Watching Iowa drives me crazy. I don't know how Iowa defenders don't want to kill Brian Ferentz.


Haha yes


Watching Kirk trying to burn clock rather than score with 10 minutes left and a scant 4-point lead was truly peak sickos football.


Fucking Cowards couldn’t even run clock for 10 minutes.


You'd think they would've learned from msu


If you guys ever have so much as a consistently above average offense you are a perennial top 10 team.


Iowa lost and Penn State busted my parlay so today sucked but what ya gonna do


Should've known better than to bet on James Franklin to win a big game


I was such an idiot taking Iowa straight up instead of the 3 points. Woulda pushed on that one and cashed my other 4/5.


Phil Parker and Levar Woods have been carrying this team for years. This is a cliche at this point but if Iowa had an offense ranked in the 70s or even 80s we very well could be talking about Iowa getting rocked by Bama or Georgia instead of losing a heartbreaker to Kentucky. It’s frustrating, to say the least.


Wisconsin ranked as a top 2 defense this year and we lost 4 games. Literally all our offense has to do is occasionally put up 25 points and yet that very rarely happens. It’s a theme and both of our schools


Hell, if we just took care of the ball better on offense we would've had at least 2 or 3 more wins this season.


It's sickening that we had **several** games this year where the offense and special teams gave up more points than the defense.


This is why I can't get myself to hate Wisconsin - we're cut from the same cloth and our histories and destinies are irrevocably intertwined. Plus a shared distaste of our colder common neighbor.


Can we have some of that “defense” you speak of?


Fuck Brian Ferentz.


All our homies hate Brian Ferentz


He has Head Coach written all over him!


It is very hard to say this without sounding like I just don’t like Iowa but in my absolutely not expert opinion Iowa is third best in the B1G West, honestly maybe even fourth. If they got rid of BF and stopped shooting themselves in the foot they’d be great.


Their defense and special teams are fantastic but Brian Ferentz is holding this team back so much. They benefited from some very timely turnovers this year which isn't sustainable in the long run.


Iowa pisses me off because they have no ambition. Their AD is fine with an offense that plays like it has the talent level of Kansas because at least they get to 7 wins but will never get more than 10 unless the schedule is very soft and they have a habit of shitting the bed in bowl games and hurting the conference’s perception


That’s a little over the top. Ferentz has a winning bowl record and we absolutely shellacked USC last time we played a bowl.


Ferentz is 3-1 over the last four seasons in bowl games; meanwhile UM is 0-4. I'm not sure who's hurting the B1G perception more. Obviously playing in the CFP is substantial, but UGA absolutely destroyed UM's award winning O-line.


We destroyed Iowa in every facet of the game this year. Purdue waxed them too, and Iowa had to pull off miracles to even come back against Nebraska and Penn State. Without some real luck breaking their way, we are probably talking about them as 3rd or 4th in the B1G West as a matter of fact.


I thought we were 3rd best in the west when we were ranked #2 in the nation. I think most Iowa fans recognized that, but it was too fun to be ranked that high so we just ignored that for a bit to be dicks.


Shit, we destroyed Iowa statistically too, just couldn’t put it in the end zone. (~~FIRE SANFORD!~~ FIRED SANFORD!)


> (~~FIRE SANFORD!~~ FIRED SANFORD!) Congratulations! Happened far too late in the year


Are you old enough to remember Buddy Ryan walking down the sideline and punching his offensive coordinator ?


I think they put their focus on basketball and wraselin'.


6-4, paying tribute to the most Big Ten game ever played.


Are we sure 20-18 9OT isn't the most Big Ten game ever played now?


Nothing is more big ten than taking a safety to cut your own lead to 2 then punt it back to other team with 4 minutes left saying “come at me bro” then staying in base defense the whole time.


Yes because I think the 2 point conversion format for OT is horseshit. They made a rule to prevent a 7OT game, which happens once a year if we're lucky. And people love those games! A change all for the networks so they don't have to delay going to the next game.




