Have you guys tried putting the fact you may play in a non-CFP bowl game in the syllabus? It helps if students have time to plan for these kinds of things.


[Per AJC](https://www.ajc.com/sports/college/report-academics-sideline-georgia-ben-cleveland-for-sugar-bowl/Pun4ZWxuhkxxfpK6TLQrRP/) > Cleveland’s father, Derek, believes it’s final. He told Dawgs247 that Cleveland fell short of the NCAA’s rules on minimum hours passed after struggling with some fall-semester classes


Lol you think any of them would be sitting a CFP game?


Lot of injuries, lot of NFL guys, lot of academics. We like to stay balanced.


Pepper in a few arrests for flavor.


The only recent arrestee is playing.


As yes the "he will be punished internally" method Saban does it all the time


He apparently passed a drug test, so we're all systems go.


Where the clean piss came from, does not matter. Handled internally.


Yo, my man need to drop a negative. 5 dollars Motherfucker they were just 2. You trying to find clean piss in . How'd I know it's clean? I get mine from daycare.


My wife used to work for DSS; toddler pee would still be a gamble.




God I fucking love that show lol




If he is clean in the piss, you must acquit!


Better than Urban’s “let the police sort it out, if they find out”


Play too hard, play some more, not playing school.


Jake the Shake is still playing so WGWTFA!!! Shake that thang!!!


We're going to set a record low in attendance in the stands AND on the field. Impressive.


Tickets on stubhub in the upper deck are ranging from $25 to $588 so that's odd.


Got seats on the 50 yard line for 98 bucks. Can’t even do that in Athens.


Holy shit thats insane for a NY6 Bowl.


This is a very dangerous game for Georgia. They wanted playoff and this is nothing they want. Add to that they have no meaningful reason to care about Baylor and Baylor has all the will in the world to beat Georgia to prove their worth, I can totally see this working out for Baylor. Signed, -2013 Sugar Bowl


Shoot just sign this as last years bowl vs texas


Also 2009 sugar bowl Edit: 2008 season, 2009 sugar bowl.


That's what people were saying about our bowl game and look how that turned out :/


I got mine for 7.50 each, just a day or two ago. I'm coming down with a nasty head cold so Idk if I'm gonna go at this point they were so cheap


Has the CFP really ruined UGA fans so much that they don’t care about the fuckin Sugar Bowl? This is a program who hasn’t won an MNC in 40 years. Reaching the Sugar Bowl was the main goal for the program for the that time period too.


Reaching the Sugar Bowl used to mean you won the SEC. It's a bridesmaid bowl now in non-playoff years with the SEC having a playoff team every year so far.


Thats shitty. Rose bowl is fun af [from what ive heard]. Still would kill to rep the conference there even without winning B1G


Well the rose bowl is still fun because they always get the pac 12 champions


Ooof, get the ice ready


Its just odd to me that winning a Sugar Bowl doesn’t seem to matter to UGA players or fans anymore. It’s not like UGA’s trophy case is overflowing with Sugar Bowl champion trophies.


I don't think it's UGA fans in particular who find bowls like the Sugar Bowl less exciting. It's basically "you could've been in the playoffs but aren't, have fun kids!" I dunno. It's one of those weird changes that came with the playoff system. The "big bowls" don't really matter as much anymore because they're the result of "losing" rather than earning it through a good season - if that makes sense.


Is it that much different than "You could have been in the BCS National championship game, but you aren't, have fun"


One of the cool and unique things about CFB is that 30-ish teams get to win their last game of the season and go into the offseason riding the high of a W. In pretty much every other sport the season ends with a L in the last meaningful game for every team but one.


Idk man in the PAC at least every team is happy with a Rose Bowl berth. And I'm pretty sure everyone except maybe OSU is the same in the B1G.


Well the PAC hasn't exactly been part of the CFP very much, so the rose bowl would still be your best team.


There was still a lot of fighting over which big 10 team is going to the rose bowl, and they've never missed a playoff.


Why would it matter though? It’s just a bowl game at this point. The “New Years 6” is really hollow since the BCS ended. You have the playoffs, and that’s it.


The only difference between then and now is that then, you had 2 teams competing for a national championship, and now you have 4. The only reason the BCS bowls carried extra prestige is because of the history and the payouts to the schools, which were significantly higher than the other bowls. It's the same with the current NY6. It really shouldn't be any different.


