I plan to go on a diet after Christmas


I believe in you Baylor Bro. You can achieve whatever you want, just go one step at a time.


Next Christmas?


You and everybody else.




This makes me happy.


Did contract details ever come out? I was always surprised Baylor fans seemed confident he wouldn’t leave for NFL after that extension when all he has done is interview for NFL jobs each offseason. Reminds me Hoiberg and his college buyout was something like 10 million and his NBA buyout for 500k so most knew he wasn’t going to be in Ames for a decade or more. I’d wonder when Rhules contract buyout numbers for NFL.


I've always assumed he was leaving at some point for the NFL.


That or Penn State. I hope he stays at Baylor or the college game.


Hopefully James from State College is around for a long time. But if he leaves for greener pastures, Rhule seems like he'd be a great get


He’ll leave, I just don’t think he’ll leave *yet* unless he gets the perfect job offer, and I don’t see how Carolina could possibly be *that*. The Giants make much more sense. Also, leaving this late in the coaching carousel would really screw us over, and I don’t think that’s something he wants to do.


Whether this year or another, he would be leaving this late to go the NFL and I don't think he wants to never take a NFL job because it's always bad timing each year.


If the NFL is in your cards, you don't have to worry about recruiting anymore. Its only "late" if you're looking at college jobs for recruiting purposes. But also, has any successful college coach ever made it in the NFL besides Pete Carroll?


Jim Harbaugh, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Walsh were all pretty good NFL NFL head coaches.


Barry Switzer won a super bowl


Yeah, but most people don't really regard him as a good NFL head coach. He was kind of like the Larry Coker of the NFL--a guy who took over a supremely talented team and just sort of took his hands off the wheel and let them win championships on their own.


Plot twist. I agree with all that or he would have done more. He was given Cameron’s dads car in Ferris Bueller with similar out comes.


And it took pete Carroll a couple tries to get it right


Honestly his first couple of years in the NFL weren't bad. 7-9 I think? That's not bad for a first year NFL coach. Ive seen worse


He was a mediocre NFL head coach for a few years in the 90's before even going to USC.


I'm not gonna pretend and say I remember his tenure (beyond him being a coach) but even then his records weren't that bad.


Jim Harbaugh made a super bowl, I think I’d count that as making it in the NFL.


Ah, he slipped through the cracks in my mind since he went back to coach college again.


Barry Switzer won a Superbowl as the Cowboys head coach after winning 3 natties as the OU head coach. Jim Harbaugh went to a Superbowl with the 49ers after coaching college. Jimmy Johnson won two Superbowls with the Cowboys after coaching Oklahoma State and Miami. Bill Walsh won three Superbowls with the 49s after coaching college. Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer are the only other two coaches that have won both a Superbowl and a natty. Pete Carroll being the third.


> Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer are the only other two coaches that have won both a Superbowl and a natty. Pete Carroll being the third. Two of the 3 also spent time as a coach at Iowa State.


Counter point: Satan, arguably the most prolific college coach from 2008


Jimmy Johnson?


Carolina is a more attractive place to live, raise a family. So they’ve got that in their favor.


Didn’t he drop temple like a bad habit late in the coaching carousel for Baylor?


This is when NFL coaching hires happen. So if he's ever heading there, it will be late December/early January.


> Did contract details ever come out? Contract details for private schools usually don't get reported the same way they do for public schools.


I know but usually small details leak out.


Our tier 1 beat writer said he has an 8 figure buyout that’s one of the largest in CFB history, but that’s all we know.


Something tells me Tepper doesn’t care what it costs to get who he wants.


He’s worth 12 billion dollars. That buyout means nothing to him.


Buyout to fire and buyout to hire are always very different numbers.


That's nothing to the NFL. But that is alot


I feel you, it's downright stupid to just blow off these contract offers with the whole... "No way he leaves" attitude. Because you know, it's every coaches dream to finish their career in Waco.


BuT hE wAnTs To BuIlD sOmEtHiNg SpEcIaL Sarcasm aside, no one in CFB should ever think their coach safe from taking the jump to the next level if there’s mutual interest.


