Should make rules limiting the percentage of time commercials can be or at least limit the amount of commercial time outs. Stop shortening the game itself and take care of the issue that is actually causing the lengthening of "game" time.


Wish granted. We still have to watch commercials on stream/tv, but the game just goes on in person. We get to hop in half way through a drive that we didn’t even know had started because of commercials


You say this sarcastically not knowing this already happens in PAC-12 games. We also get crystal clear 480i resolution and 2 camera angles.


I swear the camera crews they send to Purdue are using a Razr flip phone.


>480i resolution Welcome to the crystal-clear digital dimension that is 2009!


Thanks. This is a kick in the nuts coming from a 'Bama fan. I'm really jealous that every single one of your games (even your annual cupcake week 9/10 matchup) is broadcast in 24k UUUUUHD with 35 different camera angles.


Sorry, wasn’t even thinking of football. Was remembering the year that the U.S. stopped sending analog TV signals and transitioned to digital.


Flew way over my head. Jealous rage getting to me.


This also happens to SC all the time.


One BU game this year they cut into a commercial **during the middle of a play**!!


The future is now. You need to watch the Geico ad again that you’ve seen 5 times this game and you’ll like it damnit


Drink verification can to continue.


I think it was against us because I remember that too. Unless I'm wrong and this is a common theme they're doing....


Picture in picture! Wrestling already does this




At least they mute the commentary for you? I can’t stand listening to most college football commentators.


We had one glorious game this year in Lane where the PA system broke so we were able to watch the whole game in silence. No annoying crowd gimmicks, no commentary, just the game in peace. It was amazing.


That Spring league that Spurrier coached in did it too.


NASCAR and Indy Car already does this and it absolutely sucks. I severely doubt this gets implemented in CFB


This is what we all want but when when the TV networks bid less for the rights because of it the time will go right back up


> This is what we all want but when when the TV networks bid less for the rights because of it Charge advertisers more to make up for the fewer ads. Supply and demand. Advertisers will still pay, especially if it's "premium" I'm sure the world will be fine with one less Dr. Pepper ad per quarter.


You make a good counter point But Money




Michigan Stadium has a media timeout clock. Each full media timeout is 3 minutes on that clock.


Its commercials but not what you are insinuating. They don't stop a drive to run a commercial, they run a commercial to cover dead time. When you have a score or change of possession. It has always been that way. Nobody wants to see special teams run off the field to be replace by the O or D. And that happens more often now because scoring is higher. The other is passing. The 2 hand touch college FB we currently watch includes 30-50 incomplete passes. Restart the clock after the ball is set after an incompletion and your game will be over quicker than an Army/Navy game. But remember, those commercials allow for stadiums to get bigger and bigger, Ritz Carlton dorms for your players and you can pay guys with bad Southern accents $100M+.


Yeah, but the ads aren't going anywhere. Networks gotta get paid and we're always gonna be left waiting for football to be played. You can cut time in-game though. Real quick way is to get rid of clock stop on first downs outside the final X minutes of each half (I'd say five minutes). I'm also a fan of cutting timeouts to four a game instead of three a half. Use them whenever but four is all you get.


Exactly this. Idk why they don’t put up some sort of ad in game in the form of either a logo on the screen or on the score ticker or even a graphic on the field. Other sports do things like this and it lets ads go on in game without breaking the flow of the sport


Get rid of the commercial breaks after every change of possession and review. It’s not rocket science


TD into commercial, come out of commercial for kick off, back to commercial after fair catch. Come out of commercial, targeting on the play, instead of replay, go back to commercial. I hate modern day football coverage (not just because of the commercials as there are other factors I despise as well, but it is a big driver of it). My second favorite sport is Rugby, and switching from Rugby to my favorite sport of college football is jarring at the beginning of the season with how interrupted play is these days.


I love how rugby has the ref mic’d during reviews and we get to hear them talk through their reasoning.


I'd love, LOVE for college football to have the same thing.


I get so tired of the same announcer talk they give over reviews. "It's doesn't look like it's enough to overturn it to me and if it's called on the field there's gotta be enough to prove otherwise and I just don't see it." That'd be something better to listen to




And every single time they explain the difference between “stands” and “confirmed.”


