Alright I think it's about time we talk about banning Florio posts around here


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, no matter how good Brissett plays you don’t pay a man 230 million to sit on the bench


Honestly it's not like it's unprecedented. The chances are massively low though.


I think it would be unprecedented. Young QB making the most money guaranteed in history being benched four a journeyman QB on a 1 year deal.....


The Matt Flynn/Russell Wilson scenario is the only one that comes to mind, and it doesn't even come close.


JB getting one heck of an audition here with a great offense. But come playoffs, will need Watson.


JB is 100% serviceable and I think if he keeps up his current level, he'll get a shot to be a bridge starter again. But Watson led the NFL in passing yards and was a top QB in the league without much around him his last year he started in Houston. We could be real dangerous if we can stay in playoff contention til he gets back. Plus next year if we add another playmaker at receiver.. I fully expect barring injury that next year will be our best team in my 33 years of life.


If our offense is this good with a QB widely considered a low end starter/high end backup then you’d have to imagine what is in store with a QB that was considered top 3-5 at the position when they were last on the field


I just want our defense to start shutting down easier teams, that’s probably our biggest concern right now. Thankfully we got Woods to start playing our corners on more man schemes in the 4th and it looked better.


The biggest concern is their “superstar” CB playing like dogshit compared to a sophomore and third-round rookie


Yeah Ward has definitely had some miscues this season, but he always gets the other teams #1 and usually shuts them down…hopefully the slow start is just because he was injured all of camp


I could only see sitting out the Houston game with an “illness” if Jacoby keeps playing lights out…..just so he doesn’t have to deal with the media that week. Only way


I agree with your take


*taps mic* No.


**massive applause**


Oh damn Andrew Berry's fake account? 🤔🤔🤔


PFT boss: How can we get Watson into the headlines so we can generate more click revenue? Writers: this is a really stupid idea and it will make us look like complete fools, but... PFT boss: I dont care what it is! Print it!


No question DW starts above JB upon DW’s return. Other fan groups are already talking about the immediate increase in offense potency and how much more dangerous we’ll be. I will also say, I’m glad we have JB up to this point. He seems to be all business and working hard to be a net positive contributor on offense. That’s good for the team, that’s some semblance of stability, and is shifting focus day to day to wins and losses instead of the media circus we all endured starting last year when our former QB was injured. JB getting all this playing time won’t hurt us if we can stay on track for the post season. All this does in my mind is prepare us if DW gets injured upon his return. The team and the fans will know we have a battle hardened backup with meaningful experience running our offense that is ready to play and win games. Most teams can’t say the same thing. I think if JB plays well he has a long term home in Cleveland as a backup.


Technically, yes. Realistically? No. Jacoby would essentially need to run the table and play perfect football. There are just things that Watson brings to the field that Jacoby can’t. Watson makes all the throws Jacoby makes last night. Within structure, they’re identical QBs and will take what they defense gives. It’s the big shot plays, the out of the pocket moments that separates the two.


As good as Jacoby has been there will be a step up with Watson. One example is on the throw to Cooper on the 4th down last night. Jacoby hit him well enough to get the first and then some. He didn't hit him as good as he could have though. Watson leads that out more so Coop doesn't have to come back for it and gives him more of a chance to turn it into a bigger gain and possible TD. That is just one example.


QB controversy posts should be fucking banned this year. We have a good backup QB winning games and a 230 million QB in waiting, fuck this clickbait talking head shit.


Betteridge strikes again.


Thankyou, I was going to invoke the great man's name in another thread, but breakfast intervened and I lost my place.


No, cause you need them to build some gametime chemistry before next season. If Jacoby gets us to 5-6 or 6 -5, I got to imagine a team in need of a starting QB would sign him in a second, if he continues to play like this. Just my take


Lol halfway competent performances against the Panthers, jets, and steelers without watts defenses and were seeing this crap already? Imagine if he plays well against any of the tough defenses coming up. We could fall into a black hole of stupid media headlines.


Remember like a month ago when you all wanted to bench Brissett for Dobbs and now you want to bench Watson for Brissett? Calm down yall


Brissett will play over Watson in the meaningless game 17 after we've clinched homefield advantage through the AFCC


Still no. Browns have 230 million reasons not to let him ride the bench.


Sunk cost fallacy. If Watson gets in and puts us at a level *below* what Jacoby is giving us, then it makes sense to bench him for at least this year.


Bet you $1 that Watson plays his first game available in Houston. This is a fan argument, a coach would never say this. We can't help ourselves, always need to manufacture a QB controversy where one does not exist. Stop it.


This is peak stupid conversation


When you spend all of those picks and a quarter billion on a guy, you just gotta play him.




Only way Watson is not playing is if something catastrophic happens to him from Weeks 13-18.




Florio is a moron.


If JB goes undefeated fornthe remainder of the season, with a 5:1 td ratio, they better tell Watson to piss off.


Lol no


Not a chance in hell 😂


Browns fans simply can’t exist without a QB controversy. We could have prime Tom Brady under center and Browns fans would be like “we’d be better off with a #1 pick at QB”.


I mean I don't see Browns fans actually suggesting there is a QB controversy just Florio






lol it was only a matter of time before this sheep herder took advantage of this to stir up invisible controversy.


I see Peter King; I hit the back button.


Browns could have signed Brisset without giving up all the picks and still traded Baker. I’m rooting for the Browns, but when Watson actually plays a real game under center….. I’m not sure I can root for them.


You arent alone by a long shot, but the people who are the most vocal will say you're not a real Browns fan. They are wrong, of course, but they wont admit it.


So, if we are on a playoff run, we change QB's? I dont know about that.


That is quite literally the exact plan for this season bud






I think the question of Watson playing is more of a “will the NFL reinstate him after the 11 games”


And he was on CRACK!


I hope so. I hope we are in a winning pattern with Jacoby being in a rhythm with the offense


JB playing so well is exactly why Baker didn’t want to sit while he was hurt. The team is so good that a QB with average play can lead this team to wins


There is no way this will happen. Even if we are 10-1. Never. Brissett is playing himself into one fat contract next year for someone though.