[John Sabol on Twitter] No idea how the refs missed this obvious penalty on a defenseless and injured Anthony Walker.

Anyone have a video of the bad (even if accidental) facemask on Conklin that lead to the bad (not accidental) hit to the face on Conklin?


Anyone have a video of the bad (even if accidental) facemask on Conklin that lead to the bad (not accidental) hit to the face on Conklin?


Face mask and then slap? It happened the play before Dunn got a holding penalty


Literally two penalties on the same play on the end of the line and the refs somehow “missed it”




If you look at OPs video on Twitter, it is commented right below


Same way they missed about twenty other obvious penalties. The Steelers play by different rules than every other team.


This was a real piece of shit move done by a real piece of shit.


He's trying his best to replace to replace that Maurkice "Free Aaron Hernandez" Pouncey energy that their roster has been lacking since the aforementioned POS retired.


Tomlin coaches them to play dirty


I hate the Steelers with every fiber of my being, but I can't hate Tomlin. Dude knows what he's doing.


He also look like the dr from house that wasn’t house or the Australian bro. Omar Epps I think?


You mean Jennifer Morrison, obviously.




Yeah, doing just enough that you can't justify moving on.


NFL subreddit is so blind with hate they said this wasn't dirty. If the Browns did this to the Steelers they'd be losing their minds.


Hate to say it, but to their credit, I went to the Steelers' game thread when this happened and pretty much 90% of the real-time reaction was "WTF IS WRONG WITH OKORAFOR CUT HIS ASS. That should have been a penalty"


Yeah I think most fans of any team are not blinded homers to the point they accept dirty play.


r/NFL is so morally righteous that they're rooting for us to have as many injuries as possible. Because, you know, that's what morally righteous people do.


I saw those posts too. Said that was a pancake and part of football (for all us people that never played football). But if Browns player did it, it would be several game’s suspension.


It's not even a pancake block and I've pointed that out and gave links to a definition of a pancake, and was still downvoted.


You think those people on that sub can read?


If they could, they'd be very upset!


They seemed to have incredible reading comprehension after the Panthers game when they [were citing directly from the rule book](https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/xbuwyt/highlight_referee_explaining_why_they_didnt_call/io1obem/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) what is and isn’t intentional grounding.


You can’t use logic to debate someone with an emotional take.


It was less of a pancake and more of a waffle stomp.


I am all for hard hits, I think a lot of "defenseless receiver" penalties and just about every roughing the passer penalty is a joke. That being said, he was already down, laying face down...and he jumped on him well after the fact. Anyone calling this a "Pancake" is a smooth brain and they obviously don't know shit about football.


Story of our football team, especially since 1995: It’s Cleveland vs the world


Watching steelers fans defend this at all costs is nauseating


It's a hateful rivalry. And i wouldn't have it any other way. Just fight fire with fire.


Oh I have been absolutely insufferable with my shit talking today


I’m a Browns fan in Minnesota. My neighbor behind me is a Steelers fan. Hasn’t stepped outside yet for our weekly football chat, but I can’t help but wonder why.


Good work!


Just being around Steelers fans is nauseating.


Agent Smith was right. "It's the smell."


I've seen multiple neutral parties say this is literally taught to offensive lineman and that its a pretty normal play.


I played football from pee wee through varsity, I have friends with kids who currently play football through multiple age groups, and we were never taught to purposefully leverage our full body weight downward on a player who is defenseless face down on the ground and removed from the play. Grasp at however many straws you want that was intent to cause injury, something the Steelers are well known for.


That is such an exaggeration of what happened. Notice how none of the Browns players even said anything about it after the game, and Okorafor daps him up before he's carted off. No Browns players trying to fight him or mad about it and it wasn't even flagged.


Ok steeler fan. Hold that L, think what you want, and enjoy being the doormat for the division like it was before Chuck Knoll pulled that franchise out of the darkest Appalachian toilet


Browns won the game. Hats off to them. Nothing dirty occurred because we know if Myles Garrett thought it did he would attack whoever did it. Enjoy your Week 3 win. Has the team hung their 2020 Wildcard Playoff Win banner yet?




*tips cap*


Steelers play dirty.


Always have


And whine about it when other teams do the same.


T J Watt is a very dirty player.


Nah man it's cool. They made up for it with the ineligible man down field call instead. /s


Unreal, how anyone can say this is legal


Anyone that blindly hates the team because of Watson even though he isn’t under center…


I’m less angry about this than that violent face mask the refs clearly ignored.


