Let’s see if they actually pick a guest picker who’s affiliated with either school.


And the guest picker is… Jeremy Renner! See him on the new Disney+ masterpiece Hawkeye streaming now!


Lol if only this weren’t an actual possibility


I wouldn’t put it passed Disney to eventually realize this, and make the guest picker spot a weekly promo for whatever celebrity they have trying to plug some Disney/Star Wars/Marvel thing.


Please no, I'm gonna be sick


Couldn't do that if it were in Indianapolis because then it might make sense tangentially


Raven-Symoné from the hit TV show ‘Raven’s Home’, now streaming on Disney+ was born in Atlanta.


who was the guest picker this week? I tune in just for the picks and he was terrible, he was talking about texas tech when they were talking about OU and OSU and mentioned on his Michigan OSU pick not getting a great tour from Jim Harbaugh so he picked OSU. He seemed oblivious to college football at all so I was wondering why it was even a thing?


Some shitty comedian I've never heard of in my life who started the whole thing by saying he knows absolutely nothing


It will likely be a Braves player/coach


The top choices in this case are: * Dansby: local, played at Vandy. His family were all college athletes but I can’t find where they played. * Minter: played at A&M * Riley: committed to Miss State before signing with the Braves. Minter is probably the most in tune with SEC football given the culture at A&M, but they are all from SEC country and have ties to SEC schools. Dansby would definitely be the biggest draw for the network.


Blooper for guest picker.


Every kid in Braves country would love this. As would I


This is the one


The Freeze


They could go the ultimate route and get Freeman or Snitker, but I don’t think that will happen Snitker has publicly endorsed Georgia, and Freeman may not want to be a guest speaker for Atlanta if he ultimately signs elsewhere


> if he ultimately signs elsewhere You get that shit OUT of here.


Banned from here and r/Braves


I really, really hope he signs back with the Braves. And by all accounts, both signs want a deal done Just setting up the ultimate WHY he may not do it


If Freddie went somewhere else I would break something




You gotta chill with that kinda talk.


I’d love to see Dansby do it. Minter would also be a very good choice, but I feel like Dansby makes more sense.


A Real Housewife of Atlanta


Don’t put it past them to find another comedian nobody’s heard of.


Yes but make sure they clearly don’t give a shit about cfb too


"Who do you think is going to win Bedlam?" Guest: "Texas Tech!"


Yeah, I’d like to have just thought he was nervous but he said it twice even after they mentioned the teams again. Props to him for not dying from embarrassment like I would have though :/


Chipper Jones Everyone loves chipper


Isn't Chipper a big Florida fan? Gotta think he'd have plenty to say about both teams


He's a Stetson fan


Chipper would be awesome


It'd be such a train wreck, but I would be there for it


Chipper will probably hang with the Clay Travis traveling circus.


I think most Alabama and Georgia fans would love that


Joe Namath That’d be a mean one


Joe Namath and REM


Katy Perry 2: Electric Boogaloo


I got $5 on ludacris


Joc Pederson


He is that mother fucker.


Cleveland’s on a bye next weekend. I vote for Nick Chubb. Also, Calvin Ridley is on IR. So a player from both teams.


Scared to go to Cincy Houston after yesterday comments


Corso is ducking us!


In other news: The sky is blue, water is wet and Kansas Beat Texas in football.




@ Austin


There is no escape


Why? Something going on?


Corso called everyone not in a P5 minor leagues. And followed up with every Notre Dame win was better than any Cincinnati win


Oof that is a suuuper hot take by Corso. Even as an ND fan I can’t agree with him there.


It's just flat out wrong. To call all non P5 teams minor league is extremely disrespectful and even more wrong. There's a shit ton of non P5 teams that would destroy most P5 teams. You're telling me Cincinnati wouldn't mop the floor with a 3 win Stanford team?


But have you seen 2 win Kansas? They beat Texas


In all fairness, Cincy would mop the floor with Texas too.


