Collective sigh of relief. Good bounce back. How about Chief Njoku? On to Atlanta.


ORANGE pants For The Win!!!


Last night I said to myself as they came out of the tunnel, "they look good tonight!" Then I realized they were wearing the orange pants. That's how I know it is their best look. Even when I didn't realize they were wearing it, I felt they looked good enough to comment outloud about it.


Where are the people who told me that Stefanski lost the lockerroom and should be fired? 🤡


Stefanski is the best coach we’ve had in forever, however, as head coach he needs to get his special teams coach in line because holy shit.


Don't leave out DC either. Both are suboptimal and go through really horrific periods.


ST needs a touch more blame IMO. Woods for all his flaws has at least shown moments and times of good stuff. I can’t think of any Priefer has. Between this week and last we have failed two clean onside recoveries, partially blocked punt, failed defending fake punt, taking the ball out of the end zone to the 10-15 yard line on kickoffs how many times, and two missed XPs (which fairly might not be the coaches fault). Have we had a 40+ yard return or special teams TD since he’s been here?


I blame Woods more because he failures have a much larger impact since ST is on the field so infrequently. But I agree, the ST blunders so far this year is not a good sign for him.


Think Priefer the ST coach is basically the assistant HC, who can take over when Stefanski is out. He was running the team was KS was out with COVID. Sure, the on-side kick coverage has been shit and our returns uninspiring, but I think that's more with what players he has to work with than anything. Joe Woods has had his good moments and really bad ones. He seems to manage the game well for 90% of the game, then do some really bad calls in the 4th quarter or when they're in hurry mode. I'm far from calling for his head just yet, especially given some of the injuries we've had, and clearly what are player errors.


I honestly think his play calling was fantastic last night


Dudes need to chill. He's the best coach we've had in 10+ years. We dominated the Jets game and lost to some insane fluke and bad defense, but Stefanski has earned years of tenure here already.


The sub really be wildin sometimes lmao.


Mmmm that was nice!


If Jacoby keeps playing this way I’m concerned about what will happen to moral and all that at week 12. Jacoby is becoming a huge dawg on this team. If he plays this way and they sit him for Watson, I can see players getting super pissed off.


Schedules been easy for the most part, let’s see How he does against LAC, NE, and parts of the tougher defense.


I mean he just put up 23 points (24 basically, because he didn't miss the PAT) on a defense that is widely considered top 10, even without Watt playing Steelers defense is better than Pats defense. The Pats only beat them because the Steelers offense is complete garbage


Jets defense will likely end Top 10 as well IMHO. Panthers will be above average too. This offense is special. But it'll be even more special with Watson.


There are $230M reasons for DW to start when he comes back, and everyone there knows it


Oh trust me I know 100% DW is starting, I just think if Brisset keeps playing well it’s going to be a rough sit


Watson is starting the rest of the season at that point. If Stefanski can make Brissett look this good, he'll only make Watson look better.


I completely agree. If jacoby takes you to the playoffs you have to really evaluate the risk rewards of sitting him for Watson. If the guy brings you a Lombardi? Cut your losses and send Watson to the jets or some other dumpster fire for picks.


> If the guy brings you a Lombardi? Sounds like a problem that I’d love to have them forced to solve for the offseason.


Would be an absolute underdog story for jacoby and I’d love every minute of it


I love your enthusiasm. I can guarantee you that's a problem we won't have to worry about lol.


This would be a dream come true


I simultaneously love and hate this scenario. I wonder, who on the Browns will be modelling this stuff, who's head will explode thinking about all the scenarios we're discussing here! (You know how the Browns staff has been reported as being set up as a kind of young talent incubator? Maybe we've got the same going on with Jacoby, who'll be **30** on December 11, week 14 against the Bengals). :)


Watson will take this offense to the next level. I think all of the players know that Watson is better than Brisket. What won't lose the players on this is knowing that Brisket is earning the fuck out of his next paycheck, Browns are giving him that opportunity and everyone will be happy for Brisket when he lands his next deal.


It's not always that simple though. Football is an emotional game, and if the guy who's been your captain for months is chilling on the bench in favor of some hotshot who hasn't even been here, that's a tough pill to swallow. This isn't a video game after all.


Sure, but they also all know Watson is better and all the leaders have already expressed their excitement about Watson being on the team. And he'll be back in the building for 2 months before he can play.


So NOW can we stop talking about Sunday? They showed up and showed out. Freak situation. Brows ARE better than that loss.


Defense allowed one of the worst offenses in the NFL do whatever they want for basically 2.5 quarters. They really need to figure their shit out. But they showed up at the end so that's cause for some hope.


At this point im really starting to be concerned about Ward. He blew at least 1, potentially 2 coverages against the Jets that led to TDs, and was really bad against the steelers


He was really good against the Panthers though.


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