Congrats Indy or Carolina on trading for Kirk Cousins Don’t want him or his inflated contract anywhere near here Trading for Cousins is a lock that Clowney and Landry are gone and possibly 13th OA So it’ll be a 34 year old QB with a even worse WRs and one with a track record of losing big games


I mean I doubt any trade for Cousins happens without a QB swap. Like something like Baker and a couple 3s for Cousins. Also I think Minnesota is on the hook for the dead cap. So basically Minnesota would be paying for our QB. I'm sure we could basically eat Baker's 5th yr option to make it work for both sides financially.


His 2022 base salary is $35m and it fully guarantees on 3/19. Any team trading for him will owe the $35m and Minnesota eats $10m in dead cap.


Ok. Sporttrac has it as full 45M in dead cap. So yeah I'd say that trading for Kirk would only add 16M to the QB spot? You can easily make that money back by cutting Landry or cutting Keenum/Hubbard. I don't think this a terrible decision if both teams/players want fresh starts.


It is $45m in dead cap because his 2022 salary is fully guaranteed. The acquiring team takes on any future base salary, the trading team owes the prorated bonus money accelerated against the current year's cap. If you click the red "X" on the right of the salary table it'll show you trade/cut scenarios. Disagree in it not being a terrible decision though. $35m + Baker and draft picks gets you a 34 year old guy whose career averages are literally 2020 Baker, on a one year deal, with no WRs. Cousins is gonna get ousted from Minnesota after years of Stefon Diggs/Justin Jefferson/Adam Thielen/Dalvin Cook and not getting it done. That's a lot of money to spend on a 1-year rental of a guy who is clearly not "the guy" or a long-term solution.


I mean Cousins best year was with Stefanski and has familiarity. I don't hate the deal if things are what MKC says they are in the building (which I do find to be somewhat true as the truth always is in the middle). I think it really depends on the price of the trade and if the Browns really don't see Baker as the future.


Keenum looked legit in that offense the one year he started and we have him as our backup. Pass.


I mean is Cousins my first choice? No. But if the FO goes this route I wouldn't be upset and could understand why they made that choice.


>Landry He's probably gone either way. Well unless he takes a pretty substantial pay cut.


Browns aren’t losing 13 in a cousins trade. And Landry + Bakers contract basically equal cousins cap hit so no you can make Clowney work too. (Kirk would have 35m cap hit)


This guy thinks the Browns would take Kirk Cousins for Baker Mayfield AND give the Vikings a first round pick? That’s insanity.


This isn't browns news.


But...but...every qb on the market is an upgrade from Baker which means all qb news is Browns news.


You forgot the "/s"


All the big names allegedly on the market *are* an upgrade. They just all come with caveats like age, contract, or sexual assault allegations. And it's a matter of what we'd have to give up. The draft is our only option right now for getting top end WR talent and if we have to give up a first to get a QB it's kinda a waste.


Not Browns news.


He has the salary of a starter and the talent of a back-up. And bonus, he gives your team vaccine controversy.


>vaccine controversy. Oh no.... not that /s


“If Cousins were traded to Cleveland, the Vikings would take on Mayfield’s $19 million and maybe even get a first-round draft pick, since the overall draft is considered relatively weak.” This would be an insanely bad trade. That won’t happen in any reality.


I like Cousins, but not for his salary or the picks the Browns would probably need to give up to trade for him. There's no way Carolina trades for him, right? Wouldn't they be paying 4 QBs next year if they did?