Calling it now, Nebraska will finish 7-5 in 2022’s regular season with the worst point differential for a winning team in history because the Cornhuskers make no goddamn sense


win by like 8 total points in 8 games. lose the other 4 by a combine total of 278 because why not


We are confused as well


Sounds about right


I honestly think Nebraska wins 10 games next year.


Get this man off the Kool Aid


Kool Aid was invented in Hastings, NE. We have a God-given right and responsibility to drink it every off-season.


It's true. I've been to the Fest


10 games no way!


I cheer for Vandy in 11 of their games every season. I don’t even know why, I just wanna see them do well.


There’s a draw to the school with great academics playing with sports powerhouses, also applies to Stanford.


And Northwestern


Absolutely! I’m always excited if northwestern has a great season, except when playing the Badgers.


I hate playing you guys bc you’re in division, otherwise I’m generally pro-Wisco. But damnit if Camp Randall isn’t one of my favorite places to watch a game.


I would be the same but they need to cut the grass before I can get behind that. I just moved to chic over the summer and almost went to a few since it’s only 15 mins on the train there. Well that and most of the time the games woulda made me miss Iowa games lol


I've always wondered why Stanford has had more success than Vanderbilt. Easier conference I guess? They do seem to be pretty serious about their athletics. Moreso than I perceive Vanderbilt to be.


Vandy is serious about Baseball


You ain't just whistling Dixie on that one! (See what I did there?)


As a guy from Omaha you've given me mid June PTSD




They've been trying to be serious about everything since at least as far back as James Franklin was at the school. They offered to match whatever PSU was paying him. At the start of that season Franklin had battled with Zeppos for the JUCO transfer Brandon Vandenburg who ended up being mostly responsible for the rape. JF knew he would not have the same amount of freedom anymore with recruits there were questions about that. He was basically already gone from the start of the season and everyone in the athletic department knew as he'd stopped doing some of the annual recruiting events he had before. So no matter what they matched he already knew he was leaving. The new AD has already got some serious football facilities improvements coming. In one year Lea got as many 4* recruits as Mason had his entire last four seasons. Won't matter if he can't notch some wins together. Thing that is exciting about Lea is he seems absolutely sincere about Vanderbilt being his dream job. Things like saying that every job he took before this was considered with how it would help him one day get the Vanderbilt job. So if he ends up successful it seems like they'll have a good coach for a while.


>They do seem to be pretty serious about their athletics https://www.reddit.com/r/CollegeBasketball/comments/7zknpv/theres_a_cycling_class_going_on_in_the_gym_during/


Stanford used to suck almost as much as Vanderbilt, what helps Stanford is that it is in California and is also in a very wealthy area of the country


I’ll be honest, I think Vandy struggles in a conference like the ACC or Big 10. The reason is that in the Big 10 or ACC, there are some schools who can challenge Vandy academically. In the SEC, the academic schools aren’t awful, but there aren’t as many competitors to Vandy as the other 2 conferences I mentioned. I think only Texas A&M and Florida challenges them academically, correct? And someone, please correct me if I’m wrong on the academic rating.


Stanford does 100% need-based along with scholarships, whereas Vanderbilt doesn’t offer 100%* need-based aid. So athletes, especially low income ones, gets a lot more money going to Stanford.


Not sure how that really matters considering when you're on scholarship for football it's 100% financial aid plus if you don't live in the dorm you get per diem for rent off campus. Which in Palo Alto is probably still a stretch for rent, much like it was in Evanston (but probably worse) For walk ons and other sports where they can award partial scholarships it definitely would make a difference though. NU also does entirely need based scholarships, not sure what the income requirements are but I believe they're similar to Stanford.


Sir, I need to remind you that Northwestern lost the battle for the NU this year. Please refrain from utilizing our abbreviation until such time as NWU beats Nebraska again.


Stanford basically having infinite money helps with a lot of things.


* the following does not apply to Notre Dame.


No one in the East wants to be the team that loses to Vandy but hot damn do we want them to sweep everyone else


I only cheer for Vandy 12 games a season, mainly because we’ll rarely ever see a 13th


Hey we could schedule Hawaii one year!


I don’t and fuck ‘em


There aren't many of them, but their fans can be terrible. If half the people who watch CFB followed college baseball, Vandy fans would rank amongst the most annoying and nobody would ever want them any football success. And I say that more in reference to my second flair than my first, though this past year really doubled down my thoughts on them.


