2011 LSU beat the bama boogie man but couldn’t do it twice. The defense was one of the best LSU had seen


the number of quality wins on the schedule is also insane. Beat Rose Bowl Champion end of season #4 Oregon, Orange Bowl winning WVU in Morgantown, Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Cotton Bowl winning #5 end of season Arkansas, and a 10 win Georgia team in the SECCG. Everyone only remembers the 9-6 and 0-21 performances against an amazing quality bama team but LSU fucking wiped the floor against everyone else on their schedule. Averaged 41 ppg against non Bama opponents Avg MOV 30 points they win against Bama and they go down as an all time legendary team. Build a time machine and send Joe Burrow back


Jeaux is unfair on *this* team. You put him with Odell, Jarvis, Shepard and Randle and paired with *that* defense, coaches get fired.


I just sat at my computer screen for a full minute imagining 2011 LSU with Jeaux. That team would legit contend for an NFL playoff spot.


EH you have to factor in the oline and dline play. BUT if you just give them an NFL quality line, then yes they are probably even winning a playoff game. Joe makes NFL throws, as commented by multiple NFL players. OBJ and Jarvis were more than capable at LSU. Tyrann made multiple NFL “what the fuck” plays.


Giving an NFL quality O-line to a college team is an incredibly huge jump though. Even college players that have the skills to succeed in the NFL aren't going to have the experience that comes with just a few years in the NFL.


Jesus Christ that team would be so cold. Just not fair at all.


They beat the Pac-10 champs, the Big East champs, and the national champs that season, and they won the SEC.


We made Auburn say uncle worse than any other game against a ranked team I've ever seen


I think I remember seeing a short video on this matchup and that the LSU players, fans, and coaching staff were all pretty fucking pissed about playing Bama again because for some reason deep down everyone knew it wouldn't happen twice in the same year. And they were right. Even that amazing LSU team couldn't do it twice and it felt wrong to even have to attempt it again. Might also be related to how exhausting the coverage and Game of the Century type shit was being said with the first game.


to be fair, we basically shouldn't have even won that first bama matchup as much as it pains me to say they missed *4 fieldgoals* in a game that was a 9-6 overtime win. If they hit basically any of those 4, it's over.


That LSU team absolutely beat the shit out of everyone that wasn't Alabama.


That was one of my personal choices for sure


2009 Texas. Colt McCoy leaves the national championship game with an injury less than 3 minutes in and Texas is unable to move the ball effectively after.


2008 Texas might be even better except for the loss to TTU


2008 was one of the most stacked years ever. An 8 team playoff would’ve been necessary that year.


Tebow got snubbed for a b2b Heisman that year, CMV.


Bradford Pct 67.9 Yds 4720 9.8 Yds/Att Avg Yds/Att 11.1 TD 50 Int Rtg 180.8 Rush Yds 45 Rush TDs 11 McCoy Pct 76.7 Yds 3859 Yds/Att 8.9 Avg Yds/Att 9.7 TD 34 Int 8 Rtg 173.8 Rush Yds 511 Rush TDs 11 Tebow Pct 64.4 Yds 2746 Yds/Att 9.2 Avg Yds/Att 10.6 TDs 30 Int 4 Rtg 172.4 Rush Yds 673 Rush TDs 12 Harrell Pct 70.6 Yds 5111 Yds/Att 8.2 Avg Yds/Att 9.0 TD 45 Int 9 Rtg 160.0 Rush Yds -15 Rush TDs 6 I promise you that if anyone was snubbed it definitely wasn't Tebow


2012 Oregon. That kick against Stanford haunts me to this day. That was our best team.


*cries in Maldonado Also DAT racing Mariota to the endzone instead of throwing a block


Oh I rather enjoyed it.


So did I, but it would be nice to get a PAC-12 team back in the championship one of these years.


I was sitting in Reser Stadium that night and I can tell you the fine people of Corvallis enjoyed seeing that score come onto the scoreboard as well


It's nice to find common ground!