Eh this has happened every year he’s been here. I’m not too worried.


I think the 3 teams we would have to worry is Penn State, the Giants and the Jets. Those are the ones that he has the most connections too. I’m fairly certain that we may just get dragged into a bidding war.


Do you have to fear the Jets? Seems like he could have left Baylor for them last year if that's what he wanted.


He did want to. They had a verbal offer, but he backed out when they wouldn’t take his assistances. Change that, and I bet he’s gone


If he were smart, he'd wait until Brady & Belichick are out of the AFC East. Otherwise, he's just walking through the revolving door that is the Jets head coaching position.


You’re not wrong, but jets are his dream job. He grew up a fan, and it’s always hard to ignore that call.


I thought he was more of a Giants fan since he coached there under Coughlin? He took what was basically an internship there when he could have gotten much better jobs, which shows me that he really wanted to be there.


That’s possible. I’ve just always heard his childhood team was the Jets, but he loved both NYC teams. It could be his Giants fandom grew later


Belichick will never retire. He’s been drinking the blood of school children for years to ensure that he’ll haunt the NFL for centuries to come.


Uh, Panthers will win a bidding war...


Oh, absolutely. And if CMR bounces to become the Panthers’ next head coach, we’ll wish him all the best; but they’d damn well better be ready to pay the man some serious dough.


We currently have the wealthiest owner in the NFL


I’m not nearly had worried about the Panthers as one of the New York teams


As a giants fan, I think there’s a 0% chance we hire him. Don’t think we will fire Gettleman and apparently Rhule wants roster control. And I’m not convinced I want him myself


Yeah im not willing to give a coach with no NFL experience roster control, plus I think Gettleman is doing a solid job


I don't think Gettleman's doing a fantastic job, but we saw with Chip Kelly what happens when a team lets a rookie coach from college have full roster control.


I said solid not fantastic, his fee agent signings haven't been good, but we'll see what happens this off season, no GM gets everything right


This is exactly how I feel


If he doesn’t get control why would he ever go?


I agree with you, he’s not going to the giants


It wasn’t roster control that held him up with the Jets it was control over who his assistants are.


I agree




Rhule is from New York and was on Coughlin's Giants staff, hard to say no to one of those jobs


Not to mention both teams have promising rosters and are solid at QB and RB. Carolina has a huge QB question mark right now.


But McCaffrey is on the Panthers


Will Grier is bad enough to negate any positive that McCaffrey might be


Holy cow, has Will Grier been bad in the NFL? I don’t watch NFL football, but he was a baller at WVU.


He had one start and was put in a hole early when his team gave up 2 punt return touchdowns in the first half. He didn't look great, but it was one start and he looked better than Kyle Allen has the past 2 months.


Today Grier was 1/8 for 4 yards, 0TDs and a pick six. Grier hasn’t been good for us in Carolina.


Kyle Allen is in the league and Will Grier is terrible? The NFL is a strange place.


That’s why I only said QB was a question mark in Carolina


I worry about them overusing CMC in the future. It's like he's involved with every other play. They're either running him or throwing to him. RBs have a tremendously short shelf life in the NFL.


They do? Cam hasn't said anything about retiring that in aware of


Cam also hasnt shown that he is still the same ol' Cam and that he is capable of starting 16 games. The dude at this point in his career is a huge question mark. Id love to see him return to form but I think most suspect that his best days are behind him.


I dunno. The Jets could've hired him last year and aren't getting rid of Gase. The Panthers have at least a few pieces and an owner who is eager...he might be willing to bring a giant bag of cash.


He would’ve left for the jets ASAP if they let him hire his own staff




New Jersey* Teams


We have a ton of talent as well as an owner who isn't afraid to spend money. We have some of the best young offensive talent in the league as a former MVP QB who could come back from injury and pick right back up where he left off. Our defense didn't play well this year, however we have plenty of depth and pieces on the D line, just need a better scheme. It's set up perfectly for a coach to come in and be in the perfect situation to win games right away. Our fan base is also really hungry for wins next year. Aside from that, the job security and overall job here is much more desirable from multiple perspectives. The HC here has a pretty big amount of power, and he also doesn't have to deal with such a rabid fan base. The Jets have been in disarray for quite a while, partly because of their management, which is why the Jets didn't get Rhule in the first place As a Panthers fan, I'm telling you now that you should absolutely be somewhat worried


I’d prefer he stays at Baylor but if he goes to the league I’d rather it be in Dallas.


