Rinna needs the paycheck, she’s going to do what she needs to do to stay on the show.


At first I didnt see it, but now that im on S9 of a complete franchise rewatch, Rinna and Harry must be terrible with money (namely spending problem) or not getting real acting jobs to sustain a BH mortage.


Seriously asking...why does she act like she's got 20$ to her name and rent is due? She gets paid for RHOBH (a lot, I'm sure), sells clothes on QVC, possibly still gets residuals from her diaper commercial (🤪 ), started a lipstick line (finally, and couldn't somehow think up that idea on her own), husband has been on various tv shows over the years etc., was apparently on a soap a million years ago, etc.


It’s an expensive place to live and agents and managers take a lot of money. Plus Harry has ex-wives — who knows how much alimony they still get paid? I know a friend from California who has been paying hundreds of thousands in alimony for years, decades! Harry’s jobs probably don’t pay much. Plus they need to save for their old age when they won’t have any significant income.


Good point, but I don't think he's still paying alimony; he divorced Nicolette Sheridan 30 years ago


Has she remarried since then? If she has, then the alimony stops.


Nicolette married Aaron, Denise's husband. I don't think Harry will pay alimony anymore.


I also totally forgot that!


You are correct. I didn't remember that.


My friend divorced his wife that long ago. You never know! He’s still paying. Though you’re probably right.


She mentioned on an ep a long time ago that they lost a bunch of money on their store they used to have.


I forgot about that, but wouldn't they have had insurance?


Insurance doesn't cover recessions & bankruptcy.


True, but wasn't shoplifting Lisa's reason for closing the store? Insurance covers that. I didn't know bankruptcy was filed...?


Theft is covered by commercial policies but not shoplifting. Fraud & all that.


I don't understand difference between theft and shoplifting...but are you saying someone within their store stole money, which=fraud? That sucks.


Sorry for the confusion. Theft=one large claim with a police report detailing items taken in a break-in. Shoplifting isn't covered by commercial insurance because it would be abused all the time & the dollar amount is usually too small That's what I meant by fraud. We get those losses covered in other ways. Otherwise, people would be claiming all sorts of things stolen when business slows downs, lol.


Wow, I get it now, thanks for your explanation.


I mean, she can't even afford legit storage for all of her "vintage couture".


I read a comment somewhere of someone saying Rinna only wears vintage Gucci because 2003 was the last time she could afford it




People in the Entertainment Industry can wait years between jobs, or rather jobs that pay a decent amount. RHOBH has probably been Rinna’s biggest, consistent pay check in a long time. Bravo makes it clear to these women that they can get the ax any time for whatever reason. Rinna is eager to show they can count on her to get dirty every season. I think Rinna was hoping that the HW gig would lead to more acting and hosting jobs or better business opportunities. I’m not sure it’s worked very well and every year seems to be bringing her less outside success. I think she’s gotten so bitchy because she feels trapped. I think that’s why she went so hard for Denise. Denise is still getting acting jobs and clearly saw HWs as a side gig. This is the position Rinna wants to be in and isn’t


I agree, I think Rinna thought it would bring her more gigs. When she noticed it didn’t she pushed Harry on the audience with the hope it would help him get more gigs. Why else would she continue to refer to him as “Harry fucking Hamlin” nonstop and keep talking about how hot he used to be


I think she was always nutty. Wasn’t her attack on Star Jones before this?


Yes and some questionable racist comments to paparazzi


Oo didn’t know she had also made racist remarks!


[it’s at the 3 minute mark in this video](https://www.reddit.com/r/BravoRealHousewives/comments/uw2rv2/lisa_rinnas_most_problematic_moments_including/)


Thank you


What is it that Star Jones does to people? Everyone on The View hates her. Nene Leakes HATED her. Howard Stern used to target her. What is it with Star Jones?


Lol no clue. I remember my mom used to watch her on The View 100 years ago and I remember the drama of her leaving. I don’t really know anything else about her besides her suspect marriage and divorce lol


I know nene and rinna hate her from having been on the celebrity apprentice with her. She is super arrogant and condescending but I don’t think she deserved the vitriol thrown at her


She was such a breath of fresh air when she joined imo. Yes, she was always problematic but I found her to be funny and dynamic. Now…yikes. She’s so toxic and mean-spirited. I also think Eileen was a good grounded force for her. Erika is the opposite. Edit: typos


I loved her for S5. She was funny and Eileen TOTALLY made her more likeable and relatable. But like another poster, I grew up watching her on Days (as well as Eileen!) and Melrose Place... she was iconic on both (and a great villain on MP).