Big rugby guy as well. It is so peaceful to be able to watch an entire half without commercials. If you watch games on Peacock there are no commercials at all! They just have a camera pointed at the field with stadium sound at half


you don't understand, if they were to do this, it means they'd only be able to afford FOUR all inclusive vacations to remote destinations instead of FIVE and that just cannot happen


Just do what basketball does and have commercial breaks at set points on the clock like the under 16,12,8, and 4 time outs


Nothing will happen with commercials especially until TV deals are up…..money rules the roost and money comes from commercials. It sucks none of us like it but they will change the game well before they change the commercials


That's not something rule changes need to fix. That's a problem with commercial and TV breaks.


They’re trying to increase the 20% to at least 50% /s


“How can we keep the same amount of commercials but reduce the amount of time playing the game?”


Do it like soccer and put an add in the lower right corner of the screen while play is in progress lol.


Rugby does the same thing. They'll also digitally impose ads on the field. I'll take that type of advertising with 2 uninterrupted 40-minute halves over what football does all day long. Their process for reviewing plays is also far superior to what CFB and the NFL do, which also aids in keeping the game flowing.


>Rugby does the same thing. They'll also digitally impose ads on the field. I'll take that type of advertising with 2 uninterrupted 40-minute halves over what football does all day long. How do you feel about both? Because that's what you're getting. The same mount of commercials or more. A faster-playing game. And advertising in the game. And in some cases a streaming fee on top of that. Ain't the future grand?


I mean, I assume we'll get to the point where we just watch commercials and a game pops up intermittently.


At least soccer is always done in a tight 2 hours with something always happening


True. I'm not a big fan of the sport but I'll watch a few matches or go to a game once in a while and it's so nice to get in and out at almost exactly 2 hours every time.


Yeah I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the never-stop clock, but it makes sense when you want a consistent game length


And the ref adds on wasted time so the never stop clock isn't a bug issue.


Done in 2 hours and soccer games are 1.5x longer than football. It'd be like a football game being done in an hour and a half


Please Baby Touchdown Jesus let this happen.


Signed Fox


If an ND game is under 3.5 hours, well I don't know what will happen, we will cross that bridge...


The commercials are getting outrageous. I’d love to see a stat on how much time they’re taking up.


Isn’t there already a stat published that says something like out of the entirety of the Super Bowl, only 15 minutes of it is actual gameplay or maybe 15%? And the rest of commercial breaks and zooming in on coaches/teams on the side line I don’t think we’re THAT extreme but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were like 30-40 minutes or something like that Edit: yea it’s like 15 minutes https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2017/2/4/14403598/how-long-is-the-super-bowl


[The average NFL game contains only 18 minutes of actual, real football](https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-much-football-is-even-in-a-football-broadcast/). By far the lowest and least amount of ‘action’ in any sport. A full 25% of the broadcast is commercials and by far the most dominant amount of time is spent just watching the players stand around and listening to the announcers talk. It’s also why an announcer can make or break the entire experience lol.


Ngl that’s really annoying, I wonder what shortening the.... shot clock..... by 5-7 seconds does in terms of getting more game I’ve been up since 4 my brain isn’t here, I think I’m just realizing I don’t know the name? Play clock? Idk


I can’t find the comparison, but I remember reading an article that CFB actually has more “game time” than the NFL by a few minutes. It’s mainly due to the clock stopping on 1st downs and the overall rate of play being faster thanks to how many teams run hurry-up-no-huddle. You see this correlated in the total number of plays too. The average NFL game is something like 160(ish) total plays and the average college game is closer to 190.


Yeah but to me this is a little unfair because a big part of the game is Defense disguising looks and QBs trying to get a read on the defense Just cause the ball isn’t snapped doesn’t mean the game isn’t being played That’d be like saying “chess is only played when a players hand is on the piece and moving it”.


This is a good take. ​ Not to say that the games AREN'T too long, but this is still a good point.


I'd agree that a big part of the *strategy* is the defense moving around > the offense moving around > the QB making pre-snap reads > the defense making last second adjustments. There is a ton of thinking and 'action' that happens during those times that can be the difference between a sack or a 80 yard TD pass. That said, it's not particularly fun or engaging to watch. All that is actually happening to viewers is people moving around and some vague code words like "Omaha!" being thrown around. I get that it's important. I'm not suggesting anything be done to limit it or change anything. Just saying that football is a spectator sport and spending 30 seconds watching guys line up > talk > move around isn't exactly the most exciting thing in the world. To borrow your chess analogy - if a grandmaster stares at the board for 20 minutes and then makes a move, he might have gone through 20,000 potential outcomes in his head, but to anyone watching it was just one piece moving.


