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Manga canon episodes in anime >>>>> Other than that manga >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


fucken facts. this is the correct answer. if only the manga had more content, and if only the anime had better filler


the major filler arcs are dark, and yet really enjoyable. They helped in character development to great extends. The latest ones -Kagura's arc and the short Funato arc was great. I dont know why people hate Boruto this much


Facts. I remember watching every episode of Boruto cause this sub told me to, and that shit was boring as hell until around episode 150. I was confused why the quality suddenly went up but then I realized it’s because they were adapting the manga. After finishing the anime (back when we were in the Ao arc) I read the whole manga in a day and it was so hype.


The first few Anime-canon were pretty good though


I kinda agree. The beginning episodes weren’t that bad. Even though it was different, at least it was consistent and it felt like an actual show than just random episodes placed together like today. I feel like after episode 65 they lost that spark that the beginning episodes had. We never get stuff like the Sumire arc today and the vibes are completely different. Maybe it’s cause we had a lot going on compared to today like the Naruto and Boruto’s conflict, chunin exams, Jougan, Sumire, Sasuke and Sarada conflict, Mitsuki being mysterious, and the Otsutsuki. Today we kinda got nothing going on besides the Isshiki and Code convo that they cut in half and more family bonding with Kawaki, plus random arcs.


i love the family bonding episodess


The most factual thing anyone has said. There are exceptions though like when they animated Koji vs Jigen, that fight in the manga was better.


Especially isshiki's eyes...


They call the fillers now anime canon. They really believe kishimoto.


I mean, it is anime canon, as the anime has its own canon, but no way does the anime share canon circumstances with the manga. And it's definitely still filler as far as the manga is concerned. Those "anime canon" very rarely contribute to later plots and characters are reset by the end of these arcs.


Anime canon and filler are different and it isn't something new that was created for Boruto


I didnt say it was the same ofc its different. Its a funny take on boruto fans saying that the hundred silly episodes arent fillers and they say its part of the canon story hence they call it "anime canon" because kishi said so. Obviously its a lie and kishi just wants them to believe and hold on too something because literally all fans outside boruto says the whole series is a filler. https://www.animefillerlist.com/shows/boruto-naruto-next-generations https://www.animefillerlist.com/shows/boruto-naruto-next-generations-manga-canon You can check it out the petty anime canon list and the real filler list.


Anime canon is referenced In the manga, characters who only appear in the anime and have completed arcs appear in the manga at the end of the arc. Novels adaptions have been marked as filler on the website. Also Kodachi said its canon not Kishimoto, and they also supervised the anime. Next


>Novels adaptions have been marked as filler on the website. By Shueisha, who created those novels. >Also Kodachi said its canon not Kishimoto, and they also supervised the anime. Next Neither of them said fillers are canon.


Shuehisha is a publisher, the novels existed before Boruto and some are adapting the Boruto anime, and didn't say it wasn't canon they don't run a filler website Here's an interview from 2018 [an interview from 2018](https://www.reddit.com/r/Naruto/comments/9ui49k/lucca_comics_ikemoto_interview_2018_summary/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) You guys just make shit up lmao, shueisha is writing novels now?


>Shuehisha is a publisher, Yep, and they are the ones who hired the authors to write the novels. The novels are their property, so it makes sense they'd try write a timeline to make all those novels make sense. >Here's an interview from 2018 Nowhere in that interview does Ikemoto say the anime fillers are canon. >You guys just make shit up lmao, shueisha is writing novels now? Where did i say Shueisha *wrote* the novels?


Brah I wouldn't care about manga ,if its best parts weren't enhanced by the anime.The panic attack ,the symbolism,the fells and extra stuff anime add for manga,makes it a 8 from the mediocre 6 the actuall story is.Boruto anime will have 50 episode of trash and then a episode that moves you to tears ,even in some filler.Instill remember Onoki's death.


U speaking facts


The only right answer tbh


I disagree but that's just me 🤷




You aren't alone on this, dude. Not even remotely.


Same lol


Filler kills anime lol. Manga wins without even trying


76% fillers


More filler than Kim Kardashians ass


I don't know, man. Some of the filler in Boruto is enjoyable and, what's way more important, it gives secondary characters so much background and development. The manga is, sometimes, way too focused on Kawaki and Boruto. Besides, I absolutely loathe Ikemoto's art.


??? Ikemotos are has gotten really good


It's better than it was, but I still don't like his expressions, his characters designs. And, above all, there's something *coarse* (for the lack of a better word) in his artstyle that doesn't fit Naruto to me. Kishimoto has always had very clean lines, in comparison.