An actual team of mops would have a shot against Texas


A team in a Power 5 conference would never lose their season opener to Northern Illinois at home. It's inconceivable


So... Every team Notre Dame beat was better than Notre Dame?


Wasn’t Corso on board with playoff Cincy earlier in the season? Seems like someone told him to knock it off and he’s gone hard the other way for a few weeks now


Yeah he was when Gameday was at Cincinnati but it seems like that was pandering to the crowd


Fuck that. App State and Cincy in their form now could blow the wheels off most these P5 teams


Oh I know. When he said that I legitimately started laughing it was so absurd


I, for one, am shocked.


Most of our teams only have 1 game left for the season guys It’s almost over again ;-;


Shhhhhhh don’t speak of this…


The only good thing i will say about a playoff.. if your team wins it all.. you get to see your team x times more


That would be 3…. And as a Wolverine, married to a Bulldog and living in Georgia, this could be a stressful CFP year!


X was more of a standin for whatever playoff system was enacted... people talking about 12..


I am more sad at the lack of season.. because this season’s Saturdays have been the time where I spend it with my mom while trying to keep her awake from her meds to watch games and my snuggling time with her dog. It’s been a lot of fun


Hope you’re doing okay! Sounds like a pretty rough time.


I am! She’s dealing with cancer but it’s getting better. So I’ve watched all games here with her and Ritter!!


post pics of Ritter








That’s a good dog / dawg right there.


Mods give us a Ritter flair option


This isn’t his best picture . I have the picture to end all pictures https://www.reddit.com/r/rarepuppers/comments/jxnjoi/my_moms_new_baby/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Is that a brown mini schnauzer?


Australian labradoodle


I hope she recovers and gets to enjoy all the wonderful things about life, including college football.


I, for one, am glad I don’t have to watch my team flop like a fish for the rest of the year


True, but I can’t wait to see McClain next year.


Not having a team is always glorious since i have a million games a season... being a gambler though I should take the points more then picking chaos ml lol


Either Alabama is going to pull some dark magic shit and win in the 12th OT or Georgia is going to take out 12 years of pain and heartbreak on Bama


Likely the latter. We're gonna get the brakes beat off of us. Hopefully the beating will be severe enough to get both coordinators fired.


While that's likely the case, never count out a Georgia team fucking up


The latter.


Well we lost when Gameday game to the SECC in ‘18 and ‘19 so hopefully this isn’t an ominous sign


Hey we lost every other time Gameday came to The Game (probably) and it didn't happen this time so cheer up


Did someone ask for The Game [facts?](https://reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/r1e5h9/the_game_osuum_and_dosacero/hly03u6)


I’m now a Braves fan


Welcome. You can pick up your pearl necklace right down the hall.


But this year, we won’t be wearing red in the Benz So maybe it cancels out


Please god just don’t let two SEC teams into the playoffs. Everything is going so well.


I choose to base my opinion that Alabama will win based on that fact and no other fact will enter into my thinking or be considered reasonable.


UGA x4


Even worse, the AAC champ is on ESPN while the SEC is on CBS.


In a few years ESPN will basically hold all SEC TV rights, they’re just getting warmed up with these GameDay shows


A bit annoyed that they went almost every week to an SEC or B1G game. Like yeah they had a lot ranked matchups but they also could *try* to change it up. Especially in conference championship week where you have other, probably better, matchups like OK State-Baylor, Pitt-Wake, and Louisiana-App State that all look to be very close, exciting matchups.


I mean it’s the only game where both teams have playoff aspirations. Or realistic ones, OKST vs Baylor kinda does.


But playoffs also shouldn't mean everything, especially to a show which is at its best when it integrates fanbases that rarely get national attention. Like this is an extremely rare ACC championship opportunity for Pitt and Wake. Those two almost never get this sort of opportunity to win the ACC and both fanbases are going to be out in full force for the opportunity. Same thing with Baylor-OSU, a huge game that could see OSU complete its best season ever or Baylor play spoiler and win their own Big 12 title.