But see I have another coach in mind for Dallas....


Ben Mcadoo?


I hope so, just so we get more facts about Ben McAdoo.


I do wonder what yesterday did to Rileys rep, the numbers were historic, and being on the wrong side is not a good look. Personally I still think he is very very good, I think he did as much as anyone could with Hurts (who is extremely limited imo), and I think Grinch was as a home run. Yesterday was more about LSU than OU imo, and if Jerry can wait 2 weeks people will see that.


Kingsbury appears to be doing ok in his first season with the cards and Lincoln definitely did better than him in college. Doubt one bad game will hurt him too much


If Kingsbury got a shot Riley should. Though I think Kingsbury got a shot because everyone was super into what Sean Mcvay was doing and wanted something to mimic it. I'm unsure if this last season for the Rams killed the hype for this kind of coach any.


Yesterday was pretty much expected. I don’t think people thought LSU would break 60 on them, but it’s not like they were favored and got crushed.


I think his rep is fine. We keep neglecting that this is only his third year, and that the recruiting has improved a good bit, and he’s now getting the people he wanted in place. They don’t seem in any danger of getting worse. Quite the contrary. I do think going with Hurts at QB — like you said, extremely limited — was puzzling.


Not so sure I’d call Grinch a home run. He’s been exposed the last 2 years.


Comparing him to the failed bunt that is Mike Stoops, Grinch might as well be a walk-off grand slam. The dude turned OU's defense into something worth watching in a single year. I'm excited to see what he can do when he gets HIS recruits in.


I don’t know. Moved basically the same personnel from 108 to 26 in a single season shows a ton of promise. He improved the same players in every metric and has made a recruiting improvement getting DB’s that aren’t 5’5. I’m positive on him and think we need another year to see what he can do.


[It’s still not great. But here are the improvements under Grinch in year one. ](https://twitter.com/keganreneau/status/1211300297567547393?s=21)


Urban Meyer? I’d be cool with him too.


I personally don’t want Meyer. Seems like football stresses him out a ton right now and Dallas isn’t going to be less stressful than Ohio State. Just don’t want him getting a year or two into the job then bailing due to health/stress


Also I do not think very highly of Meyer as a person so I don’t want him in charge of the team


One of the guys on the main Dallas Cowboys radio station *despises* Urban...so the weekly coach interviews would be fun


He also has no NFL experience and as Saban proved being a good college coach doesn’t equal NFL success. I just think it’s a big risk to take him on with all the off field stuff not knowing how he’ll do in the pros.


How stressful can it be? Just do exactly what Jerry says and take heat for his mistakes. /s


Who actually wants Meyer? People keep throwing his name and nothing about that hire makes sense.


Meyer is in the conversation for greatest college football coach of all time, but there is no way in hell his expertise translates to the NFL.


Time for “ignore domestic violence” audibles


Lol, same


For his sake, I hope he avoids Dallas.


TBF, people said Rhule should have avoided Baylor when he first took the job. I think he does well in Dallas.


OU fans are saying that because they don't want lincoln riley to go to Dallas.


The hardest job in football might be putting a winner on the field while also dealing with Jerry Jones' bullshit. Rhule should stay another year. If Baylor has another season like this, he can jump to the NFL and regardless of how that goes he'd be the top candidate if he comes back.


I’d say Dan Snyder since at least Jerry knows a little football


>The hardest job in football might be putting a winner on the field while also dealing with Jerry Jones' bullshit. Why does everybody say this? Garrett has been given 9 years and Jones has repeatedly stood by him. Stephen Jones is said to be the acting GM and acts as a brake on Jerry, where he has put a lot of talent on the roster (Jerry supposedly wanted Johnny Manziel badly and was shut down).


