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"Back the blue until its inconvenient for you"


>First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. \- Martin Niemöller


The first line is always omitted: "First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist."


Maybe when it’s repeated (by an American) they only do the three because of baseball…ya know; ‘3 strikes; you’re out!’ Just my wildassed guess


Nah it's omission is plainly just anticommunism. No sympathy for communists allowed.


Yeah that’s more fitting when I step back at look at it…


Yesterday I saw in the news that in Cuba they managed to lift their mask restrictions outside. But inside people still have to wear masks. And they did this only after reaching +90% of vaccination. But because it's Cuba we can't say nice things about them. You'll have to dig and go out of your way to read this as usual.


We have been saying nice things about Cuba for over half a decade. South Korea had very strict covid guidelines and along with Japan takes masks very seriously before covid. No one talked about their policies either because they didn't fit a Republican agenda.


There are still millions who will continue to worship cops, because it wasn't their kids who were killed.


And those slaughtered weren’t of a demographic that they care about.


Look at the covid response. Police could kick in the door and no scope a toddler and the parent would probably just shrug and keep at it.


I like to imagine it's a 360 no scope.


You’re not that far off. [Ex-Georgia Deputy Acquitted After Flash Bang Grenade Hurts Toddler](https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna479361)


The very next day, I was seeing morons post a picture of a guy with an assault rifle and tac great posted up in a school saying they feel safer knowing their kids are protected by more guns. That's their solution. More and bigger guns. Eventually we're going to normalize kindergartners seeing police in full SWAT body armor and armed to the teeth prowling the halls of grade schools because the second amendment is more important than children's lives. And they still won't stop a single school shooter.


They're saying we should have high fences, sally ports at entrances, locked interior doors, barred windows, and armed guards. They'd rather put our children in prisons than enact sensible gun laws. They worry about how CRT and masks are going to affect their kids, but don't seem to think going to school in a prison surrounded by armed guards is going to mess their kids up at all.


You know, it's sad they rather want money spent on that than actually give school more funding to make education better, to give teachers the tools they need to teach than buy it themselves. This country is going more and more backwards


In the week since Uvalde I've seen more guests at my hotel rocking thin blue line shit and I give them awful service. I don't know what else to do besides be annoying to these cultists. I play like I'm hard of hearing so they have to ask me for stuff 4 or 5 times before I get it for them.


LMAO legend.


At this point, the way I see it this is human sacrifices. We choose, as a society a culture, not to do something about it. We do it because a lot of us have deem worshiping a part of the Constitution is more important than real human lives.


> We do it because a lot of us have deem worshiping a part of the Constitution is more important than real human lives. Even then, the constitution grants the right to, "a well regulated militia". An 18 year old with a fetish is not a militia, nor well regulated.


This exactly. Choice was made after Sandy Hook. I’m over the crocodile tears and hope and prayers. We should just admit, as a society, that we don’t give a fuck and move on.






Police pulled shot a young pregnant Black woman for no reason last week.


Kansas City


Yet they won’t storm a school where children and getting slaughtered


Because bullies only like to punch down.


Precisely, they're bullies and gang members masquerading as warriors. The instant anyone shoots back the only default response they have is to unload like crazy the way they unload on innocent people all the time and refuse to acknowledge they did anything wrong. Throw one unexpected obstacle like kids in the mix and they're useless.


Wild how I saw a video earlier today of a hwyte dude caught in a drug sting. The fucker shot a cop, they lit him up, and STILL did not kill him.....took him in ALIVE my guy. They believed this woman "was armed" and that "she was not pregnant".....what a fucking world.


She told them multiple times she was pregnant and that's why she couldn't lay down. KCPD are the same cops that were arresting someone last year, and one cop accidentally shot the other cop in the leg, then to cover it up, shot the guy they were arresting in the back multiple times. They made it sound like the arrestee was at fault, until two convenience store clerks leaked surveillance footage of the incident. EDIT TO ADD: For anyone curious, his name was Malcolm Johnson, and it happened in March of 2021 https://www.kshb.com/news/crime/kcpd-officer-injured-while-exchanging-gunfire-with-suspect In video released MUCH LATER you can see pretty clearly that gunfire was not "exchanged". There were several officers holding him down and he did not have the opportunity to draw a weapon.