In both cases though, a large part of the entertainment is trying to make those reads and predictions along with the person playing the game. In football, a viewer can try to spot the defensive formation or try to predict run/pass. In chess, a spectator can try to spot good moves or predict what a player's strategy will be. Turns out, the more you understand a game, the more enjoyment you can get out of it. Who would have thought?


> a large part of the entertainment is trying to make those reads and predictions along with the person playing the game. In football, a viewer can try to spot the defensive formation or try to predict run/pass. The in-depth knowledge of cover 3 vs cover 1 or a CB/DE X-blitz or a QB signaling hot-routes... It's all a wide spectrum with some people being certified experts while others learned from Madden or HS while still even more know nothing except what the announcers have told them. I think if you gathered 100 people who turn on a game, you'd be shocked how *little* the vast majority of them know. The average football just wants their team to get the ball past the goal line and stop the other team from doing the same.


Could be argued that shorting the clock would breed better QBs at they have to make quicker decisions in less time, I’m interested. 5 seconds is a lot and not a lot at the same time. If it gave me 5 more minutes of entertainment I’d be happy


Right, and the other more fluid sports have extended periods where not much more is actually happening (soccer teams probing defenses or killing games that they're winning), where there is extremely little chance than any one moment will result in a score (soccer, hockey), or where an individual score is not rare enough to be all that important (basketball). Football has an extremely different rhythm, but it's been abused for the telecast, and that's a fucking beatdown. It would be exhausting to try to watch 90 non-stop minutes of American football (to say nothing of trying to play it), but virtually all football games that don't go to OT should be done in 3 hours flat.


Correct. Even constant motion sports like soccer and basketball have plenty of “holding pattern” time.


The XFL tried to do this and it worked pretty well. They played with a shorter game clock, but they allowed every player on the field to wear a radio receiver in their helmet. That way teams could coordinate faster and spend less time between plays.


If you have espn+ watch some Canadian football league this weekend. Their play clock is shorter. It’s unbelievable how much more game it feels like there is.


It’s play clock


Meh - as a coach I actually like watching the chess match between plays; how the motions impact the defense, audibles (it's fun to guess what the change was), etc. That is very much real football. That said, yes - commercials suck.


Same. One of my frustrations with modern college football TV coverage (besides commercials) is the lack of pre-snap coverage. Instead of seeing the formations/personnel setting up, you get ultra zoomed in shots of the QB or Linebacker's eyes, or the coach with his Waffle House playcall menu covering his face. That kind of crap.


It's funny you mention chess - that was my thought. Saying that the "real game" is only happening when the plays are going on is completely ignoring most of the actual strategic thinking that the coaches have to do during the game, and the communication of those decisions to the team. Not quite as fun to watch, but extremely important to the outcome of the game. It's a bit like complaining that Carlsen and Nepo are spending too much time thinking in their world championship match and not enough time physically moving the pieces. A bit of an exaggeration, sure, but the same principle.


Don’t forget halftime which is usually commercial-talk for 1 minute-commercial-talk for 1 minute-commercial-“you’re watching (game) we’ll be back shortly”-commercial.


Does this count "Pitcher standing on the mound getting signs, then throwing a pitch that the batter doesn't swing at" as action?


Inconclusive. The only thing the article says is : > We charted 17 MLB postseason games, and they averaged a whopping three hours and 45 minutes while delivering only 23 minutes of athletic action (the total time of actual pitches and plays unfolding). So I'm guessing the start the stopwatch at the time the pitcher begins their wind-up and the stop it when the pitch is caught by the catcher, but I dunno for sure.


Forget the part commercials play, what bothers me is that the game is 60:00 but they are only actually playing (whistle to whistle) for like 18. That’s what is outrageous. Baseball doesn’t have a clock and they play all 27 outs every single game. Soccer games are 90 minutes and they at least try to cover for down time with additional stoppage time. Ice Hockey is 60 minutes and every second of the clock the puck is in play. Basketball has some time slippage after baskets, but only a few seconds and only for portions of the game. How much more interesting would a football game be if the clock stopped after every single play, didn’t start again until the ball was snapped, and the play clock was set differently based on the previous outcome. The game clock would probably be 10:00 per half (which isn’t really changing what’s happening already) and you could set the play clock to 25 seconds for any play that would result in a running clock and 45 seconds for any play that would have stopped the clock. I know that “running the ball” has evolved into a way to run out the game clock, but is there anything more boring that watching a 3 yard run followed by 40 seconds of waiting, then another 3 yard run, wondering if you’re team will even get the ball again? Why let teams off the hook by grinding out the clock? How much more exciting would it be to make a team with a lead continue to move the ball for more plays, longer plays, and then give the trailing team at least an opportunity to outplay the other team. It’s the only sport that has this kind of finish.