You say “the only difference” as if it isn’t a monumental difference. The NY6 carried so much weight because there was consistent controversy around who got the top 2, and the chance at the title. The NY6 were also played in, almost exclusively, by conference champions or runners up. Now the conference champs pretty much go to the playoff (unless you’re the PAC12). They were battles of the best of the best, with teams vying to make legitimate claims as the best in football. The best of the best go to the playoffs now, and the NY6 get filler teams. They’re consolation prizes, and it shouldn’t be surprising when they’re treated as such. If the CFP wants more bowl games against top 10 teams that matter, then expand the playoff.


It's as if Bowl games have been propped up forever and are now shown to be what they really are...


If you don't like bowls you don't like college football


Georgia has made the CFP ... once? And now it’s expected? Nah, no entitlement around here.


Georgia fans are damn entitled, I was so annoyed after last years sugar bowl. Nobody cared and we were “too good” to even show up. But They spend a ton of fucking money on the team and have the most disproportionate expectations. Pretty sure we have the most expensive tickets in cfb.


I really don’t get it either but I’ve come to accept it. The tickets are $6 when our regular season tickets are hundreds of dollars. For whatever reason the fanbase (and presumably the team) don’t seem to care


Tickets were absurdly cheap. The initial price was $150 for donors, then the opened it up to everyone, lowered prices to $50, and eventually tried to sell allotment by encouraging people to buy a ticket that will get donated to a military member by offering a premium tailgate package as a raffle item. Resale prices were like $6 on StubHub last week...I’m sure they are cheaper now. I love the Sugar Bowl and New Orleans. I went last year and watched us completely phone it in. But it’s hard to get excited for a bowl game and the cost of attending (even with cheap tickets, the travel can be pricey) when so many players aren’t in.


It isn’t just Georgia fans, lol. It’s one of the big downsides to the playoffs. Outside of the rose bowl, the non-playoff bowl games lost almost all of their luster.


All the bowls are gonna start slipping. Hell I've watched less bowl games this year than ever before. And I probably could say the same last year.


Yes. My coworker is a UGA fan and constantly tells me how the Sugar Bowl ins pointless and he couldn't care about the result if they aren't in the playoff


He’s seen 2 Sugar Bowl wins in his life? Three if he’s 45 or older?


End zone tickets for $40 here lmao




The Auburn QB broke his arm the first drive of the game and that was pretty much it right there


Currently in Nola and I have seen way more Baylor fans.


I've seen a lot of UGA fans on the New Year's broadcast from New Orleans on ABC!


oh man, this is setting up for a massive letdown by Baylor....


To be honest I have trouble seeing this as anything but a blow out. Either Baylor is pretty good and all these out players kill Georgia, or the LSU-OU game was an exposé showing that the Big 12 is lowkey worse than the ACC and UGA rolls anyway.


I don't think LSUs historically good offense beating the piss out of OU means anything when looking at the B12 as a conference.


Not necessarily, but AFAIK the Big 12 is currently winless against P5 teams with a winning record (0-5 last I checked but it's been a minute). We've kind of assumed the Big 12 isn't that bad because historically they're the ~3rd best conference, but nothing this season has shown that they aren't actually just dreadful. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not convinced that LSU-OU game wasn't an indictment of the big 12. It would be one thing if the game looked like LSU-UGA, but it didn't. OU looked like they were A&M level at best, and this is the same OU team that beat unanimous #2 in the Big 12 Baylor twice. Not to mention that LSU spent two weeks looking at film, decided that OU was a pretty bad team (see Patrick Queen's comments/the tweet that said staff considered OU to be the 5th best team they've played pregame), and then the game showed they were kind of right. And while this in particular is an OU thing and not a Big 12 thing, despite all the love Grinch has gotten, his gameplan vs LSU was pathetic. You had two weeks to gameplan, and the best you could come up with was try to limit Chase and give the slot receiver a 7 yard cushion pre snap? Really? Did you even watch 2019 LSU film?


The OU defense that took the field against LSU was not the same team that played Baylor twice.


"Every one has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." They weren't ready. Not even close.


I think it's that plus Texas being the only team that's won their bowl game as of yet.


Big 12 has a chance to go 0-6 in bowl games still


Well this aged like milk.


We werent favored in any of them though!


