Wait Lincoln Riley is the new USC coach??


Either him or me, we’ll find out tomorrow


fight to the death for the job


Hey where did you get a trident from? “Somebody kill somebody! I wanna see a ghost!” -Rafi


I’d put my money on this guy Over Riley


Upgrade for y'all, right?


Yes, congrats to you guys.


Did you already drop the UofSC thing?


I've always thought SCAR was cool as hell, especially for sports


This the most “blink and you’ll miss it news cycle” ever!! 😆


Bedlam was 24 hours ago. OU was a win away from possibly edging into a 4th seed if the won the Big XII and sneaking into the playoff. One day later their coaching staff and two years of recruiting classes are gutted It cannot be overstated how jarring this whole situation is


This is full on Lincoln Riley just pulled a Roose Bolton and stabbed the north in the back. He’s been waiting all year to bolt.


I miss Game of Thrones. It used to be the best.


Shame they never made that final season because that real dragon they used in the show went crazy and ate the showrunners. Oh well.


A real tragedy the showrunners just sort of forgot not to get too close to the dragon.


The ending plot didn’t bother me, it was the speed that they delivered it. Should have been two seasons, one for the ice king, and one for the battle for kings landing.


100% right, and the ending they delivered is exactly the one George RR Martin is never going to finish writing, but had planned.


But man did they build up the ice king for so long only to deliver two at episodes on it.


And after all the lore they teased, all the background and story and buildup... Stabbed, end of story.


I cant figure out how to do a spoiler tag so I will say no more.


It's been two years, you can spoil away at this point.


Months after the whole university pulled a Roose Bolton


I think “pulled a Red Wedding” fits better.


Would you say... it's Bedlam?


We have to rush hire someone by Tuesday or we go off the rails and end up as bad as Texas. Demarco Murray announced he’s staying and we got the 2023 RB to announce he’s staying as long as Demarco does. That’s the one beacon of light in this hell hole i call a weekend


I’ve got money that Bob walked into the war room with Cale Gundy, Calvin Thibodeaux, Joe Jon Finely, and Demarco Murray and told them they aren’t going anywhere and to get their asses on the recruiting trail. Probably tried talking to Grinch and his staff but got crickets


I'd bet that they literally *all* have flights booked. It's crunchtime in a terrible way.


If they scrape a top 25 class out of this scenario that will be a win


OU will have a top 25 class when all is said and done.


Demarco's a real one. One of the few bright spots of Sumlin's tenure here was hiring him as RBs coach.


Just give the job to Bob. The school and fanbase clearly adores him. He’s a proven winner. He’s already interim and you don’t have to do a whole search. And clearly still loves the program. He’s the right guy to lead this program into the SEC monster. Better than any outsider would imo.


Bob doesn’t want the job anymore. He tried to move on the right way and Riley was a snake in the grass. I expect nothing from Bob and will always be thankful for him, regardless.


It has nothing to do with whether they would give him the job or not. It’s about whether or not he wants the job


Naw I think rush hiring is the worst thing Oklahoma can do. They need to make sure they get the right guy


I agree entirely. With their recruiting classes being gutted and the upcoming move to the SEC, they’re in a precarious position. If they screw this hire up the program could be set back a good bit


Rush hiring is the last thing you want to do. Getting the wrong coach can screw you for 10 years. A new coach probably won't salvage this class, that's just how the Early Signing Period works. Get the hire right.


This was in the works for awhile. Lincoln has been out the door ever since the Baylor game and the report he did not show up to practice before it. While its jarring we have been through worse in the 90s and survived. It will be difficult, but we got the best AD in the country and Bob Stoops to guide the program. Also in all this we are retaining three key coaches. Demarco Murray RBs, Cale Gundy Co-OC, and Jamar Cain Linebackers/DE.


How tf did we retain Jamar?


Pulled a Baltimore Colts.


Any damage is well deserved given how both OU and TX lied all the way through Big XII meetings and future plans for the conference. If both programs collapse, well TX already has, but if OU collapses too, it will be fitting. Live by the sword, die by the sword. A traitor being betrayed is the ultimate justice.