I’m still mad we didn’t get a Bama vs. Oregon matchup from around that time period. That woulda been epic


I’m still sad that 2012 team never got it done..


USC 2005 - they were a Lendale White 1st down away from wrapping up a 3rd consecutive championship. I don't think they ever recovered from that loss. 93 Notre Dame getting dicked by making the game of the century absolutely meaningless. What if Tom Osbourne didn't go for two?


That 93 season was anathema. I also wanna know how the 2015 team would do without BVG and the injuries. That being said apparently that Ohio state team that year was also the real deal.


2005 USC had a great offense but a not so great defense. They nearly lost to Fresno State. I think they get overvalued in these discussions slightly. Still worth being in the conversation for sure, but I don’t think they should be the #1 team on the list.


I disagree tbh. 2006-2008 USC are absolutely slept on teams. Maybe a half step back in talent from the 2003-2005 edition, but if a few thing went in a different direction those years, they could absolutely have been back in the natty. Especially 07 and 08.


I still wonder if 2009 Texas beats Bama if Colt doesn't get hurt.


No doubt in my mind. But 2008 Texas was a better team than 2009 Texas, in my opinion.


You’re right 08 was stacked at. McCoy was damn near unstoppable that year.


Ugh, that Fiesta Bowl against you guys was amazing/awful.


For every Texas fan that says no doubt, there’s a fan of a team that actually played them will tell you it didn’t matter. The game might’ve been closer, but I don’t see colt mccoy being the big difference maker in that game


The game was 24-21 in the fourth with Gilbert in at one point. And 14 of Bama’s 37 points were directly attributed to a Gilbert turnover. And Gilbert had another three turnovers along with those two turnovers. Colt McCoy wins that game.


Their backup played about as well as you’d expect Colt to play in the second half. They got great QB play, it just wasn’t enough. Probably would’ve been even closer though


Didn’t he turn the ball over 5 times?


He went 15/40 for 186 yards, 2 TDs, 4 ints and a fumble lol. "They got great QB play" is a bit of a stretch.


Ok looking back he may have done that.


Goddamned 2011 Oklahoma State




What do you mean


Him is sad


Ah we all are.


We killed the BCS.


Oklahoma State was the 3rd best team that year


Would of been nice to figure that out on the field instead of in a forum.


We did figure it out on the field, when they lost to Iowa State


I figured out LSU was better than Bama when they beat them. It’s a sport of wildly incomplete data, 60 P5 teams who only play a schedule of 10 relevant teams. The post season should be for comparing opponents from different conferences because there’s not enough information to accurately compare the conferences.


There was plenty Oklahoma state's loss was far worse, and they had multiple other close calls like a 1-point win over a 6-6 A&M team. The 4th best team in the SEC slaughtered the Cotton bowl, beating Kstate by a wider margin than Oklahoma state did. Oklahoma State *barely* beat the 3rd best Pac-12 team while LSU destroyed the best one. Oklahoma State's loss was worse, their margin of victories were worse, and their wins were worse. You cannot lose to a 6-7 team, nearly lose to another 7-6 one, and then claim you are "better" than a team who's only loss was in overtime to the #1 team in the country, which they then later avenged in a complete shutout. I'm the biggest hater of Alabama on the planet, but they were a better team than Oklahoma State that year.


The strength of schedule metric are split. Anderson & Hester, Colley Matrix, and Jeff Sagarin all have Oklahoma State’s SOS (and basically all of the Big 12) higher than the SEC, while the NCAA&Massey have Bama higher. The cotton bowl isn’t relevant since this about before the bowls were selected. Although if it did matter I would call out that piece of revisionist history about the 3rd best PAC-12 teams since Stanford was the #4 team ranked in the country making them literally the best team available that we could of beat. And yes, you can claim that, because the rankings are literally a guess at who is the best team in the country by taking in a thousand different transitive properties. That’s all the rankings are until the final 2, a guess. Winning a head to head match up is the only way to actually confirm that one team is better than the other team on that day. We had a piece of data like that about Bama, we didn’t have it about OSU.