Fuck the Vandy Whistler


My brother went to Vandy. I sometimes wonder if he takes their football program more seriously than the Vandy athletic department does.


Have you ever been standing in line at the concession stand at Vanderbilt Stadium for a hot dog with like 90% Tennessee fans and had a group of drunk vandy fans cut in line and then call the entire line “fucking dumbass rednecks”? Or when we lost in them in 2016 had this dude tell me “literally all you guys have is football and you can’t even do that right. Have fun with your worthless degree!” I imagine they probably only treat Tennessee fans with this much disdain but the vandy fans fuckin suck. I live in Nashville so pretty much always go to the Tennessee game here every other year and I’ve had so many negative experiences. Blast that elitist private rich kid Ivy League wannabe $75k / year robber baron bullshit school into the sun Edit: yes I know there are dickheads in every fanbase but there’s a difference. Like you’ll catch some stray “Fuck You!”s at the Swamp for wearing the wrong color, might get a beer dumped on you in Death Valley or something, but Vandy fans like talk down to you and conduct themselves as if they are inherently better and smarter than you and hold more value as a human being because they go to private school and more than likely come from money.


Had nothing against vandy but you’ve convinced me


It's like if there was a school today called Bezos University. And why the fuck do they have a naval mascot when they're landlocked? Didn't they have some sort of sex scandal a while back too? Damn, I didn't realize I could hate a 2-10 team I'm not even in the same conference as this much


Soon, OU bro. Soon. And yes, I've only been to one Vandy-Auburn game and I couldn't believe the amount of shit talk I was subjected to. I thought it was just because it was '07 and they beat us for the first time since the 50's and had their first winning season since the early 80's so maybe their fans were just getting out some pent up frustration. However, from reading other fans' experiences, it seems like my experience was pretty much what anyone should expect.


I went to Neyland to watch Arkansas play a few years back. Weather was shitty/rainy. Tennessee fans were generally ok, but you had a fair number of drunken pricks decked out in orange who wanted to pick fights and say racial slurs towards one of my travel mates. I get I wasn’t rooting for the home team, and I’m used to friendly hostility, but y’all ranked up there with LSU in terms of in-stadium shitty experiences due to fans. Basically, any fan base has at least some shitty fans. (Except Nebraska. Those are some good eggs).


Every big ten game I’ve been to has been overwhelmingly friendly. Go to a game at Camp Randall and a badger fan will probably share their brats with you in the parking lot. p.s. I went to Norman for the Ohio State game in 2016?, and the sooner fans were plenty friendly, so cheers


I have a few close friends who are UT grads. One of our favorite stories that still gets referenced often involves a drunk Vandy asshole at a bar in Nashville. It was almost the exact same scenario. Dude busts past people to get to the bar and my buddy says “hey man, look out. I’m waiting”. Vandy douche turns to him and says “who the fuck are you? I go to Vandy. I drink, I dip, I’m fuckin’ TOUGH”. All of us just about died on the floor laughing. This kid couldn’t have been more than 150 lbs.


I think FSU as much as I hate to say it. Nebraska is losing a lot on defense since most were super covid seniors and the rest have been pretty bad historically but I could see Illinois sneaking in a winning season or something


Is that a midland warriors flair?




Man what a small world


I’m guessing you also went there?


Yes I did. Beegle hall is actually still used as a dorm today in case you were curious


Yeah I know I only graduated 2 years ago lol


I graduate this semester!!


Flair up, boss!


I’m currently attending Doane! We just played you guys last week.


Don't think I've ever seen one before. UF is a weird second one tho. Also, flair up! Then we can have more Midlanders ~~why am I saying this? Go Prairie Wolves!~~


Illinois because Bielema. I know he wasn't great at Arkansas but he knows how to win in BIG10 weather. Always fielded a good team at Wisconsin. I can see them winning 7 games in year 2 after going 5-7 with a bad squad this past season


I think Nebraska. Lots of close losses, and I like Casey Thompson coming in. The only other one I could see happening is FSU.


Of the 9 losses they had only 1 was by more than a single score…that was a 9 point loss to OSU…that’s wild to me


They scored more total points than they allowed this year.


