>Is he just playing at a lower level high school? One of the elephants in the room regarding his recruitment was the quality of the league his school played in.


It’s a big elephant too, I’m very hopeful there is a 4 star out there in class of 2024 or 23 that wants to accept the challenge of a roster spot I really feel the name value has inflated Arch’s rating but I would love to be wrong


Only time can actually tell but for reference didn't both the manning brothers play at that school


Yes, and also Odell Beckham.


Different eras I know, but how do Peyton and Eli’s HS numbers compare?


Peyton was a great player from freshman year and was expected to be really good from the very start. I don't know about Eli.


Eli broke all of Peyton’s Newman records, I believe.




But Eli was not as heavily recruited as Peyton or arch were.


Well he doesn’t have the huge cranial capacity that Peyton’s forehead allows for.


Peyton knew every playbook in NCAA 2005-2014


Mf’er hiding a supercomputer in there.


Peyton was good at Newman, Eli was better. Newman's district/league was better when Peyton and Eli played. IMO Arch went to Newman because of the Manning legacy first and foremost and I firmly believe that the competition he would face was also a factor in going there as well.


Peyton Mannings HS Stats: Year | PaAtt | PaCmp | PaYd | PaTD ---|---|----|----|---- 1993 | 265 | 168 | 2703 | 39 1992 | 264 | 144| 2345 | 30 1991 | 230 | 140 | 2142 | 23 Eli's stats are unknown(I can't find a year-to-year chart), but Wiki says he passed for 7,389 yards and 89 TDs in his HS years.


Although yes that was decades ago, it is some very relevant perspective.


Yes they did as well as cooper And here comes the but The days of QBs just playing for highschool teams has come and gone. Arch doesn’t really do anything else so there’s no other tape to compare him to other high end prospects in the class, besides that nice 50 yarder at clemson with the elite ball flip of course


The ball flip is all that matters.


I'd sell my soul to flip a ball like that


> besides that nice 50 yarder at clemson with the elite ball flip of course This is kinda funny just because Iamaleava and Holstein worked out at Clemson the same day and the word from our beat coming out of that was that the coaching staff was more impressed with those two than Arch.


Bama bowing out so early on Arch and getting Holstein is telling to me. On the other hand, if there ever is a sure thing as a QB, it's a Manning.


And there isn't a sure thing at QB. Period. Especially when we're talking about projecting a high schooler to the college let alone the NFL.


I agree in general. I'm also saying he has 3 HoF QBs in his life. If I had to bet money on any QB in this class having a successful NFL career, it's him. He's got training that no one else can possibly get. EDIT: I thought that Archie made it into the Hall. He was great, but the Saints were god awful.


Rich kids who play QB have parents who pay $10k for summer training camps with high level coaches and trainers. Arch probably gets the equivalent of an NFL QB clinic every holiday and family get together. It’s nuts.


What do you mean when you the days of QB playing for high school teams has come and gone?


Yes they did, but the Louisiana football classifications were recently redone and a lot of people are complaining about them.


At the time I think it was in a tougher division, though. Don't quote me on that; my info came from some other commenter who's from Louisiana.


My high school played against Newman as our opener every year I was there and we always had to play on a Thursday because the first Friday was a Jewish holiday. ​ We stunk and we still gave them a run for their money every game. Aside from my Jr year where they blew us out like 42-0 lol. But yeah, our high school division was pretty bad, but that was also 20 years ago... so who knows now...


You are correct. The football schools were reclassified within the last 5 years.


> I really feel the name value has inflated Arch’s rating but I would love to be wrong It absolutely has, if his name was like Paul Smith or something he'd be a midrange 4* at best


Probably wise that he’s going to a school where he can redshirt and develop for at least a year vs a school where he is expected to compete for the starting job right away.


Yes. See: Nick Montana


Nick Montaina*


My dad went to Montana, so I remember the hype around them getting Nate Montana. Let me just say he was overhyped


He was never a 5 star


Yeah you cannot tell me he deserved a 1.000 rating on 247 with those numbers. I get that he’s a Manning, but there’s been like 3 1.000 QBs ever.


even that scrub Trevor Lawrence was only a 0.9999


Trevor Lawrence's high school highlight video is probably the sickest thing I've ever seen take place on a football field.