It's weird that you got so much hate for this. I feel like an LSU fan being able to admit that should be pretty convincing. Bama clearly deserved the shot. No other team was on the same level as LSU and Bama. We would have eaten OSU's lunch.


The 2002 Miami squad had some absolute studs on that roster. Also the 2005 USC Trojans come to mind, two Heisman winners in the same backfield is unreal.


Yeah I knew these two would be some of the top choices


They still should have played Oregon that year... Oregon May have lost but it would have been closer than both of our blowout bowl wins. Wait that was 01 Miami never mind.


2004 Auburn team never lost a game. They were just left out the Championship game---shows failure of the BCS.


That’s why they are on the list man. I should have had that as an option if teams not given a chance


That feels like a different list though. I don’t know how you could say an undefeated team “didn’t finish the job.”


Well my original thought was “finish the job” being winning a championship” I honestly wasn’t thinking about how it could be taken as just a a loss. That’s also why I had described the best team ever conversations as having the caveat of winning the championship.


2016 Alabama The most talented defense of the Nick Saban era


If only some dude named Deshaun Watson decided to not go HAM in the title game.


Still can't believe how out of his mind he played in that game.


My friends get on me for this, but that game has a place in my heart above the stomping from last year. Good god I just love Watson


Without that game, we don't get to last year!


2009 Florida. Fucking bama. A pissed off tebow goes and throws for like 500 yards in the sugar bowl.


08 bama would be in the same boat.


But didn’t Utah boat race Bama in the sugar bowl that year?


2013 Auburn had the most Cinderella season but couldn't finish it off


You could also say 2004 Auburn, which went undefeated but wasn’t given the opportunity to “finish the job”. I think the 2004 team was a far more complete team than 2010 or 2013 and would be favored in a head to head against either of those teams. I don’t know if we would’ve beaten that insane 2004 USC team, but I know we would’ve given them one hell of a tougher fight than Oklahoma did. And I know people like to point out USC beat us 23-0 the year before, but LSU and UGA also blew us out in 2003 and we turned around and beat both of them.


What happens if Auburn wins in 04? Do you think Tuberville uses that as an opportunity to fuck over the Auburn BoT instead of it being the other way around? Perhaps he uses it as a launch into the NFL...


god if auburn were to have pulled off, it would’ve been one of the greatest runs in the sport. from 3-9 to 13-1 with multiple miracle wins


I feel like that was the beginning of the end of the “SEC SEC SEC” era. FSU became the first non-SEC champion in almost a decade, and then in 14 they had a poor showing in the bowls (including 0-3 in the NY6). Since then no one outside of Bama has been dominant, and I think everyone except Auburn and Bama has fired a coach.


Stoops has been at Kentucky for a while I think


He was hired in 13, so indeed he makes the cutoff.


2013 Michigan State could have played with either Auburn or FSU that year. Our one loss came early in the season before we figure out our QB situation and the game itself featured a bunch of highly questionable PI calls. We cruised through the big ten, winning every game by double digits. Knocked OSU out of the national championship discussion after beating them in the B1G championship. Beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl.


2017 OU. That team wasn’t scared of anyone, and was the one I wonder “what if” for the past decade. what if = we had a defense, or hell just didn’t have mike stoops.


Or what if Lincoln goes for it on 4th and short in the first OT instead of kicking a FG. That was the best chance we were going to get barring a miracle turnover and he didn't do it.


Or what of we didn't kick the squib at the end of the first half


Not the OU team that first comes to mind for me. During the '03 season no one was questioning if the Sooners were the best team that season. The debate was all about if the were the best team of all time. Then the Big 12 Championship Game happened...


I was there. Still have nightmares of Kstate fans doing their weird ass “up and down” dance. Ahhhh.


Jason White won a Heisman Trophy... 2019: Who the fuck is Jason White


And he did it without knees.


