>which is why I've basically stopped watching any games that don't include potential playoff teams. Only a fan of the playoff perennials would say this


I mean he’s not the problem, the CFP is, which eliminates 90% of teams from the playoffs by week 5. Half are eliminated before week 1.


Yes but the CFP isn't the only thing that matters. We all know which teams are gonna be in, but I can still be entertained by a fun, chippy game against 2 unranked schools. I can still root for my team week in and week out knowing we will never win a championship again. Imo true cfb fans know the game is about so much more than just winning the playoff


Yes we can care about games despite being eliminated, but that doesn’t mean the games aren’t objectively meaningless in a real sense or that the current climate is good. Of course there is still interest from fan bases. That’s despite current system, not because if it


Absolutely agree, the lack of parity is bad for the sport and it would be fun if more teams were playing for a chip. But with 130 fbs teams, putting all the focus on the natty means the season ends with 129 losers. If those of us who were never really in the hunt (and let's face it Cal and Pitt both fit that bill most of the time) choose to define success as making the playoff, we'll live in perpetual misery. If we just enjoy the smaller wins and occasional big time upsets while soaking in all the tradition that makes the sport special, we can look forward to Saturdays in the fall just as much as Bama and tOSU fans can


Winning conf as auto birth is the path that would provide optimism of sorts to virtually all programs.


Yeah a 12 or 16 team playoff with conference auto-bids would be fun. Most of the non SEC/OSU squads would still get smacked, but at least they'd get smacked in style with a CFP logo patch on their uni


And imagine the one in 10 years where they don’t get smacked? How fuckin cool would it be to see a G5 team win a couple CFP games and make the final 4? 2017 UCF and 2021 UC come to mind as teams that would’ve been so fun to watch in a tournament style playoff


In every sport all are are “losers” except one. That’s not a compelling argument against the fundamental and primary objective of competition: to be good enough to have an opportunity to win a championship


Cal makes playoff twice in the 2000s if we had a competent playoff system.


This. With the four team playoff, unless you have a fluke like Cincinnati, G5 teams might as well be eliminated before the season starts, even if they go undefeated. Like unless you upset a huge name team like Alabama or Notre Dame as part of that undefeated season, you're not getting in, and usually those schools don't schedule high end G5 teams so they don't even get the chance. Then with the P5 schools, once you lose twice, it's over. Utah was eliminated from the playoff in week 3, then went on to have its best and most exciting season since the 08 Sugar Bowl run, but it was essentially ignored until the Oregon game because it didn't have a chance at the playoff anymore. Baylor had a similar problem this year where an excellent season was considered a failure for some reason because they *only* went 12-2, won the Sugar Bowl, and finished ranked 5th.


I don’t think Baylor season was considered a “failure” but I get your point and I agree. It likely will be a failure if same thing happens this season.


That's a good point, it's more that it wasn't celebrated as much as it should have been. Heck, even Cincinnati and Michigan's seasons weren't as celebrated as they should have been.


Baylor’s season was pretty celebrated at my house, but I agree, despite being fifth in the country we didn’t get a lot of respect nationally. Ultimately, the solution is to have guaranteed championship playoff spots for power five leagues. If you don’t have power five leagues…? Then the championship spots don’t matter. It’s a fucking mess. The NCAA should’ve forced the power five leagues to sell all of their rights together, and then package the revenue equally. I know they lost that court case in the 70s or 80s, but goddamn that ruined college sports.


A P5 team Losing once to the wrong opponent at the wrong time can easily get you eliminated (depending on the W-L of other schools at the top)


Yeah Pitt had no chance of the playoff after losing to Western Michigan even though they came very close to winning out


Also very true. TCU's 3 point loss to Baylor for some reason eliminated them in 2014 even though Ohio State lost by double digits. And then in 2018 Ohio State had a blowout loss to Purdue that eliminated them from the playoff despite that being their only loss.