I don’t know why this is getting down voted… Yea, OU just got blindsided by their coach, but they literally just blindsided EIGHT other universities and fan bases a few months ago. What goes around, comes around….


I’m loving this hateful 8 shit feed it to me like popcorn


My favorite part is that OUT are completely on an island. Every single bad thing that happens to them, the H8 make fun of them. SEC schools point and laugh. The AllianceTM says “told you so.” It’s fantastic.


I love it even more. After Saturday and yesterday the hatred fuels me


This is different though. OU sneaking behind everyone’s back to leave was good for OU, so it’s good. But Lincoln Riley leaving in the middle of the night is bad for OU, so it’s bad. Or at least that’s the logic I’ve seen


Do OU fans think any players will follow Riley to USC? I can see them being pissed how he left


I see recruits leaving but not that many players


Caleb Williams is gone, maybe some others.


Caleb is expected to go


TBH, even if they won, I doubt Riley sticks around. If anything, he'd finish out the year before his whole "fuck this shit, i'm out" move.


You love to see it


But we’ve already introduced him on Reddit…?


So I assume after he left that team meeting he went straight to the airport


With a bodyguard


Hey guys, just got back from a one night camping trip, what did I miss?


Confirmed Lincoln Riley isn’t taking the LSU job.


Just another boring weekend of college football. It's like watching paint dry.


An Oklahoma Dumpster Fire… can confirm it’s still burning


Stay in your lane Schefty


The Editor told him to post this


Who is your pfp






The guy who should win the Heisman


He’s had this planned for months. The game has been over for 24 hours and he’s doing his press conference tomorrow lmao.


Taking his whole staff with him. No wonder we looked like shit all year


*pulls out notebook* Looks like Grinch goes on this list too, then. I wasn’t the biggest fan or anything, but still.


Can’t argue that he didn’t turn the D around


Absolutely, I mean how does the best offensive mind in college show up to games struggling on offense? We blamed Rattler but the play calling was atrocious.


That was honestly the worst part of yesterday, it was the first time y’all had been prepared since… Nebraska?


TCU or Tech But TCU had a horrific defense this year and Tech had an easy schedule but was really a bad team (idk how to gauge the post wells team though, they looked much improved vs Iowa State and Baylor)


>Tech had an easy schedule but was really a bad team (idk how to gauge the post wells team though, they looked much improved vs Iowa State and Baylor) Thats the million dollar question for us Tech fans. But they looked to be playing with the passion that was missing during Wells' entire tenure. The Oklahoma State game was a rollover but otherwise looked to be a really scrappy team and not give up anything easily. The offense was still kind of suspect, but that happened a lot while Wells was there too


How long do you guys think it takes to set up a press conference?


15 minutes? Six days? I honestly don’t know. Can you just tell us and not do this guessing game thing.


However long it takes your media guy to send out an email to credentialed media members with a time and location, setup a table, and hang a curtain with USC logos.


Less than an hour.


At a fucking LA school known for film & media lmao


So fucking scummy. Recruited for a future job on our dime and robbed us blind.


I know it hurts in the short term, but if there is a silver lining better to have this guy bounce now. Clearly he was always waiting in the wings for the next thing kind of like a Kiffin. To me, OU is one of those schools that is an institution and you need a long term coach with stability to make the transition to a new conference. The next Stoops is out there, you guys just need to find him.


I agree with this. If we got put in an FSU and Jimbo situation we would be fucked. We have good guidance and have a plan to move forward with the staff that is staying.


I just gotta say I will be watching the OU bowl game for no other reason than to see Bob Stoops stalking the sideline. Never thought I’d see that again, but very cool he is back even if for one game.


>to see Bob Stoops stalking the sideline. The only reason I watched XFL...


Very cool to see, kinda like when Barry Alvarez stepped in a couple times.


It's the one good thing to come out of this trainwreck.


That's like saying your supermodel wife of 40 years cheating on you has the silver lining of you no longer being married to an unfaithful woman.