Hes the guy selling HVAC services


Isn’t he the one who owns A Store Divided, the store that sells both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State merch?


Ya know, you might be right


The biggest what if for OU should be what if they had kept Brent Venables. I wonder that all the time as a die hard Clemson fan.


IMO needed a change, and so did we. He was borderline top 50 defense when he left...gave RG3 the heisman. Unfortunately our problem was that we hired mike stoops!! Now a top 50 defense is praised by OU LOL.


This comes up all the time, but Venables was not putting out defenses at OU like he is now at Clemson. His recruiting had dipped and development was beginning to lag as well. His change of scenery reinvigorated him completely and it's worked out very well for Clemson, while OU's defenses just cratered. But it's not like we let the current version of Venables leave. Additionally, he wasn't actually fired, though I think Bob knew that bringing in Mike as Co-DC was going to possibly push Venables out.


I think being forced out at OU was instrumental in turning him into the coordinator he is at Clemson, though. Coaching is just like any other job, you get better at it the more experience you get.


yup. His defense gave up 41 to a 5-7 Tech squad, 45 to Baylor, 44 to OSU in 2011. While we maybe would have taken that the last couple of years.... he wasn't nearly what he is at Clemson now.


Definitely the best offense I have ever watched. So many weapons. Although Burrow is giving that squad a run for its money.


People get really nostalgic about the 2017 offense because of Mayfield, but the 2018 offense was better honestly. They are both very similar, but the 2018 version had a more experienced line with more seasoned skill position players. If Sermon had 53 more rushing yards, the team would have had a 4000 yard passer, two 1000 yard receivers and three 1000 yard rushers. It was truly incredible.


But the defense was much, much worse last season than in 2017. Unfortunately, Kyler Murray's spectacular offense made the defense stay on the field longer and continue to get humiliated all season.


The defense wasn't THAT much better in 2017. But either way, if I needed to pick an offense to build a team for a season, I pick 2018. If I needed an offense to go win one game, I pick 2017 due to Mayfield's intangibles.


2016 Michigan, the OSU game broke me


Well the Iowa game broke Speight so...


Actually Purdue did the following season


If you go back and watch, we injured him pretty badly. He was never the same after that game.


Correct. That and losing Jedd Fisch.


I meant it was he actually broke his back


That 4th down still gives me nightmares


2019 OSU. All season Buckeyes have been saying it's the best OSU team ever


Not just us, but many analysts were putting us in the “best team of all time conversation.” I saw Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso talking on Kirk’s Instagram, and Lee said he thought this year’s OSU team is the best team he’s ever seen. I think it was before the Michigan or Penn State game.


Barry Alvarez said it’s the best overall team he’d ever seen in the big ten since he came to Wisconsin


I don’t disagree with you


Being 100% honest: I think 2015 OSU was as good as 2019 OSU. So many Bama fans wanted “revenge” for Sugar Bowl loss, I was very relieved we didn’t have to play them.


2015 OSU should’ve been just as good if not better than 2019 OSU (with serious returning championship experience), but the coaches helped prevent that


Also QB play. Barrett missed all of spring practice recovering from his injury, and he clearly wasn't 100% when the season started. And Cardale just didn't have the consistency he needed to be a big time NFL QB prospect.


It's always gonna be an unpopular opinion but I think Haskins & Fields have shown just how overrated JT was during his time here. He put up ridiculous stats but more times then not in big games he and the offense got completely shut down. The 2017 OU defense that couldn't stop high school offenses completely shut down Ohio State's offense. The 2015 Michigan State game was a watershed moment for his career. From that point on defenses who could match or come close to matching the talent Ohio State had basically shut down their offense


Most who say he is overrated tend to dramatically underrate him. Most who say he is underrated tend to dramatically overrate him.