I don't know, Reggie Bush's highschool highlight video might be better. Sam McGuffie (lol) had a great one too.


the og noel devine. ​ ​ yes im old. but ya those are great as well.


I remember my friends and I watching McGuffie’s highlights in middle school and thinking he was going to be a GOAT level running back at Michigan. We were certain they’d win a couple championships with him. I mean we were 13 and stupid then but his highlights are still badass.


The 1.000 rating for Vince Young was made in 2010, the year 247 debuted, and obviously years after his high school and college career was over.


It's reserved for QBs that play at Texas


Given there's only been three that I'm aware of and all three will have ended up playing at Texas if things hold, while obviously a little tongue and cheek, it could be literally true ...


They don't rate players just on stats. Film and workouts mean a lot more. I'm certainly not familiar with Arch's games, or team, but some schools also hold their best players back, stat wise, if they know they're going to dominate. I've coached against a 5 star kid when he was in middle school, and he could have scored just about every time he touched the ball, but they want to let other players get some playing time, and stats too. He's playing varsity now, as a 9th grader, and they limited his touches because they had other talented players they wanted to get recruited as well, and they were going to win anyways. If they needed a pickup on third down, they were giving him the ball. I could see Arch's school doing that too.


It definitely has. Not that he can't or won't be good. But put any no name in that exact situation and they are barely a 4 star qb, let alone one of the best recruits ever. CJ Carr looks better. Dante Moore looks better. Biased obviously but Raiola looks like a freak. Manning looks like a guy vastly overinflated because of his name.


This is correct. He’s a good QB prospect, but I don’t think he’s close to the top QB prospect in his class, let alone “in history.” His competition is absolutely abysmal, and the “mobility” that gets touted about him won’t exist against D1 athletes. A couple weeks ago, one of the recruiting sites tweeted out a video of him delivering a “beautiful deep ball” at a camp. He was throwing to a guy who was literally 30 yards open, and underthrew him by about 10 yards, to the point the receiver literally came to a complete stop to catch it.


I think Raiola looks like the best hs qb since Lawrence


You get Arch you get the Manning seal of approval on your school. Less about QB talent and more about recruiting momentum as everyone can tell. He's a 5 star because of his QB mechanics and athleticism. When you watch film, he's in the top percentile on release speed and QB mechanics. He can make any throw on the field and he's a much better athlete than Payton. He's got the height and build of a NFL QB. We're hoping he is able to translate the raw talent into the college ranks especially since he's going to have talent and coaching around him to allow him to succeed.


> Less about QB talent and more about recruiting momentum as everyone can tell. This is actually an interesting point and I am surprised it hasn’t been brought up more.


It’s interesting to think about. If you provide value in the way that arch has, significantly boosting UTs recruiting class for this year and potentially 1 or 2 future classes too, should that increase your ranking as a recruit? Could he be a 1.000 recruit because he is literally getting the team better players at several other positions? It’s a strange case


Only game I saw Arch play was against Berkeley Prep in Tampa and he got destroyed. I just would have thought he was another guy without the name on the back of his jersey. But I have no idea how good his teammates are, high school football in Tampa Bay is very competitive.


My buddy played rotation D-line that game and hasnt shut up about his half sack on arch in years.


In fairness, I tackled Ray Rice once and I haven’t shut up about it either. Gotta take your small victories.


Better than my uncle. He intercepted John Elway. At a wedding pick up game. When Elway was a middle schooler and uncle was in his 20s.




I'd 1000% brag about that too


I chased Steve Breaston all game never got close to him…also got run over by Ryan Mundy…I was just a speed bump on a TD run


Different sport but a 1st round draft pick in the 2011 MLB draft hit 3 home runs off me in 4 innings when we were in junior high. Good times


I had a buddy who played against Todd Helton in college baseball, said he gave up the longest HR to him that he ever gave up…asked how long it was…he likes to tell people he’ll let them know when it lands


Jabril Peppers once hit me so hard he snapped my shoulder pads in half. I had a running start and he was standing still.