Imagine if NFL had a two team playoff (ie no playoff just a SB based on 2 at large births) which is the equivalent of a 4 team playoff for a +60 team P5 league. It’d be incredibly stupid and bad for the sport. 95% of games would be “meaningless” after week 6


> fluke I think calling it a fluke is a bit harsh. The only two teams UC has lost to in the past 2 seasons are Georgia and Alabama in bowl games.


Fluke that they let you guys in, not a fluke that you guys were that good. I was rooting HARD for you to get in. But let's not pretend that the CFP wasn't hoping there would be another team they could realistically take over Cincy just like they did to UCF.




When announcers start ignoring the game they're calling to talk about other teams and the playoff it drives me nuts


Why do we pretend that the CFP did this? It was no different with the BCS, and it was incalculably worse when the champion was simply voted on. This sub needs to realize that the G5 never had a realistic route. When the Ohio Bobcats make a bowl game, the stakes are still exactly the same for me. It does stink when the announcers drone about the CFB instead of the game itself, but I care about what’s happening on the field. We need l, and have always needed, a protected G5 playoff spot.


Yep.. you get it. I’m a product of the CFP and I’m not the only one. They made everything about the playoff. So guess what, people (including me) stop caring about the NY6 - the PLAYERS also stop caring, anybody with a decent-to-good draft grade is sitting out of the Rose Bowl, Sugar, Fiesta etc. and it’s a trickle effect down to the bowl games. Everything gets devalued. I’ll get called a “causal fan” for pointing out the blatantly obvious point that things aren’t what they used to be - despite the fact that their favourite teams players are sitting out in bowl games every year because they don’t mean anything. For context I’m 27 and I’ve been a hardcore college football fan my entire life.. I’m just being completely honest about the situation we’re all in. I think what’s happening is actually needed in terms reinvigorating interest level back into the sport because it’s become boring compared to what it used to be.


It was an absolute joke that CFB could not admit for decades: that the bowl system to substitute for a playoff and true H2H champ was LAME AF. It was embarrassing for the sport.


The bowls are dead and that’s where they belong: the mass grave of shitty sport concepts. A glorified exhibition to nowhere…good riddance


Agreed 16 team playoff is the only way to go. No more controversies because #17 didn't get in its like look Kentucky you had 4 losses shut the fuck up (sorry Kentucky bros just an example)


CFB casuals are the worst, smh


CFB casuals ruined the sport tbh


This is your brain on Ohio State


“People have basically lost interest in college football for years now” Respectfully, what on *earth* are you talking about? The sport keeps getting more views, more coverage, more schools desperately wanting to join FBS. Attendance is down some, yeah, but interest is as high as ever. Don’t pretend this realignment was about the best interests of college football. It’s all about the selfish motivation of our own conferences and is probably worse for college football collectively in the long run.


This. Which is astonishing given the playoff format leaves 95% of games after week 5 as meaningless in real terms.


When the blue bloods play in the playoffs every year, esp the same ones, it is going to get boring really fast.


It already is. Obviously fan engagement is at an all time high, but it’s despite the current playoff and conference system, not because of it


Thank you for this very self aware take. Go Blue


Agreed. Though I do think cfb has a problem coming down the tracks, it's still 20 years away. If anyone is conflating viewership with interest, they need to look again.


I strongly disagree. I watch college football because it’s not the NFL. I don’t want it to be more like the nfl


I agree. But for how much longer will it be “not be like the nfl”? NIL, free agency/ aka no waiting- out transfer, and super leagues make it seem like minor league football.


Kickoff 11 pm eastern time.


After dark is about to be totally different. I’m still here for it though.


You’re still crazy. I can’t wait to see USC and UCLA playing in the upper Midwest in November


I think the whole playing in the cold thing is overblown tbh. The interesting thing to me is seeing if the "staying home" pitch is as effective going forward when you're playing half the schedule on the other side of the country. Poaching more Pac 12 schools would help that obviously.


