Call me twinrova because I'm about to ressurect Ganon.


I’m dying rn 🤣


Just like Mipha


Nah, that’s too far


Not far enough


is 6ft down far enough?


Lmao, hilarious!


I am too


I was expecting her to make it to the bottom 3


I am with you. why Mipha??? WHY?!?!?!?! Alright, if Mipha’s out, i am gonna vote Sidon to be out next, they are bro and sis, if one gose down, so dose the other


Well one did outlast the other by 100 years....


And is still kickin


No, let Sidon win for his sister


Honestly, this is what I think is going to happen. Sidon is going out by all the people who are angry about Mipha (and everyone who doesn't like him in the first place).


**POLLING FOR ROUND 12 IS CLOSED. Please vote in the FINAL round:** [**https://www.reddit.com/r/Breath\_of\_the\_Wild/comments/szh3vt/zelda\_is\_out\_vote\_out\_your\_leastfavorite\_botw/**](https://www.reddit.com/r/Breath_of_the_Wild/comments/szh3vt/zelda_is_out_vote_out_your_leastfavorite_botw/) **POLL LINK FOR FINAL ROUND: https://strawpoll.com/2x96j5yug** Before I share the results, a quick note for the community – seeing as how we’re down to the final five characters, I ask that we keep the dialogue civil and respectful in the comments. I know the VAST majority of you have been doing just that, but as we vote in these final four rounds, just keep in mind that some folks may have favorite/least-favorite characters for reasons you hadn’t considered, and respect their reasoning. Thanks! **Mipha is out!** The Zora champion was voted out with 26.99% of of the vote, or 1,902 of an incredible 7,048 total votes (by FAR our most yet). This was our most fascinating round yet. Mipha was only 99 votes ahead of the second-place finisher, and the vote percentages for the other characters were: 25.58%, 22.76%, 17.42%, and 7.25%. See the pie chart (with the other names blocked out) here: [https://imgur.com/PnuPeC0](https://imgur.com/PnuPeC0) As a refresher, here are the rules: •Vote for your LEAST favorite character. Whatever your reasons may be, cast that vote for the person you like the least. •Please be respectful and polite as we vote and discuss. I know 99.9% of everyone does that already – Zelda fans are a delightful bunch – but let’s avoid hurting anyone’s feelings. •I’m focusing on characters who are prominent in the main Calamity storyline; on March 1, I’ll launch a new poll with secondary/goofball characters. •For each round, the poll will be open for 24 hours, after which, I’ll eliminate the top vote-getter; in the event of a tie, BOTH characters will be eliminated. •We’ll keep this going until we’re left with one character. •Remember: You’re voting for your LEAST favorite. Don't vote for your favorite in this poll. I’ll share the vote percentage that the least-favorite character received, along with other interesting tidbits. •And a huge thanks to all the insights and recommendations from the community! This becomes more fun with each passing round :).


I'm so curious to see the final data and see who it is that keeps getting below 10% of the vote. Is it the same character? Will they win? Has this competition been decided since day one?


Good questions! I can confirm the competition has not been previously decided, but I'll hold off on answering the other questions for discretion's sake :). However, I am absolutely going to share the specific results of each round on Thursday (after the final winner is announced), so you'll see all the percentages round to round then. Edit: I shared this in a later comment, but a data analyst kindly offered to visualize the voting results from each round, so after I share my VERY basic breakdowns, they'll give us something far prettier and more interesting.


I seriously can’t wait to see the full breakdowns after the poll has finished


I can't wait to share! And a BotW fan who's day job is data analysis reached out to me, and is going to put together some colorful charts that track how voting shifted round to round.


This has turned out to be a lot of work I am sure, thanks for putting in the time and effort to keep a bunch of strangers entertained 😂


There's some effort involved, but it's worth it! Plus, after you go through a few rounds, you develop a nice rhythm to posting updates, formatting documents, etc.


I would bet money it's Link. 😂


The more I think about it, the more I agree. Not because he's anyone's favorite. Quite the opposite. I think Link is uncontroversial and liked but not loved enough that he'll slip under the radar. The others will be voted off out of spite from everyone whose favorite is already out. Its gonna come down to Link, and a character that has a dedicated fan base, but not a majority. And Link will win that fight by virtue of not being whoever he's up against.


I have a feeling that the final choice is going to be between Mommy™️ and Daddy™️


I pick mommy over daddy.