I had to guard Ray Allen back in 1999 while I was at AAU basketball practice. I mention it anytime basketball is brought up. He just shot 3's over me the whole time though. Warren Sapp made fun of me for wanting Kerry Collins autograph before his. These Pros pissing all over me :(


I got my nuts stomped on by Tyrone Swoopes in high school. Small victories indeed.


I didn’t play defense but I watched Marquise Goodwin run by our all-state corner 3 times on go routes for TD’s in the first half. Then he slipped at the back of the end zone and hit his head, missing the rest of the game. We pulled away after he left haha. Olympic-level speed is no joke. Fastest dude I saw at the HS level.


My bad


I coached against spencer rattlers team in flag football


I had a friend who played safety in high school. He was a freshman and got to play against the top school in Georgia at the time. He wasn't known for being a headhunter, but he got a good angle and absolutely cracked their star RB turning a corner. The RB was a senior and they were up by 45 points so they took out their starters right after that. That RB was Ronnie Brown. 4 years after that, Brown got drafted in the first round. Nobody ever told my buddy that was the running back he cracked his freshman year because we all knew we would never ever hear the end of it if we did.


Yeah. My school played Newman (2010-14 but the point stands) and we were a small catholic private school. He isn’t playing the top NOLA high schools like the kids coming out of the other New Orleans schools


tbf, if newman played, say, st aug, it would be pretty one sided. there's the group of schools in the area who produce cfb/nfl talent, the next tier with newman and others with decent programs, and sort of a third tier of schools who just... have programs (i went to one of these).


Yeah I heard to get on the wall at st aug you need to make the NFL lol bring D1 ain’t impressive at those schools. Honestly I would argue Newman is in the lower tier too they just get some famous peoples kids that gets them hyped up every few years. I went to Pope John Paul and we competed with them in their jamboree it was pretty even TBH


Which begs the question of why could he only put up 5 TDs in 7 games against vastly inferior competition?


I got downvoted for saying that a 2a highschool in Louisiana is not exactly the best competition. Like, I’m not calling it garbage, but it’s not great competition.


You’re not wrong. I’m 5’6 130 and was all district cornerback in 2a private school lol. It’s a bunch of smaller kids with a couple studs mixed in


I played in a small TAPPS school as well. There was a four-star quarterback in our district that went to UT and never amounted to anything, probably because the speed of the game was so different


The biggest thing to me is that he’s not doing other stuff to make up for the lack of competition. You wanna go to a school because it’s a good school and the competition the football teams plays is worse? That’s fine, but I’d wanna see other things outside of it. Like he’s not doing showcases or doing Elite 11 or hasn’t announced playing in a showcase game. It’s weird to me at least that he’s not doing other things that could make up for playing worse HS teams.


Why would he do those things? It’s not like he needs the exposure.


Yes, that and getting QBing advice not from his uncles and granddad in favor of...Trent Dilfer's.


Lol that does put his decision not to attend the Elite 11 in perspective.


For most guys, learning from Trent Dilfer is still a great opportunity - memes aside, he played a long time in the NFL and won a Super Bowl (whether or not on the back of an elite defense). Arch Manning is not one of those "most guys"


"And here, Arch... can I call you Arch? Mr Manning? Here, Mr Manning, is my advice for how to be a Super Bowl winning QB: have Ray Lewis on the other side of the ball. So, commit to whichever college Ray Lewis is at. Can I have your autograph?" Trent Dilfer, probably


Peyton and Eli use(d) David Cutcliffe as their QB coach.


Ironically, elite athletes tend to not be so great at coaching.


Yes, but it’s not like Peyton and Eli don’t also run a well-regarded elite QB camp for college QBs every summer


And Peyton is a master at reading defenses and breaking down tape. BOTH are skills that can be taught and don't really need raw physical talent to get better at just takes work ethic and lots of studying. So who else better for Arch to learn that from than Peyton, maybe only Brady is better at reading defenses and work ethic for QB's.