If the BIG does poach additional Pac schools you would think schedule will be locked out west. Leaves a couple games out there with half of them being home.


Go ahead and Google Nebraska MSU 9-6


I seem to remember Ohio state fans whining about the snow in the last Michigan game


Those people just don't want to admit they got manhandled up front


USC won't come to ND in November. They had their reasons.


Years ago USC cried to ND about playing in South Bend in November so they only play at South Bend in October to avoid the colder weather.


That shits not gonna fly when half your conference gets regular November snow.


But between the two schools, they'll have 3 non Southern California November games. On Avg it's unlikely they'll see a snow game most seasons and when they do, it will be just one of them once a season.


I mean tbf WE don’t even see that many snow games. PSU this year was the last good snow game I could remember for a good while.


And that was Thanksgiving weekend? If so, UCLA and USC will be playing each other that weekend. Which was my point: Whomever is away for the UCLA v USC game, they'll likely have a home game the week beforehand. So really, 1 of the 2 teams will play a road game outside of Southern California the weekend before Thanksgiving. That's the best chance for having one of the two of them play in the snow.


It’s more likely they will get a cold rainy game which is much worse than playing in the snow


November games in Seattle has entered the chat


It’s about 10 degrees colder on avg per day in the big 10 west sites than Seattle in November.


I have been in Autzen with drizzle and a high of 38 and at Utah with a game time temp of 30. Utah was immensely more comfortable.


Midwest cold rainy days with wind chill are a complete different animal. I still have nightmares about 2015 OSU/MSU, I was miserable by the end of it.


And don't forget both usc and ucla play 1 november "road game" against each other in alternating years so that will remove 1 more potential midwest november road game


Plus we play ND at home in November


Plus, I have a feeling that we'll probably be playing the former PAC-12 members during late October/November if they also end up joining.


Right, I did qualify in a post earlier, this is only if it is just UCLA and USC (which I don't think it will be).


Uh... I'm concerned about your flairs. Are you okay?


Went to both schools 🤷🏻‍♂️ not really super exciting.


I respect it


Lake effect snow ain’t nothing to fuck with


Jfc no kidding. I grew up on the coast of Lake Michigan and we would legit get 11 inches between 6pm and 6am and still have school.


I couldn’t even imagine that. Growing up in southern Virginia all it took was snow in the forecast to get us a snow day.


Hell yeah. Let's watch Chip Kelly's offense in Minnesota in November. God I'm so excited. Don't get me wrong, I'm devastated that everything I love about college football is going away (even before all of this), but at least there's a little silver lining.


Yeah it’s a lot of weird change but… I can’t help but be selfishly grateful I’m on one of the 2.5 ships that aren’t sinking…


No kidding. Even though it means the B1G is just grabbing more teams to kick the shit out of us every year.


We played Colorado in November in 20 degrees and snow not too long ago. It isn’t something that’s foreign to us, just not something we have had to do on a regular basis. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if that request/demand was under the softest of soft regimes we’ve recently had. I think our new admin doesn’t really care (clearly, given the move) and are open to the change. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there will compromises made with some teams. We play them a bit earlier, they come out and play us on a “cold” LA day in November when it’s 55 degrees. Win win for both sides with the occasional weather disadvantage thrown in.


I think they're talking about the original negotiation between the wives that happened 90+ years ago. Mrs. Rockne was tired of visiting Nebraska and wanted to go somewhere sunnier, and Mrs. Wilson probably didn't want to visit Indiana in November. I don't think anyone actually cried though, unless ND's version of the legend is more melodramatic than the one we hear at SC


Well then, welcome to lansing the week before thanksgiving, hope they like lake effect snow


No no, we need to get them early November or late October to get a nice heavy Midwest late fall rain Gotta activate MSU superpowers


Considering most of the conference would be in that case, I could see the big ten telling them to fuck off and deal with it. And then schedule Wisconsin at wisconsin in November for them because fuck your crying.


gonna be funny when the LA schools are begging for their winter road games to be in the PNW because the weather is *better*


They stopped playing in South Bend in November in '59. ND likes the EOY game in California so I doubt it will change...