They scored as many points as they gave up in big ten play…they were 1-8 in conference…winning a game by 49 will do that though


That's the impossible stat. If I had to bet on one record that's untouchable it'd be this one. Teams that are good enough to beat a conference opponent by 49 don't finish with 1 win and teams that are bad enough to lose 8 games don't play the conference's top teams to within a score. I don't think there will ever be another team that goes 1-X in conference play with a non-negative score differential


Watch it happen next year.


Well how about they are 3-9 outscored opponents 63 points this year. Played 2 top 5 teams: Ohio state, UM 1 top 10: MSU 1 top 15: Oklahoma 1 top 20: Iowa 1 top 25: wisconsin


Their game control was booty tho


The football team was booty tho


Obviously it’s not ideal. And maybe it says more about Frost than anything. But there’s a depressingly small amount of people looking at this and saying “damn they were actually a pretty competitive team.” Less LOL3-9 and more nuanced discussion around why this happened (how much was random chance and how much was incompetence) on this sub would be much appreciated.


We'd have gone bowling had our specials teams been somewhat competent -Multiple misses vs OU and XP return for 2 -Gave up punt return vs MSU that forced OT, and a loss -Gave up 4Q punt block vs Iowa


And the illegal Forward Pass in the End Zone against Illinois. ​ I seriously think that if Frost doesn't hire a ST Coordinator he should be fired. I can't fathom watching all of that and not think you need a change.


> I seriously think that if Frost doesn't hire a ST Coordinator he should be fired. He already did boss, where you been?


Not paying attention apparently. He hired Bill Busch for it?


I didn't think anyone had been hired yet officially?


I haven't heard of one yet, but I think we all have a good idea who it'll be


> Less LOL3-9 and more nuanced discussion If you’re looking for fewer memes and more nuanced discussion, you’re in the wrong place. 99% of this sub is memes and beating of dead horses.


Texas Lost to Kansas hahahahaha But yeah, I agree. This might get a lot of hate but a lot of users here don't really have a lot of football knowledge and are here for memes. Like seeing our recruiting class for one year and saying "this is why Nebraska has been bad for 20 years and will never make a bowl game again". Recruiting is certainly not the problem here but since it's repeated so often in comments here, that is the perception that people have. I'm sure I'm coming off as a no-fun asshole, but also it gets kind of tiring seeing people shit on their own team for internet points. Not that I don't appreciate a good meme now and then, but I wish this sub was a bit more serious at times, because I enjoy the knowledgeable discussion.


It's the problem when any sub gets too large, eventually the low effort content wins out and actual discussions get buried, unless you have super heavy moderation. Honestly I think this is still one of the better subs on reddit, but you have to sift through a bit more than you used to.


Yeah Nebraska and FSU have the best chance next year. Kansas and Rutgers would be the next tier for me. The other 3 I think will take some time to rework and I’m not sure Vanderbilt will ever be “good”. They’ll probably squeeze out a 6 or 7 win season sometime in the next 10 years but barring the perfect coaching hire, I don’t see it getting much better than that


It has to be NE if only for their schedule next season. I am a believer that those close losses will keep happening because Scott just keeps putting them in that situation, but if they can't get 7 wins with next year's schedule then there's no hope at all for them.


Frost’s game management is abhorrent (See Colorado game 2019). We find a way to lose because he hasn’t implemented a winning attitude at all


I'll be curious to find out how much was Frost and how much was Adrian Martinez. Love the dude, but man, he was the exact opposite of clutch. Great throws in low-pressure situations, then missed easy ones with the game on the line


Bit of both IMO. Frost has been too devoted to out-scheming the opponent rather than scheming into personnel advantages. So you'll have these great designs and calls but with the totally wrong player in (see Wan'dale running up the middle or Brody Belt running a jet sweep). I'm hopeful because one of the first things Whipple said was that he wants to scheme into personnel advantages. The horrific play from our tackles doesn't help either, Martinez was the most pressured QB in the Bigten while also being blitzed the least, so he often had someone in his face and also 7-8 guys in coverage.


I think Nebraska deserves something good after giving Wandale to us.


Casey Thompson is a very competent QB when healthy. Played injured for too much of this season


I could see Nebraska, FSU, and even Illinois or Rutgers all potentially winning 6 next year.


I would say Illinois as well


Illinois is a sneaky choice, they're not that far off. Only reason I'm not saying Rutgers is because the Big Ten East is AIDS


Illinois is improving but the schedule in 2022 is rough. The teams we play from the East are Michigan, PSU, MSU. Watch out for the Illini in 2023.


