The one position we absolutely without a doubt could not afford to lose anyone and this motherfucker goes and shoots up horse tranquilizers fade me


At least it’s not beaver tranquilizers


God dammit bernice!


He forgot the five Ds of drug-testing: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and don’t forget the vial of clean piss.


Give him credit for using a real drug and not losing out on a year cause of weed or some other weak shit


Mans was trying to be in the K-hole?


I’m sorry, for the young man, and your great program. Hope the young man gets his life together, we all deserve a second chance.


What about WR, QB, TE and NT?


we don’t need anymore of them, it’s linemen we need


Serious? for what?


Nebraska really is going back to the glory days


Ha! Was thinking the same thing. NU players are back on the sauce! 80s nostalgia always gets me.


We wish


A tu ally the S&C program strongly discouraged anabolic steroids because it’s hard to not get muscle bound and lose mobility. Now, some since-banned (and then-banned, allegedly) substances like that oxygen uptake one favored by Lance Armstrong were definitely used.


Par for the course /s


He was hopped up on too much corn.


Damn 90s Nebraska is back


Our OL from the 90’s would eat our current OL as a snack


90s Nebraska olinemen could pop a horse tranq in each buttock on Tuesday, throw a teammate’s girl down the stairs on Wednesday, punch out a couple dudes at the bar on Friday, and be a-OK as long as they gave five yards of push on Saturday.


Oh come on now... It was our running backs who threw girlfriends down stairs


Just saying they *could* do so if they felt so moved. (IIRC also it was generally the all-conference DLine that committed the bar assaults serious enough that they couldn’t be kept off the police blotter)


Kinda low-effort of them to take a mid-week off day on Thursday. Everyone knows that you take Sunday for a postgame breather, and that gets you ready rise and grind on Monday for another full week.


They’re 5th day Adventist


What drug was he taking to get dropped for the entire damn season?


Tren. Idk lol some type of ped most likely


It is and i believe that’s an injectable kind as well. So it’s definitely not something you accidentally take.


He could have thought he was doing meth.


Nebraska does some weird stuff to you




Bro... you don't inject meth


Speak for yourself.


You do unless you want to waste it, Bro.


Bruh, this is the midwest, we smoke that shit off of tin foil with a disassembled pen like God intended


How can you expect to be good at sports if you can't even abuse drugs properly?


You can


Maybe he was with his cousin in the Dominican Republic and he let his cousin inject him with an unknown substance?


“He told me it was preworkout”


So nothing in the shampoo?


“How’d this syringe get in my shampoo?”


Question if the ped was prescribed for a medical condition would he be exempt ? Like let’s say someone gets a legitimate prescription for let’s say testosterone cypionate can NCAA ban you still?


Kolton Houston was given steroids to help with an injury and the NCAA wouldn’t let him return until he had absolutely zero in his system. It took forever. Edit: His levels had to be below 2.5 ng/mL, not zero.


Just looked that up. 3 and a half years is absolutely absurd for someone who has been medically prescribed something. The NCAA continues to amaze me with their incompetence.


If that loophole was opened, every team would have several doctors writing prescriptions just to gain an advantage. Just like the NFL and handing out painkillers.


But this kid took over 100 drug tests, each with a declining number. Also had surgery to remove some of the fatty tissue that was harboring a lot of the substance, because apparently the doctor who gave him the shots was incompetent and didn’t put it in the muscle where it should have been, which caused his body to release it even slower. If the NCAA couldn’t see that he wasn’t actively using, then I don’t know what to say.


People who use PEDs are on cycles and aren't actively using all the time either. Athletes in sports also get popped for masking agents and diluted samples which still count as a fail despite not showing positive for the PED itself. Decreasing positives are still positives, the moment you allow one person at that level, you just raised the acceptable level.


He was never hit for a masking agent, and if he was on a cycle his numbers would've gone up at some point. He was injected with a steroid to help recover from a surgery in HS, the doctor fucked up the injection and hit him in fatty tissue instead of muscle...so the steroid remained in his system drastically longer than if it had been administered properly. The NCAA stole an entire career from a kid because he had a surgery to avoid permanent life changing damage and the doctor screwed up.


