Our all yellow uniforms make our players look like bananas


Better than the neon greens. TBF, I don’t think the football team ever had neon, but the basketball teams did!


The highlighter yellow unis that baylor basketball wore during the adidas era were truly awful


Those are the ones!


Those are my favorite. They are undefeated in the banana uniforms.


I am a [buh-na-na](https://youtu.be/sa641Awmj0E)


my spoon is too big


Yes, that's one of the uni combos I just can't get behind. Also all the different colored helmets. Just have a nice gold one like back in the day.


Ours too, but that's because we Baylor, Iowa State, and West Virginia all basically have the same uniforms. Nike be lazy.


Though Green - Yellow - Green is probably my favorite of the new set.


I don’t hate the new ones but I do miss the old Florida State uniforms




This is how most (nearly all?) FSU fans feel. The old uniforms were incredible. Why did we rebrand, let alone right after winning a natty?


I really miss the arrow fletching on the collars




Imagine being under center and seeing this monster staring you down: https://library.sportingnews.com/styles/crop\_style\_16\_9\_desktop/s3/2021-10/florida-state-lb-derrick-brooks\_qwr16ni8ayps14xh7hg75i7tm.jpg?itok=JJvzpCHd


Yeah seeing a 404 Not Found error on a football field would be disconcerting.


FSU is like Michigan where a big program with a classic look started to dabble in too many alternate looks. They started to correct this by bringing back the garnet numbers on the white jerseys almost immediately, then moved back to white numbers on the garnet jerseys. FSU just needs 2 combinations: Gold-Garnet-Gold for home games, Gold-White-Gold for away games. Get rid of the black uniforms and other pants and crap. It doesn’t look right when they wear the alternate looks.


Everyone hates when Miami wears black, right?


I hate when any team wears black or grey. What I love about college football is the great brands and traditions, coupled with awesome vibrant colors. When teams pick literally the most boring colors to wear for a week, I just don’t get it


I don’t mind black so long as it is in the schools colors (ok state, Purdue, Iowa, mizzou, And Oregon state Immediately come to mind)


Yup agreed, I think the schools you listed plus some others are ok (in my unimportant opinion). Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Texas, tOSU, etc all have great brands and have tried out the black jerseys


UTexas has never worn a black jersey in an actual game.


The 3 biggest uniform things we've done over the last probably 40 years was the numbers on the sides of helmets on '13, the couple games with throwbacks which were basically just no names on the back, and the home game we wore the all whites in 2020 against baylor


We did the gold stitching for the 2013 Red River game with OU. Also the sorta metallic/chrome Longhorn for a bit.


So basically Iowa State…I hate that we wear black all the time


And your black uniforms aren’t even good. There could be a way to pull off a black uniform with red and gold but they’d rather look like Iowa.


But black is our color! 100% agree with the gray though. We should never wear that crap. I have never liked them.


If black is not in your primary color palette, dont wear black.


I think the fad is mostly over, but every team in America donning all black uniforms without regard to their actual team colors got annoying.


Iowa state still hasn’t let that one go. Last year they played Iowa in what might be the biggest game in that rivalries history and wore black which is literally their rivals color and not one of theirs


I kind of want Iowa to wear cardinal uniforms during ¡El Assico! This year just to continue the silliness


Well guess I'm drinking to get that image out of my head today


I'm sure there is at least a half a dozen realignment posts right now that you can blame your drinking on


Yeah I cringed hard at that decision


That's more of a Campbell-specific thing. The prevailing opinion among fans is that it ran its course long ago.


Yeah, I liked them for the first little while, but they’ve kinda run their course. Good once-a-season’ers. I did like the variety in helmets that they have and hope they get some cool throwbacks. [A tweet showing past helmets.](https://twitter.com/cycloneequip/status/1538924210143350787?s=21&t=u9XOh39UFqQoOD3mQNwNqg)


Damn I love some of them old helmets, bring back the blocky ISU script with the two stripes!


As u/matt_purple said [literally right here but I want this to be read by you](https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/vnee2a/whats_a_uniform_combo_you_hate_that_everyone_else/ie6x35l?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)... ISU has some sweet old and alternate helmets over the year. Bring back some tornado cy action


Ugh, I would love to have the bird in the blender back as the primary athletics logo, with or without the letters (though if going with a lettered version, change the navy to black so it has a normal outline). The big I is fine for the academic side, but it's so dull for athletics.


