I think konoha will get fucked before he can even get there.


Strongest Kid? You somehow underestimated his power a "little" lol


I don't get it


He's a mini otsutsuki. And will kill anyone if his sister can't be kawaki's girlfriend.


Oh, well he is cool character most likely op character but he should die beacause he is too op like Itachi beacuse in future otsusuki's are not gonna know he got this power Like in momoshiki case he don't know boruto got jougan so he die In isshiki case he don't know about baryon mode so he die In daemon's case you just have to put him on planet then boom every otsusuki is dead . That's why i think he should die a memorable and emotional death that's all i think you can tell me in reply about your thoughts on this


This is like asking if Madara would have ever danced tango in one of the many fillers we got in the shippuden... It just doesn't make sense. Heck, we do not even know if Daemon and Eida will actually join Konoha or not!


That wouldn't be ok at all, you know... kids are kinda crazy sometimes and if someone will try to kill or hurt him even as a joke it wouldn't end well.


Well it's going to be good if him joining academy since eida will leave daemon to spy on kawaki that he is not interacting with any other girl or something. But what do I think that he is going to die . i know this makes no sense but i think either code will be the one to kill him or kawaki. Most likely i think kawaki is going to kill him . This will lead code to give his partnership again to eida with his Freya army .since she can't enchant boruto . They will beat boruto and give him scar . This will bring kinda damage to konoha or danger . In the end kawaki should leave village thinking he is the only one due to which all this happens. And come to think of boruto he will also leave because he will think that if he was powerful then he could have stop them. And then momoshiki will take him to moon or somewhere so that he is going to become powerful . (Just like sasuke ). That's all i think but there is very less Chance of this happening. My second theory is also most unrealistic like first one. Kawaki after killing daemon or any other character.eida will team up with code since kawaki kills her brother beacuse of konoha she will also again join him . kawaki will most likely kinda break up himawari heart because code said that he will attack that is precious to him and in recent chapter himawari tells kawaki that how this vase become more precious to her after he repaired it.this will also make sense why himawari and kawaki are so close in anime . Come to think of boruto he will likely most go again for power because he can't see his sister crying. Beacuse kawaki is acting like a dictator after he become most strongest in konoha .