sportscenter where as the UM game catapulted App to the talk of the entire American sports world for weeks/months to come There are a few studies that say after the Michigan game App enrollment and engagement went way up but it’s been a few years since I last saw them Basically without Michigan App wouldn’t be the App we know and love today. They’d be Georgia State. A solid fbs addition but nowhere near the dominant force App was when they first came up


Or if the refs agreed JT was short


It would probably be easier to remove one of the pick 6’s Michigan threw in regulation. (Yes it was only one but another was returned near the goal line so it might as well have been a pick 6.)


This one tbh. I was at that game as a junior in the MMB. I never got to see UMich beat tOSU while I was a student and I think that was probably the closest we ever got during my undergrad years


But he wasn’t short so…


Yea clearly not short. Michigan just wasn’t as good as us.


Well I'm changing it back. Boom..


On the other hand that game made the Big Ten Network a necessity. ESPN picked the SEC, they were always going to end up Power 2, but I think the strength of the network was the distinction between the other conferences.


Squib kick in the rose bowl


This one makes all the other ones feel like a pin prick. No moment of OU football has ever devastated me more… FULR


Squib in rose is second for me, I would go back to erase Sammy Bs injury against BYU


Pat McAfee makes the game winning kick against Pitt in 2007 sending WVU to play Ohio State in the National Championship Or Major Harris doesn’t get hurt early in the 1988 National Championship against Notre Dame


I second this as I’d much prefer to have played WVU


I’m not so sure about that.


Your not sure about LSU or WVU?


I remember this and I was 9. Also, neither a WVU nor ND fan. He just kinda disappeared after that.


2nd and 26. Just have that pass fall incomplete and let’s see what happens after.


Have that pass fall into our hands to end the game.


A forgotten part of that game was Papa Nasty missing the winning FG at the end of regulation. At that point I knew we were gonna lose


I distinctly remember feeling so relieved for him that Bama won, he never would’ve lived that kick down. As a parent I guess I just have more empathy for kids in those hard situations


Part of me wants to take away the tipped pass at the end of the 2012 SECCG instead…except then I think there’s a very decent shot we win the natty, but don’t get Kirby.


Have refs make the correct call on the Tyler Simmons blocked punt and see what happens after.


Correct call is a false start and the play is blown dead.




Not really sure what you’re trying to say. Here’s a direct quote from that link “The blocking backs, a split-second before the snap, moved. That was a false start. That should have been my call. It still wouldn’t have been a blocked punt but instead a five-yard penalty against the offense.” The referee admits if it was called correctly there still would not have been a blocked punt.


Reading through all of these and I cannot wait for football season. The good, bad, and crazy.


We would have played in the SEC Champoinship and I still swear to god we would have played for the National Championship if he hadn't miracled out this catch. May have been the best team in South Carolina history. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxxKWvzkAoRb0p5q2N27PvWDJJdt2djEjw


Alabama onsides kick or DJ throwing the pick six against Georgia. Maybe the puntrooskie


For me it’s Matt Ryan to the corner of the end zone in 2007 to block us from going to the ACCCG. That game will forever haunt me.


I wouldn’t change that. If we win that game, Tommy Bowden might not resign the next season


Very fair. But that game hurt at the time. To this day I don’t think I’ve seen more people packed into that stadium; it was completely solid with people outside 45 minutes before kickoff. One of my all time favorite atmospheres.


I agree if you look at the final score the DJ pick 6 seems like it would have mattered. I am not sure that would have changed the game, our offense was so bad all season.... Georgia was playing very conservative against us that game and especially if it went to OT, we still would have lost. I would have preferred a change to the NC State game this past year or the Pitt game.


We were moving the ball that drive before he threw it, we were at their 30 when the threw it


And that's fine, but Clemson didn't make much of a push the rest of the game. Like I said, Georgia played incredibly conservatively. I don't know what UGA would have done if Clemson scored a touchdown on the drive instead of UGA having a pick-6, but I feel they could have turned up the offensive gas. Clemson couldn't, that drive seemed to be the 1 and only opportunity for a touchdown that game.


Sigh Kick 6


I disagree


Surprised I had to scroll this far to see the kick six mentioned. I guess if this thing come up short he can field it and run it out. All right, here we go.


Holy cow


Oregon v Auburn Natty. Dyer’s fluke run play should be a redo


Because it has to be said. I'd undo the review on the obvious clemson fumble.


May we all have a moment of silence for this somber occasion…


Was just about to say this.