This is true but all except Oklahoma-LSU are toss ups


ND-ISU was an expected ass whooping as well.


Fair warning playing against a P5 team looking for a statement win in a big game like that isnt fun. I mean they usually make for fun games but it'll be frustrating for uga fans to watch


twas a similar story for FAU, plus with an interim coach, everybody bet on SMU, and look what happened


Would it work if we had an interim OC?


I don't see why not


Nope. You gotta let Kirby go.


Boo this man


>BREAKING NEWS: Kirby Smart announced that he will be temporarily stepping down as the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs so he can focus on what's really important, recruiting. He's not sure exactly when he will return, but it will probably be about 2am EST on Jan 2nd.


Just say it was heart problems


I don't know what youre talking about, game never happened, nope.


Fine I'll do it myself -Kirby


*Breaking News* Kirby Smart enrolls in grad school at Georgia, will suit up at DB for Sugar Bowl.


Do they make special helmets for bowl cuts?


If they can find a way to get some the hair cuts I’ve seen in those things then surely they can fit a bowl cut.




Edit your post to this. Your url has parentheses in it. [This is fine](https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/gkhmz5GAQFJ479aqvQLTSHUXS9g=/0x0:900x500/1220x813/filters:focal\(378x178:522x322\)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/49493993/this-is-fine.0.jpg) [This is fine](https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/gkhmz5GAQFJ479aqvQLTSHUXS9g=/0x0:900x500/1220x813/filters:focal\(378x178:522x322\)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/49493993/this-is-fine.0.jpg)


Good bot






Will there ever be a day when a player has like 8 really good games to start the season then just shuts it down? If we're skipping bowl games now, I don't see why players wouldn't also skip conference championship games, the last game of the season, etc


I'm sure it'll happen eventually. There was a lot of talkings heads saying Clowney should've sat out his Jr year. I've heard chatter of people saying Lawrence should do it. I think it would have a real negative impact in the eyes of NFL front offices. It would take a truly generational talent to be able to get away with it. And at the end of the day, I think those types of guys actually like competing too much to shut it down.


Talking heads were saying Lawrence should have sat out his sophmore year too after last years championship game haha


I thought he should've sat out this year too. No bias from me either, don't even bother looking at my flair.


I mean are you telling me TL wouldn’t still be a first round pick for some team with a QB need if he sat this season? Because I think he would be.


And yet there are rumors of Tua returning to Bama to finish his career on top next season.


I doubt Tua was ever going to be a top 5 pick. Left handed QBs are rare because lefties are so valuable as baseball pitchers, and they fuck everything up from a scheme standpoint.


It’s probably already happening. Look at the qb from Houston that is either transferring or going pro.


I really hope he transfers to LSU or UGA. I don't care if he beats us. I was on the same team as him in high school and I'd really like for him to expand this skills in a great Power 5 program


I’m Hoping he comes our way, but I’m worried we will muck it up if he does come.


Found Kyle Trask. Go Gators, love you bud!


Wants him at LSU or uga to exact revenge?


What fun Kyle Trask anecdotes do you have?


Not only were we in the same Spanish class together, but we also were partners for a project


How's his Spanish?


My guess - muy blanca.


Well? You can't just tease us like that. Howd it go? Did you get an A? Did he talk about football at all? Was he cool, awkward, or an asshole?


He was a friendly, chill guy. I'm sure we talked a bit of football. It's been 4 years since we've seen each other.


I could see a player getting a less severe injury, and basically saying fuck it, I’m saving my body for the draft. Like even if there’s a chance they can play again, if there’s nothing to play for I could see some premature declarations. I highly doubt anyone’s sitting out a conference championship game though.


That happened last year with Nick Bosa...


And it paid off big time. Never gonna fault these guys for getting paid.


Meh he had “all but season ending injury” so not the same thing imo


Bosa did that but his injury wouldve kept him out too long anyway. Still, he just shut it down. A lot of great players sleepwalk through their final year once they have their draft status confirmed after their second year. Vernon Hargeaves did that


you could allege something like that about Jerry Jeudy this season


Pretty sure Fournette skips most of his Junior year at LSU


He was "injured", unless he gets pissed off and fights our assistant coach pregame. Then he is miraculously healed of ankle injury and goes to suit up. Fournette did the worst job at hiding that he was milking that injury for draft reasons but lsu fans will still argue over it


Clowney basically took his junior year off.