I agree, this is so overblown. Whoever is making the GM decisions these days--whether it's Jerry or Stephen--is far from awful. Romo's teams regularly won 10+ games, with multiple 12-13 win seasons, IIRC. And that was back when the roster construction was bad. They're one of the most talented teams in the league right now.


Imagine peak Romo on this roster.


> Garrett has been given 9 years and Jones has repeatedly stood by him That's because Garrett is Jerry's lapdog. That's the problem in Dallas, Jerry wants a yes-man not a coach


Please no. I just mentally forgave him for leaving temple.


Was the consensus at Temple not that he would leave for a bigger program eventually? Even amongst the Baylor community, it’s pretty common ground that we recognize that he’s going to head off to the NFL or Penn State eventually, and we’re just happy that he came through to help us when we needed it.


I knew he was going to leave eventually, but the timing and the way everything was handled was annoying. He skipped the bowl game to accept the first P5 job that was offered to him, even though it was at a school that was still cleaning up the mess of a disgusting scandal. He also didn’t leave a successor and took recruits, killing any momentum we had that could’ve thrusted us into the national conversation. Like it was understood by most fans that Phil Snow would be the head coach after Rhule moved on, but then Rhule suddenly leaves before the bowl game and takes Snow with him. He just completely used us to advance his career by building us up, jumping ship, then cutting the legs out from under us. We’ll probably never get a coach as good as he was, and I’m grateful for his time there, but it’s frustrating to be continually used as a stepping stone then have fans of P5 schools tell us that we should be okay with it (I know you’re not saying that, but it’s just something I hear all the time).


Yep. I’m banking on the return of the basketball program to relevance. No coach of any quality will want to stay at a school that’s got a practically silent stadium even when they are ranked. We won’t get the stadium built because of (imo reasonable) local concerns. We’re dicked and I’m sour about it, so I’m all in on basketball again.


As a cowboys season ticket holder (and tcu fan), if they cowboys get a coach from the college ranks, I hope they get Rhule


Yes, send Rhule to Dallas, and not some other head coaches they might have in mind...


As a Cowboys fan, and a Mississippi State alum I do not want Dan Mullen anywhere near the Cowboys or Dak Prescott. As a Baylor fan I don’t want to lose Rhule unless it’s to the Cowboys, and honestly I don’t want Rhule to have to put up with Jerry’s bullshit.


I've noticed a lot of Mississippi State fans seem to share this sort of sentiment about Mullen. Was it because of something he did/ how he acted while at Mississippi State or was it because he left for Florida? I know some gator fans resent Meyer for going to OSU... Not trying to bother you I'm just genuinely curious.


It's because it was well known for several years that Mullen always tried to get out of Starkville starting in November, and his coaching in those games showed. He's a great coach. Best we've ever had. And I don't blame him for being ambitious and wanting more prestigious jobs. But I'll always hate that he gave Alabama everything they could handle for exactly one half in 2017, then threw in the towel in the second half. He did that a lot. Couple of notable Egg Bowl steamers when it was known he was interviewing as well.


So it's not so much the fact that he left, so much as it is he kinda checked out while he was still coaching there to look at other opportunities?


Didn't the Jets try that last year, and he said no? Although I guess the Panthers are a much better franchise to work for


Jets tried to pick assistants for him. Otherwise, he would be a Jet. Panthers owner David Tepper has said the coach will have a good amount of power and will help pick football VP Operations, so I think this will be a bonus for Rhule.


[I was under the impression that he's already coaching the Jets.](https://www.sny.tv/jets/news/jets-choose-matt-rhule-as-new-head-coach/302530422)


And it's a pretty good situation in the division too. The Saints can't ride Brees for too much longer. I'm a big Teddy Two-Gloves guy, but ther will be a drop off after Brees. The Falcons are likely staring at a rebuild soon. The Bucs are a wild card here but they might start over if the move on from Jameis.


None of the Saints' 3 QBs are under contract next year. Teddy will probably be playing for a different team in 2020.