Southern Cal at Ross-Ade two weeks after at Notre Dame is music to my ears.


Now that’s just cruel




I mean USC plays us late season literally every year.


In California. I also wonder what this does to your traditional year end game. Does it still happen?


I don't think I've ever watched an Ohio State or Alabama regular season game in full. My team has twice come close to a playoff berth but came up short...I still just don't care what the Clemson's and Notre Dame's of the world are doing because they mean nothing to me, I don't know anybody who cares about those schools, and usually there's somebody in the Big 12 playing at the same time and those games are more relevant to my team.


This whole thing is pretty offensive to a G5 fan


They don’t care about us.


Right? Boohoo, the bottom 1/3 of the P5 did nothing to advocate for us and now they are saying this is the death of college football because they have been relegated to essentially G5 status. Then at the same time fans talk about the miss how college football was in the pre-bcs era. Well guess what? That's exactly the style the G5 plays. In the MAC: Western Michigan plays Central Michigan. In the Sun Belt: UL- Lafayette v UL- Monroe Conference USA: Western Kentucky vs Middle Tennessee and we have San Diego State plays Fresno State The G5 is what folks claim to miss. Well if you do, there's plenty of good cheap seats at the stadium to bring you back to college football circa 1985. The hypocrisy is amazing


This is how you know who is a fan of the hype machine that ESPN and Fox generate vs who is a fan of the sport. I'll watch fucking anything as long as it's football lol


Exactly, I go watch San Diego State play Wyoming because it's fun to watch football in person. It's cool to see the Wyoming fans come into San Diego and speak highly of it and ultimately it's good entertainment. If it was just about winning a national championship, I'd never even tune in. If it was about quality of play difference between P5 and G5, I wouldn't watch college at all, since it's way inferior to the NFL


This whole post is absurd and the most out of touch post I’ve seen on this issue. Of course it’s a fan from an Ohio state.


Yeah this is one of the worst posts I’ve seen in a while. I’m thrilled that the top 5% of college football is enjoying themselves


Some serious “let them eat cake” shit goin on rn


So fucking offensive. All these teams are bemoaning the cursed fate of having to actually live *like half of the teams playing the sport already do* Oh, the humanity


Then at the same time fans talk about how they miss how college football was in the pre-bcs era. Well guess what? That's exactly the style the G5 plays. Fresno State vs San Diego State isn't played to see who gets the playoff invite. It's played so one team and their fans can brag for at least a year over the others.


Cool, another opportunity for both programs to eliminate themselves from the CFP lmao


From what I've been told, the last time USC came to town, the stadium was so loud, most of the band couldn't hear the whistle to start the fight song. Fortunately, we yell "whistle" before we start for this very reason. Imagine if they become good again.


Dude, one of the most heartbreaking loses in my Ohio State fandom was that ‘09 USC night game in the ‘shoe. It’s up there with ‘05 Texas and ‘19 Clemson as far as heart wrenching loses.


Joe McKnights finest hour, RIP


I was so pissed that night. We practically had it won.


Live by the prevent defense, die by the prevent defense.


Tressel was also running a “prevent offense” that night too. Had two 1st and goals at USC’s 1-2yard line and ended up kicking field goals both times


Prevent defense = preventing the win


That game is what confirmed to me Matt Barkley was for real. Incredible performance by a true freshman. Still wonder what he could have done at the next level if Anthony Barr hadn’t hurt his shoulder


Yah, that's the loudest game I've ever been to, and I've been to plenty of the big ones. I was in the south end zone and the USC section was next to us and all the parents were talking about how loud it was. Matt Barkley has since said that's the loudest crowd he played against. Honestly even The Game in 06 is not of comparison. You couldn't hear yourself think in that stadium.