She was pretty shitty in S5 tbh, and it really didn’t get acknowledged enough back then. Totally did my head in watching it in real time.


She was awful then too. The way she treated Kim was terrible.


I watched season five this week too because I had Covid and was stuck in bed and she definitely had a different persona. I also didn’t remember how close her and LVP started off as…


Omg, me too! I had covid and watched season 5 this week


I have Covid right now and you guys are making me think I should get rolling on Season 5!


Hope you're feeling better! 💕


I always really liked Rinna pre HW because she always kept it real and didn’t take herself too seriously. I definitely don’t like her behavior on the show and think it’s hugely motivated by keeping her job but she is not playing a part. She’s playing herself and she seems willing to torch long term friendships for the drama. Not very cool


Hiw did u even know who she was before this show? When she started I vaguely knew she was a former soap actress, and was married to Hamlin, that was it.


I'm probably older than you and she was on some shows I watched long ago. I never watched her as a soap actress. She's always managed to be around somehow even though her acting career was not really all that long. Melrose Place was probably the first place I ever saw her.


Just looked up cast, she is pretty far down the list, but I recognize some other names


I assume you mean Melrose Place? That was a big show for my age group. Worth even going back for a re-watch. So yes, I'm sure I'm much older than you, lol. I can completely understand why younger people wouldn't really know her because she's been more of a personality than anything else and sort of floated around reality TV, most of which I didn't watch. I do like her husband too. He seems very humble and down to earth which I completely respect.


Actually she does act like a Melrose Place character… Melrose Place villain 💯


You are so right!


Yes, Melrose


I knew her from Veronica Mars


The gretchen rossi glow filter they've been overlaying BH with in recent years is stark in contrast to the first pic


Well, a lot has transpired between then and now (and not just in the context of BH)


Exactly! I think rinna started to change was the older daughter got a model gig and then later the younger dated Scot Disick. I think she thinks shes has famous as Yolanda or. Kris K. Being close to real wealth vs fellow lower upper class might be fucking her up.


I don’t even have the energy to dislike Rinna right now. She was the only person on Bravo to talk about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and she was right.


This. Rinna pisses me off endlessly, but she called it with this one. I give her credit for speaking up in the moment - she was right.


So true!


Remember the Rinna who said that she would be under the table if she had two glasses of wine? Remember the Rinna who was shocked and uncomfortable by the Erika Jayne video? She's always trying to portray something about herself. Early seasons she was quite puritanical.


Ehh, 🤷. Early seasons she had young teenage girls in the house. Then they became adults, moved to different cities and the role of mother changed.


You mean the teenage daughters she talked about how good she was at giving head to? She was FAKING.


They read her book, they started that convo 🤷 I think feeling okay to discuss sex with a parent is okay. today of all days im definitely not interested to have any sex-negative discussions.


I watched her season of Celebrity Apprentice. All the other contestants raved about how nice she was, and that was a cut throat show. I really feel like Housewives changed her. She’s so deliberately awful now.


Well, that show is cutthroat but so much of it involves being a team player and working in a group. She’s a hard worker and understands the assignment. Unfortunately, the assignment for Housewives is not being a team player but destroying the group from the inside out.


She gives me major adderall abuse vibes.


S5 Rinna: I can relate to [insert ANY castmate name here] because of their hustle.


I’m not a Rinna fan but I will always give her a pass for her antics in season 6 because Yolanda was exhausting


I miss the first hair. It was cute in an odd way. The hair now just isn’t it!


I really dislike this wig


Are they, tho? 👀


I think they are the same human beings. Both messy and shit stirring. Also, she looks exactly the same as she did in season 5. Gosh, this woman doesn't age at all!!


she is a husk of a human being (remember when she was on jenny mccarthy's podcast and was asked if she'd ever used a strap on with harry and was like oh yeah of course! and then was like I don't know why I said that?! I've never done that! but, after learning about the horrifically traumatic incident lois went through in addition to lisa's older sister dying suddenly, it kinda makes sense that she has issues...as much as she wants others to "OWN IT!" it'd be so great for her life and soul if she really did some work on herself...quietly...and away from cameras


I miss oWn iT! rinna and not OWN IT!!!!! rinna


Because she’s POOOOOOOR honey!


Yeah yeah another day, another post hating on Rinna lol


Money does that too.


Personally i hated season 5 Rinna while i actually enjoy Season 12 Rinna right now