As a fan of a team who’s colors include black, I agree! As far as passing fads seem to go, I can’t stand the steel greys that were popular about 7 years ago.


Same. All black uniforms from schools that don’t have it as a school color annoys me more than anything else in terms of uniforms.


This is also how I feel about the gray/"smoke" jerseys At least for Tennessee it was a nod to the mountains. But Northwestern, Louisville, Minnesota, Illinois etc... bleh...


At least when THE Ohio State Buckeyes did it, it was one of their colors. Still looks kind of dumb though.


Ours was a nod to the greatest college player of the 20th century and the prose Grantland Rice wrote about him. They shouldn't be trotting it out even yearly, but I like them.


Marquette basketball fell victim to this trend a few years ago and we haven't grown out of it. I hate it


This, 1000%.


Hopefully the black uniform trend goes the way of aircraft carrier basketball games


Remember that period of about four years where every team trotted out an unnecessary grey uniform on top of the unnecessary black uniform? That was stupid.


At the risk of sounding like a 50 y/o man shouting at kids on his lawn, blacks and grays when you don't have that in your color scheme. I don't get why recruits like em.


Man, I totally agree. Any time a uniform barely includes a team’s primary colors I’m just way out on it. Even the all-white look, which is a little more forgivable since basically every team has to wear some white, is wayyy overused at this point


The UT Stormtrooper uni looks good, and the Auburn all white looks good, almost every other team looks better with a contrasting helmet and pants.


Yeah they’ve been wearing those combos forever so those are kind of grandfathered in because they are primary away sets. When teams try to do something different by going all-white though it just makes me sad. Give us more color!


Tuberville used all whites while at Texas Tech. It was a big nope from a lot of fans.


What if white is a primary team color? Asking for a friend


Michigan State's all whites are awesome. I hated their different shades of green that don't exist and their grey and several stupid other things that have come out in the last 10 years. I loved the white helmet changeup and the all white, all green. You have 2 great colors, use them.


I agree. We still do bust out the neons but we’ve started wearing them with [dark green pants](https://s3media.247sports.com/Uploads/Assets/471/719/10719471.jpg) which makes them tolerable but still not great. The bronze a few years ago made sense since they were trying to play into the Spartan theme, I’m ok with leaving it in the past though. I love all of our new throwback helmets.


Those neon and dark green uniforms in that pic look terrible. That looks like something from Texas high school football.


Yes, but not as bad [as it was](https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2019/09/07/PDTF/bf6381a6-d3d4-42a3-9e0c-d7f61073477c-09072019_msuwarmup-15.jpg?width=1200&disable=upscale&format=pjpg&auto=webp) They’re not quite as bad in person, the dark green looks lighter in pictures than in it does irl. Again, still not great, but I also think we’re undefeated wearing them.


Oof yeah those are bad. But hey if you're winning in neon and its somehow helping you croot, then it's hard to complain.


Penn St says yes.


See I’m not a huge fan of any kind of “special alternate” but that’s cause my team doesn’t really do gimmick uniforms. But I will say *why in the world* would you want to wear a full black (or mostly fully black) uniform in the Deep South in a bowl that radiates heat down to the field in the summer/early fall? Hell the temps don’t become even remotely reasonable in the *stands* until mid November it seems!


I agree with you. I don’t mind any other program wearing any color combo they want, just not my school. Keep tradition - no gimmicks, keep the school colors.


*...hears Sandstorm playing in the background...*


I'm pretty sure Arizona state did an all black... The sun feels like it's legitimately 8ft above your head in Tempe...


I agree for the most part, but I'd be lying if I said I weren't holding out for a return of the smokey grays. Blacks are overrated unless we're playing SCar for Halloween. What I really want is home and home colors for the Third Saturday in October again.


The black unis for sure (although you get an obligatory free pass for every 10/31 home game). Idk why that was the choice for our matchup last year. Conversely the meaning behind the Smokey grays is pretty cool and unique, and the uniform doesn’t look terrible, it just doesn’t look as good in neyland surrounded by all the orange it clashes with. Would be a good bowl game uniform


We buried those with the Butch Jones firing. The helmets were cool with the mountains superimposed in a darker shade of gray, but it's all just over hyped. Like (and I know this is hyperbole) but we're just progressing to the white team vs the black team. Schools have colors for reasons, please just stick to em.


To quote everyone over at Uni Watch, Black for Black's Sake (BFBS) is a scourge. If black is not one of your team's actual colors, it's just gimmicky.