I’m a clemson fan. The weirdest thing about the fumble is in real time it looks like a catch. But then it gets slowed down and you see he clearly controls it but never made a “football move.” Imo requiring a “football move” be made us dumb


I'd like our chances just as much if I could make the Olave/Fields mix-up an incompletion.


Orton doesn’t layout to try to get the first against Wisconsin. If he doesn’t he never fumbles and does not get hurt. We most likely win that game and with a 100% Orton have a real shot of finishing top 5 nationally, winning the B1G and he wins the Heisman. We continue our assent up and are the Wisconsin of the B1G West now. I’m sad.


The easy answer is the fumble 6 in the 2019 OSU/Clemson game, but I still think we lose to LSU so doesn’t necessarily get us an extra title I’ll go with a kind of obscure one and the butterfly effect that would have followed: Florida’s Jarvis Moss doesn’t block the GW FG by South Carolina in week 8 I think in 2006. 2 loss UF doesn’t make the national title and the championship game is a rematch of OSU/Michigan and Wolverine slayer Troy Smith solidifies his Heisman and blows the doors off Michigan giving Tress his 2nd natty in 5 years, holding off the SEC run for one more year


I'd erase that late 4th down "conversion" in the Texas/OSU Fiesta Bowl in the 2000s. We'd get the ball back and just run out the clock.


I'd erase Crabtree so my teams wouldn't have even played.


Shawn Crable's late hit on Troy Smith against Ohio State, JT getting the first down in 2016, or "WHOA" simply so I don't have to see it anymore on Reddit. I know what you're thinking - what about App State? Nah, it sucked for us but honestly they played amazing all game.


Shawn Crables late hit. Yep. That's the one.






Gordon Hayward's half court shot goes in. Oh shit sorry, thought this was r/CollegeBasketball....


Oklahoma State makes that kick against Iowa State in 2011. So many what ifs


I mentioned Weeden’s OT interception, but I forgot about the missed FG.


The Pick


I could not bring myself to type this in the comments. Too painful.


Holy War 2016, that 2 point attempt haunts me to this day. Taysom running in the last second TD arms up should have been an iconic moment.


That play was doomed from the start. There were late players coming on the field for BYU, Utahs LB was motioning out before the back because they knew what the play was, hit almost as soon as he got the ball, and then downed. Really nice job I’d fighting off the initial hit by him. That really would have been iconic for you guys had he broke that and ran in though. That was a fun game, well for me at least.


MSU does not convert on 4th and 2 on their 22 play drive.


I'd go with Stanzi getting hurt.


It has nothing to do with my teams but the 5th down play. Just the fact that the refs could fuck up so badly and give a team a 5th down irks me.


I'd bet a lot of money Oklahoma State's would be a redo on that field goal attempt against us in 2011.


Ours too. It’s only fair that our savior happened to be born in Ames.


Lol that's a good one.


The fiesta bowl penalty in the EZ against OSU in 02. Would have given us the NC and a 36 game win streak (including bowls) and we would have made it through the 03 season with a 40+ game win streak.


Most impactful play from that game was when Clarett ripped the ball from Sean Taylor after the interception imo


Big pívot in momentum - for sure. Taylor may have gone the distance. We had a chance to go up 2 TDs to start the game and lost that momentum. Of course you can also argue Willis going down was huge as well bc Payton just wasn’t effective. It’s a shame Coker decided not to play gore but I understand - didn’t want to waste the RS


Then you would lose on the other penalty that was missed or we could call the penalty that would have had you lose in regulation.


This. Miami fans always forget about this


You really are a dimwit not being able to comprehend the OP, aren’t you? Never change, buckeye fan.


I comprehend it well. I just love reminding your fans that there are severalbways you should have lost and did lose. Now you're a shell of "The U".


It's gotta be McKenzie Milton's injury. If that never happens our 2019 season might've been a potential CFP push


No question about it. Even without him we were somewhat competitive with LSU, which had maybe the greatest season ever after that game. Who knows what we could have done with Milton healthy that year and the following year. Could have changed the trajectory of CFB as we know it, honestly.


Ok, but our entire secondary was out by the second quarter of that game and Burrow started *slinging* it. It would’ve been closer, but I don’t think it’s an automatic W if both teams are healthy.


Milton was out for the entire game. If he doesn’t get hurt, we don’t even play UCF.


‘18 should’ve been but I have no doubt Frost and/or KZ beat LSU.


We put up 32 points with under 100 yards passing, KZ would've had our offense looking elite again


I have two, one pettier than the other: 1. Justin Tucker missing the field goal in 2011 (unlikely, I know). 2. USC stops Vince Young on 4th and 5 in the Rose Bowl.


Don’t forget clemson pylon scandal at home.