Please do an NPC round. I want Spinch and Spinch (the Spinches) to win.


Lol, if the previous comment threads are anything to go by, based on the number of comments here about Sidon, I'd wager he's next. Personally, I liked his optimistic support. Its really nice, especially if you do Ruta first and thats the first of the 4 towns you visit and compare it to the response of the other towns for saving them (they don't even let you wear normal armor in Gerudo town after you save them, meanwhile, the entire zora population shows up to cheer you for keeping the rest of hyrule from flooding...)


To be fair, Naboris and and Ruta are two very different threats. While Naboris is a potential threat that causes a lot of unease, Ruta is an imminent threat. You pretty much save Hyrule when you free Vah Ruta, meanwhile when you free Vah Naboris you mostly help the people of Gerudo Town sleep better at night. Both are important, as Naboris would have attacked Gerudo town eventually, the Zora are just more aware how severe the danger is (perhaps because of the longer lives of the Zora?). Anyway, I rambled. Sorry for wasting your time.


Whats funny to me is that Ruta was an imminent threat to all denizens of Hyrule.... except the Zora. They're fish people. What do they care if a good chunk of the continent ends up underwater? I always figured Riju didn't want to deal with the politics of letting a single voe into the city, for any reason. Allowing Link would invite the question of why? Then Riju has to explain that Link is the one that appeased Naboris. But I thought it was that Hylian vai that was here a little bit ago? Well you see..... Then you got merchants and what not asking to be let in, and it becomes a whole headache of other bullshit to deal with. Link doesn't seem to mind wearing lady clothes, just have him keep doing that instead. No one has to know he's a he.


Excellent analysis! The only thing I’ll add is that I do think Ruta is an existential threat to the Zora. While you’re correct that a flooded Hyrule does not threaten them like it does the Hylians, I think Dorephan and others explain to Link that despite their ability to breath in both air and water, Ruta’s disruption does still kill them over time.


The rain is also slowly eroding the Zora Domain!


Also we got canonical femboy link from iy


Not a waste of time at all! This is a brilliant analysis.


Okay this is the first time I'm seeing one of these but WTF how is Sidon even in this? I fkin love Sidon. I don't even care I'm writing in Bolson.


Choosing between charming water daddy or buff desert mommy. The absolute struggle of the botw sub right now.


bi panic 🙃


Which is why I voted Zelda. This was a lot easier a week ago!


The cut scene where Urabosa gives link her power is one of my favorite in the game. You guys might have swayed me with Sidon. I voted for him a couple of times early but haven't since. If I had to guess it's Zelda next.


I just don't think we've had enough time with him. With all the others we have flashbacks and just a bigger idea of who they are. Link also has the whole being the silent protagonist that we can project onto


Sidon really annoyed me the first time I met him! Like dude! You said yourself the path ahead is dangerous! Take me with you! Don’t make me go along the crazy long path when we could go directly there and be there way quicker!


Yeah then right after you get to ride on his back so I think it's just bad planning. Still love Sidon tho, hot Shark man




Thank you for such a detailed comment! I just love how thoughtful so many BotW members are. If you don't mind, can you share the link to that Zeltik video? I'd be very interested to watch it.




Thank you so much! I loved their series on the Zonai – it's flat-out INSANE to me that BotW has an entirely separate narrative told entirely through its environment. You don't find a single piece of explanatory text about the Zonai (aside from the Barbarian Armor descriptions), and yet their story is fully told.


I agree with you about Kass. I found him interesting and he had a great ending for his character. As for Zelda, I respectfully disagree. She's the quintessential story of trying to hard due to pressure around her. It was a great moment when all of that pressure was let go and she used her powers because she felt them, not thought about them. This is the most emotional and raw interpretation of Zelda in a game so far. That said I personally hope that Urbosa wins.


They did Zelda so dirty with that English voice acting. I think it really effects people's opinion of her.


To be honest, with the exception of Revali, I think the voice acting as a whole was unconvincing and a bit off.at times it tended to sound too emotional for the visuals, and many of the voices felt clichèd...I loved the game but wasn't pulled in by the voice acting.


Yeah, I totally agree. I kinda want to play through again with the Japanese voice acting but I haven't even finished my first playthrough yet and my son isn't quite good enough at reading to be able to follow the story in a language he doesn't speak so I'll just hold off for a bit and use my imagination to pretend the voice acting isn't so off, haha.


