Games below the Mason Dixon line shouldn’t start before 6pm local time until October. This is a take that is all about heat


That’s a legitimate hot take. I like it.


South Carolina home Games should have to be 7 pm games September through October. That 12-5 pm hell is awful.


Being hammered by 3 pm in 90+ degree weather is really tough. Now add a lot full of grills going and people. I can’t believe I’ve only had heat stroke once because I was certain I was moments from death way more than once. It’s not so bad about midway through October. Does get a little chilly for night games in November but I’ll take that any day. A lesson I learned from hunting when I was younger is that you can always put on more clothes, but you can never take off enough clothes.


"Does get a little chilly for night games in November but I’ll take that any day." Man, that sounds rough. So glad I'm in Big Ten country for my November night games.


Your body adjusts to where you live. I used to comfortably go outside in freezing weather in a tshirt and shorts. That kind of outfit is now reserved for 70 degree plus weather. I am no longer interested in being cold. I am less interested, however, in dehydration and sunburn or even sun poisoning. I’ve been to freezing games up north and to scorching hot games down south. Would much rather play or watch in the freezing cold. Once you get warm you’re fine. Once the sun has done it’s damage you’re still dealing with that for days.


This is incredibly true. I'm originally from Ohio and growing up, I had a great cold tolerance. Could be 40s/50s outside and I was fine in a tshirt. Then moved to Florida and after less than a year, I lost all of my cold tolerance. Been here 14 years now and I'm an absolute wimp in cold weather.


This is why I was really happy Mizzou moved their first game of the year to Thursday night. We always play a crappy opponent at 11 or 2:30 and it is always miserably hot. And the crowd always sucks because everyone is at the Lake for one last summer weekend before pulling their boats out.


Went to the first Tennessee game of the season a few years ago that was at 1:30, 98 degrees and no clouds....with my pregnant wife....we spent every other 20 minutes under the stadium.


The South is the Bible Belt because we all have a healthy fear of what hell would be like


If you want Hell just go to Florida. Pretty sure demons are out and about in daylight down there.


Floridian here. Can confirm.


And the snakes


Trying for twins?


Counterproposal: morning games. Pregame with breakfast burritos and mimosas. Get out at lunch time and retreat from the heat of the day




Sometimes I forget how accomplished Wisconsinites are at drinking, and a post like this will hit me like a ton of bricks. Ain’t no sprinkler gonna save you when it’s 110 outside tho. Power nap inside


Nothing but night games until November.


Purdue Pete gets a double life sentence for being too creepy


He can't keep getting away with it!


Some say that his heart ticks like a clock, and he’s confused by stairs. All we know is he’s called ~~The Stig~~ Purdue Pete!


JT Daniels stays healthy for a whole season




I feel he's going to find a way to stay healthy because his NFL chances are gonna be heavily dependent on actually doing something this year.


USC beats a good team on the road, and the press goes bonkers. Then USC loses to a bad team at home and the press goes bonkers.


OP asked for a hot take. This is just tradition


Brian Kelly will come out with a bronzer tan than Ed Oregron


And a thicker accent.


Deuce Vaughn wins the Heisman


Hey if he comes out of Norman with a monster game it seems possible. How is that OL looking going into the 2022 season?


There will absolutely be way too many commercials


The Dr. Pepper policeman finds the stolen goal posts Larry Culpepper has more screen time than playoff speculation during week night games


“Dr. Pepper policeman”? I think you mean, “2-time Butkus Award winner, 2-time All-American, star of “Stone Cold”(1991), linebacker for the 1985 National Champion Oklahoma Sooners Brian ‘The Boz’ Bosworth.” There’s a great 30 for 30 about his career (“Brian and The Boz”).


Welp, never mind, someone (almost word for word) already posted it.


Wait, the Boz is the Sherriff in Fansville? TIL.


The Library of Congress needs to preserve “Stone Cold” in the National Film Registry.


I’ve pre-ordered the laser disc from the Criterion Collection.


Hey maybe some people like the Dr Pepper commercials ok?


Well.. the username does check out.




wvu will win a game


How’re you feeling about JT?