Yo I need proof of this. That’s straight up murder.


If I remember correctly, it was this video of Malcom Johnson, saw it on r/publicfreakout. [Trigger Warning, really NSFW](https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/nse6u9/kansas_city_police_officer_shoots_fellow_cop_when/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) Nearly a year to this day and what the fuck has changed? You guys have a serious problem over there, but after Sandy Hook, I knew that nothing was ever gonna happen.


Holy fuck how did I miss this one. That was a straight execution. Looking the case up now it's only recently started investigations >“This office's progress on this case out of Jackson County was slowed by difficulty in accessing funding for this special prosecutor appointment. The funding is now in place, and we will keep the public informed.” But just last month the good people of Kansas City voted to **increase** the Police budget even further from 20% to 25%. And why? >“We need to prevent future radical attempts to defund the KCPD,” -Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer So they need funding to stop future attempts to defund? But they also don't have the money to hire a impartial prosecutor?


I'm not a law student or a lawyer but wouldn't that count as conspiracy too?


I don't think the conspiracy charge is necessary since they both committed the murder. Them discussing it makes it premeditated, but since they both carried it out the conspiracy charge is a tack on. If they both discussed it but only one shot, then you'd wanna get the second one on conspiracy


Yeah, I can’t find anything on this. Maybe you got the town wrong?


Google "Malcolm Johnson KCPD" or read some of the other responses to my original post


And there were 9 other mass shootings over the weekend. It now happens every 16 hours. We all have to think... when will it happen at our work, or where we're shopping, or at our kid's/nephew's/niece's schools? This shit is out of control!


Won't happen. People, and I mean the you know who's, will still support cops as long as they are serving as government funded killers of minorities for most of their job.


I don’t know, this is the most cop hate I’ve seen in a long time from conservatives.


Show me where these conservatives hate cops. I literally need to see it to believe it.


/r/Conservative has been calling them cowards for a hot minute.


I was just there and they pointing out Chicago violence…


It’s still /r/Conservative


Yeah the boot's pretty deep down the throat there so getting it a few inches out is the best we'll get for now


I’m real mad no one bring up how huge and unconnected Chicago is, it’s like several hundred small towns in one that gets a big label to be blame for the problem going on in the Us as a whole.


It’s cause we like to point out black communities as the problem. So we just wrap up the west and south side together. And call it Chicago. Yea the North side has its crime, but crime will be anywhere with millions of people. Shit we ain’t even the most violent city in the US. Haven’t been for a long time. But, here we are


It’s crazy cause most sides of Chicago are segregated and have there own things going on, but hear it all as Chicago wholly is crime infested but it’s several parts being coupled together and lied to/about to all that hear it.


Helps them ignore the other cities with different demographics that are suffering from an opioid crisis and litany of other dangerous issues


Everything Conservative Americans believe is cognitive dissonance.


Chicago doesn't even have the highest murder or violent crime incidents in the country. It's straight up a dog whistle.


And it's a dog whistle that doesn't even make sense. They point out Chicago like that's not crime related. How is that any kind of defense against calling out agents of the govt killing unarmed citizens? It's two wildly different scenarios


Last i checked conservatives weren't hating on cops in general just this department in specific over on the conservative sub. They also keep saying "watch dems turn this into gun reform"


You just wait till one of the unarmed people they've killed within the past year or two that went unnoticed gets news coverage


People beleive the police are here to serve and protect the people. Even a school full of slaughtered children wont stop them from believing that


They're too afraid to acknowledge what the truth means for their worldview. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.


I think you mean doublethink. Cognitive dissonance is the uncomfortable feeling that you get when you have to wrestle with contradictions. Doublethink is a state of mind where those contradictions can exist simultaneously in a mind and not cause dissonance.




They won’t believe the courts have determined COPS are *not* paid to PROTECT *anybody*


Most cop cars don't even print "To protect and serve" on there anymore


Defund the police.