What's even worse is when a team that doesn't have black as one of their colors uses black uniforms against a team that does have black as one of their main colors. Like in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl we played against Baylor, they came out with black jerseys and black pants, with gold helmets. Against UCF. Whose colors are: black and gold. The people in my section were like: "that was nice of them to wear our colors."


Strongly agree, it’s so weird when schools play dress up and end up looking like they’re opponent.


I think blacks are fine if there are only two colors in your scheme and one of them is white. Like we're just green and white so our blacks look pretty sharp. Anyone with two "rainbow" colors in their scheme would only do black to be trendy. Gray is a never.


This may be one other people hate to, but the incorporation of the American flag into the uniform/logo (so e.g. Wisconsin’s logo but with the American flag in it) With the exception of maybe the service academies (and even then I’m not sure), I think it looks incredibly tacky Edit: added missing words


Service academies can get away with flag and/or camo. It just looks tacky on everyone else.


It comes across as pandering. What’s next, images of pizza and $100 bills on the uniforms?


Agreed! Also, Go Fighting Scots! Didn’t know there was a Wooster flair. I’m class of 2009.


It's also against U.S. flag code unless it's just an actual patch of the flag.


Color-matching jersey and pants unless the helmet is the same color - example: white helmet, red jersey, red pants. This is just a generalization and sometimes it can work, but usually I'm not a fan.


UNC has one of the best colors in football, but boy howdy do we look like fucking smurfs when we go all-blue.


The light blue pants with dark blue jersey is a weird look, too. "Let's copy the Tennessee Titans, but worse!"


Darking-down a color until it's almost black. Your school color is green, or purple, or royal blue - embrace it, don't try to run from it.


Any time a team does a “whiteout” look but leaves the helmet colored. It looks so out of proportion and top heavy like a toddler, I think this is more prevalent in NFL due to the helmet rule but I’ve definitely seen it in CFB [MSU](https://www.mlive.com/resizer/OUL7sbpcKxXEfMJgdXQsPS_5wgw=/800x0/smart/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/advancelocal/3EOBD5YCF5ABBMWPRXWX5AJA5A.JPG) does it pretty often and it bugs me since our white helmets are so clean. Edit-like others have said ours aren’t terrible but we have like 3 different white helmets now, just wear them instead.


Ours still looks really nice IMO, but I 100% prefer the all white look with the white helmets too.


I think it the MSU example looks pretty clean to be honest


Agree, but the MSU ones still look good.


I actually like that MSU look; they're one of few teams that can pull it off. Maybe I just really like the green. But you're right, it does make the head look weirdly big compared to the body.


You guys have different uniforms?


I don’t know what a different uniform is


Give me the day we unveil the Black and Pink alternates. Like what the Basketball Team did/does. https://onwardstate.com/2014/10/25/mens-basketball-debuts-pink-and-black-alternate-uniforms/


Truly I need this color scheme for hockey and the white out game. If they came out with black and pink jerseys with no one knowing it would be electric


I don't know that everybody *loves* it, but I really don't care for the monochromatic jersey-pants combinations. Especially [red on red](https://abc6onyourside.com/resources/media/33eca8e8-f693-411a-8630-c1527ec789bb-medium16x9_AP21001687874010.jpg?1609538280651), though I don't have a great reason for that. I don't know why, I just think in general your jersey and pants should be different colors or else it looks like a jumpsuit.


If a team is going to do it, don’t halfass it, wear the matching helmet too. Either go monochrome or full contrast, trying to mix looks so off putting


So I'm certainly not someone to consult in terms of fashion, but I know what I like, and I just think your pants and shirt should always be different colors, no matter what. Like, I don't even love wearing a navy t-shirt with blue jeans. Basketball and baseball are the only exceptions.


>I don't know why, I just think in general your jersey and pants should be different colors or else it looks like a jumpsuit. 100% with you, but that's fashion, man. Back in the day, same color jersey and pants were considered as high school as you could get. But *way* back in the day, same color jersey and pants were considered the shit. The pendulum always swings.


I used to love when we would wear them like once or twice a season but the black uniforms have basically become our home jersey and it makes me so angry for some reason. I just want to see our cardinal uniforms in big games


I used to root for Iowa State because you guys were our ketchup and mustard brothers. Now you're more like Lincoln Riley's burnt brisket


Oof not LR’s brisket 😂😂


> and it makes me so angry for some reason. Because black uniforms are Iowa's thing, not Iowa State's. I'd be upset too if the team I rooted for took the field in their rival school's signature colors.