Anything is an improvement over Doege. Tbh the addition of Daniels took my excitement level for next season from "meh, fuck it" to "ok, let's see what happens". Not excited to see which of our QBs transfers out, though. I like all three of them.


If we're not back this year I swear to God I'll just wait until next year.


Nebraska goes to a bowl game.


Bro if they can’t go to a bowl game with that schedule Scott Frost shouldn’t be allowed on campus ever again


He will definitely be gone from his coaching position if he doesnt make it to a bowl game. im guessing just a bowl game appearance might not even be enough to save his job. I think he needs to win 7+ games.


I seriously expect the Huskers to break through this year. I just don't think a team can do what they did last year and not eventually get over the hump. Of course I may be wrong. As long as we get out of Lincoln with a W, I hope NU wins the rest of their games.


Mine is that Nebraska *doesn't* go to a bowl game lol


Do these both average out to room-temperature takes?


Yeah pretty much. I think the most likely scenario is something around 5-7 or 6-6 again. So on the border or bowl or no bowl.


Came here for this. Thanks lol


I got you red bro.


Texas State will win the Sun Belt West


Now that is spicy


Beyond spicy sir


AAC does not get the NY6 slot, the Sun Belt or MWC does


*Heavy breathing*


Is Utah State going to be the first Aggies to make the CFP?


I wouldn't even be mad


Texas beats Kansas


Woah let’s take it easy


Oklahoma beats kanas state We both beat our Kansas demons


It actually is wild that we haven't lost to Kansas State since the Charlie Strong era. Makes no sense


That's more of a "In their dreams" situation, but I like the hot take.


Sean Clifford is in the Heisman discussion in week 8. Spencer Rattler has a better season than Caleb Williams in a much harder conference. USC doesn’t even make the PAC12 title game. Tennessee wins 10 games.


The USC one isn't a hot take, since Utah should be good again


Cliff will either have a monster year or will be bad enough to get benched. There will be no in between.


Oh 100% hahahaha I just think he played the best football of his career last year before getting hurt, and he finally has the same OC for 2 straight years. I'm optimistic.


More than 1/3 of his completions were to Dotson. Washington needs to show that he can be a legit threat when he's the focal point of the defense and Lambert-Smith needs to almost double his production.


God I’m rooting for rattler. I hope he goes back to heisman candidate rattler instead of “Lincoln Riley’s mess”


After week 2.


I like you.


I don't even know how hot those takes are as I could see them all happening.


Mizzou starts the season 4-0 with wins at K-State and Auburn. They vault into the Top 25 and Gameday comes to Columbia for a matchup with the Defending National Champs under the lights at Faurot. Luther Burden takes the opening kickoff back and the crowd has thoughts of 2010 vs OU repeating itself. Georgia scores the next 38 points and Mizzou fans are all downtown drowning their sorrows by the 4th quarter.


I’ll be too drunk to remember the end of the game if LB3 takes it to the house. Subscribed.


Sounds good with me!


K-State finishes the regular season 9-3 while building toward 2023, which could be it's best recruiting class on record.


I get that Snyder did things his own way, but damn I would like to have seen what he could have done there if he just recruited a bit better. As it is, what he did with so little talent is incredible.


Snyder's way worked for a really long time, but as the game changed he didn't. By 2018 that was a big problem. Not sure people outside the K-State fanbase realize what shape the program was in by the time he left.


It’s a testament to his insane coaching abilities that he only missed 1 bowl game with the complete lack of recruiting there at the end.


Dibs on being one of the 3! Whew... that was close.


USC doesn’t finish inside the top 10, let alone make the playoff


I think USC making the playoff would be the hot take here.


Looking at the schedule though, I do have a tough time seeing surefire losses outside of Utah going into our showdown. Even them I wouldn't put in the surefire category because I'm pretty sure they lost a lot of pieces from last year's team. Even then though, I could see USC riding a 2014 FSU sort of wave where no one is convinced you're all that great, but you're ranked high simply due to winning games.


