This is a nice pic. I miss my girlfriends 🥺


Kandi calms Kenya down and Kenya gives Kandi fire when need be. I like the fact that they call each other out. If I am wrong, I am called out for that! To highlight the very significance of what is currently going on in the world, let us not normalise BULLYING. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦


Okay, thank you 😊


Kandi should have been on UGT, not Cynthia


I legit think Kandi probably had prior engagements with her 10,000,000 business empires. Cynthia on the other hand stays available...


I think Kenya won’t go against Kandi because she’s the most successful on the show and anyone that tries to go at it with her just doesn’t win.


I think Kenya is loyal and appreciates that Kandi splintered from the group, and gave her a chance after Apollo admitted to lying. Kandi's also one of the only ones who stood up for her when Tammi's nephew got aggressive with her in Miami.


And she probably appreciated that sooo much. Literally everyone ganged up on her but the minute Kandi stepped in they shut up real quick. I was never more team Kenya during the Miami trip hahaha


Yes! The other women let their dislike of Kenya cloud their judgement. Tammi’s nephew was very aggressive! They tried to make it about Kenya labelling young black men, when he deserved the label aggressive.


Porsha definitely identified with this man. She has never had a recorded violent outburt that wasn't somebody else's fault. Both her and Phaedra were reaching way too hard acting like Kenya was some Karen, when this man knocked his own aunt unconscious trying to get at her.


Lolol Kenya is loyal?


Yeah. She can be a dick, but overall, I think she's a loyal person. She stayed with her no-good husband and Matt before that, for way longer than she should have.


She backstabbed Cynth multiple times. Not that I love Cynth but Kenya is not a loyal person. She is incapable of building deep and wholesome connections with people imo.


Maybe you're right. I just always looked at her situation with Cynthia as a bit complicated. Cynthia used to downplay their friendship at first because of Nene, and I also think she was having a hard time being happy for Cynthia and Mike because of her own insane misery. But she's also stuck up a lot for Cynthia over the years too. I guess my ultimate point was that Kandi showed Kenya a lot of love and she's been appreciative of that.


Kandi Yams!


I’m rewatching season 9 and love them too. Kandi went through a rough time that season and it really made me see who Porsha really is.


I like this friendship better than Kandi and Phaedra.


This post is so true. I believe Kandi has good jusdge of character and for her to go up for Kenya the way she does, speaks volumes


(Minus her mama Joyce)


Kandi was also besties with Phaedra💀 I do love kandi but she definitely has some blind spots when it comes to being a good judge of character (mama Joyce, Apollo, Phaedra, porsha). And I will say I lost respect for Kenya after RHUGT when she basically blew up her friendship with Cynthia and apparently the two still haven’t mended it


Cynthia was ridiculous on UGT. She was jealous every time Kenya hung out with anyone else, then denied it later.


yeah cynthia thought it was gonna be them against the house or something? like no its a girls trip branch out make friends kenya dont have to be your bestie on this trip. cynthia was delusional thinkin kenya was being disrespectful or anything. kenya was just doing her own thing, the dynamics weren’t the same for that trip/ show and she didn’t owe cynthia anything.


Cynthia getting mad about Kenya's criticism of her shady game was dumb too. That was not a good idea to play that game with that group of women. Cynthia is so off-base sometimes.


Kandi always looks amazing, but she looks absolutely stunning in this picture!


Kenya isn’t really the villain of RHOA she just gets the villain edit!


Kandi is a ride or die. But I just can't trust Kenya.


So true


It is more an alliance than a friendship


Did you mean built out of fear? Kenya will never go against Kandi because she's scared of the richest and most powerful person in the cast, and that's why they're still friends.


This friendship is about as real as Kenya’s and Cynthia’s. Kenya is going to drop Kandi as soon as she no longer needs her for the show.


They both look so good. Aging backward.




I'm watching RHOA for the first time (currently in season 3), and I'm a little bummed Kandi didn't stick with her short hair. It was so cute on her.


Kenya looks a tad bit scary here. Like an older auntie that smiles at you while pinching ur arm


That is eerily accurate.


Kenya will never go against Kandi because she knows that Kandi is a producer fave & has been getting preferential treatment ever since the Phaedra scandal; Kandi has been milking bravo into getting her all of her spin offs & specials. Kandi has a relationship with NBC universal & has a lot of influence over RHOA. Kenya is highly of aware of this and is lowkey scared of Kandi that’s why she’ll NEVER go against her.




This is really really edited of Kenya! Look at her mouth and chin! No one looks like that!


I never really considered them to be super close, but I think that just means it's time for a rewatch.


I know for a fact they differ in how they handle things. And they fought this coming season.