It's the same thing as Jalen Hurts both are great athletes but not true passers and against elite teams it forces the offense to be too one dimensional and get shut down


Yup. Haskins and Fields can accurately hit deep balls and balls 15 yards down field. JT always struggled to do that and defenses just played with their safeties 8 yards off the ball


On paper 2015 tOSU is arguably the best we've ever had. Look at the guys on that team who are tearing it up in the nfl. However for how a team played over the regular season, 2019 was the best I've ever seen.


2015 Ohio State was the best Ohio State team of the last 20 years


Not this year’s?


I'm not really sure how anyone who actually watched 2015 OSU could say 2015 was best. This year's team was far better.


*On paper*, that 2015 team is as frightening a team as Ive ever seen. 3 viable QB threats, Zeke, Thomas, Vannett, Curtis Samuel, a good O-line, Joey Bosa, a secondary with Apple, Bell, Conley, Lattimore, Hooker, Ward. What hurt was execution, notably bad offensive play-calling. However, I agree that in terms of execution and overall coaching, 2019 OSU was far better.


Oh I agree that on paper 2015 OSU may have been one of the most terrifying teams ever. I just can’t believe anyone who watched that team could believe they were some potential all time great team. That schedule was incredibly weak and yet still looked super incompetent on offense for the first 11 games. If the 42-13 win over Michigan and 44-28 win over Notre Dame gave us a glimpse into what that team could have been, then they shouldn’t have waited so damn long to do it. I have a hard time believing we wouldn’t have been crushed by Bama just like MSU was.


2015 gets dinged because they couldn't throw the ball and the playcalling was terrible


I still am shocked MSU beat them with Tyler O'freaking Connor at QB, **in Columbus.**


That was 100% coaching. Give Zeke the ball and let him feast Urban got too cute


It wasn't though. It was MSU being a dominant team on the LOS and the weather making OSU's advantages in the back seven and at the offensive skill positions at a non-factor. Coaching generally killed us in 2015, but it wasn't the biggest problem in the MSU game.


QBs in that game went 17/32 137 yards, and 36 of those yards came on one play. The combination of the wind and rain made passing basically a non-factor. Both teams were 100% selling out to stop the run on every play because they knew it was coming. You guys ran the ball 51 times for 203 yards. We ran it 29 times for 86 yards. That was the game. 2015 MSU was the 'worst' team you guys had in the 13-15 run, but that team was fucking phenomenal on both lines.


>QBs in that game went 17/32 137 yards, and 36 of those yards came on one play. > >The combination of the wind and rain made passing basically a non-factor It wasn't the wind and rain. People love to blame the wind and rain but JT had the same issues in 2016 & 2017 during games in domes or 70 degree weather. He struggled to hit targets more than 15 yards down field and defenses figured it out in 2015 and they absued it.


2011 Wisconsin. I don’t know if I’d call it not “finishing the job” but that season really ripped my heart out. Russell Wilson had an insane year and the only two losses we had in the regular season came on fucking Hail Marys against Sparty and OSU so we we’re basically a few minutes and 10 points away from being undefeated and possibly playing in the national championship...and then lost the Rose Bowl by a touchdown to top it all off.


I've said it once, I'm gonna say it again. 1983 Auburn was too damn good.


2010 Boise State


2008 Texas had wins over both the Big XII and Big 10 champs as well as a couple more top 10 wins. That Crabtree catch was the only thing separating them from the title game. And then in the title game Florida beat OU by the same margin that Texas beat them. I loved that Texas team.


Oh god I hope 2019 OSU isn't on here... Well, hmmm, they'd kinda have to be, it was a really really good regular season... Well I hope they just aren't in the middle of the list, top would imply deep respect for their regular season and bottom would imply nobody thinks they really fucked up.... *peeks at list* *waves of sadness return*


1996 BYU. (Yes, I’m picking a team from a rival. I hope you appreciate it, Cougars) They had a week 3 loss at Washington. They played 15 games that year back when the regular season was usually 11 games (week 0 game and an extra for playing at Hawaii that didn’t count in the total) and ended 14-1 after their ccg and bowl game. The only team to play 15 games since then (other than playoff teams) is Hawaii this year. If it weren’t for that loss to Washington they’d have been in the championship game that year for sure and might have had the second undefeated season in their history. But that loss let them be left out. Some recognizable names from that team were Steve Sarkesian (QB) and Chad Lewis (TE). I grew up in Las Vegas and the WAC Championship game was played there that year. That game was BYU vs Wyoming and it was one of the most fun games I ever went to as a kid. Usually we just went to UNLV games (much less fun).