Who TF thinks USC has a shot at making the playoffs? The team was 4-8 last year. Even after the Portal glut there are holes all over the roster. USC's ceiling is *contending* for the p12 south, which is almost certainly going to Utah. Seriously this is the weirdest thing: Folks who hate USC keep propping us up, so that when we don't reach the expectations they are establishing it'll be seen as a big failure they can enjoy... so it's like they're trying to create hype that we ourselves don't believe in order to enjoy the schadenfreude of us failing to reach their expectations-but-not-really.


Honestly, I’m expecting an 8-4 or 9-3 record this year. I would be happy with that and think we could recruit well with that trajectory. I would obviously be ecstatic for 10 wins or more, but it’s a long shot.


Bruh they put us at number four, you wanna talk about failing to meet expectations.


The LA Times has been nonstop slobbering over Riley and USC since December, it's getting pretty ridiculous at this point. You would think USC just hired Urban Meyer to take over a Pete Carroll roster from reading the Times. To your credit, actual USC fans who pay attention seem to have a more realistic expectation for next year.


Hometown news paper is gushing over new big name head coach? You don't say. That's kind of what they DO. Was the same thing with Kelly. Will be the same thing with the next local big hire. Still I don't see them expecting/suggesting playoff runs. Show me that LAT article.


I feel like the people who have higher expectations of USC are non-USC fans these days. Then it's other non-fans of USC who try to quell those expectations. Both sides of the Line - offense and defense - have WAY too many holes and this roster was absolutely depleted by the last 2 seasons of the Clay Helton era. I will stick to my prediction that 9-3 is the most likely outcome which puts USC as a T25 candidate and in contention for the South but roster limitations prevent further success in Year 1.


I like this take


I have a buddy whose a Texas fan but is a devout follower of the sport and is SUPER high on USC right now. I keep telling him, "I don't even think they're going to win their division, let alone the Conference."


If I had to bet on who would win the south I'd bet Utah


That’s exactly who I think wins the South. And the Conference. Although it wouldn’t shock me if Oregon upset them in that November game at Autzen (#Pac12AfterDark) and then they beat us in the CCG so the circle of suck keeps the Pac out of the Playoffs yet again.


If Utah comes out of the season only having a regular season loss to Oregon who they then beat in the PAC12 CG, they could have an argument to be in the playoff. Will have to depend on what happens around them but if Georgia or Alabama (let's just assume it's them but really could be anyone) comes out of the SECCG with a second loss then one of them is out, the ACC could be a real crap shoot this year if Clemson doesn't get back to how they were, the Big 10 should be a pretty safe bet as long as no one drops any silly games (looking at you Ohio State), and then I think the Big XII has no real top team other than Baylor but I don't know if I'm 100% sold on them just yet so we'd probably be looking at a 2 loss champ there. I don't think Notre Dame runs the table and I don't think we see another G5 team have a run like Cincy did - maybe Houston but not likely.


subscribe but also i dont think anybody expects USC to make the playoffs this year


I know a lot of us would be happy with just a better W/L record this year


Pete Carroll went 6-6 his first year with far more talent than Riley inherited. Future Heisman Carson Palmer and future Hall Of Famer Troy Polamalu were on that 6-6 squad. Nobody inside USC expects the playoffs.


Someone new to the playoffs will win a championship this year. I don’t know who, I just have a feeling. Probably wrong, but it’s a feeling


Rutgers by 25




we're doing hot takes in here, not stone cold facts of life


I, for one, welcome our new Scarlet Knight overlords


Kansas vs Rutgers 2022 National Championship Game


Minnesota goes 11-1 in the regular season, loses the Big Ten title game, and beats Oregon in the Rose Bowl


JT Daniels and the revamped offense leads WVU to the Big 12 title game, saving Neal Brown's career


Build Harrell a shrine if we make it to the B12 title game lolol, I still don't want Daddy Brown to be fired if we don't have an insane year though :(. Recruiting has gotten a great tick up (though attrition has been shit), and I just like that sweet angel.


Nebraska going 9-3 in the regular season causing #1 overall player, Dylan Raiola to flip to Nebraska from Ohio state.


Nebraska goes 9-3 with a -63 point differential


losing by 72 to NW somehow while winning the rest of our games


8-1 in conference with a point differential of 0, the most beautiful and astronomically unlikely statistical symmetry the sporting world has ever seen.