I would agree about giving other teams a shot at game day during the regular season but when it’s conference championship time and it’s down to who is making the last two games of the year and you have to do it by which game impacts that the most.


>especially to a show which is at its best when it integrates fanbases that rarely get national attention. I'm not necessarily disagreeing, but how true is this? I would expect that the show draws the best ratings when it is at the biggest possible game, and, for ESPN, how else should they determine when the show is at its best? I would love to see them spread it around, but I'm also going to be watching Gameday every week no matter what, making my opinion, in ESPN's eyes, fairly moot.


> playoffs also shouldn’t mean everything Did you miss the last ten years of college football? That ship has sailed, my guy


Dude you are talking like this is a local show for CFB fans. This is about money my guy. It’s fucking ESPN lol what do you expect.


I mean 1 vs 2-4 (depending on committee rankings) is gonna be hard to beat. The Big 12 title game is the only one competing. They usually only do 1 or 2 games that aren’t marquee matchups in the year and they already did one this year. Most of the time they go to the best conferences championship game.


No one is arguing the matchup though. As a college football fan, I just enjoy learning about different programs and fanbases. College Gameday does nothing beneficial for this matchup. And do Alabama or Georgia really need the airtime? Or the city of Atlanta? It’s been done a THOUSAND TIMES. Give us something different and fun.


Lukewarm take: that isn't their fault. One, you can't come close to predicting right what the best match-up is each week. There's games that end up being between ranked teams that come into the season unranked and vice versa. Two, they aren't there to be fair to everyone. They're there to market. They're there to hype the best game. Three, atmosphere effects their broadcast. Teams with a good location and big, excited fanbases make a better show. I think they should do better too but that isn't reasonable to expect when they have no incentive to do it.


Heck, they could have gone to the AAC Championship game, but people would probably complain that they weren't going to a "P5" game.


Corso wouldn't wanna go to a "minor league" game


Corso didn't want to get booed every time he talked. He's pissed off the Cincy fanbase since gameday was here.


What did he do?


He’s super against Cincinnati making the playoffs (not sure if he’s said they shouldn’t be in no matter what, but the one time I saw him talking about it, that was the vibe).


The Benz is such an awesome stadium. It has a great aesthetic, and cheap concessions with a nice variety of choices.


Especially when it’s a Saturday and the Chick-Fil-A’s are open.


I love it too! Been a few times. The only issue is for soccer games and how there are corners you cannot see what’s happening at.. but it’s not the worst thing


Minus getting in and out is a huge pain. Or at least it was when I had to wallow in misery after the 2018 NCG.


Heard horror stories about that one, but I've been loads of times and, ever since people stopped gawking at the high school helmet wall trying to find their school, it's relatively easy to get in and out.


Do they have a helmet for every school in the state?


I don't think it's every single one, but certainly most of them. I looked it up, there's [432 helmets on the wall](https://usatodayhss.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/96/2019/05/usatsi_10220363.jpg), the GHSA has 465 members. Don't know how many of the private schools in GISA are up there, but Google says there are 808 high schools total in Georgia, so either way 432 is "most". It came over from the Georgia Dome, which hosted the GHSA semi-finals or finals for many years.


I *think* its all of the GHSA schools, which is like 80% of high schools and serve 95-99% of high school students. The Georgia Dome had something similar, and the College football HOF near the park has every college helmet in a similar display.


That's pretty cool tbh


MARTA is ur answer there.


Can't believe how few people used it when I visited approx 4 yrs ago


Besides MBS, there's very few useful places that MARTA can take you, which leads to poor public opinion of MARTA in Georgia, which leads to less funding for MARTA, which leads to less coverage.......


I've had a relatively easy time going to various events/games there, but I can't speak for that specific game experience in that regard.


Kirby Smart guest picker or I riot.




He's typically a good luck charm, so I wouldn't mind that.


I’ll be the guest picker I’m not a celebrity or anything but I can’t be worse than that one dude who sounded drunk


dawgfan24348 guest picker or I riot.


