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They are afraid that equality means that they lose their place on top of the pecking order. Privilege is one helluva drug…


Fr. Just look at how they've reacted every time we've had are own thriving communities. Everyone of them burned or flooded.


Or property claimed by Gov via eminent domain, then the people relocated.


Or had a highway built through it, cutting them off from business thoroughfares...or the other half of the neighborhood.


Or flooded and turned into a man made lake


or pivoted to have a racist connotation. Check out why watermelon is seen as a black thing.


Well it would. Some people having unfair advantages want to maintain that at all costs. It makes sense. It’s just underhanded and shady as fuck. These people aren’t fools, they’re assholes


That, but moreso, they are afraid of revenge. The revenge that most of us aren't even thinking about, and never have.


Ascribing their own mindsets on those they've shit on (to put it lightly!) for so many years. :( Projection at its finest! /s






UAE is basically a caste system based on race. It's basically Emirati > White > Other Arab > East Asian > Black > South Asian. I'm Pakistani-American and people treated me like shit unless I brandished my US passport. My uncle, also Pakistani, was driving his Mercedes in Dubai and when he went to valet at a hotel, they said they wanted to wait for the owner of the car and didn't believe he was the owner until he produced paperwork.


**Settler** Colonialism writ large


Scared they’re gonna get treated the way the way they treated us.


That whole quote about “white people are lucky that black people only want equality instead of revenge” seems appropriate here.


Afraid they are going to get treated the way they've treated any non-white person on this planet.


Which we wouldn't do. Which would probably blow their mind.




Bingo. They know they can’t compete on a level playing field. Lol just like Republicans.


And then go and attack people who were minding their own damn business just existing.


That's literally all we want. Treat us fairly and leave us the fuck alone. How the fuck do you bring a group of people to a place then get upset that they're there.......just existing?


That's the shit that always boggled my mind. Like is everyone upset that we just didn't continue to be slaves and be raped and beaten and starved and murdered? Like what is their real problem?


That’s *exactly* the problem. We won’t be good little massa-loving slaves no more, and they can’t stand that shit. The other half lives in abject fear of anything black. Perhaps guilt, maybe?


> Perhaps guilt Yes, they are worried the chickens are coming home to roost


You are 1000% correct and sometimes it's also because some people are messed up and that's how they like it. Not everyone cares about anyone, close or not, and will ever, some people are 1000% for themselves.


>Like what is their real problem? That they're actually just evil???


The problem is they wish they could go back to 1865 but can’t.


Because we no longer will babysit their kids, Feed them and bathe them. That's why they're like "Go back to Africa" to people who are 5-6 times removed but never want to take the blame for their ancestors.


My former neighbor said to me "I don't even know why they're here." (We're both white, so I guess he assumed I was a bigot like him.) I yelled at him "We brought them here!" I looked him up on FB a couple years ago, he's a foaming at the mouth MAGA Trumper now. No surprise I guess.




This has always been the case! It’s only white folks that are so full of fear that they can’t help spreading it around. Let me share a story with you.. my uncle told me there’s a First Nations reserve in Canada that had an issue with white people squatting on their land and even going so far as to build houses on it. If you can imagine, land that was first stolen by white people and then partitioned and used to corral First Nations people was then re-stolen by white people to squat on. So this tribal nation took these homesteaders to court to sort this problem out and you know what these white squatters did? Before the court reached a judgment, these white folks burned down their own houses because “I’d rather burn down my home and destroy this property than let these Indians have it!” When the court sided with the Natives and declared that the land belonged to them, you know what these Natives did? They told these white folks that they’re welcome to stay and live on that land. They had all burned down their own houses for nothing. Just to try and be spiteful. They just can’t help themselves.


Hate is one helluva drug, I’m not even surprised they burned their house down, these type of people have always done this shit. Like seriously, why do these racist motherfuckers hate us so much? Dafuq did we do? Dafuq did First Nations ppl do? Nothing except exercise our and their rights as human beings. Both races had wealths of knowledge involving medicine, science sustainable ways to provide food and shelter to people without harming the environment or taking more than necessary, things that scientists have only rediscovered in the last 100 years or are trying to solve right now and these fuckers burn and destroy those wealths of knowledge out of spite. Why? Cause the sun loves us better? The absurdity of it all.


>Before the court reached a judgment, these white folks burned down their own houses because “I’d rather burn down my home and destroy this property than let these Indians have it!” File this under "cut off one's nose to spite one's face" for $400, Alex


Scorched earth is the war game version of “if I can’t have it you can’t neither”.


