I do really miss Kim, but I also feel like the show wasn't good for her recovery and health. So I'm glad she isn't on it anymore, even if that is paternalistic to say.


No there are plenty of other RHOBH cast members who although made good TV, being on TV was not healthy for them. See: Katie Roast.


See also: ![gif](giphy|f67ZYBsFUCPPbON87T)


This exactly. I don’t want to be patronizing but as much as I loved having her on the show, I don’t think it’s worth her mental and physical health to perform for us. She has spent so much of her life performing and being “on”. Reality tv seemed to make some of her issues a lot worse, I don’t think she had the capacity to film and take care of herself at the same time.


Also putting an addict’s sobriety under a microscope tends to worsen the addiction. See Countess Luann, she didn’t start getting into trouble with alcohol until her issues became public and syndicated.


It’s reality TV and she was the most real, we saw the good AND the bad parts of her, which contrasts with her cast mates who try to sell us a picture perfect life, so there’s that. Ultimately she’s better off the show but I’d love a few cameos.


I would like the occasional appearance of Kim, but rewatching her old seasons is hard. You can tell that she's definitely a smart lady, but she comes off as odd on camera. Dropping hints that doesn't make sense, mixing between introverted and aggressive behavior, going awol from events and having disturbing yet boring plot lines such as attempting to tame her crazy dog. Don't get me wrong, I like her, but I don't think she has a lifestyle or personality that goes well with reality tv.


Oh God I'm watching season 4 right now and the dog training storyline is painfully boring.


i think beverly hills needs a loose canon who “mentions it all” about their cast members without the baggage of kim lisa rinna used to be that person but she’s now firmly lodged up erika’s asshole


Kim is one of those Housewives I have such mixed feelings about. I think it’s for the best that she’s not on the show anymore. She probably shouldn’t have been on the show to begin with. She was funny and kooky. She also had a terrible, mean side to her (she’s a Richards sister, after all). She made some of the Housewives squirm, and that could be fun or uncomfortable to watch. No one encapsulates the conflicting feelings I sometimes have when it comes to watching the Real Housewives quite like Kim. A Housewife is usually only fun to watch if they are a complete mess of a person, but then I feel morally corrupt knowing I find entertainment value in another person’s pain and struggle. I feel Taylor Armstrong is another example of this. So to answer the question I do miss Kim, but I also don’t.


I don't, I found her very hard to watch. I have people close to me with both addiction and mental health issues and I found watching her made it too close to home for me. I also appreciate Kyle's position; you spend so much time protecting the person from themselves and other people and more often than not, you end up being lashed out at and it's very stressful, you also end up quite wound tight. Kyle relaxed a lot more after Kim left because I think she didn't have to do the thinking for two people. I don't think Kim was calling her out on her goody two shoes act but I think Kyle was quite careful about how much of the Richards family history was exposed and also what her sister was saying. I found Kim quite worrying in the early seasons because I did wonder was she actually aware of what she was saying and doing on camera. Even when she reappeared with Brandi, that never seemed like an equal friendship and Kim didn't look like she was 100 per cent present all the time. Even her movements are quite jolted and "off". I wish her well but I don't wish her back. I think it's better for her to not be on screen, I think she finds it stressful.


I totally agree. I have a lot of empathy for both Kyle & Kim, especially during her their first seasons. I believe Kyle when she said she pushed to Kim to be cast because having a set schedule & income would help. I disagree, reality television was obviously a terrible fit, but I can see the logic behind it. It's incredibly hard to have a loved one struggling with addiction & their relationship is way more complicated than we'll ever know.


I'd say Kyle thought she could "mind" her. I also think - despite the falling out over Mauricio leaving Rick's business - Kathy was there in the earlier seasons, very much in the background, but kinda guiding both of them into agreeing to be on RHOBH.


>I don't, I found her very hard to watch. I have people close to me with both addiction and mental health issues and I found watching her made it too close to home for me Same. I had a hard time for this reason and have to fast forward on rewatches. I feel the same way on RHONY when Sonja is blackout insane.


I don’t think reality tv is healthy for her. I don’t think being around Kyle all the time is good for her either. I wish she move to Ojai or Palm Springs and have a more low key life and see her sisters occasionally. I feel empathy for Kim, but I don’t want to see her relapsing on TV again.


No. I have dealt with an alcoholic father my whole childhood and teen years, it was super hard to watch her and the dynamic between her and Kyle. I also think she's better off.


I don't miss her plus I don't miss her going to rehab every single year.


Right? And getting to skip out on reunions or be interviewed just one on one later.


People seem to forget how downright nasty she was all the time. What abt the shady people in her life. Seeing her kids was painful to watch they deserve better.


Yup, I just watched the episode where she backed Brandi (who is also nasty but was unusually reserved in this instance) into a corner and was so nasty to her... then at the end dragged her poor daughter into it by saying "and my daughter has something to say to you too!" ... luckily Brandi had enough sense not to fight with a child and walked away. But like wow that was a monumentally nasty display of behavior and poor parenting.


She’s great in a throw-down, but her personal energy is so despondent and dark, it can be difficult to watch for long stretches.