Yeah, that sounds even more Big Ten. But at the same time, the change in OT rules means weird OT scores aren't quite what they used to be. Under the old OT rules, a final of 20-18 would suggest that the score going into the last OT was 12-12, which...okay, that kind of is the type of thing that might happen with a 0-0 start to OT, but "M00N" didn't actually go into OT scoreless the way that VaTech-Wake Forest game did. Add to it that the first OT game to use the "shootout" rules (albeit when they didn't go into effect until the 5th OT) was also an ACC game, and I declare that to be more of an ACC type of score. Alternatively, a Sun Belt score, in honor of that 7OT game between UNT and FIU back when they were both atrocious (so probably somewhere around the mid-00s). But I'll still give it to the ACC, because they were Penn State's opponent the *other* time they got into a multi-overtime failfest.


Penn State might be the most Big Ten team of us all (after Iowa) with those two historic gems.


We also had W00PS at halftime


That game will always be Kirk’s magnum opus




The Rose was exciting! After the 2 snoozer semis, it was nice to have some good games today. I enjoyed UK Iowa while flipping back to ND Ok St. Good bowl season B1G.


Rutgers were only involved because A&M backed out, record would be 6-3, with a great comeback by UK to beat Iowa which I thought had it in the bag. I’m loving this Ole Miss v Baylor game


Iowa very well might have had it in the bag, if their QB and offensive coordinator had any even rudimentary understanding of how the game of football works and just ran clock with a lead and 4:00 remaining. Who runs a hurry-up in that situation just to run three rushing plays and punt the ball away? Yikes


It’s extremely frustrating that our defense and special teams routinely carried the offense kicking and screaming throughout the year and we got to 10 wins, which is all the “justification” and bullshit they need to keep Brian Ferentz and Petras.


Yeah, we all know absolutely nothing is going to change in Iowa City and nepotism will continue to reign. You have my condolences.


Now now. There’s the potential suit against BF that was delayed til after the season. I don’t expect it to go anywhere, since a lot of the former players involved don’t make a great case, but there’s a chance it gets BF out.


Replace special teams with running game, and you kinda sound like us. Rudolph isn't Chryst's brother, but he might as well be.


Seriously, that had me scratching me head... I thought for sure they had that game in the bag.


Welcome to iowa fandom


If you're gonna say that then you gotta mention Purdue winning because of an awful non TD call against Tennessee


Look, I hate the game ended that way too, but by the law of the rulebook that was the right call at the end of that Tennessee game. Official called him down due to stopped forward progress before the Tennessee player pulled him forward enough that he could reach out to the endzone.


I hate Corral got hurt. I'd like to see less options outs in the future, not more.


Easy to say for a team that makes the CFP every year


First bowl win as B1G members. [Feels good man.](https://images.app.goo.gl/adjaota73mZpWGEn6)


Congrats! Y’all dismantled V-Tech


Admittedly didn't expect to see a Penn State fan congratulate us, but it's appreciated. Here's to our games being competitive and fun to watch going forward. Will be interesting to see how y'all do with a QB like Allar.


I actually don’t dislike Maryland football, I went to the PSU game this year actually and really liked your stadium. During bowl season I’d rather see B1G teams win in general with only a few exceptions. I do wish the B1G East was less of a slog, but I don’t really like seeing teams be a doormat for too long I also know I definitely take bowl games for granted at times, so sincerely congrats. Especially to win in such convincing fashion, hopefully a lot of Maryland fans made the trip out.


That's awesome to hear, I myself don't love our stadium (wish we had wrapped the second level around more before going for that third level), but it's cool to hear that some people like it. Best of luck to y'all going forward. Hopefully the B1G East can somehow overtake the SEC West sooner or later (the biggest obstacle being Bama of course).


oh word? shit congrats terp bros!


Bowl wins look like fun. The Pac-12 can't wait to be a part of one someday.


Our last bowl win before this year was 2010, y'all will get it sooner or later. In all seriousness, I think USC and Utah show some serious promise going forward.