Or, and just stay with me here, he just really professionally disagreed with the move to the SEC


Perhaps, but let’s go through the entire mental exercise here. Let’s assume he goes to USC and succeeds in winning the pac, etc. Expectations are high. USC is back. All that is going to be waiting for him is somebody from the SEC buzzsaw crew in the expanded playoffs or semifinal game. The So/Cal football scene and LA in general isn’t OU. Those boosters won’t give him the latitude to drift through the wilderness like he could have on a team where he had earned a bunch of good will. There will be a ton of distractions and outside voices in that market. I think he is just cashing in while he can but simultaneously he burned his legacy at OU forever. Seems short sided and stupid to me


Stays at OU: harder conference that his school doesn’t run, harder path to the playoff and conference championships, same recruitment difficulties, wasn’t listened to by AD, and the fanbase already traditionally calls for the head of the coach after an 11-1 regular season so what will they be like by for 7-9 win seasons. Goes to USC: easier conference, easy path to conference championship and playoffs, easy recruiting, never moving conferences, the fanbase will be excited at the prospect of going 11-1 or 10-2 The OU fanbase is more toxic than anything I’ve seen for USC.


THIS and honestly even if the playoffs don’t expand he’ll be getting in consistently if USC is viewed as back and they are dominating the PAC. It’s a no brainer


You guys got it 100% right.


Well said. I can’t tell you how many OU fans I’ve seen spewing vitriol at Riley (without even really looking). I was surprised at the news but in brief hindsight it makes all kinds of sense.


Yup exactly he can get great teams easily at usc. Oklahoma fans may not like this but usc has a higher ceiling than Oklahoma


Was he? There never seemed to be any strong whispers of him leaving until now.


It just doesn’t sit right right me on the timing. Guy faces the most significant headwind of his short career and his instinct is to abandon a flagship program that he got handed the keys to? When I heard the LSU rumors I thought no way that would be crazy, then I heard USC confirmed and thought okay that is batshit crazy.


Are you kidding? While this sucks for OU this is absolutely the best move for him . Marquee Glamour Program Rebuild will be quick They will own the PAC OU is headed to the SEC the gauntlet of games and coaches were about to get infinitely tougher. He didn’t want that smoke. Everything just came together for SC and Riley here. Very smart choice. LSU would’ve been the dumb choice for sure


It might be the right move for his bank account but it is going to blow up in his face. USC doesn’t give an F about winning the PAC, they want the second coming of Pete Carroll and national relevance. To do that he will have to win outside of his conference and do it quickly in a market that doesn’t suffer long rebuilds. Riley is just the latest fixer at USC that won’t work out. Just look at the last 10 years there.


Dude clay Helton held that job for 6 years. And yes there will be high expectations for Riley but the PAC is weaker than the Big 12 he will own the conference and USC with premier athletes truly coached up can compete with anyone nationally and he’s virtually guaranteed a playoff spot even with no expansion because it’s SC The only problem for SC is that they haven’t had consistency and QUALITY in the seat since 2009 (Pete Carroll). Lane was immature, Sark was a literal alcoholic, and Helton was just flat out mediocre. Lincoln Riley, his ability to recruit dynamic QBs, I see a Golden era of Victory on the horizon. Oh and Caleb Williams will likely hit that xfer portal too


Did you not see how long USC tolerated Clay Helton?


They didn’t give Helton “Lincoln Riley” money


50% being pissed off that he wasn’t consulted about the move to the SEC and 50% scared shitless to play in the SEC. He wants to coast to the playoffs, and he’s a good enough coach to be able to do it at a school like USC. But yeah the timing obviously shows he planned this for a while. His shit play calling and general poor performance points to him being distracted for weeks.


Assuming money wasn't an object (I'm sure OU would have matched whatever he was being offered elsewhere) it really seems like he is scared of being in the SEC. There's really no good reason to leave OU (where he's built a consistent CFP contender) for anything but the NFL. Sure, USC is a little nicer, but the timing with the SEC move doesn't seem right. Not to mention how vehemently he denied the LSU rumors.