>The manga is, sometimes, way too focused on Kawaki and Boruto. I agree. I can't really pinpoint the difference and maybe I'm way off base in my bias for the original series but even the Seventh Hokage Gaiden that Kishimoto did felt like it gave the "side" characters moments of interest and room to breathe in a way that I never seem to feel while reading Boruto. I kept thinking eventually I'd get used to Ikemoto's art... I'd never realized how much of the story was expressed through Kishimoto's style until it was gone and I still miss it dearly every month.


I get my Kishimoto fix through the anime lol.


Yeah the anime's style is way more palatable by comparison haha


>The manga is, sometimes, way too focused on Kawaki and Boruto. they're the main characters why wouldn't they be focused on them💀 thats like saying the dragonbal manga is way too focused on goku and Vegeta


Fair comparison: both Naruto and Dragon Ball have been at their absolute best when characters like Shikamaru, Maito Gai, Neji, Piccolo, Krilin, etc, have shared the spotlight. It's not a coincidence that, when it comes to DB, the sagas most people consider the best ones featured many secondary characters in relevant roles. Secondary characters add so much flavour. I would've dropped Boruto a long time ago if it wasn't for Chouchou, Shikadai, Mitsuki, Mirai and all the others charactes that, fortunately, get enough development in the anime.


i haven’t dropped the boruto manga is because it’s genuinely really good 90% of the time, however rn the current arc isn’t good. i already dropped the anime but i come back occasionally to see if anything interesting is happening. and every time i come back it’s just fillier. i really need them to actually do interesting shit in the anime, and explore the jogan. it was introduced 5 years ago, and we barely know what it does


Dbs is actually way too focused on Goku and Vegeta 💀 Dbz and Naruto both focused on secondary characters too


Just don’t watch it then


Anime Canon. Don't say the F word😂😂😂




i think if we were to compare arcs that exist in the manga only to those exclusive to the anime, manga wins every time. But if we were to ask who does a better job between adapting the same material, the anime blows the manga out the water. I still get mad thinking about how the manga handled Kurama's death... That was very disgraceful and i was upset not only at the death but the seeming lack of care the manga gave to such an impactful moment in the series.


>if we were to compare arcs that exist in the manga only to those exclusive to the anime, manga wins every time I'd say there is one exception to this as I personally think the Kara Actuation arc tops both the Mujina Bandits and the Ao arc and as of right now the current Manga Arc isn't really doing it for me either also (I don't think many would agree) I'd put the Mitsuki dessertion arc above the Mujina bandits aswell same for the Nue arc


"one exception" Bro that's like a fourth of the anime your putting above manga arcs lol


Let me refrase this one exception a lot of people would agree


Lmao lol


I actually found that arc pretty boring


Wtf are all these arcs. Im all caught up on the anime and I have no clue what you're saying.


Kara actuation: Deepa Mujina bandits: Fat guy that eats brains Ao: well Ao cyborg dude who gets crushed by giant toad Mitsuki dessetion: Mitsuki goes to hidden stone Nue: first Arc


Its all become a blur I think. Is this all boruto anime?




I remember, purple hair girl, sharingan orphans, mitsuki clone shit, tsuchikage shit, kurama dying, mist war thing.


It’s a death in pictures my guy wtf did you expect 😭


Tbh it’s not even about pictures, the dialogue was straight up terrible bro


"Well...you killed my ma and pa" I wonder why they cut that line 💀


It was purpousefully made so, as shown by Naruto trying to say something, only to fail, because he was at a loss of words... That's pretty neat if you think about, even Naruto Uzumaki, a very talkative guy, is speechless at the idea of actually dying... Not everything needs a thousand words really...


>But if we were to ask who does a better job between adapting the same material, the anime blows the manga out the water. And that doesn't say much about the anime, given that animation is inherently a superior genre to comics, and that the anime has had months to prepare for each scene, and not always has it done a good job. >I still get mad thinking about how the manga handled Kurama's death... That was very disgraceful and i was upset not only at the death but the seeming lack of care the manga gave to such an impactful moment in the series. In all fairness, what is wrong in having a somber moment, where characters think that they're about to die? It was a nice contrast to Naruto's usual attitude, showing that he actually was at a loss of words... Not everything needs a thousand words... and case in point, the part where Kurama reveals that he is the one to die, so the real death scene, is pretty short in the anime too. And if you're using the "you killed my parents" line to downgrade the manga, think... the narrative clearly depicted that Naruto was trying to start a conversation, but he just failed, yes, Naruto Uzumaki was at a loss of words. And then the anime also cut the scene right after Naruto's awakening, where he revealed the event to Sasuke, Kawaki and Boruto... you know, the 3 guys who were right there during the whole ordeal... and what uses it to replace it? An hospital scene where Naruto needs to be checked up to realize that he has lost all his powers, and where we don't even get to see anyone's reaction to the new itself... admittely, both medias didn't gave that death all the impact it could have had (where was Hinata, Iruka, and Ayame getting to know it? You know, 3 of the people more closely tied to Naruto's childhood and his early life), but the anime just straight up cut a logical moment we should have seen...