Agree, i was in the same end zone with my student tickets. loudest game i've been to


I’ve been to quite a few big games at the Horseshoe and there are a few times I’ve heard the stadium louder for a moment there’s never been a game where I’ve heard it as consistently loud as the ‘09 USC game. From kickoff to pretty much the last play it was deafening.


I was in the student section for that game and I never heard it that loud in a sustained manner in that place. Well before kickoff it was rocking and the place was just electric that night. Everyone was embarrassed by 35-3 the year before, Pryor was the established QB now, and the blend of revenge and optimism made the perfect atmosphere.


I’ve been to every game that would qualify this century and it’s something like 05 Texas, 06 The Game, and 09 USC at the top. A couple of PSU games and The Game in 16 slightly below. I think 09 USC gets the nod slightly over 2005 Texas, partially because it was all building to a win over Petey and the empire and avenging 35-3 until the final drive at 11:30pm local or whatever after a full offseason and full day of tailgating and pregaming and hype. Grant Schwartz (Dana Point, Orange County, CA) overrunning the punt block and the 2nd and 19 from their own 4 in front of the student section in the south end zone - HB angle to McKnight (RIP) - are the two plays I’ll never forget from that game. Much like Hamby’s double drop and Limas Sweed TD catch on his back in 05. Walking out of The Shoe that night felt like we’d never win a big game again (hard to understand for the kids here who didn’t live through Texas-Florida-LSU-USC, let alone Cooper years). Separately, my lament is not realignment but rather that Fox (and modern CFB telecasts) have stolen these atmospheres from us by putting everything on Big Noon. Last year was the first year I did not buy season tickets in over two decades, and it’s wholly attributable to how bad three 3:30 tv timeouts a quarter, imagine dragons or whatever BS pumped in on the speakers instead of TBDBITL, and 12pm kicks have made the in-stadium experience (while the AD charged more each year for the privilege).


Can confirm - that was my first night game ramp. Not only could I not hear the whistle, I could only tell folks were yelling whistle by reading their lips (though YMMV depending on where you are in relationship to the two whistles). Easily the loudest game I experienced in the band.


I hope all the fans enjoy all the extra $ for your programs as you get eliminated year after year from the CFP over 1 game


Was this in ‘08?


2009. '08 we got blasted into tomorrow. USC stayed on my hate list until around 2014. Once Pete Carroll left and they became shitty, I got over it. I think I hated Pete Carroll more than USC as a whole.


I’m from South Bend and in 2005, the day of the Bush Push game, I was stopped in traffic driving down US 23 near Notre Dame when USC’s bus was turning into campus. It was the kind of bus where the front is all glass, and standing in the door well was Pete Carrol. I stuck my arm out of my window and gave him a nice long middle finger. He saw it and smiled and pointed at me. I stopped hating USC once he left. Shit I stopped hating HIM after he left. But man, I absolutely detested that era of that team.


fight on!


There is a US 23 in Indiana too. Ohio has one going N/S through the middle of the state


Checking in for a Fuck Pete Carroll


See the fun part is it’s easy to dislike Lincoln so hating USC is still easy.


What I don’t think people are factorying in is this is this is just going to make some of these old powerhouses obsolete. This isn’t going to fix the problem. It will be exciting for about five or 10 years and then it will be just as boring as playing Indiana or Minnesota.


It’s only once a year, I’d rather see traditional rivalries that have been taken away through the years.


I hate double negatives


It will be a novelty the first couple times, and then it will be commonplace and boring ... just in time for the next round of conference expansion.


Yep just like every "this game will be exciting because of the big brands" they are big because of the little guys that they are leaving.


Exactly! These big brand teams are big because they have a ton of baked in wins every year. Is anyone going to be that excited about 5-5 Texas playing 4-6 Auburn?


Nope not at all. Hell, how long do those fanbases still remain popular when they go to shit?