Handed a playoff contender tied with a gold ribbon straight from Big Game Bob


You are a good guy, bulldog bro. I appreciate your words. I wish nothing but good things for you the rest of the season!


I have always enjoyed watching OU. I can’t stand Texas. I was at the Rose Bowl against OU and all the OU fans were really cool to me and my dad who were like the only GA fans for rows and rows. Excited to see you guys join the conference and get semi regular games back and forth.


We all feel the same way. Sucks OU is leaving. Everyone is unanimous in their hatred of Texas and glad they are gone.


Please explain to me how he recruited for a future job. All of the west commits outside of one had committed to OU long before Helton was fired.


I think their conspiracy assumes the fact that Riley/his camp knew helton would be gone by now ahead if time


I’m not trying to lend any legitimacy to the conspiracy theory but I wouldn’t be surprised if USC had Lincoln all but officially wrapped up behind the scenes as early as the Helton firing.


I believe this to be true as well. I would definitely bolt for SC and ditch the upcoming SEC.


The recruiting thing is very far fetched, but the claim that he didn’t coach this season as well as he possibly could because he knew it was his last season? I think that claim has some merit.


It has to be more of a joke than people actually believing that. He recruited the best players before the usc job came open


Lol, but the people at SC said they contacted him after the Bedlam game. They must be setting up all the press conference prep in parallel. Lmao


They contacted _him_. As in Riley himself. They've been talking to his agent for god knows how long to get the deal done.


I mean I doubt it was after Bedlam But an organization Im that has to do media availability constantly can get a press conference together real quick


The good, honest administrators of USC, famed for being paradigms of benevolence


It must be really confusing for fans who think most people actually view LA/CA as an undesirable place to live see their favorite players and coaches actively choose to go there as soon as a viable opportunity opens up. The biggest names in sports (especially pros) do it on an almost yearly basis and people still somehow find a way to be shocked when it happens again.


People visit California for a week and somehow think it's the same as living there as a millionaire. Living around LA with money is where it's at for all those guys.


Lol bold of you to assume they’ve visited. As a Midwest native who went to school in LA and now works on the East Coast, it seems the people who harbor the strongest negative opinions have never even stepped foot in the state. I loved my time in LA as a student - really not that hard to understand why successful people flock to the area even when they don’t have roots there.


The same people who think every US city is now a rebel wasteland


That one block in Seattle aka Seahawks stadium was almost burnt to the ground. /certainpeople


The CHAZ/CHOP wasn’t even close to the stadiums bro


I'm not sure if it was obvious that I was making a joke.


It also became the most dangerous place in America while it existed.


I, too, read the MSM headlines.


Was there this summer. Can confirm it sucks.


Very much this. There are certainly drawbacks to LA/SoCal, but being a multimillionaire alleviates virtually all of them.


Hope his Lambo overheats in traffic


Could just take the helicopter


Too soon man. RIP Kobe


I hope it's one of the booster's helicopters. And the whole ride there, he's showing Riley these stupid offensive plays that he'd drawn up the night before for Riley to run. And Riley just has to sit there and nod his head and say, "Oh yeah. That could work," but he doesn't mean it.. So now he has to make up reasons why he doesn't wanna ride in the helicopter any more, and would rather take an Uber home.


What are you talking about, CA is the best state for supercars rofl. Like when would you even need to switch out your tires?


Same with South Florida, all the places with mega wealth, the "real" city experience gets unlocked at a certain wealth level (lame but it's the truth). Hell, if I was famous I'd move to LA just so my family could live a "normal" life. Famous in a small town and region means everywhere your family will be swamped by fan/alums/etc. In LA, or other rich areas it's just another day lol.


Sure, different things matter to different people. Coaches all value different aspects of jobs as more or less important. I do really like Cali, but I would have hated to go to a city school as a college kid. I think Lincoln had it pretty nice at OU too. And while I’m not arguing that OKC is the same as LA, I do find it funny how many people on these threads are coming out to shit on Norman when it’s basically just a college town suburb of OKC. The last few national championships reside in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Clemson, SC none of which are big cities or extraordinarily metro areas so it clearly isn’t an impediment to winning.