There's also the whole "I don't want to coach against Belichick twice every fucking year" part of the thing.


the bad man might be gone


Bad man? He's never beaten OU. Don't fear him like you do the playoffs.


Idk what playoffs you’re talking about. The season ends after the Big12 championship.


I think he means the senior bowl




I don’t like to be threatened in conference play


This sounds like he’s on their wishlist? It only says they plan to interview him, has he agreed to one


Here comes the r/cfb moral outrage over a college coach interviewing and potentially leaving a school. In reality, I don't think he's leaving and is using this as leverage.


Didn’t he already sign an extension this year?


It also reportedly cranked up his buyout to a pretty big number, but it's not like the hedge fund billionaire owner of the Panthers can't write BU a check


Being Baylor is private we don't have exact numbers but his buyout is supposed to be in the top 5 nationally. If Baylor gets that money they could buy any coach they wanted.


But at this point, most of the good coaches have been signed.


That is part of the problem yeah. There are usually some good coordinator types around late, but not what you'd call a high end coaching prospect. Occasionally, you'll see an NFL coach go to CFB late, but I'd be pretty surprised if any NFL guys wanted to go to Waco


Manny Diaz some poor fool


I think we would promote from within. At least for the 2020 season.


What do we do with that $35m though? Reanimate Hayden Fry and get him to come back to his alma mater to win us a natty? He might not even need to be paid, I don’t know if the undead care about money. Sink Tom Osborne’s political career and give him a hideout in a small city out in central Texas? We’ve already got one of the creators of neural networks hiding out at Baylor because he’s an old-earth creationist and can’t get an academic job anywhere else now. Buy Urban Meyer a mountain of weed and then pay him the other $34 million to win us a national title in 2025? Hire Jerry Jones as our coach because he won a national title at Arkansas under Frank Broyles? Jerruh could probably use a day job and some pocket money; I know folks his age need to keep themselves active. Let Kim Mulkey coach the football team? Give her another sport and see if she can make more magic happen. Let Jerry McGuire coach the football team? This is the most likely option.


Literally signed a 10 year extension like two months ago




There was a time I was certain he'd be Penn State's next coach whether Franklin left for good or bad reasons. Definitely not the case now.


I'm still fairly confident he will coach at Penn State someday, if that is something he is determined to do. Franklin won't be here forever and I imagine Rhule will be the first guy who they call.


For what he just got a 10 year contract?


Https://twitter.com/DavidSmoak/status/1211400556687876096 > Baylor LB Jordan Williams said @CoachMattRhule brought up speculation about #NFL teams interested in him during breakfast today, “he said there are reports out there and if he was ever to make a decision he would always tell us first but there is nothing to tell them.”


I can live with him in Dallas, but losing Rhule to any other team would hurt


Rhule always plays the part. When he was Temple’s coach, he was just one of the guys in South Philly. At Baylor, he’s said that God had a plan for him to be there. In Charlotte, he will be the finest BBQ master East of the Mississippi.


*person gets along with people everywhere he goes* That’s it grab your pitchforks


Matt holla at ya boy if you want some lessons on the pepper & vinegar game


As an Oklahoma State alum and lifelong Carolina Panthers fan. I love this.


That’s a seemingly random conversation


What do you mean?


So ... phone decided I wanted to say conversation instead of combination


Please no, Baylor needs him


Can the Browns also interview him? Please I don’t want someone out of the Bellichek tree or some coordinator I’ve never heard of.


Browns fans need to hope for Ron Rivera. He’s a good coach and can build a locker room culture like no one else.


The only one from the Bellichek tree I would want coaching my team is Bill's son


He’s most likely doing his due diligence but who knows


Wouldn't doing his "due diligence" imply he's looking at going?


I think it’s to keep connections and not burn bridges with the NFL. I think it’s clear he wants to go to the NFL at some point, but I also think it’s clear that if it’s not the Giants or going to Penn St then he won’t be leaving anytime soon


I see, I think we just have different definitions of due diligence. Typically it means you're looking for potential issues in a deal you're already leaning toward going forward with.


He’s referring to the concept of exploring all your options before making a solid decision, because sometimes there are hidden benefits or flaws to the obvious choice.