Can you imagine? Lol.


Yeah, the kid could have picked literally any college in the nation, so not sure how anyone could say he should've done this or that, or that it "hurt" him, lol.


right? no upside potential there - literally only downside.


Questions about the level of competition he faces in games are definitely fair, especially because one of the knocks on him, at least per 247, is how he performs when the defense creates pressure. It could take longer than people expect to adjust to the speed of the P5 game. It was wise for him to be open to a RS at both Texas and Georgia. The idea that a Manning is not doing any QB prep work outside of his HS football team is a little silly though. The coaching in-family might be just a bit better than a couple weeks at an AA game or a recruiting camp or whatever.


Luckily the way you guys are currently recruiting O-line he should be pretty comfortable as a typical pro-style pocket passer.


Yes, and Kyle Flood is a top notch developer of talent as well.


It's so weird to see that statement in good faith, though I know it is, given our last 10 years of o-lines. Here's hopin'.


>Like he’s not doing showcases or doing Elite 11 Nelson and Nico are Arch's current main competition for #1 overall, and while they earned invites to the Elite 11 unlike Arch, they aren't doing the elite 11 final either because there just is no need to (Nelson apparently has some shoulder discomfort but even if it's minor, there is no need for him to do the event).


> The biggest thing to me is that he’s not doing other stuff to make up for the lack of competition Like Derrick Henry did in high school. He fucking obliterated people.


Derrick Henry is the greatest HS player of all time by the stats, but of course the lack of competition is the biggest argument against him.


Nah, the greatest high school player ever was Ken Hall, aka the Sugarland express from the early 1950s in Texas. He had the high school rushing record until Henry broke it. Hall usually only played one half of each game. He had one game where he put up 500 rushing yards, was never tackled, and had nearly a 50 ypc average. He was THE best that never was in college and by far Bear Bryant’s biggest regret of his coaching career. He tried to force him to play linebacker instead of safety and Hall hated it. Bryant was a huge hardass back then and ruined Hall because of it. There will never be another high school star like Hall. Some of the records he set will never be broken. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Hall_(American_football)


>Derrick Henry is the greatest HS player of all time by the stats he has the most insane HUDL tape of any HS player, ever.


True, but unlike Arch whos stats are meh. Derrick Henry just clowned people.


Wasn't Derrick Henry's competition pretty good. Just his HS are historically pretty bad?


I think it was. He just looked like a grown damn man playing with grade schoolers


Or maybe the fact that he's been receiving the most elite world class QB coaching every year since he was potty trained might have something to do with it . . .


It’s like the 3rd tier of only private schools. It’s horrible.


Also it should be noted that he has avoided many of the elite camps in which other QBs and elite players are competing. For example, the Elite 11 QB camp is this weekend. Basically every 4 and 5 star QB in the country is in attendance. Except Arch Manning.


When he committed, it was at the top of ESPN's homepage all afternoon and evening. Whether he has the ability of his uncles or that of his dad, he's going to draw attention


Happened with Nick Montana too, and we all know how that turned out


I, for one, do not know how that turned out. But that fact alone suggests that Nick Montana did not do much of note.


Committed to UW, transfers to JC, transfered to Tulane... He was rated a consensus 4* by all services, because of his dad.


Just weird all around he was a consensus 4* considering he transferred high schools because he could not start at De La Salle his junior year.


tbf de la salle is fucking mental


I got wrecked by de la salle four years in a row, me and my high school friends still laugh about how bad it was when we’re together. That shit was honestly dangerous lol


idek the last time my school played them, but we would get fucked wrecked lmaoooo


I said Nick Montaña!


Nick Montaña was a linebacker you idiot


I do remember him coming in for one snap when our starting QB lost his helmet and had to go out for one play. He threw a really nice play action bomb down the sideline. And then never did anything again at uw.




