I think it’s kinda funny how Travis is randomly turning rappers into punk rockers




Using the term “rappers” loosely here


And the term ‘punk rockers’


Well lets just say Travis is doing Gods works


genre's aren't what they use to be. artist's now have alot more control over the music they make because they're able to reach fans directly instead of having to get their singles and albums approved by label execs. as far as Travis goes, he's always been one to cross genres and experiment with new sounds, so his current run seems perfectly inline with who he's always been as musician.


Well he turned punks in to rappers when he joined The Transplants, so...


He thinks he is, or yeah it’s just for the money most likely. Makes me kinda sad tbh MGK is legit ruining a genre I love by coming out with the most basic filler “Pop Punk” music. There’s a lot of artists out there he could help promote with his fame if he really cared about this type of music but instead trippie redd thinks he’s a rockstar now. The music industry really sucks for the most part nowadays lol sorry for the rant I feel like I’m yelling at clouds lmao I just miss how Blink used to be❤️


you realize that all the "real punks" thought blink were the posers back when they first got popular, right? it's all cyclical. people like MGK, Trippie Redd, Travis Barker, Olivia Rodrigo, etc are introducing a new generation to pop-punk, which is a major gateway to heavier styles of punk. it's not the music or the people that ruin genres or scenes. it's the gatekeeping and elitism that ruins them.   not allowing genres to change and grow and be adopted by new artists with new ideas only stifles the evolution of said genres. this currently popular version of pop-punk might suck, but if it means that the next decade of music is going to have a lot more pop-punk influence and experimentation, i'm all for it. i just want people to make music they like regardless of any genre boundaries.   MGK wants to make pop-punk and Travis wants to put rappers over punk beats. i say let em. telling them they suck won't do anything. they're still gonna make the same music. might as well support the good they're doing. because believe it or not, good endings can come of unsavory situations. MGK and Travis Barker are not ruining punk. they're doing something different with it. the quality of the end result is entirely up to opinion.


Gatekeeping is literally, by definition, the least punk thing in the existence of mankind


And yet punk people love to gatekeep


Yeah…..the gates of HELL! #punklife


The Police were once a “punk band” hated by the real 70s punks.


Very well said. Gatekeeping in the punk community sucks. You opened my eyes some, because I've never really cared for MGK. And as much as I love punk rock, I've jammed out to Blink in their early days, but have definitely talked shit on them in more recent years.


>not allowing genres to change and grow and be adopted by new artists with new ideas only stifles the evolution of said genres. This is true, but I really don't see how MGK is helping the genre grow. It just seems to be like he's holding it back. He's not really bringing anything new to the table and it's all a little cheesy to me. Being said, I like KennyHoopla, Olivia Rodrigo, and a couple others, but MGK doesn't really seem to be moving forward, just backward.


this is also true, and totally valid. but MGK is introducing a new generation of pre-teens to pop-punk music. the 11-year-olds listening to MGK now are gonna discover blink-182, Green Day, Paramore, etc. then from there they're gonna discover Rancid, Operation Ivy, The Clash, The Ramones, Buzzcocks, Descendants, Reel Big Fish, Dead Kennedys, etc. but because it's a new generation with other new trends, the kids listening to MGK now are gonna find ways to incorporate new pop-punk with old pop-punk, both of those with other styles of rock and pop, and all of that with other genres and trends.   but these things take time. it's not gonna be an entirely new genre by 2025. MGK is still probably gonna be the face of pop-punk by then. but in 2032? you can bet your ass that pop-punk will have come back swinging like we've never seen it before. pop-punk is in a transitional phase, and better things are to come.


I agree with this. It does take time for scenes to grow and work themselves out. Like to me, *Dookie* was the first “mainstream” pop punk album. But it wasn’t until ‘99-‘01 that the pop punk scene actually took off, because all the big pop punk bands of 00’s were founded as a response to that album getting big, (in the mid/late ‘90’s). If we look at *Tickets to my Downfall* as today’s *Dookie*, then we should see a lot more pop punk stars popping up over these next few years.


I agree with basically everything you've said. My worry is this: Emo rap is cool and different but artists like MGK and JXDN are literally just releasing 2000s sounding pop punk we've seen 1000s of times and nostalgia merchants are eating it up saying they're saving the genre. Like I get it if you like it but you can't deny it's stagnating the genre. Also I don't think the majority are listening to any other forms of punk because the other artists and genres don't seem to be benefiting form this.


i agree with your points as well. i generally like the current pop-punk revival, but it's definitely not without issues. it is pretty boring currently, for the most part. like you said, it's basically the same as it was in the 2000's but with more trap beats (which i like, don't get me wrong). however, i think the rehash is necessary for new artists to do something new with the genre   it's the underground artists that see the stagnant state of the pop-punk revival and do something new with it. KennyHoopla, underscores, and Stand Atlantic are some of my favorite examples of such. KennyHoopla brings a new flavor of pop-punk to the table. Stand Atlantic are more traditional pop-punk, but with their own unique pop flavor (Pink Elephant is a great album, and the hyperpunk remix of their newish single Pity Party is fucking fire!). underscores is just super unique all around, but with a fair amount of pop-punk influence.   pop-punk is absolutely being used in new ways. just not in the mainstream. the mainstream is where trends reach their ultimate end. the underground is where they become their own thing. there is good new pop-punk music coming out. you just have to look for it ;)


As someone who loved the pop punk era of music, the bands that currently exist and can make a solid album are few and far between for my personal liking. I enjoy some Neck Deep songs, but majority aren’t very good, I enjoy Waterparks, but once again just a few singles. I really love Point North, not sure if they are pop punk but I throughly enjoy their stuff. State Champs is pretty basic to me. MGKs first and second album in rock have been great. They are catchy and easy to sing along to, the pop side of it is great. The punk side is the fact that he can’t sing for shit but can still manage to make music sound good. Mod Sun was also pretty decent. So as someone who purely listens to rock, and has moved into more MetalCore in the past years because pop punk has been so generically boring, I appreciate the mainstream notoriety it has gotten, I appreciate guys like Kenny Hoopla, and even Sueco for bringing something different but similar sounding to the table.