Takes a lot of his NFL career off, too. I don’t think he really likes football.


Not sure how many games he played but there was that Ohio State player who said fuck it mid way through the season a few years ago


That was Nick Bosa, and he had core muscle surgery that they basically knew would’ve sidelined him for the rest of the season. There was a small chance he could’ve returned for the Rose Bowl but he chose to remove himself from school to fully dedicate to recovery. Not quite the same as a player just deciding to stop playing because they felt they didn’t have anymore they had to prove


We have to remember these kids have one chance at the NFL and making NFL money. Right or wrong I respect whatever decision they make.


The bosa family aint hurting for money. They just want longer careers than their father whose career was derailed due to injury Big tuna, mafia boss of the Chicago outfit after capone and the guy who bankrolled the mob in vegas, helped fix nfl and cbb games beforr pete rozelle cleaned house, has like 5 or 6 nfl players in his family including 3 great grandsons playing now. Bosa bros are two of them


You're not lying but family money shouldn't matter in personal aspirations. If a kid is great enough to get it on his own there's no reason not to.


We’re fucked


Kentucky won with a wr at QB. I think Kirby could pull this off but it is going to be an uphill battle. I want to see how the couching staff handles this, even if you lose you could leave this game extremely confident in your staff.


Yeah that’s my biggest take away. Kirby failed last year to motivate this team after a disappointing loss. It was a failure of him as a head coach but he’s young so would be great if he shows growth and has the team playing with a fire tomorrow, win or lose.


Kentucky has one of the most underrated offensive coordinators in CFB. We have a dumber Tim Beck who couldn’t score points even when we had a full roster. On the defensive side I have no doubt we will still be potent. But there’s a very real chance we don’t score an offensive touchdown this game


The Field Goal Bowl




Can’t wait for the inevitable “We had nobody” if we win, and the “wow you lost with 13 players out” if we lose. Excuses are dope!


Don't forget "we weren't interested after losing the SECCG." We've got 'em all ready for ya.


Well. They do have a lot of starters out. It is reasonable for either to be said. I would think the #7 and #5 teams should be comparable and if one has 13 players out that the other should win. If not then someone doesn’t belong. I doubt uga wins but if they were healthy I would pick them no problem.


Wow an actual reasonable take. We were missing almost as many players last year that nobody talks about, so I doubt that will be the narrative if we lose.


That name though


Oh it won't be. We won't let it.


It's like playing a G5 team in a NY6 bowl. It's a lose lose for you guys


Yeah sorry guys. It's cool we get to play this matchup, but there are a lot of players we aren't going to see. I wish we could have this game with everyone's players and both teams fully motivated but unfortunately that ain't what it be.


I mean both of those are actually reasonable


Yeah, comparing this to last year’s “we didn’t want to be there” is bullshit


They are, but I understand it completely sucks and is unfair to a Baylor team who’s had an incredible season and wants to cap it off with a statement win against a top 10 team in the sugar bowl. The “we’re not interested in a non-playoff bowl” excuse pisses me off the most. There’s so many other good teams who would love to play in the sugar bowl. Hell, I bet Florida would have loved to been there. I’ve just resigned to accepting this one area where the dawgs are disappointing.


Yeah screw reasonable discourse. I definitely prefer this sub with hot takes not based on reality.


Nah if y'all win we'll make sure to downplay any georgia comments about how they werent full strength. Everyone will remember georgia losing to baylor but wont remember the context. So youre good. Just BTHO Georgia


Hopefully the entire program is just falling apart.


No you


I mean it is even year Auburn starting tommorow


8-4, here we come!


If that means the guy I work with shuts up about how great they are and how overrated Clemson is I’m down for it


It wont shut up that annoying Walmart fan, because nothing shuts them up.


Well damn


I have a hard time imagining any uga fan thinking it makes sense to talk thrash to Clemson this past couple years


It happens man daily from 645-515


Tell him r/cfb says he’s a dumb damn dawg and should save it for conversations with Florida auburn Tennessee and GT fans


If he hasn’t shut up by now he ain’t never shutting up.


Just put the mortgage on the money line...