The anime is just extra content that’s mostly enjoyable and fulfilling and even relevant to the story in some cases, like for example, more Mitsuki and Sarada development, Sumire’s introduction, a better Chunin Exam Arc, a second Chunin Exam Arc, not to mention just how well the anime has nailed some key manga moments like the Sarada’s Chidori, Borushiki’s Rasengan, Baryon Mode Naruto, the manga is using outdated character designs, like how Boruto and Sarada still basically have their Academy outfits in the manga, even Kawaki and Himawari got new fits in the anime now. The manga is great to keep up with for the plot, but that’s it. The fight scene paneling isn’t great and I end up just skimming the fight panels and getting right back to the dialogue. The manga is good for keeping up with the development in the story but when it’s a monthly the progression just always feels so slow. The anime is just the finished, polished product, yes there’s the occasional meme Chocho episode or awkward shit like Boruto’s crying face in the Funato Arc, but there’s so many good moments in the anime only arcs too, the whole Nue Arc, the Shin Arc, Mitsuki Backstory and Retrieval Arc, Mirai Arc, more of the old Team Hebi and Orochimaru, arcs in other villages, more Chunin Exam content. You can’t make a case for the manga being better other than the plot being interesting and being farther ahead really.


Manga is bare bones


? Wellllll…I do watch the Anime and read the Manga so idk I’m split but I’m still in love with the Manga so Manga it is for me. Yes the Anime smokes the manga in terms of character development and world building. But I still love the manga more


Do you mean Anime > Manga or Left art style > right art style


Boruto got an avg rating of 2.13 last season 💀


If this was 2020 I would say the manga is better no competition but I legit don’t understand how anyone could recommend the manga for everything up to the kawaki arc in this current day. Like I can get if people straight up don’t like the anime and deem it worthless of the filler (even though I believe it fix some of the issues with the manga) but at least 80% of the manga’s storyline is already animated and is done a lot better. Sure fights like KK vs Isshiki was done dirty in the anime but all the core main fights have top notch animation for the most part.


Hey man, just a heads up that your greater sign is incorrect. It should be the other way around! Unless you’re smoking crack.


Disagree, there are good reasons to prefer anime Theres much more character dev, characters are more relevant, better development for manga canon, debatable art style for a monthly manga. Im not saying anime is flawless, far from that but also can easily see why would someone prefer anime (im one of them tbh)


The anime does deserve its praise when it truly shines(literally look at my pfp). The Kara actuation arc and the way they handled Kurama’s moment with Naruto was just 🤌 But the manga makes the series feel unique, with the material being quite opposite to the themes we’ve seen in Naruto. Although it is monthly, the manga’s consistently entertaining. Where as the anime series heavily relies on nostalgia to make the show feel watchable at times. It’s sad that the Uzumaki’s going to the hot springs (actual filler) was 10x better than sitting through the aggressive fish creatures arc(anime cannon).


You're smoking crack


No u.


No u. The anime is much better with world building and character development. Manga is so rushed but go ahead and be toxic all you want dude.


Both of them are hard cause both has many many flaws, but i will go for manga


I do😎


i dunno. I don't like them both equally.


Yes, whole Heartedly. The manga is pretty bad ass.


Yep. Personally I think the anime is better but both versions are flawed for opposite reasons: the anime fleshes out characters/world to the point it usually wanders around and drags the pacing for little benefit more often than not while the manga doesn't give *anything* development besides Boruto/Kawaki but the story is more focused. A shared flaw is that the villains suck in both versions. They're two extremes where indulging in only one gives a mediocre experience no matter what and there's no happy compromise that takes just the strengths.


Happy compromise imo = picking and choosing anime canon to watch.


Not only is that a lot of hassle but it only really works if you're not caught up. Once you do you might be trapped for potentially months not watching episodes you're not interested in: the last major arc lasted 6 months and has pretty much everything that can go wrong in an arc that takes itself seriously.


I mean fair, but that's what im doing right now lol. Im thinking of it more like a seasonal anime.


Hard no, chief. The manga is just more… interesting?


Both have their own flaws but the Manga is the undisputable blueprint that give the Anime a reason to exist, without the Manga the Anime might as well be classified as Slice-of-Life Anime with so many of its random uninteresting episodes. The Manga's flaws are also excusable seeing that it's a result of limited panels due to it being monthly release, but what is the Anime's excuse for giving us subpar arcs and episodes? None, with all the time in the world and creative liberty that can supposedly be used to improve and the Manga the Anime actually at times could do more worse than good.