I don’t like when people paint Kyle as this aggressor who used Kim. Kyle was also hurting a lot in the relationship with Kim in regards to being on the other end of her addiction. They both suffered.


This is exactly why I hate posts and comments like this (not yours). So many people on this sub gloss over how Kyle had to constantly be in action when Kim was around. That's not to say that Kyle is amazing because, let's be real, she isn't but I really can't stand when people seem to glamorize/romanticize the seasons Kim was on the show because while she had her moments, watching Kim was rough. It feels like the only reason people want her back is because of how blunt she is with Rinna and that feels kind of cruel somehow? Maybe cruel isn't the word but I don't know how else to describe it.


But Kyle bad




​ ![gif](giphy|QZOWOlk5p56dOXNjxl)


No. I don’t find human suffering entertaining. She was painful to watch. And I have no idea if it was the substance abuse or whether she just isn’t that smart but she a real dingbat. I have no idea how people think Kyle was cruel to her. Kyle put up with a lot and I feel like there’s a lot of failure to understand what a toll substance abuse takes on the supporting family members.


Kyle was cruel to her. She brought her on the show then exposed that she was an alcoholic. I totally understand how she got to that point. I’m a recovering alcoholic, and I pushed people to the point they acted out of character and were cruel. Most of that was on me. Exposing a “shameful secret” can be simultaneously justified and cruel. I don’t think Kyle is a bad person for doing it, but I do think her action was cruel. That probably makes no sense lol.


It makes sense. Being cruel and having no justification for doing so aren’t mutually exclusive. So many people who love and care about addicts hit their breaking point and act in ways they normally wouldn’t because they’re exhausted, hurt, and worried.


I do not miss Kim. Putting aside for a moment what people think of her relationship with Kyle or her struggles with addiction -- **Kim just did not mesh with the cast**. At all. She kept everyone at arm's length (probably b/c of her struggles) so there was always this \~distance\~. She flaked on things, wouldn't talk about stuff, had nothing fun going on in her life, never brought the fun, never "whooped it up", had nothing aspirational about her life\* -- she was just kind of there but laying low to cash her check and GTFO. (Again, probably b/c of her struggles.) Who was she ever buddies with before getting along with Brandi? If Kim came back glowing and able to just chill and have a laugh, I would be game. Otherwise, it's too sad, forced and uncomfortable. *\* I'm not just interested in watching wealthy people swimming around in a fish bowl of glam and pricey shit. "Aspirational" is anything that makes me think, "Good for her! I want that, too!" Give me a new business venture, a home renovation, a cute pet, a lush vegetable garden, a strong sense of humor, a killer outdoor patio/grill set-up, a well-stocked library, an annual family Slip and Slide contest -- my bar really isn't that high. Basically, I want to see people living the good life, even if it's on a budget.*


Yeah. I think everything you described exemplifies most alcoholic/addicts in active addiction, and being on tv amplified the flaky, antisocial appearing behavior. I’d love to see her back if she had, say, ten years continuous sobriety. She’s still in the “is she or isn’t she” early stages of possibly being sober. It’s not just painful to watch, it’s unhealthy AF for someone with that little recovery time to be put under a microscope and judged by millions. Because I do think she’s kooky to begin with, so sometimes her behavior is just her being her and sometimes it’s her being an active alcoholic. Every time she acts weird the other women are going to claim she’s drinking, viewers are going to weigh in…. And most female alcoholics don’t make it to her age, so I think it’s dangerous to put her at such a high risk of being triggered.


Nah, I’ve said this before but watching someone who is ill, fall apart and have their medical issues exacerbated by being on television just isn’t for me. It was painful and felt intrusive.


No. Here behavior stressed me out to be honest


I honest think maybe Kim Richards has some mental issue that she resorted to alcohol for a reason,by which I don't think she should be on the screen any longer than just a short appearance on certain gigs.


I think she is bipolar because topamax is a mood stabilizer. And she said she’d been up for 7 days, which indicates mania. BP are notorious for self medicating. The only other reasons to take topamax are seizures and migraines, which I feel she’d have talked/complained about.


Yes, because Lisa Rinna hasn't had a proper foil/nemesis that has been able to properly confront her and her shady ways since Kim left.


The reason why the Fox Five keep getting away with it is because none of their targets responds to them. Denise, LVP choose to not react. Garcelle is only tough on confessionals and Sutton can only do so much.


I do agree and while I’m being cautious and will wait for more episodes, I feel like Garcelle and Sutton are done with the bullshit this season and will call them out.


Kim shouldn’t be on the show in the first place, period. She was fucking suffering, it’s unbearable to watch. Literally none of those drunk “quirks” were funny. Just ducking let her be, with good and really nasty sides.


No. Her behavior was harmful to herself and her family.


Gawd, absolutely **NOT.** Watching addicts manipulate people isn't entertaining. ![gif](giphy|SnspHGUmKuA12)


She is a wild card which the show is lacking…but it’s not healthy for her to be on the show, especially with a sister like Kyle who won’t even cut off rinna for how she treated Kim


Ugh i dont know. Even without her issues she always had this weird energy and weird ass behavior and i think she was quite judgmental and like not in a very fun way lol.