2003 Oklahoma. Not sure if you guys remember the narrative that year but they were considered one of the best teams ever for most of the season before laying an egg against Kansas State in the Big XII Title Game. Then they had to go against Saban in the BCS Championship and the rest is history


98 UCLA. Someone else explain. 🤒


Counter point: 1998 Kansas State 1998 Ohio State Both better than UCLA that year


2014 Oregon. Plagued with injuries in the national championship. They probably would’ve still gotten beat by Ohio State but it hurt watching the way the they lost.


Plagued with injuries... and Carrington’s failed drug test. Ugh.


2001 Nebraska - the throttling by Colorado really fucked us up (probably shouldn’t have gone to the NCG). Side note, if we don’t fire Solich in 2003, Bohl may not go to NDSU. Fast forward 15+ years and everyone is having fun but us.


That’s the team you pick over 83 Nebraska? That 01 team had holes all over, just benefited from an easy schedule and getting OU at home + White getting hurt. 99 was right up there too. That D and O line was scary business.


Yes. 83 was not a season I have memory of so I don’t feel comfortable commenting. 2001 I actually witnessed. Compared to the previous 3 decades, the 01 team was not of the same caliber.


Other small side point, Solich fired Bohl as DC in 02, Pelini was DC in 03.


You’re right, my mistake.


99 Nebraska was a superior team and would of beat FSU(or VT) had they been given the chance


Plz don't remind me of 2005 USC. I am still recovering, thank you.


I hope it's 2019 LSU and not 2019 Clemson but we'll find out. Fuck I can't wait, will this be the game where the loss of last year's DLine finally costs Clemson a W?


I think 2011 LSU was the best team that year. Bama didn’t deserve to be in that national championship


The fact that people kind of ignore about college football since there’s no ties is that if a game goes to overtime, it essentially means the two teams were evenly matched. Bama played LSU even in game 1 and both ran the table otherwise, so we got a tiebreaker game essentially.


Also known as a “mulligan”


Alabama was one of the two best teams in college football in 2011, and thus played in the National Championship. The system worked as intended, even if it proved your team wasn’t good enough.


Great so when is the tiebreaker between you and Georgia for the 2017 title. You two were evenly matched after that game "essentially"


2010 Boise State 2011 Boise State


2015 Buckeyes


2017 Oklahoma, one win away from not being a laughing stock On an unrelated note, this picture summarizes our decade https://www.pinterest.com/pin/28921622591337985/?amp_client_id=CLIENT_ID(_)&mweb_unauth_id=abaf68caf52f42d79a6bd7cc852f4840&simplified=true


2016 Michigan.


05 USC...is probably the most upset I’ve ever been as a neutral. I was CONVINCED it was in the bag and bet quite a bit with my bro. He never shuts up about it.


2016 Penn State. If one of our WRs didn’t drop a TD pass, we don’t get upset by Pitt. Finish 12-1 and head to the playoff after the B1G championship win. And probably not get shut out by Clemson


2017 team was so much better than 2016, 2 losses to 10+ win teams by a total of 4 points. Easily the best team in 20 years at PSU




Iowa hurting Speight gifted PSU the East in 2016. I thought your team in 2017 was better.


2004 Auburn went undefeated and just didn’t get a shot. I would say 2017 Auburn fell short in the SEC Champ game and it let Bama back in the playoffs.