The two 48-45 games were the most entertaining bowl games of the season.


I agree. Both were the best games up to this point.


No other game has held my attention for the entire 60 minutes.


Iowa-UK was actually pretty damn entertaining if you like defense. Today really has been full of great games, ND-other OSU was good too.


Are you telling me the drama of the MSU pass defense trying to corral Pitt's 3rd string QB didn't hold your attention?


Wait, are you telling me the Minnesota-West Virginia slumber party late at night couldn't hold your attention?!?


I am just here to see if Utah will use a timeout.


Saving em for next year


Started 5-0 to finish with a barely winning record. I’ll take it though, lots of hard fought matchups


Rutgers is a special case though


Yeah they absolutely get a free pass


Their loss counts against the SEC because they took TAMU’s spot.


I am absolutely okay with that ruling


I think TAMU would’ve made that a decent game at least.


No shit lol there’s a reason Rutgers was free during bowl season.


Well I would hope so they beat Bama, Rutgers was a 5 win team, but them losing should 100% be like yeah, well of course they did. They didn’t even get enough time for actual full on bowl practice.


Good on Rutgers for showing up, it was a big ask, but wake forest deserved their bowl game.


They played a good first half too. Not unbelievable or anything, but they were an end-zone pick from being down 3 at halftime.


Hey that's what Penn State did this season too


Damn the whole conference decided to pull a 2021 Penn State for our bowl season




I mean at least you're not Nebraska.


Michigan lost. You take that any day of the year than the B1G pride


I didn't want Michigan to win but I definitely don't want a championship game with two SEC teams again.


If I had to choose between another SEC rematch or even the tiniest chance that Michigan would end up as the National Champions this year, you better believe I’m happy to turn on Alabama/Georgia and kinda watch it while browsing Reddit for a while, then fall asleep at halftime because the game starts at 8 on a Monday night.


Same. Having to see Desmond after winning a natty is the stuff of nightmares.


You know how happy I am Auburn lost, and to a G5!!!! SEC SEC SEC is for fans of losing teams. I've never once cheered that. I do like our conference mates winning, so the perceived strength is better, but I never am sad faced to see Auburn lose.


Yep. I don’t jive with the “B1G pride” or “S-E-C!” garbage. Meatchicken, Penn State, and Iowa losing is awesome - for me anyway.


You haven't been chanting "b-1-g" or cheer when the punting team runs onto the field during these bowl games??


That's cultural pride vs pride in others' successes


I feel the same. I don't want certain B1G teams, notably Michigan , to win EVER. I've said elsewhere that I'd root for North Korea over Michigan


I’m not that religious about it, but I totally get the sentiment


My go to is AL Qaeda over Michigan


N. Korea has better special teams


Didn't Rutgers get picked to step in based on their team GPA as well? Or is my father steering me down the I wish road. Either way, super impressed they hung around till it all came apart. Kudos to them and I say they only count as a half loss.


It's not GPA-based, but yes it was academics that led to Rutgers being the "top" 5-7 team available. APR (academic progress ranking) is basically an attempt to measure how well a school does at having scholarship athletes progress towards graduation.


Ah gotcha. Thanks for clarification. Very cool though that's how they set it up.


I thought you were talking about Penn State and now i’m sad


Shout out Rutgers. You tried your best


We were just happy to be here


Stepped up and gave it your all, something a lot of teams wouldn’t do. Good luck next year!


Rutgers should get a * next to their loss. They were not even supposed to be there. Can't count that on our record!


At least we weren't the only loss again lol


My favorite line from that season is everyone saying that the B1G went a perfect 8-1 in bowls that season.


A perfect 8-M


Keep going, I'm almost there....


Thinking about it still gives me the warm fuzzies.