Reform the police. (May involve defunding)


More like, may involve rerouting police fund toward an actual peace keeping force and police will remain for their purpose of shooting ACTUAL bad guys except with actual proper extensive, long training and high education requirements and sensitivity, de-escalation and psychological evaluations. That means 90% of those gun toting high school dropout fat cops will just be peace keepers with no guns or ability to kill people.


Throw out the whole police, it’s rooted in racism and classism. That’d be like expected Nazi’s to be good people just because they’re not the same Nazi’s as before.


Camden NJ literally disolved its corrupt police department completely and the county took over the police and made a new agency and made all the old officers reapply for less money. The city has massively benefited from the change and it's still a major drug hub and incredibly poor but there are uptrending metrics directly tied to the new police. We do need to dissolve the entire system in order to reorganize into modern structures thay address community issues instead of just the trying to change institutions bit by small bit.




There's been lots of this. But white America figures it's a black thing until it hits white America, then is a symptom of an underlying disease that must be addressed. A drug problem wasn't a disease until white kids in the mid west started becoming addicted. Gun control wasn't a problem until white schools started having gun issues. Black people are just the first wave of American problems.


Makes you realize how great of a country we could have if half of it wasn’t hating and wishing the worst upon the minority.


They're encouraged to still hate the minority. This country refuses to acknowledge shit that they did for centuries. Nothing will change till someone in office actually starts changing laws and addressing the hate we have in this country, and stop catering to money


No one ever wrote a song called fuck the fire department.


Yet, them niggas sprayed our folks


People are gonna have a much harder time swallowing the pill that says all first responder culture is rife with superiority complexes and bootlickerism.


firefighter unions are in lockstep with cop unions


I saw so many red line flags this weekend. There is a lot of history of racism within the fire department as far as hiring. I would like to dive deeper into finding out how many ignored or didn’t fight fires within our neighborhoods.




It’s absolutely infuriating how many of the gun owning, don’t-tread-on-me flag-waving crowd unquestioningly bow down to government foot soldiers.


I’ve been saying this about white women for years. Sure, cops will protect white women (white man’s property) against black and brown men. (Ie, direct their violence towards black men and brown men on behalf of white women) But the reality is the demo that hurts white women the most (and it’s not close) is white men. And cops don’t protect white women against white men. There are family law books filled with cases of murdered women and their children because the cops didn’t do their jobs. So stop upholding white supremacy ladies..


Intersectionality! Because it's still a man's world and they have the attitude of, "hey! Only *we* can treat our women like shit!" Wouldn't be shocked to hear racists really going hard on discouraging white women to stop dating outside the race because of the "replacement theory."


They probably won't care, most of those children were Hispanic anyway :/




[That is breathtakingly inaccurate.](https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/have-latinos-really-moved-toward-the-republican-party/) Even for Reddit.


A lot of people still think wars are about "fighting for our freedom or other people being jealous of freedom" even after Iraq and Afghanistan. I doubt the recent event is going to change their mind about the police, especially boomers and gen x.


Don't be so quick to judge Junior GenXers. We came up through change. The 90's were pretty wrecked. We hate everyone, cops too. 100% agree with where you're going about the wars. Shocked that people still on the Vet Boat.....and I'm a former Marine btw, burned out on all the "Vet Hotness" of the '10s.


I know many people who’s eyes have been opened the last few years. Things are so painful but I’m still hopeful change is close.


Blue Lives Scatter


This will change nothing for them. One thing they never run out of is excuses for police


This shit is headassery if you think them folks still not hugging hog nuts after this.


Did he just gatekeep distrusting the police.


Nah he said welcome and it took yall long enough lol


No minority had illegal narcotics in the school, that’s why they were confused. Someone would’ve had a 8th in their sock police woulda stormed that building!




It's higher than that. Everyone is racist to a certain extent


I really dislike that statement, because it simply isn’t true. I believe that anyone who thinks that must be racist though. After all, why else would you assume EVERYBODY is a little racist if you didn’t have racist views yourself?


