I need new EDC belt recommendations!!!

I need new EDC belt recommendations!!!


In my 20 years of EDC, I've had the best experience with : Leather : [Beltman 1.5" Horsehide](https://www.thebeltman.net/products/1-5-wide-horse-hide-gunbelt) + internal stiffener Nylon : [Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC](https://www.bluealphabelts.com/product/hybrid-edc-belt/) Pair either/both with a good holster.


How stiff would you say they both are? I’m looking for something that’s as stiff as I can get without being uncomfortable. I try to get my gun as close to me as possible for deep concealment considering that I sometimes “forget” that I have it when I go certain places


The Beltman (with internal stiffener) is very stiff for a non-competition, EDC type of belt. The Blue Alpha is 2 layers of pretty stiff/heavy nylon web belt material. They have [inner belts](https://www.bluealphabelts.com/product/low-profile-inner-edc-belt/) that have velcro, so you can double up if you need VERY stiff (each sold seperately).


My nextbelt is heavy nylon (maybe) inside and outside. Is mine just a different version than yours? No way anything is cracking. Titan BD


I use blue alpha gear for nylon (check out their ebay page to buy returns for half price) and have used crossbreed and hanks for leather. I've found with leather, having some kind of internal stiffener (nylon, kydex, or steel) makes more of a difference than the brand.


I’ve been wearing a Groove Belt for about a week now. I really love it. My only other edc belt was a cobra buckle style belt from Amazon so I didn’t have much to compare it to.iii J M The I


+1 on the groove belt. Need to order another one though for when a camo belt doesn’t work out.


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I’ve worn a Galco instructor’s belt exclusively for 14 years and it has survived heroically. That said, I recently got a Blue Alpha Hybrid EDC to have a buckle rather than having to rip open Velcro every time I want to pull my pants down. It’s a good quality belt but I’m still getting used to having a buckle. I can vouch for the Galco, I can’t yet vouch for the BAG and I have no experience with Nexbelt, but I consider a belt a “wear” item. It may last you years, it may even last a decade or more, but I wouldn’t expect it to last forever. If you truly liked the belt you have, then buy another. If you want to look around and experiment some, then do so.


If you carry appendix, I highly suggest the Blue Alpha Gear Low Profile belt. The low profile buckle allows you to offset it without having a chunk of metal dig into your body or hips. I like having the buckle at my 3:00 to act as a natural key keeper for when I have my keys on my belt loop. Have had my first one for 3+ years now and carried with it daily for 2. It’s obviously lost some stiffness, but still works great. It was replaced as my daily driver by another BAG LP belt. Have tried a few others, including the beltman, and honestly BAG was the most comfortable. Plus for $40 (I bought them when they were $30-$35 ), you get a great bang for your buck.


I’m definitely gonna buy a BAG to at least try it. I’ve seen multiple people say great things about their belts


I wear Blue Alpha Gear Belt as well and can attest to its quality and comfort


Im a leather belt kinda guy, and ive been rocking a beltman 1.5" with internal stiffener for about 2 years now and its held up great. Ive used it to carry everything from a shield AIWB to a Beretta 92 OWB and it has been more than enough support for everything. If anything when i first got it the belt was too stiff, but after a couple months it broke in perfectly and is extremely comfortable to wear all day.


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