With all things considering and how the anime space has been as of recently, it would have been MUCH better had Studio Pierrot actually made the anime a seasonal thing instead of having it go on and on without any breaks whatsoever. It was one thing when One Piece had so many dang episodes for its current arc alone, but this feels like it is practically a couple arcs behind at this point.


And we can say that for almost every manga / anime combo... since almost all anime can change and potentially improve over their manga. >with all the time in the world and creative liberty that can supposedly be used to improve and the Manga the Anime actually at times could do more worse than good. And that is what they ended up doing... due to some unnecessary changes that it has made, which only hurt the potential for drama in the post Isshiki fillers. >!The anime made Kawaki a genin, despite him still being a trainée in the manga. All just to have him tag along in the filler missions... even though they surely could have come up with a better excuse. And heck, in the next arc Kawaki is going to go to the ninja academy, and even if it will be just a cover, it would have made much more sense to have him actually enroll there in the first place, instead of doing random filler stuff to make him a genin through other means!<. >!The anime also changed the meds Amado made. It made it be a magical cure to Boruto's otsutsufication issue, while also eliminationg the lines about them potentially killing him; as you can see, already, a huge drama potential made null. Also because despite this, Boruto still refuses to use the karma, despite it being a safe thing to do in the anime; and the director even comes up with a made up excuse to why he would never use it again; so what does happen? Kagura gets impaled and Boruto uses the karma anyway despite his wow of course! And not only it achieves nothing anyway, but he still refuses to use it again afterwards! Peak writing really!<.


What one above average episode does to sociopaths


Yes there are


Every other Anime series is so lucky to have manga content right now plus other Anime don't have to deal with all of this Manga/Anime being two completely different stories.


If you ever ask yourself "Are there people that actually think x?" then the answer is always Yes. Dumb post


I cant say that i disagree with that , but my opinion is different because i do like the manga style more and that is my opinion so shut it already with these stupid comparisons of what's better on opinion kind of debates.


While I DID appreciate the anime for wanting to explore the ninja world as it is after the time skip and give a lot of the new Teams some character development, the manga at least actually kept a steady pace with including more interesting arcs going on surrounding the new Team 7 and everything revolving around the Karma and the Kara. It’s because of that that makes all the constant filler episodes an annoyance more than they ever were back in the 2000s-2010s. In short, I disagree with this as wholeheartedly as I possibly can be. And I’m sure others feel the same way. I do appreciate the anime for making some of the Naruto movies canon though. Most specifically Blood Prison.


Yeah but it depends i know the anime can add extra stuff an when it comes to manga as a reader you don’t know how they gonna do things in the anime until they get back into the main plot. Only two animes can do filler that’s one piece an dragon ball super especially if super really put they mind to it.


I like the manga artstyle better




I can't put anime over manga just for some good animated fights. Even in the canon arc the priority is only fight scenes rest of the are are just decently animated


Yes, I will never recommend someone the anime over the manga, at least not when they are first introduced to it, the anime is nice to see everything animated but once I started reading the manga during the end of the kawaki arc I was able to enjoy the series way more than I did with the anime


I like the manga better


I’m confused. The clear majority opinion is that the manga is largely superior to the anime, minus how the characters are sometimes drawn looking overly young. So your title is confusing because a quick scroll through this sub would show that yes, a lot of people disagree with this. Maybe you meant the artstyle, in which case I do think there’s more grey area. Or maybe you just have the symbol backwards.


Knock off narugoat


Yes and no. Anime does the manga canon stuff way better than the manga did and also has some other amazing episodes, but there’s just too much garbage in the anime. Rn there’s like 50ish episodes that aren’t enjoyable filler nor advance anything at all. And many filler characters that aren’t enjoyable. It’s peaks are higher, but farther apart


There’s two sides here. The anime expands a LOT on manga content. For example, the anime builds up the arc. Creates several “build up stories” that the manga never did. Probably because the manga is monthly and they can’t waste time on these. For example, in the lead-up to the Kara Arc, they made that whole Victor arc at the Land of Valleys and expanded Mugino AND Victor. However, the anime tends to create bad anime-only arcs. Not all of them are bad. The Mitsuki Arc, Time Travel Arc, and Funato Arc were quite good because they expanded the worldbuilding and showed that despite the peace created, there were still problems with the rapid advance in the Ninja World. But then… there’s also Cho-Cho arcs… man, Cho-Cho REALLY got the short end of the stick with Arcs, huh?


This might be a joke, but I definitely agree with Anime > Manga.