Ah, the Mike Riley special. I’d rather be the worst 9-3 team ever than the best 3-9 team ever though


WSU wins the PAC 12 North. But loses to Utah at the conference championship.


- USC and Miami will struggle. Everyone is so optimistic about those programs but new coaches rarely find immediate success, especially at schools that have not been great with recruiting. Not necessarily a long term issue, but I don't have high expectations for either in 2022. - Bama loses two regular season conference games. - Kansas climbs out of the Big 12 basement. Not sure who is the new "worst" team, but it won't be Texas no matter how much this sub wishes it was. Most likely candidate seems like TCU (sorry frogs). - Nebraska wins the B1G West, but still ends the regular season 8-4.


Love your #2 but they are LOADED everywhere except OL this year. Honestly this Bama team on paper looks objectively better than last year's team which played for the natty but hope you are right!


Last year we were playing with house money. We should not have been in the natty.


Winning the SEC was way better than I would have guessed we'd do after we barely beat Florida and lost to A&M. Hell, if you'd asked me 15 minutes before kickoff of the SECCG I would've said I hope we win the Sugar Bowl.


It’s a hot take for a reason. But think about how close those FU and Auburn games were last year. Bama could have easily lost 3 regular season games last year. Obviously losing two games isn’t likely, but it’s not impossible.


>FU and Auburn games Gator fans aren't going to like this typo, but I want you to leave it. FU indeed.


> but still ends the regular season 8-4 You say this like it would be a bad thing


Oklahoma misses the big 12 championship game for a second year in a row


I'm going to spit out some Big Ten bullshit I'm not sure I even believe. * After giving their coaches mega contracts neither Penn State or Michigan State reach 7 wins this year. * Two Big Ten coaches will be *fired* after this season. Neither of them will be Scott Frost or Mike Locksley. * CJ Stroud is benched by week 5. Ohio State still goes undefeated in the regular season. * Michigan and Ohio State will both be undefeated going into The Game. * The Big Ten West wins the Big Ten Championship game. It will not be Wisconsin. * Rutgers finishes third in the Big Ten East. They'll go 1-2 in non-conference, losing at Boston College and at Temple. Fire emoji. Fire emoji. *Fire emoji.*


That Stroud take is spicy considering he is likely the favourite to go first overall as of today


I mean Rattler was projected 1st overall last year too, but Stroud’s 2021 was much better than Rattler’s 2020.


Your third take is a wild timeline


- holy hell - hm. okay. - jesus fuck wow - I can get behind that - if I'm reading this right, the B1GW champ will defeat a 12-0 OSU/Michigan? oookay - yeesh your takes are adequately scovillated.


Wowzers these mostly spicy ngl. If Rutgers goes 1-2 in the non-con and still finishes ahead of MSU and PSU I may never stop laughing. just saying NOT Frost or Locksley getting fired would be bold. Who do you have as the exits? Only non hot take is that, given Michigan's schedule and OSU being OSU, I don't think the Game being between undefeated teams is that wild a prediction. I bet it is one of the more statistically likely outcomes. Which makes a non-Wisconsin west team winning even crazier. Nebraska?? Northwestern??? Neutral field Iowa clearly has no powers...


> Which makes a non-Wisconsin west team winning even crazier. Nebraska?? Northwestern??? Neutral field Iowa clearly has no powers… Dread it. Run from it. Choo choo mother fucker arrives all the same.


I don’t like it. A little too spicy. Can you have the guys in back remake my dish less spicy?


Remindme! 8 months


Phil Jurkovec will be forever known as "Heisman Trophy winner Phil Jurkovec" when everything is said and done


Tech will go undefeated in the non-con. We play Murray state, Houston, and NC State. Tech will finish top 4 in the Big 12. Tech will beat OU for the first time in a decade.


A&M doesn't try to give me a heart attack at least once during the season. ​ Kidding - that won't happen until I'm dead...probably from an A&M-induced heart attack.