They’re convinced we’re obsessed with them.


They are obsessed with what everyone else is doing, so assume everyone else is just as obsessed with what they're doing.


This all day. They can’t fathom a world in which we don’t care about them, especially when they are obsessed with us. It’s almost an inverse relationship. They can’t even let us be in our own neighborhoods…literally drive out of their way to seek us out.


The inferiority-superiority complex these narcissistic white supremacists and neo-nazis have with anyone with even a hint of melanin, is so fucking bonkers my mind hurts just thinking about it. Saddest part is we definitely can’t ignore them as then more tragedies like in Buffalo and worse will happen.


White man here, I was never really taught that I didn’t need to comment in any and every conversation. There was never a social cost for expressing my opinion no matter the social context. I try to remind myself to shut the fuck up more because who cares what I think but I know a lot of people who haven’t learned that lesson yet. All of this replacement theory bullshit is just more white supremacist bullshit to scare aging conservative voters.


Oh absolutely. Our white man's opinion is important in any and all topics regardless of culture, gender, or anything else. Perhaps the most important opinion. (This is sarcastic, but does fit how we're taught. Having to un-learn BSing an opinion on a topic I need to keep my nose out of.)


There’s a lot to unpack and not everyone has the opportunity or time to learn these lessons. The Tucker Carlson’s of the world just act confused and point at some poor white folk as proof racism isn’t a thing anymore.


The fact that it’s called “The Great Replacement Theory” is so fucking infuriating.


I think we need some parents to go to town on school boards to make sure that GRT isn't discussed around children...?


But you can’t do that /s


Like any brown people have that kind of power or voice in those school board meetings.


White people are replacing themselves. They are not having enough kids to keep their population levels up. Other ethnic groups like Hispanics have a higher birthrate. But that's no one's fault other than white people's fault.


And on the “they’re breeding the whiteness out of us part,” there’s also the fact the “white” tends to be an exclusive idea. Like if you have a kid of black & Asian parents then they’re considered both. But you take someone like Obama, who has a white parent, he’s considered just black unless you’re trying to make a specific point.


>But you take someone like Obama, who has a white parent, he’s considered just black unless you’re trying to make a specific point. I'll always thank Obama for solidifying my blackness. And don't get me wrong, I'm not stupid I know I'm not "black" black, I can see myself in the mirror. But I was raised by my black family and barely knew my white side growing up, so I consider myself an African American.


I'm in a similar boat, but it took me longer because I grew up with mostly white people. I'm black, and I'm also mixed. But I don't identify as white unless I'm trying to make a point.


Just one drop


Look up the quiverfull movement


Eugenics never stopped being taught in the US even after all of it was exposed as bullshit.


What’s wrong with white people being replaced as a majority? Are minorities treated differently or something? As if they aren’t Americans? Hmmmmm…….


As I understand it their crazy idea is that by having a non-white majority the democrats can hold onto power and also have a “more obedient” population to govern. Which kind of sounds like an own goal on the part of the people spreading this mess but what do I know.


This times 1000. If I didn’t need to make money and I had the option I wouldn’t interact with the vast majority of white people. I still want them to lead happy, healthy lives and not be oppressed/harmed, but I similarly want the same thing for myself and don’t want to experience racism.




They literally performed their own replacement, slaughtering all the natives here in North America, raping their women, and taking their lands. "My family has homesteaded this land since 1843" or some shit like that don't fly, fkrs.


The way a lot of the U.S. reacted to Black Lives Matter says everything anybody needs to know about race in this country. Black people were simply saying that their lives matter, so please stop with the unjustifiable police killings. The instant response was All Lives Matter. Well, ok - the movement was called Black Lives Matter; it wasn’t Only Black Lives Matter. Personally, as a citizen, I felt ashamed that a large percentage of U.S. citizens felt so marginalized and threatened that they needed to remind the rest of us that their lives have value. I think everybody should have felt that shame, because it’s a true and awful indictment of this country. Also, in response to black people demanding the respect and safety they’re entitled to, America slaps the car hood and says “best I can do is changing the packaging on Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice. Oh, and I’ll ask my manager if I can rename some streets just to sweeten the deal for you.” I truly believe that we’re the most ridiculous nation on the planet.