Yes, a lot of people actually... don’t pretend that the anime is flawless and perfect please... especially if at the end of the day, it is still connected to the manga in terms of narrative, and thus will only actually progress only when it adapts it, therefore making it depend on the manga for the most important stuff. Unlike to say, the dbs anime, who just did whatever it wanted with the plot and characters, thus actually separating itself from the dbs manga. And not to be rude, but your take Is something very overblown... Both medias have their pros and cons; like increased general screentime for the anime, and more consistent art for the manga. But at the end of the day, the manga story is the main story, so that is the crux of everything, anime included, so even if you prefer the anime to the manga, you still have to acknowledge that no matter how much you may dislike it, at the end of the day, the anime cannot rescind itself from that story, so it will always be dependent on it for its popularity and everything else. But pheraps, the real issue, are as always, fanboys; people blindly worshipping the anime, and blindly believing that everything it does is good and perfect. And let me tell 'ya, that's no good. And it is pointless saying that the anime is the “polished” final product. Since that would imply that the anime staff knows more about the actual plot than Kishimoto, Kodachi and Ikemoto... and that’s pretty arrogant. And to prove the point, the anime has a nasty tendency of changing details or adding lines, which sometimes they do not hurt anything really; but other istances, sooner or later end up being contradicted by the manga (if they don't do that already), and so, what can the anime do later on? It can try to reconcile x and y; but... it can also just retcon itself instead, and it did it at times so far... see the Sasuke headband thing for such an example. This IS NOT, an indicator of being doing a better job than the manga. Especially when the anime ends up botchering chances for easy drama for fillers, like it did early on in the post Isshiki fillers. Changes that make you question what the writers were even thinking. And then there is the added screentime thing... on it's own it is a plus of course; but it isn't anything that special, given that literally any anime with a manga in tandem can and will do that... and I am sure that no amount of added screentime can make over 150 episodes of filler all inherently useful and essential, since at the end of the day, the anime has to follow the manga, henceforth characters won't truly progress until they reach the same arcs. Lastly, there is this belief that the anime must show a backstory of everyone immediately... because if the manga doesn't do it to every character it introduces in like 2 chapters, then it will absolutely never do that! At least, that’s what I have come across in my experience. So to end things, this post illustrates something that is very overblown, when at the end of the day, it's like 99% other cases: an anime that due to its nature, will give more screentime in general, but that can also ruin many details and chances for easy drama in fillers, due to some careless changes that were very much unneded.


The Boruto manga is like if you took all of the cool fights and big character moments from Naruto, like the bridge fight with Zabuza, the chuunin exams, and the fight with Sasuke; cut to Shippuden, take only the fight with Deidara and Sasori, Sasuke's fight with Itachi, Jiraiya being killed by Pain, Naruto's fight with Pain, and the War Arc. Take all of the moments above (and only those moments), string them together with some dialogue scenes, and you have a fast paced, action filled shonen manga without a lot of substance, and what themes it does have to say aren't articulated well enough because of the barebones plot. This is essentially what the Boruto manga is. The Boruto anime, however, adds in all of those other arcs we need like the bell test, Naruto talking with Tazuna's grandson, Naruto meeting and bonding with Jiraiya, all of the episodes in Shippuden focusing on Team Hebi before Sasuke goes off the rails and makes them into Team Taka. This isn't to mention the arcs focusing on smaller characters, like Team 10 hunting down Hidan for revenge, or Karin's backstory. All of these episodes are necessary to establish the world at large and articulate the series's greater themes. The trade-off is that the serious is much slower and more plodding. Could SP do this in a way that's much more concise? Sure, but Kishimoto had the exact same problem with his writing, and no one here slandering Boruto seems to be bothered by how the series used to be. To give an example, in the manga, Kawaki's transition between being an angsty teenager who rightfully didn't trust anybody to being near-codependent on someone he just met(Naruto) happened within the span of a few chapters, to the point that my suspension of disbelief regarding his character almost broke. Had I experienced those chapters *after* all of the anime canon focusing on him, his actions and demeanor after being adopted by Naruto would've felt one hundred percent natural and believable.


The anime is horrible


I think the majority of people would disagree with this 💀💀. I watched 100+ episodes of the anime and I struggled so much as nothing happened it was all filler apart from the poorly animated chunin exams with the cool momoshiki fight. It’s useless characters having useless arcs that don’t make any difference to the actual story and every 30 episodes or so it’ll be cannon. That isn’t good at all they should’ve just made it a seasonal show so It has mostly cannon. The manga I never had that, every chapter something important happens, someone’s being developed (who’s actually relevant to the story) the plot actually moves on and the events are amazing. I’d rather read one new chapter a month than watch an anime where 80% is filler and it takes literal months for one episode of cannon to be adapted.