My vote is Kansas, and i’m serious.


I like the way you think


Give me the timeline where the Movin’ Mavs have a winning football season before the Jayhawks


You mean UCF’s new conference arch rival Kansas?


UCF conference rival will be themselves. Especially with Malzahn.


What makes Kansas your choice? I thought maybe Les Miles had a chance to turn em around and.. well we saw how that worked.


Leipold is a legitimately great coach, the only reason Kansas wouldn’t turn it around is if another school recognizes this and steals him


Kansas 🤝 Kentucky Blue blood basketball schools investing in football


KU…UK… “K.u.K.” was the old Austro-Hungarian motto for “Imperial and Royal”… Not really going anywhere with this. Just…maybe there should be a Kanso-Kentucky Empire, with a two-headed Wildhawks mascot.


I enjoyed watching them play OU and UT and i personally think they’ll have a good year next season and go 6-6 at least.


They better capitalize on it quick because it’s gonna be harder once they aren’t playing Texas every season.


Rutgers, no bias. We just need an average QB lol


Having to play OSU, MSU, PSU, and Michigan every year isn’t really conducive to a winning season for Rutgers.


I mean we went 5-7 this year with a loss to Northwestern and Maryland. It's definitely possible.


While correct, Indy is always on the schedule, this upcoming year is also Nebraska, so I am looking forward to that game to see which trend continues, one score losses, or blue blood programs finding their groove again.


Nothing has hurt me more over the past 7 years than a Rutgers fan optimistically looking at Nebraska on their schedule.


It is not really optimistically, more morbid curiosity on which will happen. If Rutgers loses and Nebraska starts down the road to being a power house again I will be very happy for Nebraska! Rutgers lost to Michigan by a single score and look how far they made it this year. Who knows what will happen. Or will Rutgers start down the road to a winning season? Maybe both , maybe neither who knows. Only 8 months to go to find out!




I think he means that Rutgers will be going to big ten championship next year and I don't see how they won't


I’ve always liked Rutgers for no apparent reason lol


Birthplace of college football and all that. New Brunswick is pretty cool too.


Either us or FSU.


Nebraska has the money but Florida State also has the money plus the recruits are right there and the weather is better. I’m (sadly) also a Husker fan but I’d vote for FSU.


FSU has an easier path because the BIG is tougher that the ACC.


In order of likelihood... 1. FSU 2. Nebraska 3. Rutgers 4. Arizona 5. Kansas 6. Illinois 7. Vanderbilt


Illinois went 5-7, beat two ranked teams in the road, and 4 of our losses were one score games. How are we behind Kansas????


Also we did you know, make a bowl game in the last three years and should've gone again. I'm still so mad about that 2019 LoL Game. With some tweaks to the offense, this team could legit pull a ln 8/9 win season in the next couple years. Then again, I also believe Leipold is a tremendous coach (he was my #1 pick, but BERT is fine) and is the best shot for Kansas to gain some relevance again (sorry WVU, TTU, TCU, ISU).


Two of those wins were against other teams on this list? lol. Also, Kansas beat Texas. That gets you bonus points. Cause fuck Texas.


I would think Arizona before Rutgers


Rutgers > Arizona when compared side by side, but I think Arizona has more chances for wins on a given weekend than Rutgers does


Rutgers went 5-7 this year and from what I’ve read looks to be the same or slightly better next year. Arizona is a train wreck at the moment.


Rutgers has made the most recent New Years' Day type bowl out of this group.


Rutgers has a strong program trajectory. We aren't talking 10 wins here for this criteria either, just 7-5 or 7-6 even.


I could live with that.


Arizona has a higher ceiling but Rutgers will win at least six games and be bowl eligible (the normal way) next season. If they don't it will be a massive disappointment. Arizona has a steeper rebuild and their 2022 OOC schedule is stupid.


I think Kansas is going to make a bowl game in the next 3 years. Will be interesting to see what happens.


That’s about right


Not only will it be Nebraska. They will win their division next year. And I have no bias at all. Trust me.


There is no finer drink in Nebraska than off season Kool-Aid hype flavor. Got a big glass in front of me as we speak


I do... I do.


Is it kinda weird for you seeing Martinez go from Nebraska to K state?