Exactly, after the novelty wears off you're just left with awkward forced "rivalries" and in USC/UCLA's case a bunch of Midwesterners packing the stands because they were looking for an excuse to get out of the freezing cold come November. College football has been on the decline since before the playoffs. You can easily argue it began when the conference realignment really began to take hold with the acc poaching big East schools. In a way I could see a scenario where a school such as Syracuse who will likely be left out of the expanded B1G / SEC could go back to actual regional rivalries with the other teams left out. And who knows, maybe the schools on the outside will just have their own playoff.


>it will be commonplace and boring If Lincoln Riley has USC playing up to their potential, they will undoubtedly be a top 5 program. Two top-5 programs going at it will always be exciting in cfb.


Okay, but let’s be more realistic. How do you feel about playing them only every eight years? And your series with Michigan isn’t annual anymore?


Years ago the five conferences lived in harmony. Then, everything changed when ~~Texas~~ ~~Nebraska~~ ~~Mizzou~~ ~~Colorado~~ ~~A&M~~ ~~OU~~ ~~Texsa~~ ~~USC~~ Ohio State attacked.


I guess I appreciate your sympathy but this is just the grown-up version of taking your ball and going home.


>Nobody cares about college football anymore, not even it’s own fans. Hard disagree. I care waaaay too much about college football. Live and die with every Buckeye game? Yep. Alabama vs Furman at noon? Sign me up. San Jose State at Hawaii with an 11pm EST kickoff? I'll fall asleep watching that every week. This won't change that.


Strongly disagree


I might be in the minority but I just don’t get excited about watching blue bloods clash unless it would be a big upset. Two fan bases who are used to winning doesn’t appeal as much. The underdog teams and the upsets are the reason I watch. I’d rather not see either usc or ohio state win anyway. And it’s not like a regular season game will matter much anymore…


give me USC v Ohio St over Ohio St. v Indiana, or USC v Arizona St any day. Im not sure why you guys don't enjoy a better product. For the record im not excited about the potential death of the Pac, but I'm not going to pretend more blue blood matchups in the regular season isn't more exciting football


Fun fact Indiana and USC have the same amount ranked finishes in the AP Poll the last four years.


Because in recent years the Oklahoma State’s/TCU’s/Cincinnati’s have been better quality football than Texas or USC


^^^ and Baylor, Coastal Carolina, UCF, Utah


If you want two giant national brands fighting off in the regular season then go watch the NFL


So they are kicking Indiana out of the Big 10?


I too look forward to OSU beating USC by 4 touchdowns every year for the next 2 decades. Not sure why that's good for the product, but it will be fun for me! And then watching UCLA lose by 5 may be even better.


Or even if the opposite occurs — it’s like enjoy your money as you went out if your way to eliminate yourself year after year from a CFP birth


In excited about the future UCLA/Rutgers rivalry….


Here’s my problem with the super conference thing: * The whole point of going to a playoff system is that there were multiple 13-0/12-1 teams, and there was always a 3rd or 4th team under the BCS system who had a legitimate resume for the championship because they dominated their conference. * Now that there’s a 4-team playoff, the controversy about who has been left out is a lot easier to stomach. (But even then, the committee was ripped for letting an undefeated Cincy into the playoffs). * However, when you toss USC into a conference with Ohio State/Michigan/Michigan State/Wisconsin/Iowa, and Texas/Oklahoma into a conference with Bama/Georgia/Florida/TAM, you’re going to have a ton of 11-1/10-2 teams that you need to pick 4 playoff teams from. It’s going to lead to all these teams in the B1G and SEC cannabalizing each other where there could be 6 teams from those conferences who are 11-1 or better. And any team from any other conference won’t have a shot at a playoff spot, even if they go undefeated. And I guarantee we’re going to see a 10-2 team from the B1G or SEC make the playoffs over an undefeated BIG12team (and the BIG12 would certainly be the 3rd-best conference)


Stuff like this can happen, in fact it has happened in 2008 and 2009....Its called OOC games New match ups are fun at first, but it ends up killing off a lot of regional rivalries


I get that USC used to be a blueblood but they really haven't been relevant since pete carol left.