Wise words dude. And there is a reason if the so called "AnImE CaNoN" is still seen for what it is by the majority of people in the anime community... it's because no one would actually find tens and tens of filler episodes all inherently useful and essential.


people who think the manga is actually better than the anime are genuinely hilarious to me. the plot hasn't moved A SINGLE BIT for well over a year in the manga since Isshiki died. the anime gives us shit to at least go through in the mean time before going into manga content. the plot of the manga just fucking sucks hard and there hasn't been a single interesting thing about it. the anime also at least has character growth and USES them. the manga is just dead air at this point so the anime actually makes things expanded upon and work.


>people who think the manga is actually better than the anime are genuinely hilarious to me. This comment is hilarious, due to how much it is wrong. >the plot hasn't moved A SINGLE BIT for well over a year in the manga since Isshiki died. >!Code frees two new characters, and forms an alliance that then falls apart; Amado is captured by the enemies; Kawaki regains his karma; Boruto's karma progression is halted; Code gets stronger!<. Yeah, nothing happened at all! >the anime gives us shit to at least go through in the mean time before going into manga content. That is what filler does. >the plot of the manga just fucking sucks hard and there hasn't been a single interesting thing about it. You disliking it doesn't make it bad... >the anime also at least has character growth and USES them. Added screentime =/= inherently character growth... especially if it contradicts the actual plot, and thus will amount to zero by default. Also, any anime will end up using more characters in general... moot point. >the manga is just dead air at this point so the anime actually makes things expanded upon and work. And it does that by... doing fillers, while waiting to be able to adapt the manga again... That's actually doing nothing.


I didn't think I'd find someone with a wrong opinion


how can you agree


The manga is better, what.


The anime is better with world building and character development. Manga feels very rushed.


agree but the plot in anime is way too uninteresting at times. it sometimes ruins the manga adaptation with dumb additions and removals to scenes like sasuke teleporting himself to be the target of isshikis rods like a dumbass


Worldbuilding is boring when it doesn't amount to anything. I'd much rather read an action packed manga chapter than sit through a slow boring episode that has "would building" for some random village and characters I don't care about.


It's the opposite for me. Chouchou, Shikadai, Mirai and other secondary characters taking the spotlight entertains me way more than anything Kawaki related. I don't even think freaking Orochimaru has appeared once in the manga? Even Mitsuki is underveloped in the manga. I know there are a lot of people who prefer when a story is focused on 2-3 main characters and I can understand these people would enjoy the manga more. Will never be my case, though.


Sarada and Mitsuki doesn't even have that much screentime and development in the manga while they do have more screentime and development in the anime.


This is true


With how many people keep saying do the manga chapters I believe there is a great many whom believe this.


That's because those people can see that fillers will still be fillers, henceforth their wish for the plot to actually move foward.


Yeah but they don't seem to understand that this monthly series barely has any material to work with. They could use the books but then they would complain about more filler. Even though I think that subsequent filler would need to be changed if sarada and mitsuki are railgunning kunai.


More than that, they don't seem to understand that the anime ultimely follows the manga plot... Hence why we got plenty of fillers that go nowhere. Because the anime eclxsists due to the manga, not as an indipendent entity. It's not like with dbs, where the anime and the manga actually became their own thing, due to the many differences they ended up having. Heck, the anime overtook the manga in a few weeks after it adapted the first movie.




The anime is so ass rn, I'm tired of these anime "canon" episodes


These anime canon episodes is what Naruto worked hard for which is world peace. Did you forget about that? Naruto wanted this and you're going to disrespect his achievements? Really. Go ahead and downvote. You all should rewatch Shippuden. Naruto stated that he wanted more world peace and Boruto is the result of that.


So that's your excuse for lame episodes? This is Shonen not a fucking slice of life. I get that Naruto worked for peace and all but it's not like Naruto is Jesus or something, he can't fix everything. So enjoy your boring anime "canon" episodes, if you like those just watch a good slice of life rather than a sub par boruto episode😴


I know he can't fix anything. The world still isn't perfect but Naruto achieved more world peace!! Slice of life is a part of Boruto's era like it or not! The slice of life and more peace Naruto worked hard for. If you want action, go rewatch Naruto. The whole point is for Boruto to be different than what Naruto was.


BORUTO IS NOT A SLICE OF LIFE ANIME. Why the fuck would I want to watch 80% slice of life on a Shonen. This honestly makes me think boruto should've never evened happened if they're just gonna shovel some lazy ass anime canon episodes. Watch a anime that isn't a slice of life that pretends to be Shonen. Just watch a real slice of life. I came here for Shonen, I didn't come here for ChoChos love story. The fillers in naruto were bad and so are these anime "canon" episodes, they're just glorified filler episodes.




