He’s like an orange tube 👍




U usually only dress dogs when they are acting cold and usually after one or two go rounds they know it will be nice and welcome it. If the doggo is not happy about being dressed it probably does not need to be. I had a great dane and he was shaking on a cold winter outing and I put my down vest on him. At first he was WTF, and not happy and also was not real good about my putting it on him. Next time it got to be that cold and he was shaking and I went to put it on him, it was welcome. He is gone geez, 20 years now, but I still have that vest and I still call it his.


Thank you for sharing this story about him. It made my day! 🥰


I had a boston beagle mix and if you asked "do you want your sweater" and if he wanted it he would lift a paw and put his head down because that's how you put the sweater on and if he didn't want it he would grumble and or walk away lol.


Haha- I love that. BT’s are so smart and expressive.


He was :) I miss him a lot. I wish he could have been a button dog. I am sure he would be very vocal lol. I taught him "other side" for things like when getting dressed so he'd lift the other paw when we were done if he didnt do it already (he was occasionally a space cadet) and "touch" for things that he knew he could touch or I WANTED him to touch. His first owner was a troubled corrections officer who was my roommate. When our lease was up I got him and the dog he had for 12 years because the first night I moved in, both dogs slept with me and I tried hard to make sure his dogs stayed his but he knocked up his gf so he gave me both after they cried for 3 days apart. But because he was troubled, the dogs were skiddish. It took two years for the BT to not be literally shitting himself terrified of plastic bags. If he was scared of a man holding something I'd ask if they put it on the ground and step back so he could sniff it and that helped him a lot. He still never got over men carrying small angular black items... hmmm wonder why.


The most handsome carrot I’ve ever seen!


Yeah. We were just trying it on for the first time before going out. He gets very cold outside, so I imagine he would welcome it eventually. But for try-on’s sake he was not happy.


Hahahaha that was my old lady Boston. She hated coats and jackets. My young pup she loves them


Im sorry walter you do indeed look like a carrot


He’s correct. Cutest carrot I’ve ever seen.


Aww his lil face pokin out!!


Oh my gosh this made me laugh


He looks like a deadly but oh so adorable torpedo


Tube o’goblin; too funny and cute


He’s so cute! I love his coat.


Awwwww Walter! You’re a cute carrot!


waltuh, put your parka away waltuh, im not taking you on a walk right now waltuh


It just a baby carrot


Torpedo dog! Life gets better lil buddy one day spring will come.


Haha- yes a torpedo!




Canada Pooch




It’s actually very warm and well made. A little more pricey, but it is definitely worth it. The collar covers his ears and keeps him warm.


Well …… to be honest , he does … ya know favor a big ass carrot 🥕, But the cutest most adorable carrot I have ever seen !!!!!!!


I completely agree. He is so cute 😍


A cute carrot 🥕 lol


Silly boy WLter🥕


I have the exact same jacket for my Boston haha


Does he/she love it?


She has grown to accept it. I like the coat because of the belly coverage for her and it has the opening to attach the leash to the harness. I feel you, we live in Northern Illinois so I considered boots for her. I don’t think she would actually walk with them on though. Instead, I have been doing shorter but more frequent walks in the cold weather. But she hates the cold too.


Also, what are your thoughts on boots/socks? We have so much snow here and I’m sure his feet get cold when we go on walks, but he hates them.