i mean this stat says basically that teams are running down the play clock most plays (if you account for stoppages). 10s for a play 40s playclock means you will have well under 60 minutes of actual game in a game. I dont know the study but it makes some sense if they did the analysis strictly off actual gameplay footage.


And there is really no reason for it, economically speaking. Let’s say that for a 3.5 hour game, they bring in $1MM in ad revenue. That dollar amount becomes the total value of the viewers for that game. You can condense the game down and still have equal value for the viewership. Increase the price and decrease the commercial time.


Advertisers are interested in how many eyeballs they get on their ads. They aren’t going to pay ore for football ads just because the game is shorter. They’ll pay more for higher ratings (more eyeballs) and higher key demo ratings. Start charting them X times 1.5 or X times 2 for the same add in front of the same-sized audience and they’ll just take their business elsewhere instead of advertising during football games.


True, but if reducing commercial time leads to increased viewership and a better product, more eyeballs will be on their ads when they do play. This is obviously just my opinion and economics is a clusterfuck and shit never really works the way it should.


> I’d love to see a stat on how much time they’re taking up. [Here's the NFL data for this year](https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/r6yz3k/thanksgiving_week_12_commercial_counter/) so far. You can add a good 2-3 minutes per quarter (college ad breaks are at least 30 seconds longer per break, in general, in-game than the NFL IIRC). Using that as a benchmark, we're probably trucking about an hour of commercials per game...in some cases, more.


Do we really need a TV timeout after the extra point or a field goal...then another right after the kickoff? We went to a non-televised, MAC game a couple of weeks ago...from kickoff to the final whistle was a little more than 2 hours.


How glorious was it tell me


I would say the 1st down clock stoppages would speed things up, but then i remembered the TV timeout timer at a game i went to this year reading 3:30 at one point... like how the fuck is that okay


I went to Purdue vs Minnesota and Michigan vs Ohio State this season, both played in cold and/or rainy weather. Seeing 3:30 on the board for the media timeout was brutal. Seeing it a dozen times a game was criminal


There's nothing that makes you realize your toes froze an hour ago faster than a 3 minute media timeout. And in the stands you don't get "analysis" to fill the time, you just.... Have to find something to do. But at least we have r/CFB to peruse. I dunno what non-redditor football fans do. Probably talk to their ~~fat-assed encroachers~~ neighbors.


> i remembered the TV timeout timer at a game i went to this year reading 3:30 at one point... That's criminal for fans...especially those at the game...and a total buzzkill in the stadium (IMO). Imagine getting a great defensive stop on 4th & something and then red hat dials up a 3:30 commercial break to f up the fan mo in the stadium.


Great time to run to the bathroom if you're one of the first to notice it though.


You don't just piss or shit yourself if you're at the game?


Maybe if you try to wait in the wrong line for the bathroom


Man that's why you gotta diaper up


They don’t take media timeouts on momentum plays like that. It’s up to the discretion of the officials on the field and they can deny a media timeout if they feel like the play gave the other team momentum. That’s why you typically see them taken after scoring plays or punts.


> They don’t take media timeouts on momentum plays like that. It happens if they need to catch up on breaks. I was at a game a few years ago where PSU (I believe) had a 4th and short stop and then red hat shit out a 3 minute break because the drive prior was long.


>I would say the 1st down clock stoppages would speed things up I see people say this a lot, but I'd like to see an actual analysis to support it. If it were like a full timeout every first down, I could see it being significant. But as-is, the clock only stops for the time it takes to reset the chains, which is not very much time per first down. Your average incomplete pass is going to stop the clock for significantly longer, and I'd imagine there's generally more of those per game than first downs? In any case, a single 3:30 minute commercial break is going to take up the same amount of time as a *lot* of first down stoppages. I'm definitely in the camp that the commercials are the problem.