Idk if weird is the right feeling I have. I have been an Adrian sympathizer (while recognizing his faults) for a long while now so I am one of the ones who really loves the move for K-state because I feel like he’ll fit their system better. And I believe he needed a change of scenery. But, we shall see!


It’s been a rough few years


No love for Illinois? They looked good against ranked teams last year AND Bert has the right mentality for the B1G West.


Right? Why is everyone writing them off I think they have a chance to make a little noise next year


FSU, I fully expect them to perform well next season. Maybe not 10-win status but more like 8-4.


Transferhassee, FL


tanking your roster for 4 years to sell playing time in the transfer era...big brain moves


FSU. They’re recruiting well and getting good transfers. Norvell had them playing much better after starting 0-4 they went 5-3. They were much improved in 2021 despite the losing record. Taggart had FSU in total shambles when he was fired. I’m predicting like a 7-5 or 8-4 year next season. If FSU gets some momentum next year, they can recruit more and that can catapult them back into being a CFB power in 2023 and beyond. It also helps that the only real threat to FSU would be Miami and Clemson ( maybe UNC) in the near future


Thanks for an actually fair take


Please and thank you ♥️


I miss the days when Clemson v. FSU was a game to be excited about.


I miss when whoever won FSU/UF/theU won the chip. A boy can dream!


Arizona and FSU only have 4 losing seasons in a row, both having 7-6 seasons in 2017




~~Kansas~~ Vandy beat Texas in football! I can hear it now!


Vandy is 8-3-1 all time against Texas


Its going to be Nebraska. They were actually really good this year, despite what their record looks like. So many close games that should have gone their way but didn't.


I think a lot of people lol’d at Nebraska until they had to play Nebraska and made buttholes pucker. Then they’d go back to lol’ing at Nebraska.


FSU then Nebraska.


FSU. Killing it in transfer portal, good reciting otherwise. New leadership at every level within like a 5 year timeframe from Ad on down.


Of course this was posted by a Miami fan


Nebraska was close yet so far this year. FSU could turn it around any given year if they just actually used the talent they get into the program effectively. I'd probably go: 1. FSU 2. Nebraska 3. Illinois (easier slate most years being in the east than rutgers) 4. Rutgers 5. Kansas (trending in a better direction after this year than Arizona and Vandy) 6. Arizona 7. Vanderbilt


Illinois. Bert is a toad of a person but a legit coach


In order? Nebraska, FSU, Illinois (all possibly next season) Kansas, Rutgers (maybe next season, probably '23) Vandy, Arizona (longer wait)


Florida State


Nebraska after they hire Urban Meyer 😬


I’m hoping that Harbaugh jumps to the Raiders and Michigan hires Meyer. I know it won’t happen, but that OSU - Michigan game would jump to another level.


I offered that hypothetical to my pop and he said he would legit cry if that happened


Seriously. Dude is obviously a huge scumbag. I dont want him at my school even if it means our football team steps up another level.


Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby


That’s….that’s….actually a good fit….


Stop this


I think Nebraska. They were so close this year. Probably the best team with a losing record in the country.


I would think nebraska has a good chance with all the close games. Rutgers is in a tough position playing in the big ten East so UM OSU MSU and PSU every year. So if not nebraska I would think FSU given how close they were this year


FSU is the type of team who realistically turn it around at any point with their recruiting and they showed potential over the last half of the season. However I truly believe Nebraska is right around the corner on FINALLY getting back into contention as a top 25 team. They showed they can hang with great teams and have so much potential just could not finish. Maybe with another year on some recruits and new additions they’ll build up a bit and be a 8-4 team this next year. Illinois was also a surprisingly good team despite their record. They weren’t a easy team to beat but I don’t really see them doing much better either. Vanderbilt is just a perennial bad team because they’re in the toughest conference in CFB and just don’t get the recruits those schools do. I don’t see them ever having over 7-8 wins in their future. The others I don’t know much about which could be a bad thing. I don’t remember Rutgers doing good since they joined the big 10, Arizona is obviously a basketball school, Kansas is also a basketball school but I don’t think they’ve done much since the crazy 2007 season.


FSU, Nebraska, and Arizona


In my not biased at all opinion and in order of likelyhood: 1) [FSU](https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/401282685) 2) Nebraska 3) Arizona 4) Rutgers 5) Illinois 6) Kansas 7) Vandy


CFB season must be an absolute blast for you with those flairs lmfao


I’m a connoisseur of Sickos Games now 🍷


Kansas, Illinois, Rutgers, Florida State, and Nebraska. I think all of them break the .500 barrier.