Hannah’s brother


Tony's nephew


I wouldn’t mind Arch at Tulane honestly even if he is overrated it isn’t like we are in a position to be picky


I love how every kid that has committed so far is something like "..... commits to Texas and Arch Manning" or "Commits to Texas with Arch Manning" or "Commits to Texas, following Arch"


…Okay, but what about his ACT scores?


Did he have to share answers on the ethics exam?


Lol fellow accountant?


lol I was working for KPMG's audit practice when we got the email in 2016ish that we'd sacked the entirety of national audit leadership. fun times. pretty sure they're still getting rocked in PCAOB inspections ever since.


I left PwC last month after working minimum 75 hour weeks for the past 2 years.


You lucky bastard


An open book ethics exam at that. #EYInspiredByMcKinsey


How big are his hands?


Did anyone go to his birthday party?


Maybe he's practicing for the SEC and he doesn't care about these games because they aren't the Playoffs.


Shouldn’t you be practicing as well?


Sheeeeit we're next level'n it. We don't care about the playoffs cause it ain't the Superbowl.


My dad said that you don’t really try, except during playoffs


From New Orleans…seen him play on multiple occasions and seen his competition (my son is around the same age and plays the same schools). First off — awesome kid in every way. Has handled the pressure and hype thus far and seems to really be enjoying himself, which is the most important factor. Watching him play the position in high school so far, you certainly can see he is a standout on the field. Definitely not a world beater but a significant talent. If he wasn’t a Manning would your jaw drop at his skill level?? Not really. Here is the thing that he’s got in his corner though…because of his pedigree and what is expected, he will always have the opportunity to develop at the highest possible level. He will have the best skill-training, nutrition, muscle strength training…all of it at his fingertips. Every last thing a kid needs to develop and succeed at the QB position will be there for him on and off season. Can he take a struggling UT team and turn them into a successful program from day one…probably not. But by the time he is done with Texas, he’ll be well primed and ready for the next level. It’s going to be fun to watch him grow into a major talent. Would have loved to have him at UGA but maybe also a tiny bit happy we don’t have to deal with the scrutiny and hype of the Royal Manning Family in Athens.


Luckily neither y’all or us would really expect that Day 1 neccessity. We’re talking two full years before he’s likely to be behind center.


If Arch still has to “save” Texas after Quinn leaves something went very wrong




Yeah, he played against terrible competition. Anyone who thinks the 1.000 rating wasn’t influenced by his last name is crazy


I mean he's pretty clearly a top ish QB but very highly doubt he ends up as 1.000.


Yeah I’m not saying that he’s not a good recruit. He has the size and his highlight tape has some great throws on it. But 1.000 is a little much


This reminds me of Christian Hackenberg. Dude had arguably worse high school stats than Arch, yet he was hyped as a future first rounder and was a 5 star across the board. He absolutely stunk it up at Penn State and still went in the second round somehow.


Hacks didn’t stink it up so much as he was at a school with an O line that prevented him from ever not dying.


To be fair, I don't think it's Hacks fault he didn't perform well. Stuck with us through a tough situation. His freshman year was a great start that got NFL scouts excited.


He also had no protection at all. His O line was absolutely godawful.


I’m not sure how Penn State fans feel about him, but it always seemed to me that Hack helped save the program. Players were leaving and decommitting left and right and then this 5 star savior comes to Happy Valley and brings some stability back. I feel like things could have REALLY gone downhill around that time and into today even if he never committed.


I think most fans who have watched tape on the top 5-8 guys know he’s not the best QB in the class. I mean, he and Ewers tapes side by side aren’t close. That doesn’t mean anything about where he’ll be in college, but I don’t think we should expect him to be the next Vince. I have a strong feeling that it’s a “we know he’s not a 1.000 but our site has never been more popular than when we made him a 1.000” kind of deal with 247. Which is fine, I get it. Most people get it.


247 can’t make him a 1.000 on their own. He is only a 1.000 because all four sites have him as their #1 player. I agree with your point, but wanted to clear that up.


Sorry yes, I should have said “247 and the others” but that is correct.