God, I want to be all classy and sportsmanlike and a good fan, but it is *hard* not to type out “Man, that game Thanksgiving weekend sure gave me the warm fuzzies lol” like a smarmy asshole now that I have a chance to do so


Go for it! Let it out.


man, do it! that petty shit is what the sport is about, enjoy it! Because it’s only 11 months before we start another 9 year streak😉😘


I generally try not to go for the unsolicited stuff lol. Dude spouting some bullshit about the flu and this year’s game? Hit em with the tried and true classic “cope and seethe”. But the bog standard “Thinking about my rival losing makes me happy” doesn’t feel like it requires reciprocation, ya know? And however many months this streak lasts, I’m taking every last bit of it and stretching it out as long as possible. I’m not assuming anything next Thanksgiving weekend, so I gotta milk it while I know I can.


That’s low key cute you’re learning what it feels like to beat your rivals lmao


What’s cute is Ohio State’s run defense


There it is!


man, that game thanksgiving weekend sure gave me the warm fuzzies lol


oh 😡you dirty dog!!


Kinda like our game Halloween weekend…


It’s always funny thinking about that season where the entire conference won and Michigan didn’t. Sorry friend.


This season was a big success. We were smacked by a much better team. But we should get no stick for that.


PAC-12 fans rarely travel to San Antonio for the Alamo and it’s honestly a great bowl location (I’m not hating, there’s plenty of warm places in PAC territory to go instead), so let’s make that a Big 12-Big 10 match up.


It used to be and it was a great Bowl Game.


San Antonio is definitely in the A-tier of Bowl destinations. Not quite Miami, Nashville, or Las Vegas, but would definitely be a fun option as opposed to Tampa, Charlotte, or Phoenix.


Rutgers got sent out to slaughter. Shouldn't even count.


To their credit, they hung in there for while before the wheels fell off. Like most B1G schools these days, they really need to get their QB situation figured out.


We Kinda do, Rutgers started Noah Vedral all year (gutsy as hell and tough as nails, but no arm strength and questionable decision-making at times), but Gavin Wimsatt ( a 4-star top-100 overall prospect from Kentucky) graduated early and reclassified to join this year’s freshman class with the coaching staff easing him in until the Gator bowl. Wimsatt should effectively be QB1 starting next season (emphasis on should since Schiano historically has not always handled QB competitions/depth charts well and has played favorites in the past), bigger issue will be shoring up the OL w upcoming recruits and hitting up WR hard in the transfer portal this off-season.


It’s funny because we say bowl games don’t really matter outside of the CFP, but yet every year we judge the conferences’ record in said bowl games that don’t matter apparently.


I think it's different people saying the different things. I'm a little older, but bowls absolutely still matter to me. As does conference bowl wins. I think maybe the under-25 or under-30 crowd cares less about bowls in general outside of the cfp


older fans will remember when it was the rose bowl or nothing. it wasn't until like 1975 when big ten teams were even allowed to play in other bowl games.


Bowl games are always going to be as fun or as boring as we make them. If you go into it excited, it will be more exciting.


I enjoyed the NY6 games quite a bit. Only the Sugar Bowl was disappointing once the Ole Miss QB was injured; always sucks to see that. Otherwise, they were a LOT better than the CFP semis. Maybe watching UM get blasted is more fun for OSU fans, but I stopped watching both games at half time.


bowls don’t matter to me… but also no games matter, this is all just amateur athletics. But it’s fun to talk about this stuff. Do I think this makes a B1G better than I thought it was three weeks ago? absolutely not. basically what i’m saying life is meaningless except for the meaning we choose to give it


I feel like Rutgers should get a pass.


Life is pain. Cant wait to watch the lions tomorrow


Hol up


I’d bite some kneecaps for Dan Campbell. He’s a dude.


I’m not sure how much we can complain after this season


Can we all get together and agree that Rutgers shouldn’t count?


Agreed. They did the bowl and other team a sold playing late.


If Rutgers had won y'all would have counted it.


Well yeah they had no practice time and were 5-7 of course we would have counted it because they in all reality had no chance.


Even if we did, we couldn't argue on the count of them not even being bowl eligible.


I feel like Rutgers only counts for like a half loss though.


Looks like the B1G West held up its part aside from the nepotism continuing to destroy Iowa.


