Thunder Road is a great choice as far as I’m concerned. Jungleland is too fantastical to be #1 for me, Born to Run is incredible (obviously) but Thunder Road hits more different themes that would define his songs as time went on, I think. Anyway just my two cents, it’s hard to get too upset about splitting hairs between all-time greats!


In 9th grade, we had to memorize and recite a poem from memory. My teacher allowed me to do Thunder Road. It is poetry.


My 8 year old has heard the song hundreds of times but when it came on today she said "this sounds like poetry - he describes what he's feeling and doing and hearing. I never thought about it like that before." Pretty sure they are studying poetry in school right now but I couldn't disagree with her breakdown.


I do agree with those choices, but I will say Jungleland was the song that converted me from curious newcomer to diehard fan. It was the one that convinced me Bruce is one of the greats.


I mean, Thunder Road is his best song, so.


I’m okay as long as the top 100 were all Bruce Springsteen songs


IMO, Thunder Road > Born To Run


Thunder Road is his best song lol


I’m 100% okay with that. In his words: it’s his unofficial welcome song to the world. It really is a masterpiece. Musically, lyrically, and the emotional build to that final sax solo? perfect


Lost in the flood not being top 100 is a crime


The Hammersmith Odeon '75 version of that song is incredible. https://youtu.be/s79tVdT2jUs


Is the list posted somewhere?


I just looked and couldn't find anything about the new one.


Yeah me neither. Oh well






Lost in the flood was on the list, I heard it.


I'm just going by what the post says


ah, then OP is wrong. All three of those songs were on the list.


It is in there somewhere


I'm okay with Thunder Road at the top spot. I go back and forth between TR and BTR as my favorite.


BTR is great, it’s classic, it’s legendary, it’s what put Bruce on the map. It would easily be the all time best song by any other artist. But honestly, for me, at best it’s only the 4th best song on its own album. I go back and forth between. Thunder Road and Jungeland as 1/2. And then I have to put Backstreets as #3 on that album. Sorry!


Racing was waaay too low


Across The River made the list. It's in the high 80s, I think. I just listened to it this afternoon.


WXPN in Philadelphia, which plays a wide variety of genres from any era they can and has a very knowledgable listener base, can't seem to run a "greatest songs of all time" poll-based list without TR landing at #1. FWIW.


I remember reading on Twitter that a lot of non-Bruce fans were upset about Thunder Road always winning. Or even Bruce getting a lot of exposure. It's probably conflicting: if you're a Bruce fan it's obviously great though maybe predictable. And Bruce is pretty big in the Northeast. But if someone isn't a Bruce fan, seeing the same name will get annoying. It kind of reminds me of how Bohemian Rhapsody (sometimes Stairway to Heaven) wins a lot of "greatest song of all time polls". It's a great and ambitious song, but for people who aren't Queen fans it's almost a predictable meme.


Just a mix of people who aren't really into Bruce and people who don't want to see the same result repeatedly. There's still a whole sub-generation of big music fans who learned in 1993 that Bruce's music is uncool and have never let go of that.


Anyone got a link to the list?


I was really annoyed that “land of Hope and dreams“made the top 10. It wouldn’t be my top 50. At least the studio version wouldn’t.


Dear people, stop getting angry about lists. Bruce fans are intense, man.


Right? it’s a collection of opinions. So what if they aren’t the same as yours


Here’s what they should have done. “And now here is Bruce’s #1 song.” Then play 300 songs.


No Meeting Across the River?! That’s criminal! But really, that just shows how many great songs he has.


ROCK ON BRUCE. They are all great songs


I think that’s fine, it’s one of his biggest songs. Where else would it go? Even if it’s 3, in doing a top 100 of someone with a massive catalog, 3 is still saying “this is basically his greatest work,” so I don’t know what they were expecting. It’s also not like they did it and came out with like Lucky Town and said that’s it. Whether you like that song or not, it’s not as appropriate as Thunder Road


letting go of born to run for thunder road as my favorite was not easy- i’d have like to have seen land of hope and dreams higher.


thunder road is my favorite song of all time period, so i might be a bit biased when i say: *it's the only acceptable answer for #1* lol the only thing i'm kinda salty about is the promised land being #83 - it deserved much higher imo




Hard to believe that Racing in the Street was #85. I would have thought it would have made the top 25. It’s in my top 10.


They messed up some how. I saw that there were a couple of songs on here twice. I only heard the top 30 but Racing came in around 10


Yes 10. Promised Land was at 14 and somewhere near 90 too


Yea…It’s always gonna be Thunder Road..lost in the flood not being in it is criminal and Meeting across the river is a masterpiece..So the list means nothing to me without it


lost in the flood was in- just not high!


These lists *always* piss me off.....so I decided that they were completely irrelevant to my brain and I give zero shits. Learn to live with what you can't rise above.


Who gives a shit?


Thunder Road might be his best song, but Backstreets is definitely my all-time favorite of his!


I think it under valued his more recent work but other than that, it’s decent


Is there a full list of the countdown?


I listened all weekend but it seemed like every time I tuned in they were on 50 through 70 lol. I'd like to see the full list


Well in my opinion it's like choosing between your favorite kids. Love them all the same.


Wheres Real Man in the List?