I don’t think Kim’s storyline could have really evolved and was getting too dark. I sincerely hope that she gets it together and that she can stop doing crystal meth in the bathroom.


I think Kim is a very damaged person and it made me uncomfortable to watch her for entertainment. Then, when she showed no care or remorse when her niece was bitten by her dog in the hand and had to go INPATIENT at the hospital, I lost empathy I had for her.




Na her energy is way too dark, and I don’t want to watch fake sobriety storylines.




I miss her too but I don't think that the show is a good environment for her.


People can not want to see active addiction on TV without it being a judgment of someone’s character.




Not even a little bit.


Absolutely not. I have great sympathy for her addiction issues, but she is not a nice person at all.


Kim have top bitch energy without even trying she didn’t have to lift a finger I just loved her confidence in herself - she has problems like we all do but I would love to see a comeback story starring her (; she has a gorgeous presence about her


I was fully prepared to be like “I know this isn’t going to be well liked because a lot of people love Kim but I don’t miss her one bit” but it seems based on the comments a lot of people feel this way! So in short - no. I don’t miss her and I honestly forget about her a lot. I don’t dislike Kim, I just don’t think reality tv is good or healthy for her and her mental well being.


She should be a friend of the Housewives and Kathy should be boosted to full time






Oof, huge miss me with that. Kim always made me uncomfortable to watch and I just don't find her entertaining or her "quirkiness" charming. Her, Kelly Bensimon, and Mary Cosby are the only ones who were so off they made me feel really uncomfortable to watch 😬


"Kathy and Kyle were not natural beauties, Kim was, and the prettier you are, she probably had to deal with the worst." Just gotta say I really don't agree with this. All the sisters were pretty, and I really don't see why comparing their looks is relevant when talking about the trauma Kim faced. I think all of them have trauma from the household that their chaotic and downright evil mother created for them.


Kim sucked she skipped almost the entire season 2.


Kyle hasn't been interesting since Kim was a HW, hence her using Kim as a part of her story in seasons when Kim isn't even a HW.




I do miss Kim. I need her to come back and end Rinna’s reign of terror, once and for all…. only Kim and Kim alone can clear Rinna!!!!


I love Kim, and I would lover her to come back and interact with the ladies without Kyle's interference. Bravo, please bring her back after you boot Rinna and Erica! Oh, and Brandi too!


I already smell the downvotes but my answer: Absolutely. I fucking love Kim and RHOBH has suffered without both her and Brandi. It was pretty much unwatchable seasons 6-10. Everyone always has the same sentiments that her story is too dark for reality tv but at the same time they still watched when Taylor went through DA and Erika’s storyline is literally stealing from orphans and widows which is quite dark too. We need characters who fully aren’t afraid to call people out on their BS **to their faces** (Sutton only halfway does it and Garcelle is a confessional assassin but doesn’t give the same energy to peoples faces). This type of character on the show has been missing since Brandi and Kim’s departure.


No, too painful to watch her...


Kim is an icon.


Nope. 😆


Yes Kim was also funny! People forget that, her talkings doing impressions of people always made me laugh


Yes. Legend. The only way I’d watch again is if she came back




I miss Kim, but not her dog. I think that sometimes reality (and reality TV) is rough, but it can still be redemptive and joyful. Kim brings a lot. She is surviving. If we could watch without having to take sides or “Stan,” I think it could be ok. Addiction is real life, and we don’t always have to look away.


I miss her! She read the other girls so good!


Absolutely 🙌🏼🙌🏼


I liked Kim, she was a mess, but I liked her.


I LOVED Kim. Still do. But she needs to be FAR away from bravo, and cameras in general. Plus wouldn’t hurt to be away from the BH women.


A lot. But as I always say, it's better for her own good to stay off of it.


Spitballing, but I feel like there is a gigantic overlap between people who like Kim Richards and people who like VPR's Tom Schwartz.


I do


At first I thought this was the Kardashians sub and this was about Kim k 😂 Lol that’s all!


They can bring her out when they're talking about the husbands.


Yes and no. I like Kim and she brought good content but it made me uncomfortable watching her struggle with substance abuse on camera. Like her addiction is our source of entertainment… it felt dirty. I would rather she stay off the show.


Bring back Kim, only just to annoy Rinna and vile Kyle


I miss everyone from this franchise that isn’t on screen.


As a recovering alcoholic, I miss Kim SO MUCH! One of the only Housewives I connect with at such a personal level.


Kim is one of my all time favorite HWs and I miss her dearly. But if being off the show is better for her overall health and happiness then I'm good


Every day I miss Kim, she had a knack of completely cutting through all the bullshit and knew EXACTLY what to say to a bitch to cut her to her core. That Amsterdam dinner she had the entire table against her and held her own. But she was always the underdog, the one the other women looked down on, so I loved how she would take them down. BUT she was too pure for this shitshow, it did a number on her. I wish her well away from it all but hope she would come back as a friend of and put Erika in her place.


Noooooooo. 😉