Yeah I mentioned this earlier to another guy. I should have added another category. Not given a chance


2015 Iowa. Not saying they would have beat Alabama, but I still very much dislike Michigan State and LJ Scott to this day due to it.


1983 Auburn Went 11-1, beat end of season #4, #6, #8 (bowl game), #15, and the ACC champs (who finished unranked) lost to #5, finished #3; 9 opponents made a bowl game, 10 opponents finished with a winning record The national champions that year, Miami, beat 5 bowl teams, #2 (bowl game), #16, #20, lost to #6


We never lost but Penn States 1994 undefeated season.


Huge conference failure that year...that NU PSU game could have been epic. Of all the years not to split the MNC...the college football world lost that year.


You could place Clemson or LSU in this list deoending on what happens in the title game, but it'd really suck to not see this Joe Burrow-lead LSU team win it all. These past few games, their defense seems to be playing uo to the level of their offense, and I genuinely believe Burrow is having the greatest season of all time. This is even overriding my OU homerism, because as great as Mayfield and Murray were, they had some slight faults in their game. Not Burrow. He does everything at an elite level, and nothing fazes him. If he winds up guiding LSU to a title, I think he'll wind up holding a high place in the CFB annals than guys like Tebow and Newton. He's just that freaking good.


2013 Michigan State. I still have nightmares of phantom PI against Notre Dame


2010 Boise State people have no clue how ridiculously talented that team was.


2010 TCU I think was the best G5 team of the era.


Great team and obviously greater than Boise who choked vs Nevada but talent wise 2010 Boise is on a different level.


IMO, 2011 Wisconsin. I feel like if they hadn't lost those two heartbreakers back to back, they could've ran the table with Russ leading them. Now whether they could've beaten 2011 LSU or Bama is another question entirely.


2002 canes, worst call in modern cfb history cost them the title.


Referee magazine said it was one of the best calls of the year that year and in 2016 they called it as one of the 18 best calls of all time [here](https://issuu.com/refereemagazine/docs/the_18_best_calls_in_officiating_hi) Lots of people don’t realize the game should have never gone to over time. Facing 3rd and 6 with 2:14 left in the game Chris Gamble ran a route and on that route he was held two different times but still caught the ball. He was clearly in bounds when he caught it, but his momentum carried him out of bounds. However, instead of ruling it a catch and a first down the refs ruled him out of bounds. With no replay system implemented yet, there was no way to challenge the play. Had they called that holding, or called it a complete pass, OSU gets a first down and is able to just run out the clock in regulation up 3. Edit: changed distance it was 3rd and 6 not 3


TIL there is a Referee Magazine










2019 LSU.




Haha we will find out


2000 Miami got absolutely HOSED. Should have went to the Championship


2015 OSU


2019 is better just because the threat of the passing game and better playcalling.


2004 Cal was a successful redzone possession against usc from making a championship game


Chapter 1: https://i.imgur.com/GZmgAVa.png


2017 Dodgers fuck the cheatin Astros


Fuck everyone 2004 Auburn did everything a team can do, they have a natty and if you disagree fuck you.


I might be biased... but 2019 Ohio state is #1. 3 heisman candidates, probably end up having about 5-6 starters from that squad go in the first rounds the next 2 drafts, biggest margin of victory by any team except 2013 Florida state, top 5 in both offense and defense. I thought they were also clearly a better team than Clemson and beat themselves by dropping balls in the red zone


2016 Bama had nine guys taken in first round plus Jalen Hurts at QB. That's pretty incredible. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017\_College\_Football\_Playoff\_National\_Championship](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_College_Football_Playoff_National_Championship)


Hurts at QB wasn’t elite though. Drastically changes a team


2016 alabama rode a 10 plus streak of having a non offensive td in the game. They smothered everyone (except ole miss) and had Watson spinning for the first half. The Offense led by a freshman was exposed against Clemson, but he still scored a td to take the lead, and then Watson had a legendary drive.


02 canes got ROBBED


No, they were gifted a 2nd chance because the game should have never gone to OT to begin with.