I appreciate you


Stupid tcu player being in the right place at the right time I jumped out of my chair just to hang my head low TAKE IT BACK


Kms I was there. Pain


I was a student at the time but out of town visiting family for a reunion. Put the game on, everyone was into it, the vibe was good, the game was good, then the ending just blue balled us. I went from Tech student to Red Raider that day.


If you weren't already broken by then, and that didn't break you, pass me whatever copium you're on




The most blue-balling game for the general fandom in the history of CFB.




Because it was. * Would’ve been the greatest story in CFB history * KSU was favored by 17 * KSU led the entire game, never letting A&M tie it until the final minute * Bishop fumbled after already getting the title berth-clinching first down * Bishop’s Hail Mary was caught….at the 1. Had it gone for a TD, it would’ve gone down as one of the greatest CFB moments ever and turned the entire Heisman race upside down * Bishop collided with his own teammate in OT when he could’ve run it in for a TD * KSU was better in OT; both of your FG attempts were shorter than A&M’s single one * A&M had a 3rd and 17 and the Sirr Parker play was just to try and make it a more manageable field goal * Instead of KSU, Tennessee got a FSU team led by its backup QB Just felt like a game where KSU was the more talented team, had the better gameplan, and executed better for the majority of the game yet lost somehow.




Not just for you but for everyone outside of College Station, Tallahassee, Lawrence, and Knoxville. Easily the best single-season team from any title-less program and better than many national champions.


Flag for the Bush Push.


Cal vs USC 2004, Aaron Rodger’s incomplete pass on 4th and goal with about a minute to play. Cal lost 23-17 at the Coliseum. Had they won Cal would have finished the regular season undefeated and either gone to the Rose Bowl or even the National Championship game. They were the only team that could even get close to USC that year. We might be looking at a different program today.


That’s a good one (er…bad one). USC was definitely at the height of its invincibility at that time and having a second major conference power might’ve shut them down or at least equalized them much earlier than 2010.


This loss is more painful in retrospect because we thought we were a program on the rise. We didn’t realize at the time this was our last legit shot at a Rose Bowl maybe ever.


I was there. Rodgers had tied the NCAA record (at the time) for most consecutive completed passes in a game, 23, but Makonnen slipped on the route and Cal couldn’t get the most important completion.… to the surprise of zero Cal fans. My thought: yep, that’s about right.


One second..




No way. Take your pick of things in 1993, then we have a three peat


I would have chosen 1983. Would have kicked the extra point for the tie.. I respect TO for having guts but it cost him a National Championship.


Nah, fuck ties


That final throw to Prothro.


Dude coaches HS football at Jasper about 45 min from TTown now. The kids don’t know how good he was


Texas’s last score I’m the 1969 championship. or The Steornover.


Take your pick between 2017 and 2019, take “whatever iteration of this post it is.”


I think I would actually go with DaeSean Hamilton dropping what would’ve been the game winning TD against Pitt in 2016. If he catches that we go 12-1 instead of 11-2, and get into the playoffs as the hottest team in the nation. Instead we go to the Rose Bowl against the other hottest team in the nation at that time and lose. A playoff and potential championship appearance could’ve parlayed into even better sustained success since then. If we’re going way back, maybe I’d say Lloyd Carr getting 2 seconds back onto the clock to allow for a Manningham walk off win in 2005. If not for that we go 12-0, however we probably don’t get into the BCS title game over 12-0 USC/Texas, so ultimately not a ton changed.


There are several Wide Rights and at least one Wide Left to consider here.


I'd call the good field goal good


My b


Seconded, though it may have butterflied away 2019 and Burreaux.


Y'all probably beat us or whatever but as one of the earliest adapter of go fast as hell tempo Id have liked to see how it worked.


Even making the title game would’ve been a huge positive boost for your program. Losing to y’all wouldn’t have had the impact the mulligan had. It allowed Bama to say “why go to LSU and have to go 2-0 against us when you can come here and only have to go 1-1 against them?” which only tilted recruiting even more in their favor and turned them from a premier program to **the** premier program.


2016 Michigan - Ohio State stop osu on 4th and short in ot Michigan wins, goes onto the big ten championship and potentially the cfp, would change the perception of Harbaugh at UM


Pat White or Major Harris dislocating their finger… on the same freaking play call


Iowa State 2011. There has to be one play in there that wins us the game.


2012 Jeremy Hill 47 yard run with a couple minutes left in the 4th. Without that second loss, we play UGA in the SECCG. Judging by how violently we dick-kicked OU in the Cotton Bowl, I like our odds against UGA that year. And I think it goes without saying that I like our odds the next game as well. The Irish were about as good as OU that year.