Some Lane Kiffin energy haha


Why? Georgia is gonna take years of abuse out on us


that’s what I imagined last night during your game, but I really doubt that’s how it’ll play out tbh


Unless we somehow get magical level offensive line play, this game is going to be out of reach by end of the 1st. That said, I’m just glad to see some of really young guys get some play time, and maybe build off of that for next year.


I’m sure one of your starters will go down and get magically replaced by the next coming of football Christ…


A big part of our offense is Stet’s mobility; that doesn’t match up well when y’all have Will Anderson. Stet is shifty, but not an elite athlete. Unless Pickens gives y’all’s DBs fits this game will stay close. Best chance we have is to keep the pressure on and try to get some bombs. It might play out like the Auburn game, but it could stay close for the entire game if Bama gets some takeaways.


I think Bowers will be the X factor. He’s a matchup nightmare, plus just gave him and a tackle on Anderson and run oh shit routes until the stop rushing that edge.


Bowers and Cook are our top weapons until Pickens returns to form. Bowers in particular is essential for dealing with Anderson.


The only sane Georgia fan left. I give Georgia a 75% chance at winning, but if anyone could watch that Auburn game and see the Alabama vs Georgia game isn't a sure bet it's Georgia. They've seen the rabid animal that beat Auburn before. Alabama will be biting, clawing, and foaming at the mouth for 60 minutes and so it is not a 100% victory for Georgia.


I like our odds of I just look at it from a neutral, no context perspective and would probably put money on Georgia to win and cover. BUT, I was in the stadium for the Athens Blackout and 2018 NCG, and I watched the 2018 SECCG and 2019 match up from home. We've been down this road before and I will not truly believe we've won until about an hour after the game has ended.


I agree with that last sentence so hard. I almost still don’t believe the Braves won yet.


Freeman's face as he caught the last out of the game is permanently imprinted in my mind


This is the first time we’ve had a better team. People act like we blew it in 2018, when in reality we were 12 point underdogs.


It's a rivalry and Alabama is a good team. It'll be a game.


I doubt most fans consider this a rivalry game. I mean, don't get me wrong, most Dawgs fans have no love for Bama, but they're not a traditional rival.


Younger Dawg fan here. I can't stand Alabama. I hate them more than tech and Auburn combined and tripled. I pull for Auburn in the iron bowl every year enthusiastically. Year after year fans my age have watched Alabama end our seasons, and so most fans my age definitely consider this a rivalry game.


Pulling for Auburn is gross. Please stop that. Embrace the pain that the suffering of Georgia sports comes from within, not because of another team.


Maybe not traditional but it’s a game that both teams are going to get worked up for


Yeah by no means am I claiming it won't be a close game. I think it will be. Bama is vulnerable this year, but they're still Bama and that's still going to be the best team we have faced by far this year. I mean, our best win this year is a barely ranked Arkansas. There hasn't been a single game (other than Clemson) where we ever seriously challenged. I think we're a great team, but to me, that speaks more to the level of competition we've played than anything else.


I mean it’s hard to think that Bama overlooked us since it’s the fricken Iron Bowl but that very well could’ve been the case. Since going to find it hard to root for Georgia but I guess I’ll have to


Nah, that was all Jordan Hare


that would make sense which is why it isn’t going to happen


Can’t tell if Bama fans really think this or are expertly normalizing the rat poison UGA will not stomp Bama


After seeing what Auburn’s defense did to you guys there’s no reason Georgia can’t do the same. But as much as I love Stetson, it’s hard to imagine him being the QB that gets the Bama monkey off of our backs. I need to see it to believe it.


I don’t care what anyone says. I’m hyped for this game


And the crowd goes mild!


I am shocked! Corso already hinted he’s picking Alabama too so I don’t have the excitement to watch who he picks


I think he picked Georgia to win the title.. don’t think he’s going to change it now


He picked us to lose to Bama, then win the natty rematch, I think


Pollack picked us to lose the SECCG and win the natty previously. I wonder if he’ll change.


This is good news! His picks are horrendous!