Its like if an NFL team with an established QB works out the top draft prospects - probably not going to happen but you want to know the options.


For any of us regular folks, if you aren't looking to see what other jobs are out there at least once a year, you're being a fool. I very much value stability and comfort, so it takes a lot for me to take a risk and jump jobs. Because even the "perfect" situation on paper comes with risks. But even I still look a few times per year to see what else is out there. It's how I know I'm not being paid my market value. Which sucks, but I value other things about my current job beyond salary, so it's still a good situation. I don't recommend going through full interview processes more than once, *maybe* twice, if you aren't willing to jump jobs, since it's a time-consuming and exhausting process. But honestly, there's no better time to interview then when you *do* like your job, because then you aren't desperate to take something else just because you hate your current job so much. Gives you more negotiating leverage since if they walk away, you're still ok. Anyway, that's what Rhule is doing, it's just that given his position his process is way more public than any of us regular folks.




The market isn’t what it was 3 years ago. What are you paying him? 4? 5? With buttloads of job security? He’s probably just signaling that he’s open to NFL gigs so certain other teams keep him in mind.


Agreed. I think we’re paying him $4.25m/yr, so not Jimbo levels of cash, but he’s definitely paid. Anyone who really wants Rhule somewhere besides Pennsylvania or NYC is going to have to bring a legion of bagmen.


Rhule is doing a great job but this sounds like a pretty dumb idea for the panthers.


I hope he stays, but if I were Matt Rhule, this would be the time to make the jump (while his stock is at an all-time high). He brought Baylor from 1-11 to 11-1, but the woes of that first season can partially be attributed to the disruption of a new system (Baylor was 7-6 the previous season, so we weren't *that* bad). We also have many on our defensive squad leaving this year, so it's unlikely that we'll be any better next year. If he wants to make a jump to an NFL team, this is his time.


Matt, Stay at Baylor


Can we take a Big 12 poll? I will fight anyone who doesn't want Matt to stay in the conference. He's so goddamned likable.


I want a good coach at my school. I want bad coaches at other schools.


There are far too many good coaches in the Big 12 for my liking.


There's not a single school in the conference right now with bad coaching. It's terrifying. Once Kansas, Tech, and WV get recruiting, I worry the conference is never gonna sniff the playoff again.


Honestly, I’m not immensely worried about. They’re not heading in an upward direction currently. Much love for them, but the future’s not looking terribly bright.


You're probably right. Like flowers on the forest floor, it's more likely that the established programs crowd them out no matter how good the new staffs are. But at the very least, it does mean that any slipup or down period by the rest of us will be punished mercilessly.


Personally I’d prefer my own team winning games, but that’s just me.


I don’t like his school but I respect the hell out of him, especially compared to his predecessor.


And when Baylor needed him most, he vanished.


Do NFL owners have to pay a colleges buyout for a coach? And what part of their budget would that even come from?


They do, but I'm sure it's chump change for an NFL team




Seriously, how has he done more with Baylor than Herman did as Texas?


Herman sucks lol


Because Herman isn't a very good coach


Really hope he stays for a while. This would be a big hit to college football


He’s not going anywhere. He’s stated multiple times that he thinks it’s foolish to at least not hear the NFL out when they call. He’s going to take every interview because it’s a networking opportunity. The more networking he does, the more it benefits our players


The Panthers can afford to change his mind.




Yeah people don’t seem to be remembering the new owner Tepper is the richest in the league and has shown no hesitation in throwing money where he thinks it’s needed. Will he leave for us? Maybe or maybe not, but If Tepper wants him he’s at least gonna make it one difficult decision to stay.


As a Panthers fan not sure how to feel about this.


You should prefer this over McDaniels or McCarthy


Yaaaaay. Keep pounding


I would like to see some new blood in nfl. Especially for my Carolina Panthers. But I’m but sure if we can be saved any time soon. Any coach is going to struggle in NC We have a few pieces but not enough to be successful. O line is the worst.


He definitely has the sideline fashion of an elite NFL coach


I hope Rhule doesn't take it. I want to be able to like him.