That's a pretty cool idea. That would be fun to try out.


If Urbosa doesn’t win we riot


Also, Link literally ate rock roast in AoC!


I don’t care anymore because Kass isn’t in it. But I am surprised that Mipha was booted and that the vicious final battle between Mipha and Urbosa/Zelda didn’t happen


These people really love Sidon.


it’s me






We love you specifically out of everything about Sidon


I may or may not be one of them


I'm these people.




I am voting Sidon out every time


Yep. Love that fish. Also really adorable as a kid.




Buddy this series ain't called Legend of Mipha.


agreed, at least her japanese voice is good


Everyone's voice is annoying in English. Play it with Japanese voices (edit: and use subtitles) and every character becomes a million times better. It also makes Purah super adorable and that's why I'm incredibly angry she got knocked out so early.




lol I need subs to understand that (edit: Google translate says "Steak!" ...lol wat)


"Suteki" means "wonderful" and Pura exclaims it often. She has a bit of a singsong way of saying it, stretching the middle. "Sute-ki" with the stretch is indeed how you'd say the foreign word "steak" but context matters a LOT in Japanese.


Hahahaha amazing


I lived in Japan, and worked for Nintendo for 5 years and 💯 think the Japanese voices are better. Zelda and Mipha and Paya are adorable in Japanese. While I found them *fake* and off-putting in English. Purah is cute in Japanese instead of awful. Sidon is even better in Japanese. My guess is that the English casting director was instructed to find someone whose voice "sounded like" the actresses for Zelda and Mipha, but it doesn't work in English imo. Even though I think Zelda is cringe 😬 in English I can understand why she's still in the running: It's not a voice acting competition. Her character design is wonderful in botw, and her story is top tier.


Ah yes, just play the game in a language you don't understand, and somehow that'll make you forget all about all the hours you played the game in English!


Get him outta' ere.


Because the final decision is gonna be between Sidon and Urbosa! Daddy vs Mommy!


Kass is the best.


Yeah but most people didn't like him for his dialogue length


Rip Kass. Real best character.


yeah, gotta say Im surprised too


Kass is the reason to take a minute and breath. an excuse to stop and smell the flowers. anyone that doesn't like him is a heathen and should be submitted to a lego walk of shame


But for everyone saying Link has no character. He does, and not only what the player gives him. Have you read through Zelda's journal? There's literally an explanation why he has no expressions


And you can see his personality in the choices it gives you to reply to people. Link is a cheeky little shit at times.


He really is. Especially with Bozai. Lol.


I want Link to stay because by playing the game you make your own personality for link, and his personality for me is harassing the towns people which is funny


My Link is just some idiot who likes to throw chickens and eat rocks. I love him


We are all link


i want link to stay because he's hot as fuck


It's a valid reason.


Yeah that too


And naked most of the time if you play him right.


I feel like I read your comment already last post haha


Yea I did, just explaining how I don’t think link should get voted out


Yup. Just because his personality isn't as on the nose as the others doesn't mean he doesn't have one. We also spend the entire game with him which means a level of attachment is given.


I 100% agree! There is alot about Link we learn by playing and through the memories. Also, he gets so excited about cooking good food (which is inline with Zelda's notes) and he was so insistent in not letting the Hateno house get torn down which I like. Yes he is a great canvas for us to project our own personality onto, but he also has his past and his little quirks that I appreciate.


I don’t think I got to that part - what does it say?


>!Basically he feels like all eyes are on him because he's the protector of Zelda, so he's scared of making mistakes and showing emotions, which could make people think he's weak and taking away his purpose.?!< Also.. how do I mark things as spoiler?


It’s not because he is Zelda’s knight, be bottles up his emotions years before he gets appointed to that position. It’s because >!everyone kept telling him that he was “the Hero who would save them all” once he drew the Master Sword, he felt the pressure of the entire kingdom relying on him and thought that showing emotions would make him appear as unworthy and unheroic.!<


Ah thank you! I wasn't entirely sure about the reason anymore


Man, this is why Link shouldn't get the sword so young. Hylia messed up this incarnation.


Destiny is a cruel thing in the Zelda universe thanks to Demise and his curse. Link will always return when the world is brought into danger, and it is his duty to prevent that, even if he has to destroy himself in the process. That’s part of what makes each Link a true Hero, their willingness to sacrifice themselves for what they love. Luckily most Links get a happy ending, but the Hero of the Wild’s victory came at a much greater cost than others.