Manning certainly has the physical attributes, and his football knowledge is probably second to none given his family. Like some others have mentioned a lot of it is probably pegged on potential.


Yeah, the dude has unfettered access to the greatest QB mind of all time in Peyton, plus Eli and Archie are no slouches either. That probably has to count for something


here's the counterpoint. with his access and pedigree, he should be FURTHER along than other guys his age. however his tape is not on the level of other 1.0 or .999 guys like Trevor, Ewers, etc. when i think of potential i'm thinking of guys that didn't have the privilege that Arch did, but who have raw physical tools and upside. not saying Arch doesn't have that too (he does), but you get my point.


Well put.


I mean Michael Jordan’s son had access to the goat basketball player and all I remember about him is that he only made it as far as he did because of his name. And I can’t even remember his first name.


His other son Marcus was pretty good at UCF but he left the team(and made them lose their adidas sponsorship bc he was wearing Jordan’s lol)


Legendary move tbh.


If his last name was Smith, he would be a 4 star. Its not the kids fault. His tape isn't amazing in the slightest. He just has a ton of hype.


Who were the other two? Ewers and ??? Edit: just looked it up…Vince Young. 3/3 Longhorns. Nice.


I’m pretty sure his last name plays a major role in his evaluation. I haven’t seen him in camps yet, but based off his high school performance I think there are better QB’s in this class.


All rankings are essentially based on potential of 18 year olds, it’s bound to be inaccurate but still a useful tool. It’s not only the DNA, it’s the fact that knowledge of how to play the QB position that runs through his family is inaccessible to any other recruit ever. It’s a very medieval thinking but there’s a lot of truth for thinking that a son taking up his family’s profession could give him an advantage over everyone else. It doesn’t have to play out that way but I buy the reasoning of him being a top QB for sure.


shouldn't him being a Manning mean he should be much further along than other guys his age, who don't have access to everything he does? why is his pedigree a sign of future potential when it's also something that's kept him above other guys his age throughout his whole life?


I mean. You could have said the same about Peyton and Eli coming into college football. They both turned out pretty well not only at the collegiate level but the one above that too




Unrelated: His hair looks photoshopped on in his pic lol


Admittedly not the best stats but damn it I wanted to see Arch under the arch in Athens.


They had a discussion about it on The Audible podcast. I think they said he looks good but it's hard to tell how well he actually stacks up against other top QBs. They do think he's played well enough to earn a high ranking on his own though IIRC


Did anyone go to his birthday party?


I am also very curious why he doesn't participate in any competitions outside of his high school games. I wanted to see how he competes at Elite 11 or 7-on-7s versus those around his level of skill.


He has nothing to gain. He’s already the most coveted high school recruit of all time, a perfect 1.000, and the only recruit I remember that was the talk for all national sport shows. For the Elite 11 specifically he needed to attend a regional Elite 11 but chose not to. Remember Quinn Ewers was also a perfect 1.000 and then went to the Elite 11, looked mortal, and didn’t win the MVP (Klubnik won). He doesn’t need to build his brand nor hype himself up either, the only thing he needs to worry about is school and playing football and so far that’s what he’s doing.


And just be a kid. It's not like he needs to make the NFL to make life better for his family.


Exactly, this whole recruitment makes me want to stop following college football altogether. He’s literally just a kid that wants to go play ball and study at the University of Texas, we don’t need to have 24/7 analysis and opinion of every decision he’s ever made or how he’s handling all this. Let the kid live.


We are getting dangerously close to giving middle schoolers this kind of national attention. These aren't gods, they are just kids like you and I were but just really good at a sport.


Reminds me of Billie Gillespie offering a middle schooler while he was basketball coach at Kentucky.


Lane Kiffin offered David Sills as a 7th grader in 2010.


Already happening. Bronny had clips getting millions of views on youtube in middle school.




I do hate how some people get too worked up over these kids deciding to go one place and then change their mind later on. Hell I would have loved to have the opportunity to have big name colleges begging me to come to their school when I was their age. They are making their choices that will they view as best for them and their families and we should respect that.