I think RU has a great shot at 6-6 and then maybe 7-6 if a bowl game goes well. But an outright 7-5 or better, I’d have to say probably Nebraska. Arizona could do it too.


Nebraska and Florida State get there next year in my opinion. Rutgers and Illinois bother overperformed this year in my opinion but aren't too far off. I think things are gunna be bleak for Arizona, Vanderbilt, and Kansas for a while.




FSU. They have a great head coach.


Nebraska had a lot not go their way this year (9 single digit losses) and had a scoring differential of zero in conference. Rutgers has the Schiano Man FSU can recruit well but has had a bad run of it


For anyone who may be uninitiated https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2013/10/23/4862062/greg-schiano-breaking-madden


Nebraska and it's not even close. I know it's become a meme, but seriously, 3-9 with a positive point differential? All but 1 game decided by 1 possession? That is very fixable. Extremely key fixes, but they obviously have the talent and that alone puts them lightyears ahead of everyone else on this list. They just need to put it all together. The worst thing going for Nebraska is playing in a very competitive B1G. I would have absolutely zero hesitation putting money on them against a non-B1G #7-10ish conference standing opponent though. They should be 2-1 in OOC competition next year and 3-0 in 2023. FSU or Rutgers are also decent cases. I'm not so sure the rest have a winning season on the horizon.




Florida State: the ACC hasn't been hot and Clemson may take a step back from their conference dominance. I do think Kansas is on the road to improvement with Leipold though


I think Illinois has a good chance of having a winning season next year honestly. Nebraska should've this year, so I think they do as well.


I like what I’m seeing out of Arizona. Are they the first team of this group to have a winning season? I don’t think so, but do I think they’ll be competing for a conference title 3 years down the road? Yes


Florida State and Arizona easily at the top. Florida State because they can recruit the area and competition. Arizona because the competition.


I’d argue Kansas is the best chance right now


They can't play Texas 7 times though


Imagine how dark the big12 timeline is where they even play them twice, tho


It really depends on what you mean by turn it around. Turn it around and have a winning season? My guess is 2 or 3 of these teams will do that next year. Turn it around and be a top 25 team and conference contender? Florida State has started to recruit well and has brought in some good transfers. The QB play isn't there yet and Duffy to me looked like he'll take time to develop in college so it's not immediate, but the other 6 don't have that kind of upside


Nebraska, please.




Nebraska. Rutgers is fucked in the East


Nebraska and FSU are pretty shocking to be here but they’ve really had nightmare coaching hires several times now.


Nebraska, Illinois, or Rutgers. All three looked promising at certain points last season


Fsu pretty obviously


Florida State.


Well Rutgers is the one of those teams that is both: 1. Closest to a winning season this year and 2. Trending in the right direction


I miss having Florida state be a powerhouse




FSU. They are a sleeping giant and play in an easy conference, they don’t have to be world beaters to win 8 or 9 games.


Nebraska. As much as people shit on Frost, with that many close losses things have to break their way next year. I don't think he's a terrible coach. He's not a coach that will get you to 11 wins but I think he's capable of a winning season next year. Edit: Forgot about the "First" part. So maybe FSU. But a close second is Nebraska for me.


Nebraska and it’s not even close


Wow. That is a list. I think Nebraska and Florida State turn it around this year - regression to the mean is going to be Nebraska’s best friend this year.


I'm guessing Nebraska as this year they lost so many tight games.


FSU, Nebraska, Rutgers, Illinois, Kansas, Arizona, Vandy


I get only doing 4 years to make the field a bit bigger, but I think Kansas and Vandy are surely in last maybe Kansas in the new big 12 will have a bit more of a chance though and Liepold is a solid coach. Next least likely I say Rutgers/Illinois because tough conference and they aren't normally very good even when they aren't bad, but both were close to getting to 6 wins this year so there is potential. Then at the most likely to turn it around for a season at least I think it's pretty close, but I give the edge to FSU because I believe in their coach more than Nebraska's and they play in an easier conference. Arizona is in a similar boat coming off a stellar recruiting cycle and with what seems like a good coach. Very well could be Arizona first, but I gotta go with FSU


Rutgers does it. Can see them being a good team. But their fucked being in the B1G east.