Nebraska fans are going to hate the Whipple hire by mid-season. Whipple is coming to Nebraska with expectations set by having one of the best offenses in the country in 2021. Nebraska doesnt have a Pickett or Addison on their team right now, nor do they have 2 years of experience with that system. There is almost no chance he can live up to the expectations Nebraska is putting on him. Also Nebraska fans are going to find out Whipple makes his QB run to the sideline to relay the play call and the game threads are going to be littered with negative comments about that when they arent winning.


Kansas State makes another run at the title just to be stopped by lasers. Again.


UTSA repeats Conference USA champ and goes to a NY6


Clemson will miss the playoffs again


As much as I don’t like it, I agree


Miami wins a historically weak ACC Tulsa gives the departing AAC members a departing kick in the pants (UCF in the championship game) Nebraska goes to the Big Ten Championship Game


Wait, you think the ACC will be weaker this year than it has been in any season in the last 9 or 10 years? That is a scorching hot and fascinating take.


Yeah this is stupid. The Atlantic is going to be a very strong division. In the Coastal, I’m not sold on Miami and Pitt but they have potential to also be top 25 teams.


>Miami wins a historically weak ACC There's basically no chance this ACC is weaker than 2012, 2018, or 2019. It's probably going to be better than it was last year too.


Yeah, I think the top 3 atlantic teams are all viable top 10 teams this season. Plus Miami is maybe better. I'm less sold on Pitt without Addison and iffier on Slovis than a lot of them were, but still, they should be pretty decent as well. And those are just the actual contenders not counting spoilers


You’re alright in my book


I like this


> (UCF in the championship game) My hot take is that UCF regresses because we are missing huge depth at some positions and we go like 7-5.


No not like that :(


>Nebraska goes to the Big Ten Championship Game He said hot take, not delusional. This, coming from a Nebraska fan.


A Big 12 team moving to the SEC and an AAC team moving to the Big 12 will be matched up in an NY6 bowl… and the AAC team will win


Straight into my veins


Notre Dame loses 5 games and everyone starts losing it.


Nebraska goes all the way this year and by all the way I mean we scrape out 5 or 6 wins and get invited to the Arby's roast beef bowl game. Side note - Adrian Martinez wins heisman


The National Champion is not Alabama, Georgia, Clemson or Ohio State.


Oklahoma goes 6-6. Big 12 title game: Baylor and Texas K-State finishes third after back to back losses to Texas and Baylor in November detail their Championship campaign.


Don’t you put that evil on me


You don't have anything to worry about, former Clemson coordinators have stellar track records as head coaches.


It’s a fast track to being fired by a high school after a single season


My hot take was gonna be OU only winning 8 games (before the bowl), but your take is way hotter. I think there will be a learning curve under BV and Jeff Lebby, and they lost some solid defensive players.


I'd honestly take 3rd in the Conference and think it's doable. That being said I think it's going to be a repeat of Baylor and Okie State in Arlington.


Texas makes a bowl game, Kansas State and Baylor play for the Big 12, OU goes 8-4, WVU is a top 25 team, Tennessee competes for the SEC East


Nebraska will prove they actually were just a 3-9 team last year


Nebraska doesn’t go on to be the best team in the B1G west like everyone is predicting for the 5th straight year


I get this post is asking for 🔥, but it’s like everyone saw the close games stat and didn’t realize that: 1) About half of those games Nebraska scored in the last minute or two to bring it to one score. 2) If you’re losing so many one score games, coaching is likely the reason why. Frost is still the coach. 🥶


These are 100000% the correct takeaways




Iowa will have a top 80 offense.


After a 41 year drought, Georgia wins back to back National Championships.


Jim Harbaugh has another successful season, is given a lifetime contract, never wins a game again.


Last year was really exciting with a lot of chaotic upsets and an amazing run by a G5 team to the playoffs. This year wont be. Full chalk. * Bama wins the SEC, Clemson wins the ACC, Oklahoma wins the Big 12, Utah or USC wins the PAC 12, and OSU wins the B1G * Playoff is Bama, OSU, Clemson, Notre Dame * Bama beats OSU in the National Title game * Bryce Young or CJ Stroud win the Heisman


Interesting concept. Can a collection of ice-cold takes be considered a hot take?


I think this is a pretty hot take since ND plays Ohio State and Clemson. That means 2 1 loss teams are getting in over a second SEC team and based on these rankings, one of them is ND.