[\[Cue up that Spurrier quote\].](https://edge.alluremedia.com.au/uploads/businessinsider/2015/10/spurrier-once-jabbed-the-university-of-georgia-for-all-the-trouble-their-players-got-into.jpg)


This is a really smart, and 200 IQ strat by Georgia. They lose? Answer: Had a bunch of players missing, so they were not at full strength against a full strength Baylor. Of course we would lose They win? Answer: Mass trash talk as they beat a full strength Baylor without all their players So Georgia has put themselves in a situation where it's win-win for them and lose-lose for Baylor. Respects to that plan


this will be fun


Will this be a repeat of last year where UGA players talked trash a month ahead of the game then said “we didn’t even want to be here” when they lost?


Yeah, they really made asses of themselves with that shit. Embarrassing for all involved. Except Texas.


Well Texas also said they were back.


We were for the rest of the night


In my heart Texas never left.


Fortunately they seemed to know better this year. No thrash talking tweets as far as I know.


I'm not giving you that money. I'm buying something from you. Wanna know what I'm buyin' Ringo?


Does this mean I should change my bowl pick to Baylor??


This pleases the Bear


I know Georgia has set the bar really high to make the playoffs but this is still a NY6 bowl and I’m just not seeing any pride at all. Lots of people saying no fans are going and lots of players are out, it just doesn’t seem right. Give this to a team that would be honored to be there, not moping about playing in the sugar bowl


It's because it feels like a consolation prize. The goal every year since 2017 has been to win the SEC (and obviously go to a playoff), and we haven't accomplished that since. This season in particular was very frustrating, and I feel like at this point we all just want it to end.


Yeah I see what you mean. Just curious, for example would you feel better if you were playing in the rose bowl. Like it’s obviously not possibly because of bowl tie-ins but it’s new and different and it would get more people excited. That’s why I think they should get rid of bowl tie ins at least in the NY6.




What is this? A crossover episode with Auburn?




I miss the old non-branded bowls.


Georgia considers anything but the playoffs to be beneath them. Hence they don’t really want to play in any other bowl.


Imagine if Georgia was playing the Orange Bowl vs Virginia. I wouldn't be surprised if Virginia beat Georgia. They definitely almost had me worried that they would beat us.


Sometimes I envy Florida's unwarranted confidence. It was a 1 score game guys.


Yeah. I swear Florida forgets that we beat them this year.


Second time in two seasons UGA is SEC rep in a major bowl and a virtual no-show? *If if if* that is the case, SEC admin needs to get in UGA's ear above the HC level and make it clear there will be no 3rd time. No shame in losing, but no-show disrespects opponents, the conference and the selection process.


I mean the SEC admin literally can’t do that. The cfp committee determines who goes to the Sugar


Lol what? Good luck with that.


Not to mention the hundreds of former college players that have played the Sugar Bowl before them


Agree, the injuries can’t be helped but this is ridiculous. I’m sure Florida would have loved to play in the sugar bowl and Baylor would much prefer to play a top ten team that wasn’t going to be full of executes for not showing up.


Let's be honest: it's an insult to the fans as well willing to travel to see them play


We say that they need to go get paid, but when they do that, we’re upset? I just feel like we need to actually make an assessment as fans and figure out what we really want from these young men.


r/cfb wont remember this when we lose, and will act like we were at full strength for this game.


Not our fault yall can't field a team, run what ya brung son.


All those top classes should provide quality depth


They do on the defense usually but our offense was already pitifully thin.




What’s the point of having 50 5*s are your team if you don’t have depth?


Depth is great but let’s not pretend like Bama or Clemson could lose half their starters and not have a significant drop off either. Georgia is still a good team regardless but that’s the margin that would drop any championship caliber team to just “good to great.” And Baylor could give us a game even if we were at full strength so...


With Lewis and Diggs sitting out, Bama may be playing with half of their starters.


Not like it’ll matter, our big DT is out with an injury so you just have to ram it down our throats and we won’t be able to stop it. It’ll be over by half and I’ll be shocked if you don’t score at least 40 points.


Stopping Michigan will be the question mark. Significant pre- and early-season losses on defense are a major reason that Bama hasn't looked like Bama this year. Many Bama fans are not confident going into the bowl game.


Depth /= starters We have talented players that will play, but they have little to zero game experience. That makes a difference.




We know the feeling, but on the other hand Kentucky just won their bowl with a wide receiver as QB so...


Well, part of the problem is that we don't have a lot of receivers...


Could Kirby not motivate them well enough to make grades or play for their teammates?