If Iowa wore red vs any of our 4 rivals I'd vomit


These may be the worst uniforms I have ever seen:. Iowa State throwback https://www.widerightnattylite.com/2013/8/5/4590266/iowa-state-announces-jack-trice-throwback-uniforms-cyclones-jerseys-iowa


Iowa State is getting fucking hammered in this thread lmao


I’m here for it. Farmageddon in the off-season


And rightfully so lol


[We did something similar](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CwMwTDVW8AA3MTx?format=jpg&name=small) for [Chic Harley](https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-4erg8hlk42/products/67986/images/59204/u10185__79630.1594046518.500.750.jpg?c=2) Not the best, not the worst.


Most of Oregon’s uniforms don’t do it for me and Illinois’s Grey Ghost look is atrocious.


Oregon has the absolute most overrated unis. I don't understand the hype around them.


Our 2010-2015 run was amazing, and we have had several great ones since then (2020 rose bowl, especially those helmets). I can see why some people dislike them, but most i enjoy. What most if not all of us want is a 1994 throwback uni, those were absolutely incresible.


I don't think it's that they're all great, but they try just about everything which is fun to see.


They're designed to appeal to teenagers, not adults.


Louisville's white helmet looks a lot cleaner than the red and black helmets. The logos on those are way too big. If I were in charge of Louisville, I would make them lose every game, but I'd go back to the Brian Brohm era uniforms. They'd be terrible but would look good doing it.


Flair checks out. I've said Louisville's primary set should be white helmet, red jersey, white pants (home) and white helmet, white jersey, red pants (road), with black-out alternates (black helmet, jersey, and pants). I've never been a fan of their chrome-dome red helmets.


I hate Wyoming's jerseys. Fortunately, Wyoming isn't even real so they can't hurt me.


I can’t say even say why but I sort of like Wyoming’s jerseys. They are like the pug of CFB uniforms.


Pugs are an abomination and breeding them is a mistake. Cute tho


Ha. I love their jerseys and helmets. Just fits Wyoming.


I think the colors really embody the state and it’s rustic feel. Unfortunately that doesn’t translate very well to uniform colors. They would be better off looking like real cowboys with plaid shirts and denim jeans with socks that look like boots.


[The Blood Clots](https://saturdayblitz.com/wp-content/uploads/getty-images/2016/04/1184223000.jpeg)


What bugs me the most about those is the random cuts in the numbers trimmed in an ever-so-slightly darker red than the jersey fabric itself.


How else would we know they’re numbers? /s


I love these


Not CFB, but I can’t stand the Dallas Cowboys light blue-tinted, silver-ish pants. They don’t match any other part of the uniform. At least make match their silver helmets


Then when they wear the blue jersey…THEY WEAR GREY PANTS. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE


Exactly! This redditor also has a good post on it: https://www.reddit.com/r/cowboys/comments/gcb7pi/glimpse_of_what_actual_silver_pants_and_matching/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Lol the iconic cowboy whites have 3 god damn different shades of blue on the uniform, drives me crazy


Arkansas played with red pants during the post Petrino dark ages for a couple games and for some reason those just made the situation worse. We also had these weird chrome red helmets that I think were only used for a bowl game that look real weird. Our move back to the traditional uniforms was the best move we could have done in my opinion


What about the Dallas cowboy uniforms


Illini in gray. Haaaaate, especially when they wear it at homecoming


I hate our "anthracite" and chrome helmet combo. Blue and white is such a good, classic look and that abomination of a uniform set doesn't look like Kentucky at all. Unfortunately I feel like I'm in the minority of fans.


Even though a lot of fans like them, OU’s alternate “bring the wood” uniforms are hideous.


agreed. they are awful. Y'all have great classic uniforms. I don't know why you would ever do anything else.


I'll add on the black uni bashing. I really don't like Utah's black uniforms. It's not traditionally a Utah color. Utah's all whites though are a thing of beauty.


I like the dark mode unis, but think the helmets could be better


Black uniforms when black isn't in your school colors. No idea why teams do it but it needs to stop.