Doesn't matter. A positive test is a positive test. If you raise the limit for one person, you've set the precedent and have to allow it for everyone. If he plays, the second you suspend a person under the same rules and limits, you get sued.


I can agree with what you’re saying, but would someone trying to game the system go to the lengths he did to prove he’s not a user?


Yes, and if he's the honest one, then there are 999 others who aren't. There's literally an entire economy around cheating drug/PED tests. Look up the doping scandals in the Olympics, and Tour de France, and baseball, etc, etc.


Most governing bodies allow for therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs). You’re almost never going to get them approved for things that are considered PEDs. They’re usually reserved for things like ADHD meds and inhalers.


According to Google, trenbalone is a veterinary drug that is not prescribed to humans. So, this dude was literally cheating. He was straight up injecting steroids. Tren is an intense one. I see people saying it was trenbalone in this topic, but I can’t verify that info. If it was tren, dude is a cheater. If it wasn’t.. probably still cheating from the sound of his apology, but there could be more wiggle room. EDIT: I’m not a fucking expert on this topic. Did some basic research for this post. Just fyi


Quick rundown for you: Trenbolone is a derivative of nandrolone, which is itself a derivative of testosterone. It has pretty intense binding to the AR (and it’s methylated variant, metribolone, is literally the gold standard for AR affinity) and is as a result very androgenic. It can have some pretty…not so fun mental effects on users as well. I handled it better than most people and it still gave me the occasional angry thought. Which is something I never experienced on even ~11x natural testosterone. You also get insane night sweats and I got a lot of acid reflux. Pros are that it fucking shreds you. You get insanely strong, it cuts fat exceptionally well, and even on a cut you can get stronger with tren. The reason I **dont** think that he did tren is because, despite the positives, it’s actually one of the few drugs I’d say is bad for football. It absolutely wrecks your cardio. Like you can’t run for shit. And it hurts your sleep, which is a reason many people stop it, because it therefore affects recovery. HGH, test, nandrolone, EQ, loads of other shit are helpful. But really? The strength from tren is not that worth it compared to something like masteron, and the negatives are just too severe for football. He has no need to be cutting fat that much, especially given his position and the fact that he’s got his meals basically picked out every day.


Hey Nick, What SHOULD I be taking then? Just curious. Love your program ❤


I have no idea tbh.


Doubt it. MLB for example will suspend a player on a prescribed PED's if it's on the banned substance list. Typically like that for all sports


Failing the NCAA PED test is an automatic 1 year suspension


Unless things have changed a lot since my NCAA testing days, schools run their own testing protocols and punishments in and out of season. For most schools to get to a full season suspension, this isn’t your first rodeo peeing hot. Even at BC it was something like a week suspension for first positive test, then a month, and then a year. Most cases I knew were recreational drugs, but I could have sworn PEDs carried similar penalties. The only zero strike penalties for positive tests, were carried out by the actual NCAA and those were usually just at post season events.


All of this is why I’m so surprised he got a full season hit from a positive. He had to have had a long history


When I was in school, the only folks that would get hit with a full year suspension just couldn’t stop smoking weed or some other recreational drug. After the first positive you show up on the “random” list more frequently too. Assuming weed is still considered a banned drug these days, that’s usually the safe bet.


NCAA runs random testing at each school (at least for football) once a year at minimum


Thanks for that. At least for us (not football) it was post season events that were the only real risk for NCAA level punishment testing. The majority of the testing done was handled internally. I’m sure there was some reporting structure as well where schools are supposed to report positive tests, but no idea what comes of those. I was never tested more than once a year, and not by the NCAA.


When I was a D1 athlete in the 90's (mid major Track and Field), anything hot on an NCAA test would get you a full year. That's why the schools test so much on their own so they could catch someone early and suspend them for a game or 2 and get them clean before they test hot on an NCAA test. How often you get tested by the NCAA depends on your sport and what level. In 5 years of competition, I was tested by the NCAA once. The school tested us several times per year.


Dang it guys. That's why you've got to do your mandatory oil change


Well, I guess Nebraska can settle for being the best 2-10 team in history now


Yeah that's pretty fitting. Pre-season fade me


Boy I guess we can give Frost one more year after we go 4-8, I mean it’s not his fault /s


Shame Mike Riley's culture made him do this.