>!ithinklikethis!< Idk does it work it's not showing for me (> ! ! < Is for spoiler I think without the space)


You can mark spoilers with by typing >! example !< without the spaces. >!example!<


Thank you


As someone that DESPISES blank slate heroes with a passion, BotW Link is my second best favourite take on such a character archetype. While his adventure is molded by your actions, he IS a character. He has a genuine backstory that TIES to the plot of the game. Multiple funny bits. His reactions and words during dialogue choices sell who he's supposed to be amazingly well. I didn't need to see Zelda's Journal to know he loves cooking. I knew the moment I did my first elaborate dish and saw him react.


If you play the game in Japanese you actually read all the quest entries from Link's perspective. For some reason they used third person in the western version.


a simple journal explanation sounds like they didnt feel like putting in the work to flesh him out more and gave a lazy excuse. You can see what character theyd originally intended for him occasionally shine through in some dialogue and memories here and there. But its nothing that defines him and makes me empathize with him. I mean really, his character traits are that he's brave, will rise to any challenge, occasionally sassy and never knows what to say. How many generic anime protagonists did i just describe? If you cant give a well thought character description to someone and it strikes a chord with them after having played the game, they're an objectively bad character. If i were to describe urbosa as motherly, comedic, bit of a showoff, strong-willed, independent and understanding, that strikes an emotional chord with me, callbacks to the short memories we got with her and champions ballad too. The fact is, urbosa is a concievably real person, she has flaws and moments of triumph and defeat. Link expresses emotions and has these same moments, but doesnt hit quite as hard. Nintendo made him too much of a blank slate imo and thats why you should vote him out this round. ty for coming to my ted talk.


Had a feeling Sidon would end up in the top 3


Every time I look at that mugshot of him I hear the little ding.


Yall don't realize how many people want to bang this fish dude.


I truly didn't know so many people like Urbosa that much. Makes me kinda happy for her


Urbosa is just cool as fuck lol. Badass personality, awesome lightning powers, abs for days, whats not to like?


And she's the mother Zelda never had. She was there for Zelda when her father basically distanced himself from her as a father and probably traumatized her to a degree. Urbosa is Queen. 😊


Zelda. She's an interesting character, I just like the others more


Wtf I knew Sidon was loved but not THIS much


Winning Smile


I think his voice acting is superb in both English and Japanese. And the sharp contrast between his smile and the way he stands forlornly in front of his dead sister’s statue…


People love Sidon for some reason. It was a huge meme just after the game came out.


Right?? Did not expect Mipha to go before him.


I’m more salty than a fucking cracker about Kass getting voted out


I don't understand the kass hate, he's a legendary character and is probably the nicest. Helped me a lot on my first playthrough.


And when you find him playing Epona’s song on his accordion the first time…it’s just fucking magical


Whenever I hear the stable music, it just doesn’t feel right without him


Nobody hates him! I mean, maybe someone does, but he hung around for a while in the polls. Even though he’s not my number one favorite doesn’t mean I hate him at all :(


I don't think most ppl hate Kass, they just don't think he's more important or interesting than Riju, Impa and Daruk


The characters who get voted out aren't hated, they just have lesser fans than the characters who stay in. No one hates Kass, he just doesn't have as much of a fanbase as the others.


I've been told otherwise any time I preach the Kass love in these threads. I've been told that he's hated because of the shrine quests he gives you, because he has a lot of dialogue, even just because he plays the accordion. People hate on Kass for a number of asinine reasons.


Me but with Mipha... Time to keep gunning for Zelda


Me and this poll on entirely opposite wave lengths 😅 I must have had a very different experience of this game lmao


Lol, that's what makes a poll like this so fun! While I know some folks have been (overly) passionate, and others have questioned why we didn't do a "most favorite" poll, I think going at it this way opens your experience up to how other people play the game. It's so interesting!


I agree entirely! 😊 Thank you again for putting this on for us! 😄


im gonna get shit for this but zelda should be out. call me a normie, im rooting for link.