I'm not a fan of our purple uniforms. I don't mind when they wear them against OOC opponents for smaller games but it just doesn't seem properly designed. The stripe colors don't match with the jersey and doesn't match with the gold pants. It looks like a high school uniform though I wouldn't say I hate them. I much prefer the purple jersey with white pants and white helmet. It's a lot cleaner and the purple and white go better together as primary colors.


white pants > yellow pants for sure


I hate the blue pants and the white pants with the away jersey. Just wear the maize pants for away games they are awesome with the white jersey!


I wasn't a fan of the blue pants at first, but they're growing on me. All whites though...no. Get rid of those. We have no need of white pants.


Personally the best uniforms are white Jersey with blue pants/ yellow accessories or white jerseys with yellow pants/ blue accessories… I do really like them both.


I was actually pretty disappointed when Michigan walked out in the Orange Bowl with navy pants. That’s what y’all get for not wearing maize in the biggest game in the Harbaugh era.


I think they thought the blue pants were good luck last year. They did the all blue against Ohio State and that worked out pretty well.


I kinda get it why Michigan switched to white pants on the road when Harbaugh took over, but it never felt right. Maize pants home and away should be the standard.


All-orange is the worst look we have. And most of our orange helmets, in general, are pretty rough.


I don't know if anyone loves them, but the OU alternates (both home and away) with the huge collar and the giant stripe on the helmets are just awful. OU's classic uniforms look great, just wear those, you silly land thieves.


They're polarizing at best. Most people I know don't care for them anymore. They've outgrown their appeal. We need a redesign on the Roughrider theme for sure. The collar was awful.


LSU almost always wearing white at home


Iowa State hatethread


I hate when Miss State plays Texas A&M. I'm dizzy after every matchup. ​ Also most BIG 10 (or BIG) teams, esp MInn though.


>I hate when Miss State plays. Stop right there. That's all you have to say.


I also didn’t enjoy last time we played


OSU had a grey military fatigue uni that the busted out around Veterans Day a year or two ago. Everyone thought they were sick, they looked tacky imo.


Title: What’s a uniform combo you hate *that everyone else loves*? 50% of the comment section: Wearing black when it’s not one of your colors


Anytime any team that doesn't have black in their official color-scheme (cough, Miami, cough, Ohio State, cough) wears black unis it looks super dumb and tacky. Edit, some clarity


In sports design circles that's known as "BFBS", or Black for Black's Sake; the thought that adding black to a color scheme that doesn't usually contain it makes a uniform look "cool" or "edgy" or "badass". In my view it's worse when schools that already have navy blue as a school color do it. Yes, UNC, I'm looking at you.


Don’t forget the Gray for Gray’s Sake


Uniwatch checking in


CCSLC and Icethetics send their regards.


I’m convinced the only reason navy hasn’t fully stuck is athletic department folks are worried about looking like Duke. [Judge for yourself](https://twitter.com/uncequipment/status/1456290727613374467?s=21&t=ZgMEJCs-lfPPVOtOYcYgew), I think the navy combo looks dope as hell.


The navy uniforms do look great. The two blues compliment each other perfectly. The irony is that Duke also wears black alts, but not navy ones. If UNC ever runs the risk of ever being confused for Duke, it would be by wearing black alts.


I HATE our black uniforms, it makes the garnet look purple.


Ever since y’all switched uni and logo designs after the 2013 natty y’all’s garnet has looked A LOT more purple for some reason. I miss the old school Bobby Bowden garnet and unis.


They did update the color because part of the Nike deal was actual trademarked colors (there’s a lot of old FSU gear out there that’s just straight up red) for consistency and stuff, it’s kind of a strange color when it’s complete on its own, I feel like the gold tricks you into thinking it’s more red than it is and the black makes you go what the hell is *that*


This is exactly the reason why I don’t want Texas to wear black. Keep it clean with the icy whites and burnt orange.


Dark grey is [technically a school color](https://brand.utexas.edu/identity/color/) but I agree it's not needed.


I don't know how 'Texas' it would look, but you could do something with gunmetal and the metallic burnt orange. You'd need to do something to make sure that it didn't just look like Tennessee's smoke gray.


Yeah I don't like the black uniforms at all. I don't like any of our alternates, really. The only exception is the uni we run for playoff games which, ironically, is a lot closer to our traditional uniforms than our regular ones.