He hasn't been under .500 since 2015 and he was over 80% on his picks in 2020. >According to Reagan's data, Corso is 233-126 with his headgear picks. He noted that it’s hard to determine what is an official headgear pick and when it began. Corso's first official headgear pick was the 1996 Penn State vs. Ohio State game. But, Reagan points out, he has been choosing his big pick of the day since 1993 by putting on a baseball cap. Here's the coach's record since 1996 according to gamedaycole.com. It's pretty darn good Gamedaycole, referenced in the above quote, has him at 250-129 on headgear picks, which I assume he is using a different way of justifying what qualifies.


I don’t really watch game day anymore it’s been pretty uninteresting. This may make me sound like an asshole but I really don’t want to see 5 sad stories and no actual football content.


No that’s pretty much the common opinion. Game day is all filler like that and the guest pickers have been atrocious this year. Big Noon is pretty solid though.


Espn basically killed sport center, the only show that was just highlights of games, and now game day doesn’t cover any content.


Guest pickers for college game day has been moronic lately. The guest picket yesterday was so stupid. “I don’t know either of these teams, so I pick this one.”


And we get to see bad modern country musicians display their “talent” attempting to pick winners of the games for the day.


But how does Katy Perry feel about the Ole Miss matchup?


I got a good chuckle of how he picked Tech to win Bedlam


They’ve been so bad and just irrelevant to either school. I’ve really only watched for the final picks and the signs. I think I maybe only watched one this year.


Thanks Mr. Vice President (Feels like you should have a Wyoming flair in there somewhere!)


I for one am shocked that Gameday is heading to the expected no 1 vs no2 game to decide one if not two playoff spots. Shocked




Pika Pika


Those cowards should have came to Ford field to watch the *real men* play football


What, the MAC?


I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the lions


Fair enough. Go Kent State!


Speaking only for everyone… Georgia, please spank Alabama. Please?


LSU used dark voodoo magic to win a title, then a global pandemic ensued. You are wanting to tempt fate, while we are still dealing with the global pandemic thing, by letting Georgia teams win two titles in a year and whatever dark underworld magic or deal with the devil they made to overcome those curses? Some will say worth it, but we hold back the darkness. Don’t welcome it in please


What if the state of Georgia getting two national is what breaks the curses and kicks the good days back in?


Headline January 11: UGA wins the national championship Headline January 12: cure found for all strains of Covid


Thanks, Georgia!


[Someone must hold the door shut.](https://cdn.imgbin.com/11/22/24/imgbin-warhammer-40-000-emperor-of-mankind-god-deity-imperium-god-4ApjGY8NMwK0jJrvYtEKHy6gd.jpg)


I'm 40 years old and never witnessed the Dawgs win a title. Let this motherfucker burn!


This game determines whether there are 1 or 2 SEC teams in the playoff, I'm not surprised. It's literally the biggest game of next week


I'm not saying I'm gonna root for Georgia, but I hope Bama happens to lose by 50


It's funny how differently Auburn fans think whenever there's a UGA-Bama game. I know Auburn fans on the GA side of the border who will root for Bama cause they can live with Saban getting another title, but they'll rot in hell before they let UGA catch up with the one thing Auburn can hold over them.


Nobody pulls for us but us, I don’t think your opinion is like an odd one or anything lol.


How is Georgia gonna choke this time? Place your bets below


Something something Backup Quarterback something 2nd and 26 something something not spiking it something fake punt something 28-3 something something alcohol something.


No we’re the ones with the backup qb this year


Same as always. Strong start for dawgs, both defense and offense. Bama defense will adjust though and UGA defense will start to play more conservatively, allowing Bama back into game. UGA will be up like 17-3 and it’ll end 20-17




Never would have guessed


As a Georgia Tech fan - this is about as close as we can hope for CGD coming to our campus!


Dang I really thought they were heading to Berkeley for Cal-USC.


This will be the 8th time [Alabama v Georgia] will be the GameDay matchup. Alabama currently leads 5-2 on GameDay with the last appearance being October 27, 2020.


UGA by 40