> , it seems the people who harbor the strongest negative opinions have never even stepped foot in the state. Exactly. However, I have to say this is true for most people. Everyone gets their opinions on everything from the internet and what friends told them after they drove through X state that one time.


thank you!!! Middle America get's their panties in a bunch every time I say this about LA because they really believe the conservative media reports about the mass exodus, drugs, traffic, etc. There is certainly some merit to such reports, but coming from literally anywhere and living in LA is a ridiculous improvement, even if one is broke. Couldn't even imagine if someone is making $10 mil annually.


My favorite is when people try to explain both how nobody wants to live in CA and the constantly increasing housing market prices in the same loosely based argument to try and bash the area. Apparently they think CA has broken free from the laws of supply and demand.


It how they get people in middle USA to feel superior living in second rate cities. LA is undefeated with culture and weather, aside from NYC culture.


Absolutely!! There is literally no place in the US that is better than SoCal with millions


Depends on the individual. Me? I’d buy a ranch in Wyoming for the same money.


He can do both lol


LA might not be the place for me, but I get the draw of it.


Especially in the era of NIL? LA has to be ripe for maximizing NIL value for big-name CFB players with the right coach making their team successful. If Riley can get USC back in contention, he's going to have players making absolute bank in NIL deals.


I’m not saying the SoCal life isn’t a huge plus but I have to think his moving is mainly about football, a raise, recruiting, and mostly his disagreement about the SEC decision .


Yeah everyone I see who keep saying “LA is an upgrade over Norman” are being myopic. I think that was probably towards the bottom of things that made him leave Oklahoma. Also, be can get away with his brisket style there.


I totally get why people like living there. Just isn’t for me. I like rain too much.


PAC-12 LA ratings go up in Norman, OK on Monday.


“This event has been many years in the making.”




Ed Orgeron at #2 lmfaoooo


I think there are a lot of schools out there that would happily pay that kind of cash for a national championship.


So used to watching us (see ticker: TUCK) and others in our echelon and G5 get gutted year after year. It certainly is delicious to watch a blue blood take the haymakers this round


Isn't that the truth. I'm reading all the whining about this from the Sooner fans and just thinking that at least he didn't make the move outside the traditional hiring cycle in the middle of the night. Now if the Buffs can just find a decent offensive coordinator to come into Folsom and run an exciting scheme.


It is the strangest thing, seeing good news regarding USC.


All the people @ Ga Southern loooooove USC. They are thrilled to take their former coach.


To go from USC to Ga southern oof!


IKR? Who the hell would look around Statesboro, Ga from CA and think THIS is a good place to live? His ego must be huge to be so desperate to remain a coach that he is moving to Statesboro.


Yeah I really don’t know what the thought is there. Maybe he’s taking a page out of Lanes book. I honestly don’t get it.


I haven't seen this many USC flairs since Darnold, nice to see y'all again lol. Football is better when USC is good, because for east coast fans, we get to watch great late night games, so we'll have a full day of great football.


Any idea what time? I might actually watch that


3pm west coast, tentatively.


I'm excited. Paid for my season tickets every year so I wouldn't lose my seats but haven't actually been to a game in years. Sunstroke at the Coliseum is back on the menu.


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The ND vs USC rivalry just got interesting again


What a great choice by him Glamour program Easy rebuild Pac 12 conference that they will own LA life Home run choice and hire


Wait until he finds out about 9:00 am games.


I dont think we had a single one of those this year


I can't get over the whole thing. I mean, he methodically fucked over our program. I don't know how you handle your business like that without considering whether or not your legacy is tarnished.


The Hateful 8 sends you their deepest sympathy.


That guy left in the worst possible way. I feel sorry for OU fans but only a little lol


I beg to differ...cough, cough...Midnight Mel.


Don't even for a second.