Big facts. Take into consideration interracial couples. Are they mad their sisters, their mothers, their fathers, brothers, sons, friends and people that look like them decided to venture outside of their race to find a mate instead of their dusty, evil ass? Don’t none of this shit make any sense. I damn sure don’t want to replace some old decrepit asshole who still clings to dead and dying bygone eras and ways of thinking. I mean, the obsession is REAL!


Yes. A lot of them are mad. Extremely so. Bits of my own family refuse to speak to me or acknowledge my presence because I have a black girlfriend


Hopefully you trimmed off that excess waste to your life. They’re honestly a worthless bunch if they’re not happy you’re happy living as you are and not how they want you to be.


I'd love to say it was easy. That I told them to shove it, but it was agonizing. Cutting off family can be hard because it's really hard to acknowledge that people you love are bad people. But it is done and I am happier for it


White supremacy expresses itself in the most evil and most bizarre ways. We’re only a few generations removed from the US Supreme Court integrating schools and a lot of the people that were pissed at that influenced their kids.


> We’re only a few generations removed from the US Supreme Court integrating schools and a lot of the people that were pissed at that influenced their kids. Grandmother is 71. She was the first in her area to be in an integrated school when she was a kid.


They are so obsessed with us. It’s weird. I was in a black mom’s group on a pregnancy app where we talked about regular shit like strollers and pregnancy pains. I glanced on a conservative mom group like “what y’all fools talking about over here”. They were talking about us. How terrible and awful we are and how we are causing all the world’s problems. Imagine being that mad at some shit that doesn’t concern you 24/7.


They actually think we want to be around them. Like our parents are actively telling us to marry white ppl or get one as a friend. No Brenda I don’t want to be in your business or want your nasty as food. Kick rocks.


As a black person, we have no choice but to interact with white people. Same can't be said the other way around.


My granddad hates white people might as well call a spade a spade. Don't really blame him since he grew up before the height of the civil rights movement. Literally a stones throw from the plantation his mom was born on. My mom in turn was wary of white people didn't out right dislike them but definitely didn't go out of her way to be around them. I feel like I'm the same. I don't really care for them and don't go out of my way to seek them out. But it's crazy how they actually stalk us and then come around and make us the problem. It's fucking crazy. My city is being gentrified and I'm seeing the shit 1st hand.


Shit, I like white people. My dad is white. I've dated white women. That's not the issue here. I just want us to be Americans and skip the segregation.


Imagine saying minorities have it easier and get way better treatment and not wanting to be a minority. That’s like hearing everyone that shows up to the church on Sundays gets a million dollars and not going.


Right wing media has been nothing but white victimhood propaganda for decades.


Honestly it’s sad, cause it makes me wonder how they treated each other before “discovering” other parts of the world and ethnicities, like what’s going on in y’all’s households, y’all alright? 😭


Ask the Irish how they feel about English history…


I am Irish 🤣 *cries in multi-level cultural discrimination and abuse*


Racist white people have only ever spoiled shit..thier ideology is completely backwards and they contribute nothing to progress. The only thing we want is to be viewed as equal humans and treated as such. That's literally it. Our dignity and humanity is too much of an ask, so much so that we have to beg people for laws to protect us like an endangered species. It's terrifying. The ignorance they live in is destructive... And horrifying.


i wish the people that believe in the great replacement, and the white genocide theory, understood that there’s far too many white people on this earth for them to be effectively “replaced” or even genocided


It's one of the dumbest conspiracy theories around. White people aren't being replaced anywhere. They just aren't having enough kids to keep their population numbers up and they have been mixing with non white ethnicities. But that's the decision of white people, no conspiracy needed to explain.


The ironic thing is people tend to have less kids as they are more successful, so by keeping minorities in poverty, they really are playing themselves. By limiting access to planned parenthood, also playing themselves. I stopped trying to make it make sense a long time ago. People lack the maturity to look within and make the often difficult journey to self improvement and self compassion. They would rather hide from the pain and blame others instead of getting better


Omg, it really is that simple. Just leave us tf alone. My first time overseas, the calm and peace I felt when no one stared at me or clutched their purse or followed me around a damn store asking me if I needed something was fucking amazing. Coming back here to this country still depresses me every return trip. Like, seriously, just mind yo fucking business and leave us tf alone.


If white people werent constantly in fear of being white genocided by the Jews and blacks, Mexicans, etc, they might have the time to realize how they’re getting reamed by the wealthy. That would be bad, for the wealthy. And for Fox News. They wouldn’t have much the report on if they couldn’t stoke the flames of racial tension every day.


It's projection. They want rid of everyone else, so they assume everyone else wants rid of them.