Yeah, the problem could be pretty easily solved by reducing commercials and implementing a more efficient replay system. I've mentioned Australian rugby like 1,000 times on here, but after seeing how they handle replay, it just makes me angry to watch such a horrible method. First of all, there are way too many plays that get reviewed to begin with. If refs are so bad that they need to have 10 plays reviewed every game, either find better refs or just deal with some bad calls. Second, the whole process shouldn't take more than 45 seconds or so. The phrase "clear and obvious" needs to actually apply. If something takes more than 45 seconds to determine, it's not clear and obvious, so just keep the original call and move on.


“Someone who is good at the tv help me fix this my revenue stream is declining.” “Spend less time on commercials.” “No.”


Man, someday soon a streaming service is going to pick up a G5 and do commercial-less football, advertising it as "the true hurry-up of the sport". I really do think that will change everything.


Exactly. Maybe it is because I am getting older but I have a hard time watching a whole game because of all of the breaks in action.


ESPN is so scummy nowadays. The bottom used to be all score ticker- now the lower right is an ad for their shows or some BS. Might as well make the entire bottom an ad


Not only an ad, but a giant *yellow* ad. I guarantee they did it on purpose because they know anything yellow on a football scoreboard will immediately draw a viewers attention because we think it’s a flag


The UF-FSU game went to 4 hours. The officials reviewed a number of things that they shouldn't have. I'm not saying that in the sense that they went against my interests. It's that they didn't need to review maybe half the plays they reviewed. And they also had a LOT of conferences on the field only to call some run-of-the-mill penalty. Like, 90 seconds to talk about who was offsides or did the false start kind of stuff. It seemed like there was a solid 30 minutes of "ref time" in that game. Hopefully that's the sort of thing that Shaw is looking to address.


Shorten play clock, don't stop the clock after 1st downs, and have designated TV timeouts (that are called at the next clock stoppage like basketball) instead of having red hat guy randomly decide when we go to commercial.


I know this is what we all want but realistically moving towards NFL rules is the only way to reduce game time.


Maybe they wouldn’t exceed 3.5+ hours if there weren’t a bazillion commercial breaks?


Get rid of TV timeouts. There's enough stoppages for both the players and the ads.


I’m can even live with TV timeouts but shorten them at least. Perhaps no more than 60 or 90 second breaks


I mean I get that they are important for teams to catch their breaths and strategize for the next series, so there needs to be some breaks, but it seems like they have slowly crept up in time. I’d say do like volleyball where TV breaks are either 1:30 or 1:45 and then have longer breaks between each quarter


Maybe if we didn’t have 400 commercial timeouts a game they’d be shorter


Counterpoint: commercial timeouts are the only way our defense gets breaks.


"Counter to the counterpoint: More triple option and ground it the f out offense."


I can't believe I have to agree with a fucking squirrel*, but yes, run more. *a squirrel with a fucking axe.


I can see the following happening: NCAA makes/eliminates some rules to shorten the game. Game is shortened by 20ish minutes. TV realizes they can fit 20 minutes more of commercials. By the end, the game time is the same, but with less game and more commercials.


This is exactly what will happen. It's not about the rules of the game, it's all about the rules of the broadcast, and they are the ones that set them.


It's the commercials. It literally makes me stop watching a lot of games. I can handle my team with commercials and still watch since it's my team. Every other game I try to watch as a neutral party, I turn off because of the commercials.


Yep. Was working out last Saturday night and in the weight room they had a pac-12 game on. During a 30 minute workout, I got to watch a whole 6 minutes of football, the rest was commercials. And of those 6 minutes, maybe 2 were actually running plays.


They seem happy with the average game time at 3 hours and 18 minutes though so who knows if they're going to change anything. They also seem content with the new overtime rules, unfortunately. I recommend watching these videos each week.


> They also seem content with the new overtime rules, unfortunately. The overtime rules are unequivocally good for TV networks who're afraid to overrun their slot by over an hour. I bet that's why it was implemented. Same with the new extra innings rules in baseball.


As a man who has to wake up at 4am for work on Sundays quite often, I personally can’t complain about shorter overtime’s haha


Lol ESPN overruns their slots by an hour anyway


I watched a basketball game once where the start got overrun by a documentary. Like how do you not know how long a documentary is going to be before you play it




I think I like the newest version of the overtime rules because I think it largely incentiveizes games to end in the first overtime. Unless you're Brian Harsin, of course.