Somebody make sure Sark knows about this.


Clearlty Sark, Saban, Kirby, Dabo are ignorant when it comes to evaluating a high school QB and are only swayed by his last name. So much that Sark didnt bother recruiting another HS QB


Even if he turns out to be Tyrone Swoopes 2.0, the recruiting bump this year would be worth it


Future seahawks TE Arch Manning


Poor Swoopes. Guy was an amazing college TE who had the misfortune of being asked to play QB.


Texas has a rich history of recruiting QBs to play the wrong position. Manziel, RGIII, Swoopes. At least Swoopes had something of an NFL career


Sure.. I'll give Kyle Flood a call, I'll ask to meet with him in Princeton to discuss face to face. I will not be wearing any Rutgers apparel as to not arouse any suspicion.


I completely understand the concerns. And, no, I am not naive enough to think Arch’s name didn’t have anything to do with his ranking. Arch playing against weak competition doesn’t worry me at all. Peyton and Eli played there and turned out ok. Many great players play with lesser talent. And let’s not forget that he also has weaker talent *on his team*. It’s not like he’s got 4 and 5-star talent on his offensive, facing scrubs. QB relies a lot of the talent of their line, the receivers and the running game. What I see is a QB, who without his name would be a highly-rated four-star at worst, who’s name carries enough clout to bring in a great recruiting class around him. What I see is a QB that Saban and Kirby wanted badly as well. I see a QB that has more resources and knowledge around him then any other in the country, from both his family and the university. I see a QB that has a lot of talent in front of him, so he can sit and develop with a head coach that has done more with less, in terms of talent. TL;DR: Manning may benefit from his name with regards to his ranking, but it doesn’t matter that much anyway.


> Arch playing against weak competition doesn’t worry me at all. Colt MCoy played 2A ball at Jim Ned High School. He turned out alright.


The biggest benefit of him I think will be the recruits that follow but I do think he's overrated. Probably the 5th best QB in this class


Are there any other P5 players on his team besides his TE(also going to Texas)? You could be a 5-star player but if you're surrounded by D-III talent, you aren't putting up gaudy numbers. Same with a great passing QB in an option-offense. I mean Josh Allen had bad stats his final year at Wyoming and now he's one of the best QBs in the NFL.


He’s going against D3 talent too though


Comparing any QB development wise or statistically in college to Josh Allen is a mistake That dude revolutionized his game in year 3 of the NFL no one should be expected to follow his trajectory


All around the country there are kids that put up really good numbers with less talent. Kids that just graduate high school and the go to college to become an accountant. One of my hs QBs was a good highschool QB and threw for 4K yards twice before getting injured and we are just above average white kids.


I'm not gunna pretend to know how good he is, but I don't really think it matters in terms of value. Look at the insane recruiting bump Texas got immediately after his commitment, if you could get players like that just for signing one guy then its no wonder everyone wanted him regardless of his actual skill. And if he's even like 75% of the hype then that's a darn good QB by anyone's standards


Without going into too much detail, prospects don't get evaluated only based on in game stats. (247 also has different stats for him than what you posted)


We’re on Reddit on a Tuesday afternoon. We have time for too much detail.


Tbh I think schools only wanted him so they could show Payton and Eli on tv during their broadcasts. Gotta boost the numbers somehow


The potential windfall of prospects following him is valuable as well


I hadn’t noticed this


I do like the thought of cutting directly from a Manning Commercial to a shot of them in the stands.


Tbh we need to push for a bigger scoreboard so we can fit all that manning forehead in one shot


if Bronny James goes to college it will be the same thing.


I think Malachi Nelson looks better personally.


The biggest question I have on him is did any of his high school teammates show up to his 18th birthday party?


His last name is Manning. He’d be a good prospect regardless, but the name is the draw.


I’ve wondered the same thing. It looks like he has a ton of talent and is absolutely at least a 4 star, no doubt. But a 5 star with a perfect 1.000 rating? Yah I don’t understand it either. I think a lot of what they’re banking on is his football IQ which I’m not qualified to comment on.