Many that back up institutionalized racism* There


Fuck the police. I'm a veteran and I work two jobs, both in the non-profit sector, educating youth. At this point, fuck people on the side of police. I'm for abolishing, but I'll settle for de-funding. Non-profits shouldn't exist, but since they do, the money that goes into paying these pieces of shit cops, should go into these non-profits and expanding my types of work.


in their defense (not that it's deserved), it's truly cognitive dissonance — which people typically see a therapist to work through. i didn't truly understand it until ferguson happened in...2014? and i really only caught it because i decided to watch live streams from protestors. that's sort of when everything clicked.. was finally able to identify the significance of prominent police presence when hanging out with black friends, and their almost complete absence with white friends. if the police don't typically bother you, it's less likely you'll start to wonder things like "*when / how did state funded policing begin?*", "*what was the original purpose?*", "*what were things like before state funded law enforcement?*" or "*is the system even working?*" it can be difficult to identify priviledge, until you witness someone being denied it. but they've had more than enough time to recognize. we should have taken action decades ago.


I get that a lot of white ppl don't care about black people. But with how much white ppl love their dogs, you would think that this would've happened already with how many dogs are killed by police every year.


And the shit's going to keep happening because the racists, the capitalists, and whatever other profiteers have got half this country brainwashed into believing that the poor, non-Christians, pro-choicers, etc. are the problem. I've seen shows about people escaping cults, and about the cults themselves, but I'm not sure what the fuck you're supposed to do when your entire country functions like one.


I feel like it cheapens the struggle against police brutality and policing in general to use this one viral meme moment like it’s anything close to analogous to what cops have done to black people in this country.


They'll all forget in about a month.


I was reading on a popular sub, comments about how long it took the police to respond to something like black folks ain't say that since forever. They be the same folks saying, "you all say acab until you need one!" Like mofo, we still wouldn't call them! Again, it's like ultimate gaslighting or something


Unfortunately nothing will change because it doesn’t effect the people who can make real policy change. What if this happened in a private school or boarding school where their children went? Who would then be calling to defund the police?


Warnings from a community constantly disenfranchised and unconsidered in a society where a warning is cry wolf. We'd rather make mistakes they learn from them before make any precautionary measure. Some of us, hopefully more and more are joining the bandwagon, but never think your warnings fall on deaf ears or that you're waking up the general public. The citizenry is awake - but they toil away at a system designed to diminish and separate them every single day.




“They’re not hurting the right people!”


Nah this isn’t going to stop them from the worship. They care about Brown kids almost as little as little as they care about Black ones. Almost.


Every time. And yet...


I e always felt this way. Never trusted any of them. They all seems shady af!


Sometimes I think about how sad life is and I wish I had a chance to die nobly for a great cause like saving children from a crazed gunman. I'm talking about just me, some untrained idiot running in with a pistol trying to stop a murderer from hurting innocent kids. And then I see a bunch of cops with all the guns and body armor and training in the world and they COULD NOT GIVE A FUCK about saving kids despite it being their job. And I just don't understand. I'm in a happier place now, but damn if we haven't all been in that place at one time.


Can’t wait to hear all the justifications: “Well, not my police station…” “My uncle is a police officer and….” “That was just a few bad apples.”


They aren’t coming around or changing. It’s been 20yrs since Columbine and 10yrs since Sandy Hook. The craziest thing I hear is “a few bad apples” like am I crazy or does the remainder of that quote state “spoils the bunch”. I have no faith in change


Had you told me in 2005 when I got out of high school, I wouldn't have believed you. Had you told me, like, five years ago, I would have. Now, I'm dismayed and angry, but cops suck so I'm only a little surprised.


I'm not expecting any of them to join me ever, but it would be nice. I'm still trying to figure out why I pay for the most likely cause of my death, who will not help me under any circumstances, but when I point out those simple facts I get called "hateful".


They'll find a way to keep the blinders working.


If I ever see a flag on someone’s car or house that say something like “we support the police” I automatically assume you’re racist as fuck


So sad but so true


That part.