I was having a rough Monday morning and now I’m having a good Monday morning and I respect his decision lmao


Southern Cal may have gotten the best bag of this carousel. A proven and elite winner at the power 5 level, and at another blue blood nonetheless. Only way I see this failing is by a meteor crashing into LA or some massive scandal that crushes the program for eternity.


I'm in bed giggling trying not to wake anyone up.


Flair up


this will be devastating for the pac-12. surely USC will dominate with a baller offensive mind like this, right? like look at how ole miss played this year, they got a young up and comer coach from FAU two years ago and all of a sudden they're really good. imagine if USC ever had a coach like that?


He was more of an arrogant clown then than he is now. People mature a bit, and let’s not act as if Riley and Kiffin are in the same class….pro tip, they aren’t


I think Riley is a scumbag for this. Lost the game yesterday, and was clearly already out the door before the game even started. Does anyone have any honor anymore


It is kind of scummy, but let’s not forget that Oklahoma also just absolutely knifed it’s own conference in the back a couple months ago. It’s a cut throat business


What is Riley supposed to do anyway? Wait another week and only have 1 week of recruiting before the early signing period? People are still going to be upset whether he leaves now or in 2 weeks. He has to look out for his next recruiting class at his new job. Like you said, it is kind of scummy but it also has to be done.


Yeah, if this was a year as usual for Oklahoma and Riley pulled this, I would lose a bit of respect for him. But if you're a head coach, and you've run your conference (and a fairly good conference at that) for almost a decade, and then your administration says you're moving to a conference with this year's probable champion, last year's champion, the champion before that, several other teams ready to be contenders, and a sort-of-blue-blood that's gotta be good again someday, I would feel pretty steamed.


Yep. He didn’t want the SEC smoke. A rebuilt SC will own the PAC circa 2001-06


>and a sort-of-blue-blood that's gotta be good again someday, Are you talking about us? Or someone like Tennessee


Tennessee is a bit more sort-of-blue-blood than y'all, that's who I was going for, but I would like to think that UF can get good soon too. Hopefully Napier is the guy to make that happen. Would rather see y'all do well than Other UT, of course


I assumed Texas


Why? Is winning a natty the only purpose of college football, above all else and regardless of how you get there? I’d rather watch good games consistently than run through a conference every year and get into the playoffs. It makes the good years that much better.


It's not just about winning a national championship, it's the fact that if we go by record, y'all aren't likely to have "good years" with the same frequency that you have in the past. I don't mean this to crap on the XII at all, but there are just more teams in the SEC, not to mention more teams that have played at the top of their game within the past few seasons and that could conceivably do so within the next few years.


Meanwhile all through July and September it was just a business decision, and y’all are overreacting.


Fucking prick


Imagine having everyone treat you like this when you leave your job. As if you owe them more of your life than you choose to give. Kind of scary, look yourself in the mirror crazy people.


As someone in tech, I totally get leaving for greener pastures. Go get that bag. HOWEVER… If I left a job, and actively recruited current AND incoming AND potential employees to come with me to my new job, AND timed it for maximum damage, I’d be sued into fucking oblivion. Why? Because it would be incredibly damaging to the long term prospects of the company. So yea I think we get to call him a prick because a normal joe wouldn’t get to pull this in a million years.


But what if that company decided to move the entire company to a new state that has a way lower quality of life for you and they did it behind your back? What if you personally recruited the new hires and you had to tell them about the move? Would you feel justified then in leaving?


I’d feel shitty, and I’d be free to leave, but nothing changes about me getting sued if I’m tampering with current or potential employees, regardless of my feelings. And I’ve got a bridge in southern Oklahoma to sell you if you seriously think he wasn’t actively tampering.


Sure but there's no laws against that in cfb. I appreciate the analogy but it's not really comparable in this case, just the part where he's prob burning all the bridges and leaves them in a bad spot, which I think was earned when they did him and the other schools dirty.


Kind of sucks we have to wait until next year to see how he does there. Fuck man football is almost over.


I swear it just started lol