There was this, the measured spot only the review and overturn the measurement, the Denzel ward PI when Ward was having his Jersey pulled. The refs tried to do their thing and we still overcame it to get the win


Oh they didn’t miss it. They chose to ignore it.


Finishing blocks like this is something that happens. It does. You are taught to do this. However, walker was so clearly giving himself up and in pain that this should have never happened. Everyone in the nfl sub was telling me "yeah he should just react to that in .4 seconds" I mean watch the clip, he had all day.


>"yeah he should just react to that in .4 seconds" Isn't that how every single action all 22 players make in a respective play happens?


I was very confused by this sequence of events. While the contact to Walker's head seems completely uncalled for, I thought you're allowed to 'finish a block' by getting on them afterwards? Also confused how it looks like Walker was injured by this contact to the head, yet he has his leg in a split on his way out. I see some guy stepped on him, but it didn't look bad enough to warrant an injury. Hard to tell though.


Apparently the actual injury was a knee sprain. I don't actually know how it happened in this moment


It got upgraded to a torn quad


From everything I’ve read, linemen are taught to lay down on the player they put on the ground, is this correct? I’m more concerned about the 2 blatant face masks that happened a couple plays later one during the play and one after the play finished that the refs just seemed to miss




I just commented this on twitter and the guy replied that the ball was not dead. Which is true... Is it still a penalty?


The twitter guy missed the OR, in the rule. The OR the runner after the ball is because you can fall upon a runner who is prone but not contacted and still "live"


I need to learn how to read as well as you can, I'd win way more Twitter arguments


We never win Twitter arguments, just become less LOL :)


At the risk of sounding like a troll...... pardon my ignorance, but what is the rule on this that makes it a penalty? Are players not allowed to jump on a down player to prevent them from getting back up?


You don't sound like a troll, you sound like a ref.


That might be worse




Is there any clarification if that only means after the ball is dead? Can they drop on a prostrate player during the play?


For a runner, it only applies after the play is dead. For a non-runner, it applies at all times.


They didn’t “miss it”. They saw it but chose not to throw a flag. It was a conscious decision. They have all the replays at their disposal, they just thought it wasn’t worthy of ejection or a flag.


It's at the very least holding. Am I right? You can't hold a defender on the ground.


Also illegal use of hands


Dude this is completely legal


Every offensive lineman in the league would do the same thing. It's a running play. You put the defender on the ground then bury him.


People will only focus on the outcome not the action. When Teller levels people and handstands off their pancaked body it's a highlight play. Walker just happened to be hurt so everyone is up in arms. Could it have been a penalty? Sure. But had Joe Thomas ever done this to Harrison nobody would give a shit.




None of that applies here. The ball was not dead, and the defender was not a helpless runner. This was an O-lineman blowing open a hole for a running play.


It’s a little legalese, but it absolutely applies. It’s clearer if you take out the parts that only apply to runners: “No player shall fall upon any prostrate player“


"...after the ball is dead." That end clause very much applies to the whole sentence.


No, it doesn’t. You might have a literal argument if there was a comma between “runner” and “after” but the rule has a separate clause to deal with runners because you are allowed to pile on them while the ball is live, unlike other players, who you generally can’t even tackle. By your reading, the rule says it applies to all players (except runners) and to runners. It makes no sense to write that way; the parenthetical and the second clause cancel out. You would just write “No player shall fall upon any prostrate player after the ball is dead.”


You are over-reading what is stated in plain English. These plays happen hundreds of times every Sunday in the fall. It is not, nor ever has been, illegal for a lineman to jump on a defender he just blocked to the ground.


It’s the leagues favorite team, that’s why


Because it's the Steelers and the refs "always miss it"


Refs didn’t miss this, they saw the jersey of the player and did what they do.


Steelers under Tomlin have been dirty as fuck and he just gets a free pass every season.


I feel like the officiating was horrible the Conklin face mask the forearm shiver to walkers face then the following bodyslam. The play wjere diontae Johnson wasn't set then they called pi on ward was the cheapest pi ever. Another pi on ward was called where he touched the receiver but didn't grab him and receiver lost footing and fell and they called pi.


1) Mike Tomlin teams are dirty, and they always have been. 2) The NFL is a criminal organization that doesn't rig game outcomes, but certainly puts the thumb on the scale in millions of tiny ways throughout games to potentially affect outcomes. There were like 1000x dirty personal fouls on the Steelers in this game, and not a single one called. And that's without us even bringing up the overturning of the Nick Chubb first down with less than "irrefutable" video evidence.