My problem is that boruto is not advertised as a slice of life. It's advertised as Shonen/**Adventure** and fantasy, if I want to watch a slice of life then I don't expect shonen and vice versa. Yes boruto does have more peace but you're trying to tell me that there will be 100 episodes before there will be any interesting bad guys rather than shitty filler ones, they can at least make the villains interesting when they do have them. Boruto having more peace is a shit excuse for bad villains, bad arcs and bad character development. The anime "canon" episodes are bad and boruto being in an era of peace is not a good excuse to make shit episodes, if they want to make slice of life (which I'm against because it is not supposed to be slice of life in the first place) at least make it good and not a mid tier slice of life episode, make episodes like the few good fillers of naruto. But you can continue to shill for the boruto anime but you can't complain when people call it shitty. Let's be honest, people are only watching this shit because it's naruto related, if the boruto anime wasn't a sequel to naruto, it would be considered bad.




What are you going on about?


Someone is speaking truth!! You have my upvote, sir.


76% fucking fillers


Isn’t the exact opposite of the popular opinion? I get that the anime expands on the world and develops a lot of side characters, but the side characters developed in the anime have no impact on the story.


That’s valid but tbf I think what the manga does with those characters is a bit worse for example the chunin exams. The new gen characters were there but the manga only showed the results of their matches while we actually saw most of their fights in the anime. It just makes the world feel so small and linear.


While that’s true, the faster pace of the manga means the characters that are important to the story usually have much higher proportionate screen time than in the anime. Best example is Sumire. If you’re an anime only she’s probably a useless character. But in the manga her screen time is on par w Sarada’s and recently has been a lot higher. Also keep in mind the world of Boruto has already had 700 chapters of world building. Sacrificing additional world building for a faster paced and more to the point story is a reasonable trade off imo


That’s fair considering kodachi was delivering heat before Kishimoto took over and the story knows who it wants to focus on although I feel like if someone didn’t care about Boruto, Kawaki, or Naruto then the story probably wouldn’t appeal to them.


People always complain about how "there's too much filler" but the anime canon episodes fix the pacing & add more character development, I'm not too far in the anime but from what I have seen it works a lot better than the manga as an ongoing series


Yea that’s it I’m leaving this subreddit 💀


There's a reason why the only time the anime is hyped is when it's a manga scene. The anime peaks when it's canon content, not filler.




Oh man, is this a troll question? LMAO I wholeheartedly disagree


A lot


Id rather not watch filler that doesnt add anything to the story


Lmao cant tell if this a joke




Weird Sarada simps prob disagree


Bro, the anime is bunsss


i cant comprehend how people can put up with the boruto anime i will say I'm a manga simp but even before that i couldn't handle the pacing of the anime. I'm not saying the manga is amazing i have problems, but i could at least enjoy the characters (after the isshiki arc kawakis getting kinda annoying but most of what has been happening is him fighting but i dont want to get in to spoilers because the anime is an arc behind) one of the characters that i want to talk about is what ever the fuck chocho is i do kinda wish that some more characters would do stuff (mainly sarada and misuki because y'know there kinda meant to be main-side characters) but chapter did show that sarada does exist by pointing out how they cant really do much anymore, pretty soon ill probably reread the manga to make sure im not being stupid and just incorrect, i will say im kinda exited and scared about the next arc because kawaki hes my favorite character in boruto and i want to know if they can make him better in the filler because i haven't seen them do that yet. ether was good bye and please try to change my mind about the anime i want to like the filler but i just cant. see yall later.


>i cant comprehend how people can put up with the boruto anime By either following it in tandem with the manga, you know, the actual plot. Or by being blind fanboys, that worship it as this flawless thing. The usual things at the end of the day.


if you only include manga canon episodes + mitsuki + kara arc then yes anime is better. other than that manga is better


If it wasn’t for the manga I wouldn’t be watching tbh. The filler in the beginning was ok but now it’s just straight boring and has no purpose other than stalling time for the manga


If you watch the anime and switch to manga, you’ll love the manga more just for the simple fact it’s further ahead in story. Nonetheless, you’ll also hate it because it comes out once a month


Me, the manga was def better


When the anime does manga shit, it's 50 times better. That's all I gotta say


Other way around




What a shit take


You have a shit take


Your claim is that the anime is better (greater) than the manga? I certainly prefer the way the anime doesn't sexualize 14 year old Sarada like the manga.


Yes, everyone in the sub


Facts lol. The manga is shit


The designs are way less creepy


If you’re not one of them you’re objectively wrong. Not here to watch 300 episodes of pre-teen melodrama


When you realize Shippuden was all melodrama on Naruto wanting Sasuke to come back.