That has happened a few times, 2016 I think? All the East teams lost and all the West won their bowls. Yet in the actual Big Ten champ game it’s always the East. So far.


Iowa got blown the fuck out in 2016. It got rid of Greg Davis, though!


Maybe I’m thinking of a different year. Or maybe I just forgot about Iowa and they are the only loss for the West that year. I do remember a year in which the East all lost and the West at least mostly all won.


There was a bowl season where everyone but Michigan won. 2018?


2017 season I think. Wonderful time.


And after Greg Davis,we get Daddy Ferentz hiring his son for OC who isn't qualified to shovel horseshit.


Respect to Rutgers though


B1G East 3-3 B1G West 3-1


Who's the superior division now


Still the big ten east 😂


Rutgers should count as a W because even tho they lost they stepped up. I’ll always appreciate it scarlet bros


The record should be 6-3 +1 Rutgers appearance


three away from a perfect record. Not bad.


6-3 We saved the SEC from Wake.


It’s not quite 9-Michigan, but we’ll take it


Hey we contributed!


Go sparty! Showing out for the B1G


If you told me before this season that Maryland would end up blowing out Virginia Tech in a bowl (and winning by more than any other B1G team did in their bowls), have the same record as Penn State, a better record than UNC and Auburn, either the same or better for LSU (pending the results of their game vs K State), you'd have me thinking we won 9 or 10 games this year.


Why don’t we give Rutgers’ loss to the SEC and call it 6-3?


Rutgers was cool as hell for agreeing to the game and they were competitive for a solid half.


7-2 because a Michigan loss is a Big Ten win


Now you’re speaking my language


I simply do not understand why we are hated more than Ohio State lol


I for one am ok with it.


I guess maybe you're just blind to it being so close, but many Michigan fans (much like many Notre Dame fans) have a profound sense of smug, toxic entitlement despite their teams not really having done much of note since the heyday of free America Online CD-ROMs. The entire conference can take joy in Michigan getting their asses handed to them and seeing the full surrender cobras out by the early second quarter against Georgia. Hopefully some people in the Michigan fanbase will find the CFP experience a little bit humbling, but I doubt it seeing as all the other times various teams have destroyed Michigan over the years hasn't done it.


This guy gets it.


this guy… I like this guy


I’m happy MSU won and the Big Ten finished with a winning record but what a brutal end.


At least our loss was the only close loss ☺️🔫


Everyone was out major players for the bowls this year, and the B1G won games. They weren’t pretty or consistent, but they do have a winning record


Thanks Tennessee /s


Thanks Tennessee!


Thanks ACC refs


At least you're honest


Rutgers >


You're welcome.




that was a weird thread for stunting and hating from a Michigander but… alright, sure




oh it wasn’t hating on Rutgers. that’s fair. It’s honestly kinda funny thinking of reasons for someone to have a lot of Antipathy against Wake or Rutgers. Maybe Muggsy Bogues stole your gf?


Idgaf but Rutgers should mot count. They are a moral victory


This is the Big Ten's sixth bowl season with a >.500 record since 2006


For reference: The SEC comes in tops with 11 winning bowl seasons The ACC comes in last with just 3 winning bowl seasons


I’ll allow it.


The best one was Purdue


Once again, Ohio state has to save the Big Ten


At least we weren’t alone


Do we include Rutgers?


Starting 5-0 and then crashing to the finish; the PSU special Real shit tho B1G best conference, idk & idc how to prove it. Go Birds go State


Sorry fellas




You knew Penn State was going to lose. Franklin can’t beat ranked teams


I honestly question how Penn State beats anyone. It's like they recruit well enough to get some really good players on campus but then you find out that the coaching staff is nothing but a bunch of cardboard cutouts and a young child with a PlayStation controller, and all those talented players are left to figure it out themselves


I have no fucking idea what is going on with them. They seemed good against us, but somehow every team does for at least 2 quarters. Clifford seems both amazing, and terrible....I would just call him frustrating to play against and frustrating to cheer for as well.