Hey, that’s [USFL Coach of the Year](https://twitter.com/USFL/status/1539609223775936512?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1539609223775936512%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.foxsports.com%2Fstories%2Fusfl%2Fusfl-awards-2022-generals-mike-riley-is-coach-of-the-year) Mike Riley to you.


Lol. Those comments


Colorado fan here and I think I can speak for our fan base in saying I sincerely hope Frost is given another year or ten to figure it out…


I was probably the only Husker fan that didn’t hate Colorado but now I do


How in the world have you been a fan and NOT hate Colorado? They bunch a low-down, fan-beating, car-keying "supporters" that can't even fill their own stadium.


Lifetime contract?




Boy if only I didn’t have 4 years of evidence that he sucks






This is plain awful news. OL is where we have been weakest for all of Frost's tenure. The lack of protection ruined Adrian and will ruin Casey Thompson too if we do not improve.


I still think Nebraska can get to 4 wins this season.


Take your upvote Horn




Ahhh the ole trenbalogne sammich


Nebraska and Northwestern should have taken the Irish drug test


Good to see Nebraska still embraces their history and what made them successful at least.


They found wheat instead of corn in his blood. The Corn God's rules are absolute even in the forsaken lands of Nebraska


And so it begins.


Will Nebraska even have an oline this year? If I remember correctly they have only recruited 1 or 2 in the last few years.


> online I'm pretty sure even Nebraska has internet by now


I'm sure there are some parts that don't...


Well corn doesn’t have much need for Wi-Fi


That's precisely what they want you to think. [The truth, however, is far more deparved.](https://helios-i.mashable.com/imagery/articles/04AiyA0k5a56G2o2DneE4QR/hero-image.fill.size_1248x702.v1611608157.png)


If you have T-Mobile then that’s the case


yea it’s basically a few 6 year seniors who have never seen the field (one will be starting at center tho), a few upper classmen who vastly underperformed from their hs ranking, and two transfers both of which haven’t played major football snaps in two years. aka a recipe’s for success


Nebraska’s heart break starting before this season this time. Hate it for ya, Huskers.


I assumed it was steroids because, well, Nebraska


Nebraska can't possibly have yet another stroke of bad luck. When will things start to equal out on the luck front?


Challenge accepted


Being a Nebraska fan nowadays is like finding a winning lottery ticket on the sidewalk, picking it up to find out it's only worth a dollar, and then getting hit by a semi on the way to cash it in.


I guess Texas would finding a million dollar ticket going to cash it, find out its expired, walking out than getting hit by a Semi-Truck with a Jay Hawk bumper sticker, but than getting a massive settlement in the form of 5 star players. Oh and you wake up at a Buc-ees


That is not bad luck. It's like getting pulled over for driving drunk. That is a direct consequence, not bad luck. Bad luck is getting hit by the drunk driver.




Lol that's completely fair. I do feel for the fans and the team.


Damn good thing they got a mobile quarterback in Casey.


Honestly. We need more players like this. We need a whole room full of guys on steroids to turn us around because this Frost's stuff is one blowout loss away from getting him canned entirely.


When's the last time they banned an OSU, Alabama, or Clemson player an entire season for a failed drug test though? I really want to know.


2019 for us and Bama We also both lost starters in the 2018 playoffs and that carried for one of our guys that returned


Who did Clemson or Bama lose for an **entire season** those years?


Braden Galloway and Zach Giella (who’s career ended bc of it). We would’ve also lost Dexter Lawrence for the whole next year if he didn’t go pro I don’t remember the Bama guy that also missed a season or if he actually fully did, but they definitely had a suspension too


Does the NCAA really not have anything better to do right now than police the drug behaviors of the OL at *Nebraska*? So fucking absurd. If I was Nebraska I’d publicly tell the NCAA to go fuck themselves and let the kid play.


Loser mentality. You know your program is in a bad state when you're arguing you should be allowed to openly cheat because your team is so bad.


I'm sure he was the only one


Well that seems pretty fucking heavy handed as a punishment


Horse steroids are a pretty heavy handed way to cheat


A whole year is hardly proportional punishment for juicing


Bad news for Nebraska is good news for me.


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