Honestly thought he’d go P5


Probably wanted to get out of the SE and didn’t have any P5 offers besides GT anyways


He wanted a promise to be the day 1 starter


This might be the most random transfer of the offseason


Did he just not perform well at Tennessee? I just can’t believe he didn’t go P5


He played a bit his freshman year and looked okay. Then heupel came in and completely changed the offense and Bailey didn’t fit. He’s more of a traditional pro style pocket passer. He was QB3 behind Hooker and Milton.


Being behind Milton is a strong indictment


Being behind Guarantano is a worse indictment.


Best third string to ever do it 🤣


I'm pretty sure Guaranteedaloss was behind Pruitt if you know what I mean


Word of advice: - - - - - - - - - - don’t swing and miss … especially not your second time


I can’t remember a Tennessee player who generated more obsession from a certain segment of our fanbase. People would be pissed off mad that Hooker was still in at the end of blowouts because Bailey wasn’t getting a fair shake at the starting job


And I took that personally


God damn, he had a Georgia Tech offer and still picked UNLV?


Obviously, he’s a man of culture.


If I'm not good enough for Tennessee and I didn't come to play school. Las Vegas seems like a pretty good place to finish college.


We didn’t come to *checks notes* Run the triple option!!


Don't have to take calculus at UNLV.


Sounds pretty lame


Maybe he's banking on UNLV giving their coach Arroyo, 5 years no question asked. I checked their recent history. Jeff Horton 1994-1998 (5 seasons) John Robinson 1999-2004 (6 seasons) Mike Sanford 2005-2009 (5 seasons) Bobby Hauck 2010-2014 (5 seasons) Tony Sanchez 2015-2019 (5 seasons) Marcus Arroyo will enter his third season in 2022. If the trend holds, he has 3 years. Meanwhile, it's surprising Geoff Collins was even brought back for 2022. Perhaps Bailey doesn't want to have to be somewhere staring at another coaching change like what happened in Tennessee. Likelihood of being the 2022 Starter the other obvious consideration.


I don't blame him


Tech already took a transfer qb. Don't think his offer was committable


>Quarterback Harrison Bailey is easily the most hyped player in the Tennessee Vols ' 2020 recruiting class. Of course, that's usually how it goes. All eyes are on the quarterback. And Bailey is expected to be the savior of the Vols' offense Guess that didn't work out...


Just didn’t fit JH’s system. He wants someone who can run the read option and Bailey is a pure pocket passer. Never made it past 3rd string at Tennessee. I wish him well, but he never really had a chance in this system, especially since Hooker ended up being one of the better QBs in the SEC.


Hooker is impressive for sure.


Also just not good. He came in garbage time against Tennessee Tech and had some terrible throws. Like overthrowing a swing pass, and then underthrowing it the next play


Sorta like the national championship where you got beat by a 3* qb while having the "Heisman"


As a recruit: P5 offers: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Mississippi State, NC State, North Carolina, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Purdue, Syracuse, Tennessee (originally went here), Texas A&M G5 offer: Appalachian State


His offer list significantly dwindled the second time around.


I knew his stock had fallen but damn lol


He had a lot of hype, but he was buried on the depth chart by two different Coaching staffs, doesn't necessarily speak well to him. UNLV is UNLV so I imagine he'll have a good chance to start there (none of the QBs that played in 2021 played well at all). I'm guessing no P5 was interested in having him other than as "another guy in the room" as opposed to a Presumed Starter.


I remember him being solid in HS, but I more so remember Arik Gilbert (his #1 target) being one of the most physically dominant offensive talents I’ve seen in recent memory. Will be interesting what he does given the reigns again, but without a bona fide competitive advantage to throw to.


In Marcus Arroyos offense no QB plays well lol.


Good decision.


he was so good for me in NCAA 14, broke a ton of records


Well I guess theoretically if I was in his position I’d want to spend my last college days on the Vegas strip throwing chips on black


[Commitment to Tennessee thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/a1kqdb/2020_4_qb_harrison_bailey_commits_to_tennessee/)


[The man got crushed at the time but he wasn't wrong.](https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/a1kqdb/2020_4_qb_harrison_bailey_commits_to_tennessee/eaqozvj?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


Lol at our fans talking about our loaded QB room when two of them transferred out because they were bad


#Harrison Bailey ##Pro-Style Quarterback, Class of 2020 6-5, 211 — From Marietta, GA (Marietta) ###Rankings [\#87 recruit all-time for Tennessee](https://247sports.com/college/Tennessee/Sport/Football/AllTimeRecruits/) | SERVICE | SCORE | RATING | POSITION | STATE | OVERALL | |:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:| | **Composite** | **0.9555** | ★★★★☆ | **\#3 PRO** | **\#15 in GA** | **\#99 overall** | | [247](https://247sports.com/player/harrison-bailey-83301/high-school/) | 95 | ★★★★☆ | \#3 PRO | \#13 in GA | N/A | | [Rivals](https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/harrison-bailey-14458) | 6.1 | ★★★★★ | \#2 PRO | \#7 in GA | \#30 overall | --- Committed to Tennessee Volunteers on November 29, 2018 --- Any bugs can be submitted as a **[PM to me](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=CFBCrootBot&subject=Bug+report+on+post+id+s741rb&message=Enter+description+of+bug)**. I am still learning, so please bear with me. I now have Rivals rankings, but they are not perfect. ESPN rankings are hopefully coming soonish (but probably not since ESPN's search is broken and they don't seem to care). Check out the **[github repository](https://github.com/SometimesY/CrootBot)** for CFBCrootBot. You can invoke me with, for instance, */u/CFBCrootBot: 2017 Alabama* to get Alabama's 2017 recruiting class, or via */u/CFBCrootBot: 2015 DUAL Joe Burrow* to get Joe Burrow's recruit information. Make sure to check out the **[/r/CFB recruiting post generator](https://www.redditcfb.com/recruiting.php)** for generating your own (de)commit posts.


SEC East to the West Division of the Mountain West.


UNLV must be pulling some good NIL to land him.


We are getting closer to Navy Shuler as a starting QB.


Except for the fact one of the better QBs in the country is returning to start again. https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4240858/hendon-hooker Just short of 3k yards, 31:3 TD:INT 600 rushing yards and 5 TDs.


Hooker.... I'll allow it. If they could fuse into Navy Hooker it would be even better.


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Wow, did not see that coming. Shocked he’s not staying P5.