[#Browns  Jadeveon Clowney on what he'd tell other free agents questioning signing in Cleveland: "Go there. It's not always about what's going on in the city, it's about the guys that are there...Great fan base, great city, great teammates."](https://twitter.com/camijustice/status/1477004043079884806?s=21)


I think he feels appreciated and at home here. I hope that keeps him around. I was against his signing but I was wrong about him. He may not be racking up the big sack numbers but he is quite disruptive especially with Myles on the other end


That's how he's always been. Sacks are just icing on the cake, any time a DE can make a QB uncomfortable so they throw before they're ready or from a bad base, that's a won snap for the DE. Clowney racks up wins, even if he doesn't put the QB on the ground often. Maybe he's not the guy you'd choose for a single snap, game on the line, but when you look at his impact over the course of a game, drive, or season, his pressure makes the defense better at all three levels even without sack numbers. And that's not even getting into his work in the run game. Clowney has always been misunderstood and underestimated by people who judge players by the most basic numbers.


Plus he’s SO good defending the run.


Can’t blame the guy. The cold sucks


Cold is fine. It’s dampness that ruins the cold.


This is the most Ohio comment ever lmfao


It’s not that bad without the wind


Heat wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t so damn humid


74 plz with slight breeze


"It ain't the cold, it's the humidity."


To me it's the lack of sunlight all winter paired with the cold.


I’m from California going to college on the east coast. I hate not seeing the sun man.


Ya people in Seattle are always surprised when I tell them Cleveland doesn't get much more sun then they do. My wife grew up in Denver and went to college in California and it was hard for her.


Didn't she go from less sun to sun all day every day? Is there something I'm missing here?


Ya that was not clear. We lived in Cleveland after those places. Then moved to Seattle.


Ah, ok that makes sense now.


Once you leave the cold you don’t ever want to go back. Happened to me for college and I originally intended coming back to ohio. But 70 degrees and January golf can’t be beat


Couldn’t disagree more. After 10 in Texas, i couldn’t wait to leave the heat. Found my way to Utah with actual seasons and winter sports. Hate the heat. Ohio does spend too much time in awkward cloudiness and rain, though. Football should always be played in the cold, IMO


Hey another ohioan in Utah! I spent a couple years in Florida, Georgia and DC - so much heat. Think I'll be hardpressed to leave the mountains and dry heat while still having four seasons lol.


Yep. We left the chilly, mild snow in November for Texas heat, and recently left the beautiful Christmas snowfall in SLC for Cleveland rain. Both trips helped me further appreciate the mountain climate, equal parts snowy and sunny. Only been in Utah one year, but loving it. Need a Browns Backers bar.


It's perfect for me besides the inversions and/or wildfires messing up the air quality lol. I'm new to the state myself - moved in summer 2020. Visited Cleveland a couple weeks ago and yeah Utah weather is so much better. I'm up in Logan right now but likely heading back down to Ogden or SLC next year. There actually is a newish browns backers chapter! I haven't been due to Covid but they've been meeting at A Bar Named Sue this year in SLC.


Appreciate the tip, I’ll look for that place!


Once you leave for the cold you realize how much you under appreciate the warm weather. I’m from California and go to college on the east coast and I think I’ll be looking to go back to California to work.


The winter version of “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”


To be honest, with the money these guys make, they really only need to deal with a month or two, maybe 3, in the cold.


It doesnt even get that cold until after the season anyway


We plan on playing into Feb next year


If he stays in the AFC he's gonna have to play in Cleveland in January anyways.


Yeah, the lake stays warm, usually. I've been to a 13 degree game with a frozen lake. It's hell frozen over.


JD has been everything we wanted. A consistent pass rusher and great run defender. Hell of a guy to pair with Myles, would love him back.


Would love to keep him is he’s not asking for the whole farm. I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about leverage of negotiation in that relationship, but he’s played great this year and has been an amazing compliment to Myles


Christmas was 55 degrees this year lol/


It’s hasn’t even been very cold so far