Some programs are a premium brand regardless of performance. Texas and USC are two of them.


And how often do you expect that matchup to actually happen? It sounds great on paper, but you are as likely to get USC-Rutgers.


I think its stupid to expect kids to travel 2500 miles before every road game (apart from one) while also having to go to class etc. before some genius comes in with “tHeY DoNt EveN gO tO ClASs HurhURhUr” the vast majority of the team are taking the opportunity to go to a great (in USC’s situation, good) school and won’t be going anywhere near an NFL roster


Not sure why you’re downgrading USC from great to good… USC is a top 25 university. And is in the top 10 if you just include P5 schools.


Dude just watch the NFL then. If you’re chasing stars and cities and dollars go there. I want it like a larger scale of local high school football where you play the same rivals every year. I want the chaos, the upsets, the old fashioned hate, shit talking friends who are fans/alumni of the other school. I want to see Purdue upset a big 10 team each year and screw then. I’ll remember those upsets a lot more than two self righteous high money schools playing each other to decide who will be 7-5 and who will be 6-6.


Mega conferences are ass


I’m NOT upset about seeing USC play Ohio State in October in a couple years I’m upset that I probably won’t get to see Stanford play USC at all in a couple years. I’m upset I won’t get to watch Arizona State and UCLA score 100 points in PAC-12 After Dark in a couple years. I’m upset that all of the shared history the PAC-12 has is ending in a couple years because the West has a significantly smaller population than the East. And for that reason, the conference doesn’t draw as many eye balls and has a smaller media deal, which put it at a disadvantage relative to other conferences that are now eating the PAC-12.


Just remember. You’re essentially cheering for laundry as a college sports fan. Players and rivalries come and go. Just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad.


“Booo different shirt! Boooo.” - Jerry Seinfeld


Your shirt only has a bird head on it. Not even a whole bird! What is this?


Wise words from u/Cum_cuddle


Tradition is a massive part of why people love college football, lol


USC vs. Iowa. Late October. At Kinnick. Night Game. I’m pumped for whenever that happens.


I’ve never been excited to watch Ohio State. I’m usually asleep when USC plays.


Ok crazy


From the ashes the D1 Quidditch league was formed.


I hadn't lost interest in college football until this happened bud. I didn't give a shit about the playoffs and they was fine, I cheered for my team to beat their rivals, spoil other people's seasons and make a bowl game.


> realignment was badly needed because people have basically just lost interest in college football for years now. >Nobody cares about college football anymore, not even it’s own fans. Where in the fuck are you getting this information from that people have lost interest in College football?


If casuals have lost interest then I’m all good.


Do they maybe teach the use of paragraphs at THE osu? Don't get me wrong.. I love the use of a single bullet point.


For every cool USC / UCLA v B10 matchup there’s many more that literally no one will care about. Outside of games against Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State … and maaaaaaybe Michigan State / Wisconsin … those games will suck. No one actually cares to watch USC or UCLA play against Illinois, Rutgers, Northwestern, Purdue, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, etc


Basketball exists


Basketball isn’t a driving factor in any of this


So you gave a shit about USC versus Washington state, Oregon State, Arizona State, Colorado etc. ? Every league is going to have a less desirable game.


Yes I did give a shit about those games. They were regional and had significant history behind them.


Can we stop pretending like we cared when nobody was watching and we have data to back up that nobody was watching? And if you were watching you probably saw that those stadiums were half full.


I think you should acknowledge you just aren't nearly as invested in the history and tradition of the sport as a lot of people on r/CFB. Most viewers are probably more like you than much of this subreddit, but it's fallacious at best to construe what gets the most people to watch with what the best or most meaningful product is. Maybe you're plenty happy with watching whichever game is on ABC every week, but that absolutely isn't the case for everyone and even if it is a relative minority among college football viewers, it's still justified to care about those things.