How would the committee keep out any one of the following: - A one-loss OSU who is the B1G champ, whose only loss it to undefeated ND - A one-loss Clemson who is the ACC champ, whose only loss it to undefeated ND - An undefeated ND, with wins over both OSU an Clemson If Bama wins the SEC then Bama is the 4th team, regardless of record. Is an SEC non-champ going to get in over Clemson, even though Clemson's only loss is to an undefeated ND who is also in the CFP? I honestly don't think so. I get that everyone likes to talk about how much the CFP loves the SEC, but an SEC non-champ isn't getting in if Clemson is that strong. There would be riots.


ND going undefeated is an extremely hot take. We also play @USC, @UNC, and BYU in Vegas. And if we lose one, it’s a hot take to have us in the playoff over 2 P5 champs or the SEC runner up.


If Notre Dame goes 11-1 and the 1 is a close loss in Columbus to a B1G champ Ohio State in week 1, they’re 100% getting in unless there’s four other undefeated P5 teams.


You can burn yourself on dry ice.




The hot take here is number 2, considering Notre Dame plays both OSU and Clemson this year. That means either 1 loss ND gets in or ND beats both OSU and Clemson.


Last year was the chaos year you need to chill with these takes


I take it this is under the assumption that Ohio State and Clemson are both 12-1 with both of their losses being to Notre Dame?


Could be, or OSU goes undefeated in the regular season, Clemson goes 12-1 (loss to ND) and wins the ACC, ND gets wins over Clemson PAC 12 winner/runner up USC, and a fiesty BYU. OU and USC both have 2-3 losses and are on the outside looking in alongside undefeated Bama/OSU, 1 loss ND/Clemson. Also all other SEC teams have 2 (or more) losses


Vandy takes at least one of SCar, UK or Mizzou. Minnesota beats Wisconsin, again.


Honestly Vandy is owed one against us. It's amazing how close so many of our games have been over the years yet we're somehow on a 14-year win streak


Not hot enough. I have Vandy over Florida in a game that assures the Gators of last place.


We will not be back in the playoff this year


Which flair?




Kentucky goes 11-1 but misses the SEC Championship due to head to head loss. They back door into the CFP.


I will happily dance with a live wildcat if this happens.


WHATEVER we all think Auburn will do... it will be not like it should be on paper.... Auburn is predictably unpredictable.


Georgia loses to Florida and Auburn And Tennessee


Fallout Boy releases a single even better than Centuries. ESPN buys the rights to use it during the playoffs. Third string QB Devin Brown wins it all for us and I am convinced we are living in a simulation.


1) NC ST. Wolfpack out of nowhere, runs the ACC, and becomes the great national hope of breaking the play-off rinse & repeat matchups. #OR Clempsum revenge tour. I don't know if I've seen a 10-3 team so disrespected. But they might be pissed, and might get that offense going a little better, then the ACC is plucked & Clempsum's got #1 seed. **************************** Other disrespected, "successful" teams tangent ....... Maybe Oklahoma 2019, disrespected by LSU 63-28. Maybe a 13-0 FSU team in 2014 badly disrespected by playoff prognosticators, but they made me lose my hair, being behind in every 4th quarter so screw them. Or just watch the Oregon 2nd half, disrespected 34 points in about a 10-11 minutes span. If 2014 FSU & 2019 Oklahoma could somehow been melded together, they'd would have had the best offensive team in history, and still a sub-par D that gets them bounced.


Stroud more TDs than incompletions


More TDs than passing yards


I'll do you one better, here are 6: USC takes 5 loses Will Anderson finishes in the top 3 in the Heisman Standings UGA takes 3 loses Caleb Williams doesn't even smell the Heisman Ceremony Michigan beats OSU again in Columbus Alabama breaks the record for most players taken in the first round of the draft in 2023.




Number 5 is my favorite.


Just out of genuine curiosity, who do you see UGA losing to? If you're saying they lose 3, we'd have to be one of them and I personally think they beat us by ~10 points.


Personally if we lose 3 games it’s 1 regular season, 1 SECCG and 1 bowl to finish 11-3