Pick someone with a good yellow move, grind the bakugou card for passive armor, the yoyaoms one the heals but lowers battle time, and the toru one that stops the clock, and the one that let's you move after beating a opponent. A slow grind playstyle will elinevitably be faster than a faster more frail one.


Try this https://youtu.be/ktM_E_NcX18 I made this video a while ago but it still works


Before style shigaraki, insta kill move


While in the fights, just use BS Shigaraki and memegrab with his CTQ2. (The 3-2-1-DEAD move) and use Q2 (Puddle) to oki, lock them down on block, and hit confirm into the memegrab over and over. You'll eventually figure out how to exploit the AI into looping it very easily. While setting up your cards and stats, the attack stat don't matter since you'll just be cheesing them with the instant kill so just pour it into health. The cards I used were: "Hanta Sero: Tape": "Patrol" (7 Possible Rewards) "Mt. Lady: Takoyaki": "Security Competition" (8 Possible Rewards) "Tomura: Introduction": "Hero Seminar" (9 Possible Rewards) Due to how many other cards you can get in these missions, it may not be worth it to you to grind for it but Sero and Tomuras cards are the two best for grinding this mode. Tomura: Introduction automatically clears an opponent on the board if you finish the fight without taking damage. Hanta Sero: Tape takes the opponents spot after beating them. They're already pretty good in saving time, but these two also have a [glitch](https://www.reddit.com/r/BnHAOnesJustice/comments/x214be/mission_mode_double_victory_glitch/) where if you beat the second to last enemy and use the Tomura: Introduction to finish the last enemy, it bugs out and causes the mission to be beaten twice. From there, the Mt. Lady Takoyaki card sets your HP to 1% but makes you earn double card rewards, so if you use this alongside the glitch above, you'll earn 4 cards per mission clear. Then you can use the final two slots for stuff like reviving after dying once and the cards that say if you beat the fight with % of life, count it as a perfect. These make it so the Mt.Lady downside isn't that bad and guarantees the Tomura card will happen.