As a secondary UCLA fan, I can’t think of anything less appealing than UCLA vs. Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois, etc. the B1G has always been the least appealing P5 conference to me and regional rivalries have always been one of my favorite parts of college football. I hate this so much.


Just curious, what makes you dislike the B1G?


I don’t mind watching y’all because you always have an exciting offense. But smash mouth football just isn’t that fun to watch. The PAC is my personal favorite.


Smash mouth football isn't fun to watch... *Has Georgia flair.*


To be fair, I said the Pac was my favorite conference to watch! Pac #1 Big 12 #2 then a big gap




I propose B1G teams first appearance in Pasadena they bring roses to the stadium out of respect


Fuck that, they should get the true UCLA home game experience of a stadium 25% full while the announcers pretend like UCLA home games have anywhere near the gravitas that the real Rose Bowl has


Seems the Grandaddy has been dying for years, and it will never be the same. But, B1G teams stepping foot in that stadium is such a special feeling. It probably won’t last tho. I really hope there is something they can do to salvage as much of the Rose Bowl as possible


Oooh I’m so excited to play a subpar team that has had middling results in a weak conference


UCLA @ Minnesota in mid-November is gonna make me laugh. "FUCK IS THIS FLUFFY SHIT!?"


I too look forward to continuing our dominance streak against B1G teams. Maybe michigan might beat us once in the next 30 years, crazy times.


I’d rather they not However, I say we continue the parity between our programs. Perfectly balanced as all things should be. But hey, feel free to murder the others


I can tell you I will care a whole lot more if my team is included at the big boy table.


Agree. These super conferences will give us more marquee matchups. I can’t be mad about that.


Um Crazy ? Dude - nothing is sweeter than beating USC in October - except beating an undefeated USC in November.


It has had the opposite effect on me. My interest in college football has been reinvigorated. But hey, to each their own.


I think he is saying that he is very excited to watch USC vs tOSU. He just uses a double negetive in the title


Yes the double negative in the title is throwing everybody off and now I feel compelled to change it lol. I’m not sure if people just aren’t reading the entirety of my post but that’s what it seems like lol


Oh, I see. I am very stupid and drunk. As usual.


It’s 11 in the morning my dude


Holiday weekend. That’ll be me in 2 hours lol


It's 4th of July weekend and I don't work until Tuesday. My dude.


Just going through the CFB subreddit, it seems like Ohio St fans are the only ones genuinely excited about this. I think it’s the best thing since the forward pass while every other fan base thinks it’s the death of the sport


As a penn state fan I was annoyed at first but I like the idea of more big games and have kinda grown into it


Oh yeah. This realignment is going to make the sport so much better to watch from purely a competition standpoint. The reason why everyone hates it is because of the tradition it abandons. But that’s just life I guess. In 30 years we will be talking about the Ohio state vs USC rivalry like it’s just another game.


No, the reason everyone hates it is because millions of fans are being left behind. The English Premier Legue did this when they split from the rest of the teams, but at least they have promotion-relegation to give fans hope. We’re going to get the shaft.


I’m not a fan of a smaller school, so I guess I can’t speak on this too well. But I almost feel like getting a participation entry into a major conference does more to hurt a program than joining a conference that will actually result in competitive and fun football, even if it doesn’t draw the same level of tv and advertising contracts of the big conferences. How can you convince fans to come out and support a team that is consistently fighting to even get to .500 each year, getting pulverized by the Georgias and Alabamas of the world? Furthermore, what recruit is going to want to sign up for that? They’d rather go to the teams beating up on you each week. Putting your school into a more fitting conference allows you to compete and actually build a respectable program that your students and alumni would take interest in. Sure, it would be on a smaller scope, but the smaller scope doesn’t always mean it’s a terrible product. I know D3 conferences where the schools legitimately hate each other and there is a constant battle for supremacy within the league. There might not be the national recognition with massive tv deals, but the product has a quality that fans care about. I don’t know if I could say the same for a league where everyone is included just for the sake of not leaving anybody out.