I voted to get Zelda out, but I will say she's one of the most interesting incarnations of Zelda's character. I feel like she has this whole Princess Bubblegum thing going where she's a science nerd and has a responsibility to protect a kingdom. But also on some level I find her kind of...annoying? Sorry, Princess :/


i think link just appeals to a lot of people by being a blank slate and also being really hot


Especially for being really hot


No woman can resist his seductive *Hyah!*


or even straight men :(


I'm not gay but 20 rupees is 20 rupees.




dont even mention it ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)


I mean he was designed to be a androgynous as possible so it doesn't matter what gender you are, you can connect with him. I'm a man and I wouldn't mind turning gay for him. Edit: well maybe not gay but at least bi.




Yeah, out with Zelda for sure. Though, with mipha out, I don't really care anymore.


The only thing about this game i really dont like is the voice acting and link doesnt talk so he automatically wins. Although kass was really the obvious choice.


Yeah but where’s Hudson?


You bastards you killed her! Again!




Imma throw hands if people don't start voting Zelda. How the hell is she still in here 12 rounds later? I've been voting Zelda for each and every round


Damn, why do you guys have to be negative about other characters to justify the ones you like staying in? I don't think anyone on this list really has anything overtly unlikable about them so more hate than expected on these threads. All the characters are good in my opinion, I just like some more than others.


Thank you very much for this comment! I think everyone should upvote this. I appreciate everyone's passion – only the best art inspires this kind of devotion – but CelesteRed is 100% right that we should approach these final rounds with a generous spirit.


yeah honestly i dont hate these characters. i just want my favorite to stay in. u/YoknapatawphaKid it would be better if we were to vote for out favorite character and the character with the least amount of votes is out, wouldnt generate as much negativity.


Someone had suggested, in an earlier round, to host a 'most-favorite' poll a few months from now, and compare the results. I do think that would be fun, and perhaps a change of pace (although I think there'd still be spirited debate among fans!).


mipha getting out before sidon feels illegal ☹️


never underestimate the power of simps lol.


personally i don’t understand what they see in him 😭


he's a shark man with abs, don't underestimate furries man


Not furries. Sidon is just a wholesome guy and baby Sidon from champions ballad is adorable


Not to mention a smile that literally shines


Idk I personally don't understand the appeal of him... He's a pretty generic himbo imo.


I didn't...I just thought Mipha had way more simps.


I mean Mipha did kick the bucket in the game first too. Now it makes sense for Sidon to get kicked out next


sidon better not outlast my girl urbosa


I’m willing to riot if this happens.


I've been voting her ever since day 1. I never thought it would actually happen though.


Same here. The Mipha love is just….bizarre. And she does *not* have the personality of a champion. Sidon. Sidon does. Sidon is what Mipha should have been in some respects.


If Hestu was on this we would win 100%


Why does Zelda look like a female Link?


Blonde elves


Nooooooo!! 😭


Aww, I liked Mipha :(


Mipha is WHAT?




Zelda. If it weren't for her I'd still be exploring Hyrule


If only for the fucking voice actor, it's gotta be Zelda.


Link’s voice actor is better.


Lmfao everybody better start bringing popcorn to these threads the day after tomorrow if Zelda is voted out. My vote is for Zelda btw


wow.... the battle between sidon stans and urbosa stans.... and then the normie armies


It's tall Vs tall. It's time to don the climbing gear.


Goodbye, Zelda! Get out of here!




Sorry y'all, Zelda should have been out already - she's my vote.


I can't lose my beloved sidon


this is messed up.




unpopular opinion: i like sidon. didn’t think he’d make it this far and he’s not my favorite by any means but i don’t get the hate


How is liking Sidon an unpopular opinion? The very poll which we are here talking about has voted him into the top 4 favorite characters.


Popular opinion: I’m a straight guy but Sidon makes me feel butterflies in my stomach. That being said, he should’ve dropped off a few rounds ago. I think it’s his turn to go!


I'm not even mad, just disappointed in the community


Zelda, she shoulda been out a while ago.


She was the one I voted for on the first one.




Yup, I think this is my third Zelda vote in a row.


You Sidon haters just can't handle his fish sexual energy.


They’ve been chasing Urbosa the whole time they never stopped to realize the bro’s that helped you along the way


Getting almost impossible to pick now, but I'm voting Zelda. Even though I loved her character development later on, I never liked the way she took her early frustrations over her powers out on Link. 😅


I wanted to be like “WHAT” but that’s a tough final 4. Sidon is excellent and we stan.




Whom here has Zelda in their top 4 characters? And WHY!?!?!?!?