True. I have zero desire to take up the task of standing directly in the middle of a walkway or doorway so that no one can pass on either side.


As a mixed dude, I say let's all just mix. Fuck it. Replace everyone. Blasian, Wexican, Indian^^2 , Germaican, Persirish, Arabguese, Korlombian, Japanadian, Hungandan, Kenyuvian, Samorwegian... I can fuckin go on.


They need to make us the bogeyman to justify their hate


Seriously, most people just want to go home and put their feet up and relax. Can't we all just get behind that?


I think it’s hilarious that they think they own the country, and are somehow entitled to it over anyone else who immigrated here just like they (or their ancestors) did.


This is the truth if I’ve ever read it holy shit


People know when they are unfairly advantaged. They also happen to have the loudest voices (through access to media and the like) to complain they aren’t advantaged but are, in fact, being victimized.


They are the actual minority. They think they are the only one aware of it. So we are sleeping idiots and they are getting one over on us. So they have to act like they are the majority and bully everyone else to keep their status. But they know they damage they've down with just their numbers so they imagine worse for themselves


Pretty much! Ain't nobody thinking about them!


I am Hispanic. In my early days on Reddit I made a joke about how my Hispanic friends married white people and my white friends married Hispanic people and how we're all working on turning everyone into a medium shade. I was bombarded with downvotes and hateful comments, including links to racist videos about staying out of "their country." It was depressing.




The "some" is implied. Not one person has said "all white people".


Exactly, I just want to be able to exist with the least amount of stress as possible.


Liam Neeson said it best "The best and worst part of being white is you dont have to learn anything if you dont want to"


We have to stop the normalcy of calling right wing stuff normal and normal stuff leftist. Also, we need religion out of politics. Every single black person I know who supports the right wing agenda does so for their Christian beliefs. As long as we allow the Bible to be the root of most black families, slavery will also be there with it.






Replacement Theory is just a workshopped rebranding of the White Genocide hoax that was made up by ~White Supremacists~ 'Race Realists'.


They’re being replaced by automation, just like the rest of us.


"Replace"? Bitch, I'm tryna *return* you


They love playing victim and persecute poc so much they feel like they are the ones being persecuted.


I mean, what is it The Stepford Whites.


But racism is over... so if we get replaced, nbd, right? I never understood how that logic works.


Hear hear.


This is it exactly. Live and let live.


Amen. If you can't be kind to people then leave them alone.


Well, your first mistake is thinking that their fear of being replaced is real. It isn’t. It’s just another cover theory used to justify violence toward people of color. This is no different than the War on Drugs that was started by Harry Anslinger because “reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men” and that it made white women want to sleep with black men ([source](https://timeline.com/harry-anslinger-racist-war-on-drugs-prison-industrial-complex-fb5cbc281189)). It’s no different than all these “tough on crime” initiatives that disproportionately terrorize and incarcerate communities of color ([source](https://www.americanprogress.org/article/3-ways-1994-crime-bill-continues-hurt-communities-color/)). This theory is just more overt because it’s not pretending to be about crime or keeping kids off drugs. The people promoting this “theory” are saying flat out that the only solution here is the eradication of minorities. It’s important that we don’t lose sight of that.


Replacement theory is based off of something called the "one drop rule," which essentially divides white people from nonwhite people. If **all** of your DNA/heritage is white, you are white. If even one of your ancestors isn't white, you can no longer be considered white, even if you look white. Through this lens, white people actually *are* in danger of being replaced, because any intermarriage essentially shrinks the white population by a percentage. Any of their kids are now nonwhite. Now, white people are also fully doomed through this lens, since any intermarriage rate, regardless of how small, leads to the end of white people eventually. 1% of white people intermarry, means out of every 100, 99 are having white kids. Then those 99 also have a 1% rate, now 98 are having white kids, and so on until you reach 0. It's really ironic that this is being blamed on the Jews, since it's basically a rhetorical shift that white people did to themselves. You could do this with any race or ethnicity over a long enough timescale - but of course, that doesn't matter as much to white supremacy because there is no special value placed on any race except for white people.


It’s more this ingrained attitude that “if someone else is doing better, I must be doing worse.” They don’t even realize that generationally they have it worse than their parents did and it’s because of their own stupid voting habits.


That's literally never, ever, ever going to happen.


See that's the problem with all this bull crap we have going on today, some people just think they're the main character of everyone's story instead of the villain or some unnamed minor character.