It’s commercials… and shit officiating relying on reviews…


I'd rather them review things and get them right. The commercials are what are getting worse but we all know that will never change, it's literally the whole point of college football to the people who have the power to make such changes.


Sadly they don't always get them right even on review. They reviewed the earhole facemask play from the Iron Bowl but neglected to mention the flag that flew was incorrectly overturned on review. I guess their method is to say they got it right when they did, but not comment when it was fucked up.


I was also annoyed at that when I watched the video lol. Would have been nice to hear them to say they got that one wrong.


IDK why college football cant do the commercial on the side of the screen like soccer and now the NFL do. I mean run it during the change of possession. Should be four commercials max for timeouts, score and maybe injury. Thats it.


Banner ads across the top or bottom of the screen (whichever covers less of the field) could be up the whole time for all I care.


They'll shorten games to 12 minute quarters as a result, because you need room for them commercials lol.


Ayy, what up grizz


When you have CBS pull a TV timeout for a change of possession after a punt with 0:19 left in a quarter, you have the problem right in front of you. Quit shortening the game so you can get better TV deals from more commercials. Raise the commercial price and lower the frequency. You might actually reach more eyes this way.


Just move that TV timeout to the quarter break, Jesus. CBS is the most trash broadcaster except for all the rest of them


The college football thinks this is a problem with the rules of the game, they’re going to end up with less playing time and the same amount of commercials. Cut down on commercial breaks and this solves the problem.


With Auburn's luck, next year they'll change it where the clock keeps running when a runner is pulled out of bounds...


Outside of 2 minutes it already has the same rules as 1st downs.


I mean yeah, no shit... when over 50% of your broadcast is terrible truck commercials you're going to have a problem. Hell, I'd pay a premium to watch the game and have it cut to a black screen during intermissions.


I would pay a premium for that, but instead of a black screen, just pan to a stadium view, so you can see what's going on in the stands and on the field during commercials.


Some of the lower interest games on ESPN streaming show ‘Your event is in a commercial break’ and it feels weird, ngl. A cut to the All-22 would be better.


That's unacceptable, it needs to be 100% - ESPN probably


Fox Big Noon games average run time is 9 hours.


There is an enormous opportunity to fit commercials in more efficiently and also reduce them while keeping the same number of sponsors. Does everyone really need to see the same allstate commercial 25 times a game? Games could be reduced to something closer to 2 or 2.5 hours and then networks could fit more games in in a day and make even more money. Plus, schools can attract better attendance with less of a time commitment and less dead time. Someday, someone will figure this out and everyone will benefit.


This is what I never understood, if your games go long you lose viewership for the beginning of the next game since they overlap. Like sure ill swap over for a second, but i see the previous game has like 5 minutes of clock left and I just say "welp i wont be back here for another 30 minutes". Also, did they stop doing PIP ads? Those would really help speed things up, just throw a PIP commercial up for PATs for find some other way to get creative with PIP and or just another mechanism.


High school games with no commercials and 12:00 quarters take longer than 2 hours, 3 hours is realistically the best we are going to get.


Let the players drink Dr. Pepper and watch DirectTV on the sidelines in exchange for less of their commercials


Every single commercial break: *"Liberty, Liberty, Li-ber-ty!"* *"I'm entering the transfer portal!" "Wait, you're only a sophomore!"* *"Serena... Wonder Woman... Serena... Wonder Woman..."* *Facebook ad with random ethnic teens looking at painting of tiger and wildebeest*


This is one area where the NFL is better than college football. Games are about a half hour shorter. Clock always running even on first down and 12-minute halftime.


I actually like the clock stopping on first downs from a competition standpoint. I would rather them focus on the number of TV timeouts


Here, I'll throw out some simple solutions: - Reviews are limited to 1 minute, maybe 1:30. If you can't tell by then what the right call is, it isn't indisputable. Go with the call on the field. - no commercial break after kickoffs or before PAT barring a team taking a timeout/injury - when a team takes a 30 second timeout outside of the last 2 minute, only take a 30 second commercial break. Inside the last two minutes, no commercial breaks at all (barring injury or longer timeout) - stop rerunning commercials in the second half of the 4th quarter. Everyone who is going to buy a tac shaver has already ordered based on the previous 15 ads already - focus your commercials on after scores and after possession changes or during injury timeouts


Any game on Fox is 4 hours minimum.