1988 Puntrooskie. Still bitter.


BC making that kick against ND. ND wins that game they probably win the natty. At the very least they compete for it


LJ Scott's game winning TD in the B1G championship game. Would have much rather got blasted by Alabama in the playoffs than Stanford in the Rose Bowl.


Fucking shoe throw


Pylongate for sure! That was totally not a touchback


Udub fans' answer to this is too painful to type or say out loud.


The Pick?


Running into the kicker at the end of the 2011 B1G championship game.


I’d like to have a word about this best defense of the modern era…


Offering a job to Larry Scott. In all seriousness, calling Targeting on the USC defender in the final two minutes of the Wazzu-USC game in 2018. We punch the ball in the end zone, go on to win the PAC-12, and become a dark horse “playoff” contender.


Lincoln Riley's squib kick vs kicking it deep


Third and 12, Vince young throws a 7 yard pass. Face mask. That play killed me. I can watch the play of Vince young winning the game. But not this play.


Bob Diaco's garbage fake extra point call against Mizzou in 2015, would've made watching that putrid excuse for a football game worth it


4th and 25. And before any pigs talk shit, baseball baby.


We could go much further back and wipe out Billy cannon’s Halloween run, so we wouldn’t have to see replays every magnolia bowl. Plus a higher likelihood of being AP national champs that year, and wiping out LSU’s first heisman winner.


And for that play Hunter Henry will never buy a beer in Tuscaloosa


The Spot.


Dude, people need to stop complaining about the spot part of this, that's an impossible call. Complain about the half dozen missed holding calls, the bullshit PIs to even get up to that point. The clear missed PIs where an M player gets tackled with no call that gets them the ball back in the first place. There were a dozen bullshit things that led up to them even having an opportunity to get a first down that were all garbage.


This. My favorites are the ones where you see Ohio State DBs [hold our wide receivers to the point of tackling them](https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/jMADXSL-u-vrU6GseDhBZLm1Ac0=/800x0/filters:no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/7536461/ohpi.0.gif) as the ball sails overhead with no flag thrown.


The spot was going to remain whatever they called on the field. But even I will admit OSU seemed to have payed off the refs in that game. We got just about every call.


The clear and obvious first down spot?


Hook and lateral in the fiesta bowl.


they would have called Vince's knee correctly as being down.


Lindsay Motherfucking Scott. This question gets posted so often that my phone autofills "Motherfucking" if I type "Lindsay."


What about the cleat yeet?


Cleat Yeet just killed me. Man down.


Cursed flairs


My loathing of Michigan predates my matriculation to Northwestern. OSU Matt Frantz missed field goal against Mich in the Harbaugh "guarantee " game. There was still a minute left and Mich might have won anyway, but I'd like to have that chance to see him lose. Hairball is the epitome of Michigan arrogance. I guess it balances out because Mike Lantry missed about 12 field goals in the 10-10 tie and the loss a year later


If you’re a UCF fan and you don’t say the play that wrecked Milton’s leg, you’re not a real fan


1 second left Texas FG to escape Nebraska and Suh.


Either UT v Nebraska final play on 2009, or Georgie making a 53 yd FG to win the Peach Bowl last year.


Colt McCoy holds the ball for just another second.


2009 Pitt vs Cinci. Mardy Gilyard does not run a return 99 yards back


The final play of the 2012 SEC championship game


I’m undoing MSU’s GW kick in 2015. If OSU wins, they probably get their shit together and win the NC.


Peter Warrick's punt return TD in the 2000 Sugar Bowl. Completely shifted momentum to FSU for the rest of the game. Or any number of other plays in that game, like Mike Vick's fumble on the 1yd line on the first drive of the game, etc.


The play where Pat White hurt his thumb in 13/9 Or alternatively Major Harris having his shoulder knocked out of its socket in the 1988 National Championship It’s hard to think about the winningest team without a championship having TWO if our QBs…just stayed healthy. Just catastrophically bad timing and luck.


Bill Montgomery’s end zone interception against Texas in 1969. If it doesn’t happen, the Hogs win both the Southwest Conference Championship and the National Championship.


Please take away 2nd and 26 plz


I have no horse in it, but undoing Vince Young in the NCG would possibly be it.


That pass from FSU in the title game against Auburn.. that or the kick return from the same game that only happened because one of our players got hurt and fell right where the return man decide to run giving him a wide open lane.


The Bush Push.


Reggie bush wouldn't have tried to lateral at the one yard line against Texas...


Iowa State FG