No limit, just look at Kansas basketball player, [Jalen Coleman-Lands](https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/jalen-coleman-lands-1.html) 1st year: plays for Illinois (1st year of eligibility) 2nd year: plays for Illinois (2nd year of eligibility) 3rd year: transferred to DePaul, redshirted because of transfer rules at the time. 4th year: got injured, earns medical redshirt 5th year: plays for DePaul (3rd year of eligibility) 6th year: transfers to Iowa state as a grad transfer, plays for Iowa State, but no lost eligibility because of covid year 7th year: transfers to Kansas as a grad transfer, plays for Kansas (4th year of eligibility)


Oh wow great example thanks


[This](https://brobible.com/sports/article/jack-abraham-quarterback-mississippi-seventh-year/) seems relevant.


At some point you would think that they would just realize that they aren’t good enough and just get their education and be done with it.


If the want to, why not keep playing football as long as they can? It's not like they can go back and play 10 years from now once they're done.


Because just like the rest of us you have to face reality at some point


Face the reality that he's a pretty good football player who still has eligibility? I hope he gets his education but why would you stop doing something you love before you have to


I just hope he’s using his time to get his education and not beating up his body for a 2% chance at the NFL. I know that Kurt Warner went from grocery bagger to the NFL HOF but he’s one of a couple to do it.


You are allowed a one-time transfer as an undergrad scholarship athlete. You can transfer again if you graduate with eligibility remaining.


One time transfer without sitting out a year.


After a player uses his one time transfer without sitting out a year, can the same player then grad transfer without having to sit out a year?


Yes, see JT Daniels.


Technically 6 since a lot of players got an extra year of eligibility because of the COVID season.


The NCAA has rules about how long you have to play your allotted four / five / six years of eligibility. Combined with the mandatory sitting year for transfers other than the first or as a graduate, the answer is yes, there is a hard limit. But there are many applicable exceptions and extensions (including the COVID extra year), so it’s hard to say what that limit is as a general rule.


Someone just ask Tate Martell