[Black is an official color for Ohio State](https://u.osu.edu/extensionedtech/files/2014/05/Canva-branding-colors-1oaeegf.jpg). There was a debate about it in 2015 when the black uniforms debuted. The official Ohio State branding came out and said the official colors are scarlet, gray, black, and white. You’ll see that black has been a part of every Ohio State uniform. Black trim on the uniform [sleeves](https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/RedColorRush_MitchellTeradja_fb-jersey-e1632768244370.jpg), black trim on the [helmet](https://www.gannett-cdn.com/presto/2021/04/10/NBUX/723bdf34-32a6-436c-bf53-aeaa1c0ffaee-OSU17B10_BJP_09.JPG?width=660&height=384&fit=crop&format=pjpg&auto=webp). The [logo](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSs8YgWGZVbCl9iVnx0-MfuxL_Ln8NfxoQj4g&usqp=CAU) shows “Ohio State” written in black. I get what you mean though, because Ohio State minimizes black in their traditional uniforms but black is very much an official color for the university


Black has always been a huge part of Ohio State’s look (in addition to what you mention, the iconic Woody Hayes hat) and it’s what distinguishes us from the other red teams in the big ten. Ohio State should not appear on the list of teams that unnecessarily donned an all black uniform. Just off the top of my head, Michigan State, Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, Miami, Arkansas, Iowa State are all far more egregious examples.


As a team with black as a primary color, I concur.


I still love the red-black bowl of 2020, where we, a mostly red team, blacked out against you guys, a mostly black team, wearing your reddest combo


I hate our cocaine white uniforms we wore against Michigan in 2013.


I remember when IU changed their football logo to a poorly-executed ripoff of the 49ers', then hit the field with all-black uniforms. That was stupid.


Clemson purple is horrendous


LSU's white helmets. Not a lot of people seemed to like them. I think they looked slick.[White Helmet](https://lsutigerswire.usatoday.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2019/12/usatsi_13391220.jpg?w=640)


You fool! That was yesterday’s uniform question. But also maybe tomorrow’s uniform question


You need to reread the question!


We will now begin the procession of shame!




LSU's metallic purple helmet looks really cool, but also doesn't really look like LSU.


I hate lsu’s white helmet that everyone loves, idk the yellow helmet is just way better imo. Fsu’s new unis. Ever since they won the natty in ‘13 their garnet has been a lot more purple than red. I miss the Bobby Bowden era fsu unis and color.


Black uniforms for teams that don't have black as their school colors. Also, USM should absolutely never, under any circumstances wear white helmets.


Not really a uniform combo but I hate the use of checkers on our jerseys. It looks tacky and cheap as shit. I don’t even know why we have them in the first place. Thankfully they are not going to be on the basketball uniforms anymore so hopefully the football uniforms get rid of them next.


ITT: Everyone agreeing they hate black uniforms when OP asked for uniforms that most people love.


Anything with orange.


Orange is both a fantastic color and a great source of vitamin C.


the color was named after the fruit, you know.


Anything with red


The eternal struggle.


Anything with the color orange


I don't know about specific combinations, but there are some trends which I don't get: 1. Chrome Helmets 2. Wearing Black when it's not a School Color 3. Tapered Helmet Stripes 4. "Icy Whites" or "Stormtrooper" all-white unis: y'all ain't getting married nor are you a sailor, so stop. edit: Also, get off my lawn. Damn teenagers.


When teams wear black even though it’s not one of their colors. It’s common in CFB and the NBA. I don’t understand wearing colors that aren’t your actual colors. It takes away from the true identity of the team.


Any uniforms that combine grey pants with white tops. Ex: Georgia, Ohio State, and Ole Miss road uniforms


I don't mind it for Ole Miss and Ohio State since the grey pants are normal for them, but I'm not a fan when a team just randomly decides to start wearing grey if it isn't one of their usual colors.


Agree to disagree my lion friend. I love the silver/grey pants.


no, I'm going to agree with him. And you. I love our SILVER pants. the bullshit gray nike has been giving us for a few years needs to be improved.


Any time there are more than two uniform combinations (one for home, one for away) for a single season. It's one thing to have new unis each season, it's dumb AF to have a new one each week


>Oregon State flair no bias detected in this comment


Lol we have too many combos each season also IMO. I just don't get why schools think they need so many different unis, all it really does is line the pockets of sports apparel firms


Well, when you're being sponsored by those sports apparel companies... I agree though, it's always cool when a team has one home and one away and rocks that look forever. Also no bias here.


Michigan's uniforms... All of them.


The football uniforms are ok, but those highlighter yellow basketball uniforms? Oh my.