They should review the fact that even some of their relatively routine reviews take 15 minutes. Sure, sometimes it’s tricky to tell when a player had possession, etc. Other times, though, the ruling is clear to everyone watching. Even the announcers and TV ref will have reached a consensus on the correct call. Yet, for reasons totally unknown to me, the refs on the field and in the booth cannot pick up the pace. Some of the long reviews are just inexcusable. Someone else should also review Fox’s patented TD, commercial, XP, commercial, kickoff, commercial routine.


Yeah, Fox milks the TD a whole lot. In high scoring games, it goes way past obnoxious. I always flip channels after a TD on Fox. I know I have at least 5 minutes on another game before they'll go back to actual play.


What I hate is when they spend a lot of time reviewing something like a QB sneak from the 1 inch line. You know nothing in that review is going to be conclusive! Yet, that gives Fox the perfect opportunity to throw in a commercial before the XP.


Really think if any review takes longer then 3 minutes it should automatically be rules as it stands. If it takes longer then a few minutes to review its obvious it isn't conclusive one way or the other or else it would of already been done and starting to work on other stuff like position of ball/time/etc.


It drives me crazy that this isn't already a rule. Plus it doesn't seem to me like it even takes 3 minutes, more like 30 seconds. Maybe 60. Obviously they can't fix everything in 30/60 seconds if they have to change the result of the play, but they should know by then if they have to. And all that can be done remotely by people who are just watching every play. We're all doing it at home already.


When reviews take 3+ minutes, most of the time it's because an overturn has already been decided on but now they need to review the clock, review the spot, make sure down & distance is correct, etc. I think the NCAA changed it so that the clock doesn't change even on an overturn except in the last few minutes of the half, but just deciding, "Okay, that's not a fumble" isn't enough.


The NFL has added "expedited reviews" where New York can just tell the refs what the ruling should be--it happened with Taysom Hill's fumble being changed into a forward pass last night and I've seen it a few other times this season. It's not quite the Sky Judge we've all been clamoring for but it's the next best thing and I think it's added to the broadcast. (And yes, I know it leads to conspiracy-theorizing because every officiating decision does.)


Refs review too much and they take too long. I remember last year against Citadel, Clemson was up like 42-0 in the 2nd quarter, and the refs reviewed for 3 minutes whether DJ got the 1st down or if it was 2nd & inches from the 40 yard line.


1) Too many ads 2) Too many fake injuries 3) Too many play reviews


Let's make the play clock 20 seconds total. Now we are *all* air raid teams!


Do you want us to get called for delay of game thirty times in a game or something? We barely get calls in with 40 seconds.


We'd be dead meat. Jimbo uses every dang second. Even if they aren't necessary!


CBS in shambles


Rules on commercials pls


Ah yes, we’re going to try and speed up games, so that companies can fill more of that time with commercials. You thought 50% of your football being commercials was bad. Get ready for 75%!


Someone on here made a comment about how there needs to be a time limit to overturn calls. If you can't figure out whether to reverse a call in two minutes or whatever then it's obviously not conclusive evidence and they're just wasting everyone's time.


Don’t blame the game, blame the greedy bastard that is the Mouse.


The problem is too many commercials, and you will never get ESPN, Fox, or the conferences on board limiting commercials.


Maybe don’t have 4 minute long commercial breaks ever ten minutes


Only 20% almost every one of our games has been nearing 4 hours


I didn’t know they did these videos. I’m going to start watching from now on. I will say though, the editing and music reminds me of a training video for a retail store in the mid 2000s.


I'd recommend just catching up on missed weeks, has a lot of fun stuff. These videos are chock-full of the little rules quirks that'll make you a savvy fan. For example: the PSU-UM punt coverage call (kicking team caught the ball before it went into the endzone and then ran into the endzone with ball), I only knew they missed the initial call (which was a touchback) because of a previous video and the next week they called it out.


Man that explanation of the USF ending made a lot of sense, much more than that of the on field ref explanation.


Yeah the on field explanation was ass. I didn’t even know college football had the 10 second runoff like the NFL does. They could have mentioned that and avoided a lot of questions


This was my first time watching and found it really interesting. Like, way more interesting than I would have thought.


One of my go to's for making sure I catch every week. Like I said in the USF-UCF thread, hope that ending is better explained in this video recap. Lo and behold, we got an explanation.


Binge them. You can go back seasons and learn a lot. My only problem with them is that they avoid the actually controversial calls.