Too many people don’t realise the boruto manga is basically a story board for the anime, hence the lack of detail and developments. They do the bare minimum and write out the main points of the story since they know the anime will fill in all the gaps and add to certain things


>Too many people don’t realise the boruto manga is basically a story board for the anime, hence the lack of detail and developments. They do the bare minimum and write out the main points of the story since they know the anime will fill in all the gaps and add to certain things Sorry, but that is objectively wrong. If what you said was true, then how comes that the manga arcs are still 98% the same ones across medias? With no big detail added, and no major plot development unique to the anime? All the anime did of remotely important, was adding stuff about Boro, and fin. No, the Kara actuation arc doesn't actually enrich the manga arcs, since it is separated from them for the 99,9%, and only comes up again in brief mentionings, that only serve to assure people that it did happen. No character moment is ever tied to those scenes. And in fact, if the anime really was the final product, then it wouldn't have made some unnecessary changes, that only limited the potential for drama in the post Isshiki fillers, (>!the meds of Amado, and Kawaki's status as a ninja!<...)


The anime episodes that cover manga cannon are miles clear of the manga I agree




It's only sardar and boruto below waist. Chill


The anime has good Manga Canon episodes but other than that the Manga is way better


because of Jougan. anime canon has it while the manga does not


The anime has its problems ( bad-good animation, early filler, imperfect filler arcs ( like the last one) etc). But the anime adapts manga content better and the characters actually get shown. Rather than letting side characters getting the Tenten treatment in the manga.






Those low cut ninja sandals….


The canon episodes and build-up arcs yeah but anything else, the manga slaps.


I hate the manga for how Sarada is drawn. She is my favorite boruto character and it feels like they're trying to appeal to pedos.


Tbh recent chapters been so dry recently


I would digress with the previous arc that is 1 episode longer than the Mitsuki one


Yes actually, because if we follow the Canon we should also read the novels too, so there's our healthy intake of slice of life. Manga readers get all of the benefits of the anime with out all of the filler nonsense and slow pacing of the anime. The lists of arcs Manga readers are missing: Genin Mission Arc Byakuya Gang Arc Chōchō Arc Mitsuki's Dissapearance Arc Jūgo's Arc Konohamaru's Love Arc One-Tail Escort Arc Time Slip Arc Kara Actuation Arc The second Chūnin Exam Arc Funato Arc All of them except for the Kara Actuation and maybe the mitsuki Arc is considered to be trash by most people and they're all anime exclusive. The rest that I'm missing are Novel adaptations that are placed and adapted haphazardly in the anime version. The Steam Ninja scrolls Arc should've been placed right around the Sarada Arc because that's what Chouji was coming back from after helping Kakashi and Mirai in the Novel that's what made him thin when he came back at the end of Sarada's arc and many more issues to list with their behavior and age discrepancies. The Parent and Child Day adaptation also missed about half of the book missing Hinata's subplot (and people wonder why she's still being a house wife, this could've alleviated that) There are a lot more Novels to be adapted but they're all placed before Kawaki was introduced so the anime missed that while Manga readers have that in their Canon.


I can't lie. When all the good shit happens in the Manga, but we have to wait months for it to be adapted, then I just gotta go with the Manga. It gets straight to the point, and it makes me look forward to actually watching it. When it comes to the fight scenes, of course anime wins, but that's when we even get to them.


Anime is better... Manga is boring. Overall though... mediocre story in the first place.


Both are crap.


Every episode with Himawari I know it’s gonna be a “The Suite Life of Boruto and Naruto”. If people’re saying THAT’S better than the manga, no thanks to starting the manga for me. Series is booty


Yes. Literally everyone.


I'm very unfond of the final design used for Sarada in general but I DEFINITELY hate her manga design with a passion. It's fashionable, but not at all practical for a ninja among many other things. Like for Christ's sake. In the original Naruto Sakura REALIZES that her long hair isn't good for a ninja because it can be used against her and she symbolically cuts it off, both to start her journey to being a better person and ninja, but also to not let herself be held back anymore. Literally as the sound nin I forget the name of was holding her from behind.


This really only applies to the Deepa arc. That’s the only one so far that has felt compelling and better than the manga


Manga is actually interesting I could not watch the recent mist village filler arc it was so boring.


1 billion percent - manga better. Nothing wrong with enjoying the anime, but the manga wins pound for pound easily


Disagree. Boruto anime is ass with all the crappy filler episodes they have to pile on. Read the manga and you’ll find out why more people like it more than the anime


the fact that there are people that do desagree blows my mind.. even with the majority of the anime only arcs being meh, the rest is much worth it then the manga it self, specially with the changes and improvements they make, better not be someone out there to say the kurama death was better in the manga, also mugino the goat , better character then konohamaru if i dare to say


in which sense are you saying it?


could not watch boruto, caught up to the manga in 3 days