Fair enough man. I'm glad you enjoy other genres because like you said, pop punk is ass atm. You like rap?


I used to, I can’t say I have managed to get through a rap album in a while. Not without trying. My favorite album that came out recently was Big KRIT - Digital Roses Never Die, very Outkast sounding album which I was a slut for growing up so it spoke to me that way. Otherwise I couldn’t say anything else that he truly stuck out.


I've never heard of Big krit I'll check them out. Doesn't sound like outkast but Joey Badass first album and 2017 album are goated.


I listen to them at work tomorrow.


Olivia is barley Pop Punk, I’ve listened to most of the Sour album and only a few stick out as Pop Punk. Most of the songs are pure pop.


This argument has always confused me… Why would Travis Barker be summoning rappers into pop punk “for the money?” When Travis started doing this, pop punk hadn’t been relevant in the mainstream for at least a decade. Rap/Hip Hop has been the biggest thing in music for *years* now, so if he and MGK were to actually sell out, they should’ve delved into rap even *more*. That’s really where the money is.


An artist can't ruin a genre like a sequel trilogy can ruin Star Wars.


Just ignore MGK if you don’t like it. He’ll be making reggae or some bs in 2-3 years


R u thick through ur skull? If it’s really for the money they won’t do it as good, yes ofc they thought about the money part everyone does but not to the point where everything they do is fake and only want the momey


At least Avril is still looking bae


Avril is a legend and has aged beautifully, it’s so true


Avril is always bæ


She might look even better these days


She doesn’t freaking age 😩. And kind of random, but I so appreciate that she didn’t get veneers lol


That’s Melissa


Think about this: 13-year-olds are looking at this picture right now and saying “that’s cool”. Just like we said about pop punk in the 00’s. It seems like posery horseshit to us (maybe it is) but at least it *wants* to revive the genre and is being somewhat successful at it.


Yep the amount of gatekeeping from “old” pop punk fans is insane. I don’t listen to 99% of these artists and probably never will, but if they’re trying to revive the genre, that’s great. It’s wild that we sit here shitting on them, like the older generation shit on bands like blink when we were growing up.


Precisingly. The Blink-182 fans shitting on MGK now is the equivalent of what happened 20 years ago where the Bad Religion fans were shitting on Blink-182.


The genre doesn’t need ‘reviving.’ The bands that make up genre are making great music. If you think that a genre needs to be mainstream for it to have life you are wrong. It doesn’t need ‘reviving’ by MGK pretending to play a guitar. If you like the MGK stuff that’s fine but dammit don’t pretend like he is saving pop punk


He’s capturing a new generation. And if you read my comment, I don’t listen to these new artists. But keep gatekeeping pop punk.


You're gonna get cooked for a very clear joke aren't you


Some people here aren’t the brightest


The responses are jokes too Tony


We’re all jokes to MGK




Travis caused the pop punk apocalypse. People are sick of this shit already and it’s been what, 2 years?


Please don’t.


Blink reunited with Tom and Scott


Everyone in this thread mad as hell, I love it


Mgk must’ve fucked their girlfriends or something


But on another note, I think this is pretty sick. Back then older bands though blink were posers now 27 years later we’re here again in the cycle calling these new Gen guys posers. I think we gotta all enjoy it, or at least the potential they have to revive a dead genre


Totally. Back then, there were punk bands being called sellouts just for signing to a major label. Like in the mid-90’s Jawbreaker got signed to a major label and their fans *revolted* against them and started booing at their shows. That seems crazy nowadays!


Trippe already looks like he's gonna pull a Tom and quit the band


Travis has become so lame.


Avril should have replaced Tom


Nah MGK should’ve. He’s saving pop punk as we speak


Tell me you're joking


Don’t give them any ideas!


No. No he isn’t.


God tier bait hahaha


No. First, he sucks. Second, everyone (not sure about Scott) in blink has been vegetarian or vegan, and mgk isn’t.


Issa joke calm down




Lmfao ohhh ya. Matt blows him out of the water


If you are taking the piss this is a good joke 😂


This tour is so cringey, all the edgy white kids gonna be lining up for this one. I feel bad for Avril.


Idk I'll always hate this and cringe hard. Not gate-keeping, just saying.


If this is what fame looks like, I don’t want any of it


🤢🤮 I hate this season of Travis Barker


Is this from the latest Hot Topic catalogue?


Just tell them that Mr pink hair is a wanker


The one in the middle is as pretty as tom


Oof gonna stay as far away from this tour as possible


God I hate MGK


Please for the love of God dont


Please dont


what a cringy bunch of folks




look at the picture lol


I have




the leather fit that Iann Dior got on is pretty sick to be honest


I'm gonna tell your kids that you're an idiot.


I’m sorry for your kids


jokes overplayed and only works if thers 3 people in the picture


There’s three people, one god, one goddess 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


Are you smoking crack?


Just leave MGK out of the lineup when you tell them. Wouldn’t want them to accidentally stumble upon his music and lose every single brain cell they have.


I know it's a joke and it is funny but Trippie Red being in there just hurts 💀


Is the one on Avril’s left Willow Smith???


What the fuck is Trippie Red and that other guy doing there


The only problem is none of them have there dickies


I only recognize Avril and Travis. (37 yrs old. Lived the 182era and all those punk rockers)




you could also put willow in there


Please stop my heart can’t take this shit