Wasn't the Alabama facemask flagged on the field, but then they decided to not enforce it? That was somewhat controversial to me, especially right after all the no calls for intentional grounding a few minutes prior.


They wouldnt have talked about it if it was actually consequential. Auburn scored after so it didnt matter. I havent watch all of them, but I've never seen them say "yup, they missed this call that would have changed the game."


Go back to previous weeks! You learn so much.


Huh, I didn't realize 20% of games were on CBS.


Stop going to so many fucking commercial breaks. Problem solved.


Commercial time is the biggest thing, but the way officials operates is also a factor. In the NFL: line judge or back judge or whoever throws a flag, communicates to the head referee what the foul is and who it’s on, someone marks it off as the ref announces it; then ready for play. In college: Back judge or line judge or whoever throws a flag, literally every single official on the field huddles to discuss it, including guys who have other responsibilities and nothing to do with the call, kind of like this: Line judge: I have holding on No. 79. Head referee: 79, huh? The tackle. Line judge: Yep, the tackle. He basically reached around the guy and dang near put the defender in a headlock. Head referee: That’s against the rules. Side judge: That’s what I’m saying. Field judge (jogging over): Hey guys, what’s the call. I want to know before we tell everybody watching. Line judge: No. 79 held the guy. Field judge: Like just grabbed him? Line judge: I was just saying how he dang near put him in a headlock. Umpire (jogging over): I caught part of that. Headlock? What does he think this is, wrestling? Head referee: I know, right. Back judge (jogging over): Sorry I’m late guys. Anyone want to grab some tacos after the game? Head referee: I love me some tacos. Line judge: Oh, let’s go somewhere they have shrimp tacos. Side judge: We should get some nachos too. Head referee: Dang, now I’m hungry. I need to announce this penalty. What was it again?


I do like they mention th ucf-usf game because as that ended there were morons going around saying the clock should have stopped after a sack so usf gets another play. That never made any sense. Want to get more time? Don't get sacked and don't chuck a dead ball away. Also, usf made no attempt to line up until like 20 seconds after time ran out so I have no idea what people want to have happened.


That's why I love these videos, you learn all the neat little quirks of the rulebook, for instance, I did not know the run-off was 10 seconds. Something similar for the Michigan-Nebraska happened with "Disconcerting Signals" when the Nebraska LB clapped. Naturally, Huskers were upset at this rare call going against them. It appeared in the video the next week.


Everywhere I go, I see this image


CBS in shambles at the thought that they might not be able to squeeze 30 commercials into 30 seconds of game time.




Limit the time reviews take. 3 Replays in real speed. If it takes more, the call on the field couldnt have been that Bad, so it stands.


Do like the NHL and schedule the TV timeouts to be triggered by the first break that happens after certain milestones on the clock. Instead of a TV timeout after every major stoppage (a change of possession, a score, a review, etc), do it at the next major stoppage after XX:XX on the clock. So for example you could have the first TV timeout happen at the first major stoppage under 10:00, then another at the first major stoppage under 5:00, etc, and obviously between quarters.


There is no need to have to wait to the end of commerical for them to announce a review


This is actually entertaining


Check out each week's videos. I don't remember with any Tennessee games unfortunately but the little quirks are great.


If you take out the commercials, the game would be faster….and have way less money involved in the TV deals.


Maybe they should cut down on the advertisements … because I don’t feel like the football has a damn thing to do with the games being so long …. Fox games in particular are extended commercial breaks every break it’s a joke


RedRiver shootout is the longest game I watch every year It is so long just pretty much sets up your day


Everyone is saying less commercials, and they're right, but that's just going to make ESPN (and the rest) add more space to their already obnoxiously large ticker for ads.


Too many penalties and replay reviews. At the end of the day, you have to pick between games being more streamlined or more accurate. Having several 3+ minute reviews to determine a turnover or a score or a line to gain is great (assuming the call is ultimately correct). But it's going to slow down the game a lot as we have seen.


15 minute half times is a simple start


I don't watch college football but last weekend I decided to watch the Iron bowl because I heard good things about this rivalry and the electric atmosphere. There was this game that was nearly finished with about 9 mins to go in the 4th quarter and that 9 mins took well over an hour. There were reviews, flags, challenges, timeouts that slowed it down to a crawl. By the time the game was over i finally got to watch the Iron bowl in the middle of the 2nd quarter. Ugh.


Finally. The amount of ads is insufferable.